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Lenses / APS-C 60mm or 100mm macro lens?
« on: February 21, 2015, 08:52:46 AM »

im not sure if to buy the ef-s 60mm for my APS-C or the EF 100mm.

pro thing would be that i could use the 100mm on a FF camera too. contra perhaps that 100mm on APS-C is really shaky. but i wanna use a monopod anyway.
price wise they are not so much different. so which one should i go for? thought im gonna go with the YN 14 EX flash. original canon flashes are like extremly expensive for macro shooting...

Lighting / Can a (DSLR) flash cause permanent eye damage?
« on: June 07, 2013, 03:46:45 AM »

out of curiosity and since i just remembered as a kid i accidently fired off my compact camera flash directly in front of my eyes (  ::) ) im wondering if permanent eye damage is possible with my inbuilt 1100D camera flash for example. Some external flashes are able to burn plastic bags as can be seen on youtube. Oh and the compact camera flash just gave me purple vision for some time but nothing permanent.

Just wanna see some calculations of the mathematics/physics experts here (i suck at this) like

1.) Whats the minimum flash power needed to cause retinal burn or other permanent damage

2.) If its even possible to happen in real cuz light travels different inside the eyeball onto the retina than in the air i guess etc.

im just curious so please satisfy my scientific needs :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 1100D bug or not?
« on: May 11, 2013, 08:26:53 AM »
Ive noticed a lot of times already when i half press the shutter, then change my iso and change my aperture via the wheel that it doesnt update on the back of the screen. I gotta half press the shutter again. I can look at the display and turn the wheel like mad but it will stay at 1.8 for example. Bug or not?

Canon General / Thailand (Bangkok) 120 film
« on: February 10, 2013, 04:56:09 AM »
Hi there,

im gonna shoot 120 film (6x6) in Thailand in some weeks just for fun. Gonna use Kodak Portra and Tri-x. Does anybody of yall know a good place for getting the film developed? Preferably a place that offers good quality and not just cheap prices. Maybe even some private people on this board here are willing to do it? Portra should be easier since it just uses C41 processing. For the BW photos maybe there is even a place offering baryt paper?
Any input is welcome

Technical Support / Seagull 6x6 Shutter problem (?)
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:18:36 AM »

i noticed when using my seagull 6x6 that as long as i press the shutter button the shutter will stay open. its no problem for slower shutter times since i will press down the shutter and take away my finger fast enough. When using faster shutter speeds im not sure anymore if i perhaps kept the shutter open too long. I cant guarantee when using 1/300 that my finger is 1/300 or less while pressing the shutter.
The walkaround i found is using self-timer.

is this normal? i think praktica mtl5b had the same...

Lighting / Buying Yongnuo Flash
« on: January 23, 2013, 10:46:47 AM »

i decided to get a flash finally. Id prefer to get a wide aperture lens for low light shooting but thats just too pricy for me and i think a flash is handy anyway not only for low light situations.
Im gonna get the Yongnuo 468 II E-TTL version. Its kinda cheap and i think it will suit my style.
Question i have:

Ive seen many times ppl using really cheap cameras with an external flash. Even the Toy Story (tm) camera was used like that in a digitalrev video. How does it work? Just let the camera fire with flash and that will trigger the external flash? I got 1100D so there is a popup flash.
Ive seen in the video they redirect the (popup) flash so its like only the external flash lighting the scene up.

Does that work with the yongnuo im gonna get? Are there any special "flash redirection" tools? Or other option would be to get a flash transmitter right? Works with 468II ?

Im still wondering if there isnt some kind of "delay" between the first and 2nd (external) flash? Probably it gotta do with electronics working in microseconds but the shutter is just milliseconds?! I just dont understand really why its possible to use like _any_ camera (even cheap ass toystory camera) with an external flash :O

Software & Accessories / Mini Tripod?
« on: November 29, 2012, 02:48:40 PM »

im wanna get a small tripod for my camera perhaps something with flexible legs, perhaps not. Im undecided.
I sure want that its really stable and has good build quality and hopefully not cheap plastic. I mean such tripod that u can put e.g. on the table. Ive heard much about the "Gorillapod" but is it any good? Plus there are so many versions and some got a head some confused. Theres also a little Leica mini tripod but its so ridicoulusy expensive and its just too mini.

Technical Support / 1100D changing focus screen!
« on: October 10, 2012, 04:09:43 AM »

im mostly using manual focus lenses so i wanna change the viewfinder of my 1100D with a split prism manual focussing screen.

Anybody got experience with this? So far ive read 1100D doesnt officially support this but i can find plenty manual focus screens on ebay?

Do i lose the red AF lights or will they still show up if i use an AF lens?

Hi there,

im seriously considering getting the Samyang/Rokinon/Walimex 35mm 1.4 lens since the Canon L lenses are too pricy for me yet i still want really good image quality. Greedy me...

Anyway what are your experiences with the Samyang 35mm 1.4 without using live view! I plan to use it solely with the viewfinder cuz liveview is just too slow for my needs. In my experience if i wanna take a portrait even my friends become somewhat nervous and "camera shy" so i wanna be quick when focussing.

Im mostly running around with m42 manual focus lenses on my APS-C so i imagine it cant be that much different having the Samyang but my fastest m42 35mm lens is just f/2.8

Third Party Manufacturers / Bauer flash question
« on: October 01, 2012, 02:35:39 PM »

somewhere along the lines of my interest into yongnuo flashes i somewhat happened to get an old Bauer flash for free! Its the model 5028 servo. Im just not sure if i can use it with my eos system or if its gonna fry it up cuz of electrical differences. Any experiences?

