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EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Firmware officially announced
« on: June 28, 2012, 11:30:59 AM »
What about adding some kind of focus bracketing? Even with center-point spot focusing, I often find that it is a bit off. Being able to shoot a bracket of images at slightly different focus points would make it easier to nail the perfect point.


it would be cool, but for fast moving targets you would risk to miss every shoot

EOS Bodies / Re: Is SLR dead?
« on: June 28, 2012, 11:29:40 AM »
For amateurs and vacationers yes, definitely.  This will overtake the Rebel-end line up over time.   But it's a 2.7x crop camera, and the behavior of the lenses won't match the behavior of full frame lenses at the same calculated focal length views in terms of background compression and DOF, etc. etc.

nono… i think that camera with bigger sensors and so on will become non-slr too

EOS Bodies / Re: Is SLR dead?
« on: June 28, 2012, 10:27:41 AM »
in the long run… yes

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mk III vs D800/E, is the 5D3 better at anything?
« on: June 28, 2012, 09:54:22 AM »
Thanks - actually, the lowest price seems to be rather ~3100€, and if only one supplier is listing it that low it sounds a bit dodgy. I once fell for the lowest price, but these suppliers simply might not have the item in stock but wait for a near price drop of the original manufacturer (Canon in this case). This in combination with horrendous fees for pay after delivery will engineer people into paying up front and having to wait for ages. Many will cancel the contract, but some may not, so that's a business model too for catching customers.

But maybe it's just a terrific offer and I'm paranoid. On the other hand, being paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you :-p

under 3000€ here in italy


we are dumping the price with money we will get from Germany ...hahaha

5 pieces avaiable

nikon d800 it's around 2500€ btw

Pentax FF + tamron or sigma lenses = kid toys.

yap...it like to shoot panoramas with a 16-35L ii compared to a 14-24 nikon...but maybe the 16-35 is a portrait lens judging how soft borders are :D

sigma deliver great lenses


21mpix,22mpix,24mpix.... but who cares. sony got a 24mpix FF camera since 2008 and no-one cared

EOS Bodies / Re: From NL: 3D rumored TBA by spring 2013
« on: June 23, 2012, 06:20:15 AM »
a studio camera? low fps, very high quality/detail at low iso…i guess that's a studio camera

I was just wondering who would be the first...why not me? Here is a warm up for the inner masochist in you...

It is really too late in coming out so I am going to Nikon again.
I have dust in my sensor. Should I return it or cry now?
It is too expensive and I won't stand for it. (Expected response A: It is cheaper than the last one when converted to Yen in 1995 when adjusted for inflation and the price of rice in Taiwan)
HELP! I don't like the wedding pictures I just took with it. Any ideas? Am I in the right career?
There is banding in ISO over 25,600 and my shoes are too tight when I shoot with it.
I don't understand and don't like the auto focus system whatever it is.
Why is it less available than the new friggin' Rebel? Does that make it more expensive on purpose?
There a color cast when I look at images from the sofa just over the TV in the evening. The D800 doesn't do that.
I 'm not a pixel peeper but...
Maybe if they made a APS-H sensor version it would be perfect and I could afford one.
I think Canon screwed us again, but what L lens is best for shooting my spawn when they are running in the dark?
Will the auto focus be better than the 7D or at least my 40D? Should I sell my Mark II?
I haven't seen one but I am sure Canon screwed us.
What is the best lens you don't own?
Which is best queue to complain about? Adorama, B&H or Amazon?
I have ten thousand dollars I don't know what to do with. Do you?

ahahhahaha… great, but it's too late

the price for the k-3 in your article is rumored to be 2800usd...i can see canon put in a corner by k-3...lol.

a camera with no lens, and from what i know neither sigma-tamron or other are producing k-Mount ff lenses, but maybe i am wrong

EOS Bodies / Re: DSLR itch (60D / D5100 / K-5)
« on: June 21, 2012, 11:31:43 AM »
if you dont need articulated screen you can buy a nikon d7000 with 18-105 vr, new a 1399 used a 1199 from amazon marketplace

pentax k5 is a very capable camera, but you havent a great selection of lenses and the marketability (exists a word like that) isnt soo good as canon or nikon

if video is really important maybe a 650D (t4i) is better, but it's a different class of camera

EOS Bodies / Re: Where are there any raw images from 1DX?
« on: June 21, 2012, 08:28:48 AM »
maybe they are pre-production camera

Lenses / Re: List of rumored lenses
« on: June 20, 2012, 09:56:28 AM »
I'm hoping for something in that 10/14-24 range also...to fill in that bottom end gap.  There is the 16-35, but doesn't fit in as nice. ;)

16-35 on ff is as wide as the much praised 10-22 ef-s thing

True.  Canon needs their own 'Holy Trinity'. ;)

holy trinity.... :D

i have some nikon friends that use this

Heh yep, Nikon has it first.  Damn, lol.

they are crazy :D

There are numerous stories about the importance of AFMA. In the mean time, you should read the articles about "lens softness" on this website and also those about using AFMA (auto-focus micro-adjust)

Thank you so very much for pointing out afma for me - however, I think I have understood the general concept, so no need for patronizing.

What you may not understand: even if a lens needs afma, it's bound to focus *somewhere* like in the afma test strips. So I'm interested how afma can improve a lens that it isn't sharp *anywhere*?

so afma could make a soft lens, less softer, and it can make a sharp lens more sharper.

we are afraid you havent a camera to tru this out

and it has to cost less than 1000€ to be competitive  ::)

so let's start with a price list

xxxxD 400€
xxxD 700€
xxD 999€
XD 1500€-5800€

it doesnt make sense

Into the sun
Oooooooh! Lovely! I would love to learn your technique if you can share it.

A big ass reflector...

Green screen and a good sky image

i tought the same...looks too extreme

they havent any FF lens and co-develop with tokina aps-c lenses from a while...so it's unlikely

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