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The way I navigate is to log in and use the "Show new replies..." link or the  "Show unread posts..." link. Then I navigate to the first post that interests me. once I am done with that thread, I need to navigate to the top of the page as that is where the "Show new replies..." and "Show unread posts..." links are. Now if every post on the thread had a "Top" link I would click it and be done. I would not have to scroll the slider on my computer.

On the iPad I don't care as if you hit the top of the screen it takes you there.

Could you add this feature to the site please?



5D MK III Sample Images / Ganapati Festival 2012 in Pune
« on: October 02, 2012, 03:01:40 AM »
The Ganapati festival is celebrated each year in India with great enthusiasm. It was transformed  by Bal Gangadhar Tilak ( around 1893/94 from a private religious festival to one that involved the whole community. Those interested in the history can read stuff provided in the links below (or google...)

The festival is very colorful and I have put up only a few photos here. There are ten at:

To see more (200), please visit my flickr page:

All shot with my trusty 5D3, 24-105 and 600EX-RT (obviously the 600 was used only when needed). Many of the photographs taken in low light were taken at 12800 ISO and edited in Lightroom 4.1.1.

Links to the Ganapati Festival history and notes:

The Kasba Ganapati

The Dagdusheth Ganpati

A picture speaks a thousand words

These guys had a play running all the 10 days

It is a street party all day...

I searched the forum with various keywords but could not get an answer there. Hence this post. It is probably me and not the site...

I am looking for noise reduction plugins for LR that are better than LR's NR. I looked up Topaz but unfortunately (woe is me and all that...) I am on Windows! Yes, I am rpt and I am a windows user... :P

So please advise.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I hate to use the flash - it creates shadows as most of my photographs are impromptu and so I can't set up multiple flashes... (besides I just bought one flash...)

A college in my city hosted a 3 day technical symposium called Credenz. One of the events is RoboLIGA - a robotics event where one plays a football tournament between manual bots. I took a few pictures and here they are. This is a sequence of a goal being scored.

Ready? GO!
And the little bot makes a dash for it...
Adjusting for the push
Solid defence
In a real football match, that would have been a foul
The bigger bot maneuvers
Some more maneuvering
Maneuver successful and we are clear!
OK! now begin to take the ball to the goal
The little bot is having difficulty turning! small wheels...
Turn some more
Charge the attacker!
Oops! too slow!
Sprint to the goal...
Oopsie! Bounced off the post...
Does not matter, a quick re-position to score the goal...

Lenses / Need advise/shared experience on repair of 100-400L
« on: September 05, 2012, 11:14:43 AM »
Hi, so for the last few months I have found that my 100-400 was not focusing like before. So I did the brave thing and gave it to Canon to fix. They tell me that they need to change the focusing assembly and some IS part as well as some channel. The cost of repair is going to be Rs 25000 (about US$470) which is 25% the cost of a new lens in India. Now I love my lens and the cost of repair seems to be such that I think I should go ahead with it. If it was say 50% the cost of a new lens, I would have seriously considered purchasing a new lens. So I probably will repair it but thought I'd look for advise and experience from you all. My questions are:
  • Have you faced something like this? I have had this lens for over 6 years and bought it in the grey market.
  • Do you think the cost for repair is fair? I am still awaiting a mail from them outlining the details.
  • Do you think I should be quizzing them about anything else?

Thanks in advance.

5D MK III Sample Images / The College of Engineering, Pune, India
« on: August 07, 2012, 12:16:05 PM »
We have an Engineering College in our city that was started in July 1854 and was then named The Poona Engineering Class and Mechanical School. Today my company was there to hire Engineers who would pass out in the next year. The college has a beautiful old building that has just been restored and I was carrying my 5D3 (surprise, surprise!) so I took a number of photographs that I would like to post. I hope you like them. Many are hand shot at 1/15th and so may be a bit blurry. I have re-sized them to 25% and have done no other edit. Comments are very welcome.

Theodore Cooke the 5th. Principal

List of Principals - 1

List of Principals - 2

The centenary plaque

The main hall - 1

The main hall - 2

Stained Glass Window

Arches - 1

Arches - 2

Hi all, it stopped raining today and so I took a walk in the garden to see if there were any interesting things to photograph and I saw this little bit of white on a flower bud. I thought it was some dirt and went to pick it up when it moved away from my finger! To give you an indication of the size, it is about a centimeter long. Looks like a spider to me, but then I am an electrical engineer so what do I know about these creatures ;)

Photos taken with my 5D3, 24-105 set at 105 from close range (50 - 75 cm). 1/125, f11, Auto ISO. The spider is brilliant white and in some places I have blown the highlights :(

I guess it will be my next muse if it stays on that plant :)

5D MK III Sample Images / Flash in animal eyes
« on: July 27, 2012, 11:56:05 PM »
This is my dog. I took the picture this morning with a fill in flash. The eyes stand out as yellow. I have no idea what to do about it. Any advise is welcome. I have done red eye reduction for human eyes but this has got me stumped... Here is the picture:

5D MK III Sample Images / Birdarazzi shoots a hawk - June 23, 2012
« on: June 24, 2012, 05:41:21 AM »
Well, what can I say, A Hawk came calling yesterday (June 23, 2012) and stayed put on the branch near my house for over one hour and 8 minutes (or 143 snaps) - but who is counting? Well, I did! It was great to have a bird see me and assess that I was not a threat. Not since the times I shot the Black Kites three years back (at another location).

