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Technical Support / Re: Not Windows
« on: July 30, 2013, 09:34:01 PM »
What neruo brought up gave me an idea; I think I'm going to pick up one of these as a 'cheap' fix/test:

My iMac doesn't have USB 3, but it DOES have Firewire . . . so that should eliminate any question as to if it's actual processing power I need or if it's a bus/disk access issue.


I'm actually surprised about the linux guys with Mac hate.  I understand it's benefits, and I only use Mac OS as a crutch because Xwindows isn't completely familiar to me and frustrates me. 

Still, it's a great step forwards from Windows and what Windows has become.

Firewire 800 is faster than USB 2.0, but not THAT fast. You'll see a realistic read/write speed of about 60-70MB/sec over Firewire 800. Most current generation SSDs will exceed 500MB/sec read speeds. You will notice a little improvement due to the SSD having near instantaneous access times though. I wouldn't waste money on a SSD if FW800 is the only connection option. I guess you don't have Thunderbolt?

Software & Accessories / Re: PC Monitor for photo editing
« on: July 21, 2013, 08:56:30 PM »
The NEC EA232WMI is a very nice sRGB IPS monitor. I used a EA231WMI which is the older CCFL backlit version and was very pleased with its performance. I also had a PA241W which was a wide gamut display. If most of your publishing is going to be for the web, then wide color gamut is more of a hassle IMO.

EOS-M / Re: M images. Images taken by M body and EF-M lenses only.
« on: July 14, 2013, 12:11:53 PM »
EOS M • 22mm STM • f/3.5 • 1/800 sec

DPI is irrelevant if you are exporting images for viewing on a computer. If you are printing, then you'll usually want to set it to at least 300 DPI for most commercial printers.

Microsoft released an update to their Camera Codec Pack last week. This piece of software allows native viewing of RAW images and thumbnails for supported cameras within Windows 7 or Vista.

Here's a list of Camera models which were added in this latest release.

Canon: EOS 650D, EOS 6D, EOS Rebel T4i, EOS M, PowerShot SX50 HS

Fuji: X10

Nikon: 1 V2, D600, D5200

Panasonic: Lumix DMX-FZ40, Lumix DMX-G2, Lumix DMX-GX1

Samsung: EX2F

Sony: Alpha NEX-F3, Alpha SLT-A37, Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

You can download the Microsoft Camera Codec pack here.

Software & Accessories / Re: Question on B+W Circular Polarizer
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:56:54 AM »
Pardon my ignorance, but would using a larger filter with a a step down ring prevent vignetting?

EOS-M / Re: How many people actually like the EOS-M?
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:04:46 PM »
Ivan, those photos look great. I actually just read your review last night and it helped finalize my decision. Thanks.

EOS-M / Re: How many people actually like the EOS-M?
« on: June 10, 2013, 04:25:23 AM »
I was planning on purchasing from B&H. They have it listed for $479 with 4% rewards. However, I found a place through Google shopping called "42nd Street Photo" that has it listed for $438. Are these guys legitimate, or is this grey market stuff with no warranty? They seem to have good reviews on
When you say "legitimate", are you referring to them being Canon Authorized Dealer? if yes, no they are not Canon Authorized Dealer as per the attached list released by Canon on 3rd June 2013.

Thanks for that list. I'll be sure to avoid them and go with B&H.

EOS-M / Re: How many people actually like the EOS-M?
« on: June 10, 2013, 02:33:02 AM »
Alright, so I decided I'm going to switch to the EOS-M. I put my RX100 kit up on eBay for $499 and it sold in a half hour. After the buyer receives it, and is satisfied, I'll pull the trigger on the Canon. I'm going to get the kit with the 22mm pancake, and maybe the 11-22mm when it's released.

I know a lot of people are upset that it doesn't have a viewfinder, but it doesn't bother me. I find most of the viewfinders on compact cameras difficult to use due to them being so tiny. It might just be that I wear glasses, but usually I don't get along with viewfinders on anything smaller than a DSLR. The one on the 5D3 is splendid.

