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I recently bought some Think Tank Red Whips.  They're made for cable management, but I mainly wanted something to add to my tripods; I use it to strap down my camera strap and shutter release when it's windy to prevent them from swinging around and causing vibrations.

I also like the other Think Tank organization bags; I've got a couple like one of the clear-sided ones someone posted earlier, but I also like the DSLR battery holder (I put fresh batteries flat side down against the back, empties go flat-side up):

For shooting at night/low light, I bought glow-in-the-dark tape to make some things easier to spot; a ring around my tripod base, pieces on my memory card cases, shutter releases, flashes etc.  I carry a headlamp and a flashlight, but I don't always want to have to use those if I don't have to (if others are shooting around me, don't want to ruin my night vision etc.)

I grab shower caps from hotels and leave them in my camera bag in case I need a bit of impromptu weather proofing.  Old trick I picked up from a thread like this on some photography forum.

2020 is getting closer every moment.  ;D

Oh, I thought this thread was about the EF 800, not the 7Dmk2... ;D

Landscape / Re: give us a wave
« on: March 10, 2014, 05:26:36 PM »
My friend Pam riding The Wave in Coyote Buttes North, Utah ;) ;D

For those of you considering these cameras, Focus Camera and B&H are running promotions to get $300 credit for used cameras traded in when you buy the A7 or A7r.

Rented the A7r during a trip through Utah & Arizona; think I may jump on this myself if they'll take one of the p&s I no longer use.  Will try to post some shots in the A7/A7r thread later when I get home.

Landscape / Re: Please share your snow/ Ice Photos with us in CR.
« on: February 16, 2014, 12:01:14 AM »
Bryce Canyon a few years ago; heading back next week, hoping there's still a bit of snow around again.

Lenses / Re: Canon EF on Sony A7R field notes
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:44:27 AM »
Thanks for the extensive look at the A7r; I rented one for a week and really enjoyed shooting with it, but since I was working a lot I couldn't test it out as much as I wanted.  I did have one question for you, regarding what you said here:

- You can’t charge the battery while you’re out shooting (unless you buy the standalone battery charger), but you can charge it in the car etc., so it’s a bit of a convenience tradeoff

Do you mean that you can't charge it from a practical standpoint, due to lack of power outlets, or do you mean the camera won't even allow it?  I have a number of portable battery chargers with USB outlets, mean for charging phones, tablets etc. when you're out on the go.  I was wondering if you could shoot and charge it simultaneously; one of my chargers has a loop and could hang from the hook under my tripod (although I have heard that simultaneously using a battery and charging it isn't generally good for some types of rechargeable batteries).

You wouldn't be able to use that port for the wired remote trigger, but if it worked, you could use wifi app or download the timelapse app from the Sony store, for example.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Review: Sony A7R With Canon Glass
« on: January 28, 2014, 10:29:46 PM »
It seems to me that putting big lenses on a compact body kinda negates the advantage of compactness.  That leaves the great sensor as an advantage, but still, the practical advantages over say a 5D3 or D800 are not that great.

Your mileage will certainly vary!  :)

I keep hearing this argument but let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate a few less grams? It's when the body is so small comparative to the lens that it creates such an imbalance that it is even less comfortable than the same lens + larger body that it really negates the value. Adding a grip onto the a7/R might be more comfortable say with a 24-70L attached than with a 6D and the same lens - weight is weight, or lack thereof, in my opinion.

I agree; and as a landscape guy, I'm always looking to shed some weight on those longer hikes where I need to take water, food, etc. in addition to camera gear.  I think I may rent of these for a 2 week trip to Utah & Arizona I have coming up.

Agreed, appears like their take on the F-Stop system, although of course they need to make it sound like it was their own innovation. ;)

I hope F-Stop will create an bigger backpack with an side-access to the Camera with an mounted lens.

F-Stop has a newer model, the Kenti, with side-access; wasn't sure if you were not aware, or if you were but wanted a bigger version.

Finally!  I've been waiting since they announced they were working on one a while ago.  I wonder what the chances are I can get my hands on one before my Utah/Arizona trip in late February...

