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EOS Bodies / Re: So frustrated with new 5DmkIII - returning it!
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:29:55 PM »
So you are saying that I could just push the Rate button once to tag it with a star? That would be so awesome and make my life 10 times easier for sports!!

EOS Bodies / Re: So frustrated with new 5DmkIII - returning it!
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:17:00 PM »
Re: rate button

Have any of you had to take photos and turn in "several good ones for web use" to sports information at halftime of a basketball game? I receive my 5D3 on Wednesday next week, and I am so hoping that the rate button will work by simply pressing it twice to give a default 1-star rating to a photo. If it requires pressing the button and selecting a rating with another knob, then yes, that will be extremely irritating.

Right now my workflow is like this:

* During the first half I have to be chimping after any major play, and if a photo is good or a play is good if I don't have time to chimp, then I take a blank picture of the floor after that sequence of photos containing the good photo.
* 1-3 minutes before half time I have to run to the media room, download all photos, look at them in thumbnail mode, scroll through the ones before the blank floor pictures, and then star the ones I want to turn in.
* Select and export the starred photos.
* Give flash drive to sports information about 15 minutes of wasted time, if I'm lucky.

Assuming that I can just do a quick double "click" of the rate button to assign it a 1-star default rating (the stars aren't important, because I'm not rating them, just indicating that I want to turn them in to SI), then the rate button would be a tremendous boon to me. I could lesiurely go to the media room, download photos, export the starred photos, and walk back with flash drive in hand in under 5 minutes.

Hopefully I can even have a direct ethernet connection so that someone else can use my pictures live, but I am not sure if I would be happy with that. Some people don't realize that every click of the shutter on a professional camera does not necessarily a cover photograph make. Letting someone else select photos would probably result in a bad representation of my work.

Anyway, I just thought that I would speak out in favor of what hopefully is going to be a good feature for me.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Mother of God - D800 scores 95 DxOMark
« on: March 23, 2012, 10:01:26 PM »
I congratulate Nikon on producing a stellar camera in the D800. Now can someone please post sample images taken with both a D800 and a 5DIII, where the D800 made them a better photographer? I have a feeling that I'll be waiting for a long time.
Easy to spot Canon images they are the ones with banding in the shadows & with burnt out highlights  & very poor  reds , I love the Canon red colour its a great red just like to see more shades of red sometimes.

ROFL, I'm almost an old man, but I'm still literally almost rolling on the floor with gales of laughter. You have the greatest sense of humor, or should I say camera sensor for humor. When I got to the "love the Canon red" that really did me in. LOLOLOL.

Direct link to J&R if you aren't an Amazon prime member:


I ordered mine from J&R Music and they have nothing in stock and have said they might be getting their shipment next week. Pissing me off....

Trying ordering one with the kit. I noticed about my order @ Amazon that it was actually J&R that was the seller for the in-stock camera kit.

I just noticed that it is IN STOCK at Amazon with the kit. After placing my order there were 10 left, and then I canceled my March 2nd order. I can't wait!!!

*** UPDATE ****

Delivery Estimate: Wednesday March 28, 2012 - Monday April 2, 2012
Shipping Soon


Only nine left now.

How is this possible that others are getting shipped? I ordered mine by chatting with Amazon CS and getting the product link before it was available to anyone else. Any link to Amazon ordering was not even mentioned in the forums until after my order was complete. Yet my order still says "Not Yet Shipped" and "We'll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time. "

I think my hour was at up to an hour before anyone else from Amazon, between 1 and 2 am CST.

Maybe they don't really send it out in chronological order. Perhaps it depends on what distribution center my order "belongs to." My order is from Oklahoma. Anyone else getting theirs shipped from Amazon near OK?

EOS Bodies / Re: Need help to choose! mark 2 or mark 3?
« on: March 21, 2012, 11:35:50 PM »

The biggest failing of the Canon 5D Mark Two is its autofocus system. This alone is worth waiting all this time for me. I have owned the 5D Mark Two and it is more trouble than it is worth in comparison to the 5D Mark Three, even if the 5D3 is twice the price.

My card was charged and Amazon is now showing as "shipping soon" in the order status.  Body only.

Oh, my! Refreshing every minute here!! (jk, I'm too old for that, but I still have the inclination and same feelings that you do!)

EOS Bodies / Re: Amazon - Canon 5D III Pre-ordered
« on: March 21, 2012, 08:49:15 PM »
I'm wondering if I cancel now and order through B&H or Adorama, if it'll show up sooner than Amazon.   :-\

I wouldn't cancel. I know the temptation. I was hoping so much to be using it this weekend, but Amazon has still not updated my 5D3 order status.

But unless I buy it locally (and get lucky) there's no way I would get it on time. Any order placed now would come later than your current order with Amazon.com.

Right, so....Ive discovered that I have been smited like hell....in the same way mosquitos sting you if you walk out into the forest at night. ...

I guess the people who smite me are those who feel insulted because I have not recommended their lenses or bodies in my replies to other people's posts. People smite you because they can't stand their lenses being "unrecommended". Most of the time, thats the only lenses they have and they take it too personally....also I've found that some people can't stand it when others says something negative about Canon. 

On this site, by giving your opinion = smite :(

so.....since I have 120+ smites and only 30+ thumbs up, I cant careless about my reputation, so people go on smite me! Your lenses can be S___. Canon can sometimes be S___. And your camera bodies are probably need an upgrade.

You are so right. I joined this forum a few weeks ago as a retired photography instructor, with the beautiful idea of helping others for free with any and all photography questions--hence, my chosen name "helpful."

But as soon as I had started posting some images to use as examples of depth of field, white balance, etc., I started collecting an negative karma out of no where. I decided to devote my time to people who might actually want it. I deleted nearly all my posts, and all my images--why share my work at site and get smites when the same photos have won me photo of the year awards and publication in the Tribune, etc.

I am still willing to help anyone who actually wants it. Don't hesitate to ask me anything about photography.

Now watch my smites add up!

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