I was planning on purchasing from B&H. They have it listed for $479 with 4% rewards. However, I found a place through Google shopping called "42nd Street Photo" that has it listed for $438. Are these guys legitimate, or is this grey market stuff with no warranty? They seem to have good reviews on

EOS-M / How many people actually like the EOS-M?
« on: June 08, 2013, 11:33:45 PM »
I have a Sony RX100 right now. While it's a great camera, there's a couple of things that bother me. I don't like how any selected settings apply to all modes (manual focus, focus peaking, white balance). I shoot a lot of video and it always catches me off guard when I switch from video mode back to aperture priority. Also, the front ring is not as easy to manual focus with during video like I thought it would be. Overall, I don't use the camera as much as I would like to because it's sometimes a hassle.

When I first bought the RX100, I briefly considered the EOS-M, and quickly dismissed it due to bad reviews and high price. Now, the price is almost half what it was before. There's also a new firmware coming out claiming to improve AF speeds. I think the larger sensor, detachable lenses, and mic input would be an advantage over the RX100. Also, the ability to attach ND filters would help me greatly too. For those of you that own an EOS-M, do you enjoy shooting with it? Is the AF that bad? I've heard some people go as far as saying it's defective from the factory.

I heard rumors that a new model may be released in late summer, but it surely won't be priced as low as the current model.

Technical Support / Re: Raw support of 6D files in Windows 8...
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:57:05 AM »
There is a Camera RAW Codec for Windows 8, which it sounds like you have installed already. It does not yet support the 6D. Microsoft, unlike Apple, is very slow to update RAW support for cameras. The last update was in October of 2012. Canon has their own RAW codec, but as far as I know it only works on 32-bit versions of Windows. I really wish Microsoft would be more on top of things. I'm dealing with the same thing right now with Nikon D600 RAW files that my friend gives me. I have to open them in Lightroom even though I didn't really necessarily want them in my catalog.

I don't post much, but here's me. Taken with a Sony RX100.

I know, which is what I use.

I'm talking about FCP X (or FCP 7)'s a dumb mid-step...glad I generally don't have to deal with it.


However, before exporting to something like Resolve, I do prefer to render my full edit out in ProRes4444, IMHO a better way to work in Resolve.

Well, if I leave Resolve out of the process..I DON'T have to go to prores, I can work with the H264 straight out of the 5D3 within FCPX...but apparently somewhere along the line of upgrades between FCPX and Resolve, the XML round trip using the native out of the camera footage has broken.

The only way to get XML roundtripping working between FCPX and Resolve, is the put the footage in 'optimized' ProRes codec...and that will then work with Resolve.

Resolve has been b!tching about the timecodes coming from the 5D3 if using footage right out of the camera when doing XML out of FCPX for some reason.

I'm using FCPX because it is dead easy to use and CHEAP....$300.

That being said, when it comes time for summer school at one of the colleges around me, I'm going to go spend the $50 to "enroll"...which will give me a edu ID....I'm not going to enroll in any classes, but I am going to use this to get the educational discount on the Adobe CS6 Suite. I think with that discount it is only about $499 or so which is affordable to me.

Then, I can play with all the toys, but at a more reasonable rate.



I found the best deal for the EDU CS6 suite is at B&H. In the future when you upgrade to CS7, you can buy a non-EDU upgrade and you'll have a standard license, which is good if you plan on using the software for profit.


I'm doing post work on a small film I shot on the 5D3 with the All-I mode. I am doing a decent amount of VFX shots which I bring into AfterEffects. I export them from AE as ProRes HQ and I really can't tell the difference.

Once thing that you also want to keep in mind is that unlike on the 5D2, 5D3 footage can benefit from sharpening in post. Like everything, use it wisely, but it can bring back some additional (perceived) resolution which also helps make the image a bit more robust.

Once again, re-compressing to ProRes is the least of your worries when working with DSRL footage. Really my biggest gripe about doing it is that it's an extra time-consuming process that really shouldn't be necessary nowadays.

It isn't necessary with Adobe Premiere  :)

While you can have an entirely uncompressed workflow, it's not ideal for most scenarios. You would use either the Quicktime Uncompressed or Animation codec, and footage would require about 10GB/minute of storage space. Your disk system will also have to sustain about 150MB/sec transfer rate, which means RAID 0 or SSD. The 5D's ALL-I codec isn't a RAW or uncompressed format to begin, so there isn't much reason to have an uncompressed workflow. If you were using REDCODE RAW or ARRIRAW, then yes. Transcoding to ProRes 422 would be ideal (ALL-I is only 4:2:0). Hope this helps.

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