EDIT - Fantastic price, as opposed to the hundreds for the Hitech Lucroit filter holder & adapter.  At that price, I'll buy two in case I drop one off a cliff or it somehow gets cracked in my bag. ;D

Lenses / Re: New Wide Angles Lenses in 2013 [CR2]
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:07:36 AM »
I opted for the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 instead as I got fed up waiting. It's a pity I can't use filters with it though. Blasted bulbous ends! Haha!

Actually, there is a (very expensive) Hitech Lucroit Filter Holder.  It was originally designed for the Nikon 14-24, but they made adapter rings for other lenses, including the Samyang.  It can be found on their site and places like B&H, Adorama, & Amazon.  You'll also probably need to buy new large, expensive filters to go with it of course.

Also I believe Samyang posted something on their FB page about working on their own filter holder for it.  As I recall they were hoping to release it around now. 

There are also a number of home-made filter holders I've seen, you can google them and see if they look like something you'd like to try to duplicate.

Lenses / Re: Headed to Hawaii -- let's talk gear / locations
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:40:47 PM »
By the way, if I recall correctly, winter time is Big Waves time so you may have ome nice oppotunities of North shore, where there are some surf competitions I think. However, I don't know if this may make snorkelling harder...

I believe you're right.  The gf and I were in Maui in December a few years back and the waves were bad.  Still, she HAD to go snorkeling so we tried it.  The rental people were saying how it was fine, great time, etc., but we couldn't see a thing, and the waves bashed my gf against sharp coral and she cut her legs up a bit.  Fortunately we returned out equipment quickly and got our money back.  Later, I was told by some locals that it wasn't a good time for snorkeling, and not to trust the rental people :p

Lenses / Re: Headed to Hawaii -- let's talk gear / locations
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:37:08 PM »
Personally, I use my 17-40L a lot for landscape, especially waterscapes, usually near the wider end.  It gives a dynamic look that's different than just stitching multiple shots together, but of course that look isn't for everyone.

Others have covered many of the spots I'd recommend, but here's a few more:

Lanai Lookout on the Windward side, right off the road.  Lots of signs at the parking lot telling you not to hop the fence, but everyone does it anyway.  Just be careful, as the rocks can get slippery and rogue waves can crash over the rocks. 
Eternity beach near the Holona blowhole. 
Papa'iloa Beach - Not sure of the name, as I also heard it called Police Beach, but then someone else told me Police Beach was somewhere else...but anyway, on the north shore find Papa'Iloa road, go the end and park where you'll probably see several other cars.  There will be a narrow walkway between houses to the beach.  You'll probably have it mostly to yourselves, except for a couple of locals, maybe some surfers.  Head to the left, and depending on tide/time of year you may see some cool mossy volcanic rocks exposed.  This is where the Lost beach camp was, which we accidentally ran into.  I've also seen turtles sunning here almost every time I've been there, but that may just be luck.
Makapuu Lighthouse trail (someone posted a pic from near it above, but I think named it). 
Kualoa Ranch - This is a tourist spot, with guided tours.  I don't like that part, but it's a pretty beautiful valley.  Lots of filming has been done there and you may recognize it from shows/movies like Lost, Godzilla (footprints are still there).
Manoa Falls - Near Waikiki, up into the hills; I can't recall how long the hike was, but it was pretty easy.  Take bug spray!  Might be a bit crowded in the middle of the day.  Better to go after a rain (but it'll be a little muddy), as I've heard it can be dry depending on the season.
Kawela Bay - Nice little bay, which I've rarely seen anyone else there except when I once ran into Lost filming, and another time into filming of one of the chipmunk movies, lol.  You can make the long (but nice) walk from Turtle Bay, or park along 83 at the fruit stands.  Across the road from the fruit stands is a gate with a sign about private property and no entrance, but the locals all told me that was a BS sign that Turtle Bay put up; the spot is public, but they agreed to pay for upkeep of the area, so the less people there, the less they have to maintain it.  There's a short walk from parking to the water through a cool banyan tree grove (which, by the way, there's a map to from Turtle Bay, so if you're staying there they'll gladly tell you how to get there).  From the bay, there's a nice walk around the NE side, through trees and around the point.  Eventually you pass a small abandoned military bunker/observation building, and then hit the Turtle Bay Resort.
Olomana Three Peaks Trail - I've seen some amazing shots from it, but it looks too dangerous for me to try.
Spitting Cave of Portlock - It's hard to find, but a pretty cool spot.  Might be hard to really compose good shots.