Third Party Manufacturers / Yongnuo Flashes
« on: September 19, 2012, 11:04:14 AM »

are Yongnuo Flashes worth their money? Theyre really cheap around 70$ for a "power 58" flash. No idea what its called correctly called in engrish.
Also, could i just get ANY flash on my eos 1100D body and then use that one as some kind of "transmitter" to set off an external flash? Or how does it work...

Third Party Manufacturers / Zeiss Flektogon 2.8 m42 Need Help!
« on: August 25, 2012, 05:30:47 AM »

recently i got a Zeiss Flektogon 2.8 "Zebra" version, m42 Mount /w adapter on my eos 1100D.

Im really happy with this lense, i got it for cheap and on my APS-C the field of view is quite standard.
I just got one problem and if i set the aperture to 2.8 and twist the focus ring out to the maximum so i can get really close to subjects. The aperture ring starts to shift a little. I wonder why its like that?
I first checked if its perhaps just loose but its not and when i set it to minimum focussing distance there is no way of moving the aperture ring back to 2.8.
I also tried holding the aperture ring in place and then just focussing to minimum distance but that doesnt work. The Focus ring will just block.

Ok i just checked again and it seems the aperture ring moves a little bit when im focussing. Any idea why?


I found this online:

Let's start with the f-stop ring set at 2.8 and the focus ring set at infinity. Now I begin to turn the focus ring clockwise, getting closer to the shortest distance of 0.18m. As the focus ring passes the 0.3m mark, it begins to turn the f-stop ring counterclockwise. Ever so slightly. By the time the focus ring is at 0.18m, the f-stop ring has turned to position f/4.
What's more strange is that the aperture blades are still in the fully o

and the reply:

The lens is really designed to be used with a hand-held exposure meter; probably it was built in the days before through-the-lens metering was available (certainly the case for Exakta). As you move into to close focus, you need to open up the aperture some more to keep the same effective f-stop, so for example an f/2.8 aperture setting on a close focus might only give as much illumination as f/4 would at infinity. If you had a through the lens meter, it would see the reduced illumination, but a hand-held meter simply does not know the distance to the subject or the focal length of the lens, so it can't compenstate. The Flektogon had a built-in mechanical compensation as I remember it. As you focus to shorter distances, it opens the aperture up. Of course, if you start off at f/2.8, it has no where to go, so instead it rotates the aperture ring to at least tell you what its effective aperture really is.

Experiences? thanks already.

Technical Support / M42 Lenses
« on: July 21, 2012, 07:13:41 AM »
Hi there,

i can get some used m42 lenses for cheap and i wanna use them with my eos 1100D. Ive seen some adpaters but im a bit worried if they gonna scratch my camera mirror or some other bad stuff might happen.

Any good m42 to eos adapters you people can recommend? Ive seen some with AF electronics on them?!

Plus it will be manual focussing only i guess, so if yall have some good hints for me how to manual focus in a more efficient way. Ive read about focussing screen replacements, but i think that will kinda suck if i wanna go back to using AF isnt it?

thanks laew

Portrait / My photos look so dull
« on: June 25, 2012, 10:15:40 AM »

well im regularly browsing around several websites checking out portraits cuz thats what i like to shoot too. Usually i come across pictures where i just think they look so good because the photo just looks so "fully lighted".
Feeling a bit retarded at the moment but i will still try to explain what i mean.

For example this photo

Its not about the composition or anything but the lighting in this just looks so good to me. It looks so bright and the shadows are so soft. Like so awesome contrast and colors.

Other examples (randomly picked from with 50mm 1.4 and 1.2):

And in contrast when i take a portrait it just looks so...boring and dull and not brilliant.

Some of MY samples (SORRY FOR ADS ON THAT SITE :( ):

and last one where i overexposured a little trying to get "that look" from the samples at the beginning.

Is it just my lens thats so crappy? 50mm 1.8II L(ens hood attached)? OR my 1100D camera? It just doesnt look so shiny awesome like i want. Like so "mellow" contrast only. Or is it just the post processing? Feel free to give my photos a try.

Thanks already

Lenses / 50mm 1.2L + 24mm 1.4L on crop body?
« on: June 08, 2012, 07:02:41 AM »
Hi there,

sorry for opening up another thread about the 50mm 1.2L. I searched around a little and didnt find the answer i was looking for.

I got a Rebel body cuz my philosophy always was that one day i will go full frame anyway so i better buy good lenses first, body second. I bought the 1100D cuz it delivers the same image quality like the other crop bodys from canon and thats all what i care for.

So far i just got a 50mm 1.8II and im quite happy with it but i think the bokeh looks really harsh.  I never use it smaller than f/2.8.

I was thinking about buying the 50mm 1.2L and i wanna know if that works out on a crop body or if the 1.2L only starts to shine on full frame?

Same applies to the 24mm 1.4L. Makes sense to buy it for my crop body? I like the wider view i can get from it. I dont need a really super wide lens cuz im just doing portraits. And im just a bokeh addict :P

Oh and i just dont like zooms. I dont know why....even when i was just using a Finepix point and shoot and had no ideas about rule of thirds n stuff.....i always refused to use the zoom on it. Just dont like it.

So my basic question: L Lenses make sense on a crop body?


i dont mind it probably gonna balance out badly with the 1100D. Im just a hobbyist. Dont HAVE TO carry my camera all day. Well and im not so weak :P

Hope somebody here got a crop body and the named lenses and can give me some more insight. :)

Maybe even sample pictures?! Would be much appreciated.

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