So! Here are the pics. Background. I had issues with the 5D3 and the 100-400 and needed to AFMA - which I have done several times - and this time it seems to have worked. Or so I believe... However, I am told that I am easily pleased and so I would like to have the CR community comment on the pictures. I have done NO post work on these. These are all OOTC JPEGs except that they are cropped and re-sized.

Edit: Lined thumbnails 6 to a row...

I figured I needed FoCal but the website says one needs 3GB for XP SP3. I am going to do AFMA on my lenses for the 5D3 so XP SP3 is fine. However, as I have just 2GB of ram I am not sure if it will run. I have posted a question on their forum but was wondering if anybody is running it on a 2GB XP machine.

Yes, I know the config is low :) I did not need more ram earlier so I stayed with 2gb.

My 100-400 is not focusing consistently specialy when the light is not optimal. I have done the MA three times now and I am not happy with the results. There does not seem to be a consistent behaviour if the light is not optimal. If I shoot a subject in sunlight, it is sharp and focuses correctly. When I shoot say a hawk in a tree with the sun at 11 o'clock and the sky seen through the branches, although the bird is clear and I shot the bird with centre point focus (and I am quite still - shot over 3000 shots of black kites with my rebel and the same lens) and I can swear I did aim right :)  the camera somehow does not focus on the bird...

When I shoot with my 24-105, the camera focuses correctly. So the camera does not seem to be at fault. It just occurred to me that I should probably clean the contacts. However, if that does not fix the problem, I am thinking of taking the lens to the Canon repair centre and have them look at it. The lens is almost 5 years old and has never been serviced.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? Has anybody experienced anything similar?

Look forward to your advice.

Thanks in advance.

Animal Kingdom / Went whale watching...
« on: May 05, 2012, 02:17:37 PM »

Here are my pictures from last Sunday. Shooting with my 5D3 was fun. Here are a few shots. I still need practice shooting from a rocking boat  :)

Here are a few shots:


The links are:

Hi, so I have taken my Rebel 300D to San Diego and went on a short trip in the water there (ocean water). I did not think much of the issues of "salt water damage" as I was sure I would not dunk it in the water. Well, guess what! I did not and it all worked out.

BUT now it is different. I am scheduled to go on a boat trip into the ocean from LA next Sunday. Now this will probably be a 2 to 4 hour trip. The "boat" will surely be bigger than the one in San Diego. BUT. Sorry, it seems I may have paid between $500 and $3500 too much for the camera and I would like to protect my investment - or camera - whatever. Since the camera is "weather sealed" and the 24-105L is a L lens, do I need to take any other external protective measures? Currently I am going with "No you do not need to...". So then the next question is: Do I need to do any "cleanup" after I get back to land (ie. hotel)? Would appreciate experience and theory.

Thanks in advance.


EOS Bodies / AIFocus works!
« on: April 08, 2012, 12:12:54 AM »
Ok, so I have been re-educating myself as the jump from the 300D to the 5D3 is bigger than I imagined (silly me!). So after figuring out how to shoot without a fill in flash  :), I decided it was time to check out AIFocus. A dragonfly obliged by dashing back and forth overhead (above the terrace). I had 5 tries and one was decent. I would have had more I guess if I had set it for continuous shooting I would have got more keepers - I typically set it at one shot so this is a learning... Here it is.

Hi, I am looking to purchase a new camera this year. It will be a 7D2 (if they release it - please, please, please...) or a 7D or a 70D or a 5D2 - don't have money for a 5D3...I am not a pro - never earned a cent from my hobby - never did try either...

If I get the 5D2, I will get the 24-105 or the 24-70. However, I think I will end up with a crop camera...

I have been shooting for the last 43 years with various cameras (300D, AE1 and a Russian MF in at order). Yes, I don't change cameras till they croak.  I shoot various things. Off late it has been birds, fighter jets, sports, cultural events, landscapes, panoramas, macro etc.

I have the 100-400L lens for its reach and find the 17-55 kit lens of the 300D to be limiting at the upper end. Hence I am looking for a different lens for the new camera.

I would prefer the 18-200 as it would cover most of my needs except for the times when I need to go to 400mm if the bird/plane is far away.

I was wondering if anybody had any first hand experiences on this lens that they would care to share.

The next choice of lens is the 15-85 as it starts wider and has USM. Also the gap between 85 and 100 I can ignore.

The 18-135 gives me a bit more reach.

I do not shoot too much in low light so I am not looking at the 2.8f lenses. They are also a bit out of my budget. May be I will get primes and not zooms for specific shooting later.

Any and all advise is welcome.


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