If it rains, I've heard you should head over to the windward side Kaneohe/Kailua and get a view of new waterfalls off the mountains.  Not sure if that's true, I've never experienced rain there in several visits.

Someone above said to stay away from the west side because of the car break-ins.  I hadn't heard that, but in my visits it defintely seemed more remote and 'local-friendly.'  I'd still at least drive it and maybe take some shots near the car, as the hills and beaches on that side were pretty spectacular.  I really enjoyed shooting at one of the beaches there; can't recall the name, but I think it's near the NW tip, where the road goes from paved to dirt. 

Unsolicited, non-photography tips:  I really suggest stopping at one of the Giovanni's shrimp trucks on the north shore, one of the shave ice places on the north shore like Waiola or Matsumoto's, and don't be afraid to check Hotwire for car rental prices.  A few years ago I went 3 times, and got $9.95/day twice (midsize), and $12.95/day once (midsize, but they were out, got a free upgrade to a luxury car).  Also, I'd re-iterate what others have said about being careful of break-ins; you'll see broken glass at parking spots.  Besides not leaving anything valuable in the open, I'd also be careful about what people can see you doing in a parking lot, like putting valuables in the trunk where others may be watching.

EOS Bodies / Re: Just Touching the Surface of Dual Pixel Technology? [CR1]
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:31:34 AM »
Sounds interesting…at least for static subjects.

Yes, I was wondering how that'd work, what settings one would use vs. what the camera actually least for my main personal interest (landscape), I wouldn't have to worry much.  But for something moving'd get some interesting mistakes.  If that's something they (or someone else) has experimented with, I'm guessing the early test shots were very interesting.  ;D

Of course, the rumor could be incorrect about different exposure times, and it's actually different ISO's as some have discussed here.  Or just incorrect altogether.

EOS Bodies / Re: Just Touching the Surface of Dual Pixel Technology? [CR1]
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:19:39 AM »
Interesting rumor of a new sensor developed by Hasselblad and Sony paralleling some of the ideas discussed here.

"Every single pixel can have a different shutter time! This means the sensor allows a dramatic increase of the dynamic range. What sources didn’t tell me is how exactly this works and if the sensor is going to be first used by Hasselblads new medium format camera or by a new generation of FF sensors. Anyhow, its great news to see that Hasselblad is working on some exciting new tech with Sony!"

EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS-1 in 2014 [CR1]
« on: November 20, 2013, 03:11:10 PM »
This was 2010:

This was 2011:

In 2013, Canon announced they have held the #1 market share worldwide in terms of volume within the interchangeable-lens digital camera market for the entire 10-year period from 2003 to 2012.

According to quarterly reports to date this year, Canon sales of dSLRs are dropping.  But Nikon's sales of dSLRs are dropping much faster

Show me the slide…   ::) ::) ::)

Thanks for posting those. I'm surprised by the fact that Nikon had a decent increase from 2010 to 2011...perhaps due to key model releases? 

I'm also surprised that Nikon was as close to canon, at least in 2011. The way some people talked I thought the gap was significantly larger. But from the sounds of if, the final 2013 numbers may be further apart.

I'm wondering how much the installed user base plays into the numbers. Canon supposedly has a much larger user base; some percentage of these are less likely to switch due to investments in glass/gear, without significant motivations to switch.  Would also like to see actual numbers month by month compared to model releases.  Doesn't matter much I suppose, I don't think there's any way to get those specific numbers unless you're inside Canon or Nikon :)

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