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Here is my SPL A series hand welded aluminium Surf Housing, if you are interested in buying it you well know that it is one of the best surf housings made.

It comes complete with the bottom handle with built in two stage shutter release, two lens ports, one for the 15mm fisheye and the other for the 70-200 f4 complete with zoom control, and the separate attachable flash housing for a 550EX. Various spare sealing screws and the original wrench for attaching the flash housing.

Very good used condition, I hate to see it go but my in water surf days are over and it is too good a tool to sit on my shelf.

It was designed for the 1D/1DS, but also fits all the 1 series MkI's MkII's, MkIII's and MkIV, (though I never tried a 1DX) including the 1Ds MkIII, you just need to rearrange the rubber bumpers inside the housing.

Price is $999 firm.

Here is my personal Canon 1D.

I held on to it so long as I had an SPL surf housing for it but my in water surf days are over!

Anyway, everything in the picture is with it, box, paperwork, warranty card, two original NP-E3's (that don't hold much of a charge but have excellent donor end plates) one nearly new Newmar NP-E3, original strap, including the unused E2 handstrap, charger etc etc. Only 18,483 actuations!

This camera works perfectly, it even has a brand new Canon top LCD cover (still has the plastic cover on it) because the old one was scratched.

Genuine 1/500 sec sync speed, 8fps, 1.3 crop factor, 45 point AF, AF linked spot metering, this camera has all the usual 1 series bullet points.

EDIT: Sold on eBay for $255 on 19-Nov-2014, you guys are so slow!

Here is my barely used mint condition YN-E3-RT. I have the Canon ST-E3-RT also and simply never used the Yongnuo.

It comes as you would get it new, even the screen protector film is still on it! Both cables, the FW updater and the Canon release cable, heck I'll even throw in the two brand new Duracell AA's that are in it. Includes instructions, original box and all packaging, this is as new, but you have the benefit of knowing you get one that works!

$95 firm.

EDIT: Sold via eBay for $105, 11-11-14

Very good condition EF 16-35 f2.8L USM. One owner from new, serviced by Canon last year and not used since, which is the only reason I am selling it. Complete with hood, genuine caps, lens pouch, box, instructions, warranty card, and all original packaging. You will get to unpack this lens exactly as I did when I purchased it new.

I really like this lens, when I tested it against a MkII I couldn't see any differences, so I kept mine and didn't get the MkII! I also really like that it uses 77mm filters, the same as the 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8's, which saves a lot of money and hassle for CPL's etc.

I use the 17 TS-E for all my ultra wide work now and just don't use the 16-35 anymore, I used to use it a lot on the 1.3 crop 1 series but haven't used one of them for a couple of years, so although she is a fantastic lens, she just isn't getting any use.

I had it serviced by Canon a year or so ago and haven't used it since, they did the usual fiddle and did replace some internals, this lens is optically perfect. The front and rear elements are clean and clean, as the high res images illustrate, there is no noticeable dust inside either. The zoom and focus rings are smooth and quiet and the AF is fast silent and accurate.

PayPal and USA only, I'll ship via USPS insured at cost with a tracking number.

Make me an offer, but please don't insult either of us with a complete lowball  :)

Edit: This lens was sold for $900 on the 11-11-14 to a local buyer via word of mouth.

I have two 1VHS's I am selling one and I don't care which one. One has 36 rolls of film through it, the other 58 rolls of film through it. I bought both brand new and I am the only person who has ever used them, not long after I got them I got a job that included cameras so hardly used them before I got a personal 1D and that was it, they stayed in the bag as backups for a couple of seasons and then moved to my gear cupboard, and now they are here........

Both come with every piece of paper, packaging, sticker, quick guide etc they came with, the 36 roll one everything is untouched, the 58 roll one has a bit of wear on the manual.

Both cameras are very good condition, though not quite mint. They have the usual slight rub marks from sitting in my bag as backups for a few years. Nothing to cause any concern and no scratches, dents, bare metal, or deep marks, just being 100% honest.

I actually bought them as 1V's and got the PB-E2's, for those that don't know that makes a 1VHS, the boxed 1VHS is no different and does not have different badges, but doing it like that meant you got the GR-E2 included, and the two covers you didn't get with the 1VHS.

I'm asking $800 for the 36 roll camera or $700 for the 58 roll camera, if you are interested drop me a PM.

Canon General / Something to lighten the tone :-)
« on: April 26, 2014, 09:24:32 PM »
Thought this might lighten the tone a touch for a few of us and it is all Canon gear :-)


Not really Canon related, though it might be. The choices of small office/home printers is huge, I got my last one about 6 years ago and have been very happy with it, but it needs replacing and I was hoping some of you guys could point me in the right direction.

My old letter sized HP office printer is dying and I need a new one, prefer scanner, printer, copier, so an all in one, would like wireless printing as well. The HP has served me well but am not particularly brand loyal, of course overall running costs are a consideration, the vast majority of it will be regular B&W text printing, so photo printing is not a feature I need in this printer, but the occasional colour copy etc will be needed.

So does anybody have current recommendations?

Just for fun.

I have $1,882 that needs to be spent on camera gear before the end of the year, I have some ideas for myself, but what would you get?

Top of my list, another three 600EX-RT's, or a couple of Einsteins, a 35 f2 IS..............

Software & Accessories / ColorChecker Passport special offer
« on: December 17, 2013, 09:05:09 PM »
B&H just emailed me this.

Hope a few of you can take advantage of the offer, it is a premium product that can dramatically alter your output, in a good way.

Custom camera profiles are the only way to go.

I find Adobe's free DNG Profile Editor to be better than the X-Rite software that comes with the Passport though.

EOS-M / Is the EOS-M the biggest sensor for the money?
« on: December 03, 2013, 01:10:35 AM »
Just thinking about cost per square mm of sensor real estate, I can't think of anything that comes close to APS-C for $299.

329 mm² for $299 = for 1.1mm² per $1.

Anybody know of a "better" deal.

Site Information / Where did all my posts go?
« on: December 02, 2013, 10:27:21 PM »
Not that I care about the posts, just wondered where they went. I was over 1,100 posts and a 1Dx yesterday, today I am at 800 posts and a 1D MkIV.

Anybody got any ideas?

Just a heads up really.

For anybody wanting to load EOS Utility onto a computer with no disc drive, or if you lost your disc, it was, until recently, problematic, there were workarounds but it seems Canon felt you needed the original disc first, updates only activated if your original software was on your drive somewhere. Well it seems Canon have now realised the limitations of that route.

You can now download stand alone versions of the relevant software for your device direct from Canon, just go to their website, find your gear, click Drivers and Software and a new option is there. Just did it for a no disc drive laptop and it works perfectly. You do need to enter your devices serial number, but no registration or recording of any personal details.

A very nice simple addition that made my life much easier last night.

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