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So after hours of reading, I'm still not sure about the answer to 2 questions about the 5D mkIII, both of which are probably known by anybody who's been shooting a lot of video with one:

1) Are SD cards good enough for video?  There is endless discussion about CF being faster, yada yada, raw burst rates, etc - I don't care, I only shoot video.  Are SD cards (assuming class 10) fast enough for video use in either video codec mode?

2) Has the ALL-I vs IPB thing been resolved?  All the reading I see shows a lot of disagreement as to which codec to use generally; All-I is better on paper but many people are getting same or better results with IPB.  Anybody know?  I generally have to shoot hours of interviews per day and so would rather have a more compact codec if there is no difference in quality.

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