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Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Tripod
« on: November 04, 2014, 06:04:33 PM »
My useless carbon tripod has annoyed me for the last time. The first time I used it the leg fell off, then the feet fell off in a river then....well it continued. I have now decided to run it over with a truck so I need a new one. It is three years old so out of warranty. Its a 500f4 mk2, 1DX and wildlife so it needs to be sturdy, hard wearing and quality. I really do treat my gear hard, out in all weathers, the usual for wildlife dudes. I only really know a few manufacturers prior to this one and have had varied results but now its finally time to change and boy will I get some pleasure destroying what's left of this heap of ****! Most of the guys I know go with Gitzo but im not up to speed on their gear with so much choice and looking around there's a fair few other manufacturers from across the globe doing good stuff so any help is much appreciated as I don't want to make another mistake. Oh and im getting old so weight is getting to be an issue.

Lenses / Lens Paint
« on: April 05, 2014, 09:21:47 AM »
Hi all, it's an old question I'm sure, but has anyone found any paint that matches the latest canon white? I scuffed my new 300 and was told by Canon they don't sell the white paint. I'm down to the store where they sell model trains and aircraft to see if there's anything similar. I had the older darker white from a supplier on ebay but the new ones a lighter shade. I'm sure it's a problem a lot of us have. I must learn to be more carefully with my big whites.

Thanks all for any help.


Third Party Manufacturers / Dacora 1 film camera.
« on: December 03, 2013, 03:00:54 PM »
Hi all. My neighbour passed away and when her son was clearing out the house they found an old camera and gave it to me. It's a German 1950"s Dacora 1. It's an old medium format film camera and it's got a roll of old unused Kodak 120 Codacolour film. Anyone know anything about these old film cameras and where ca n I get instructions how it works? It's a cool looking bit of kit with a vario 75 mm 6.3 lens. Always fancied medium format and doing some old mono film.

EOS Bodies / Cropping, image quality and ISO.
« on: November 20, 2013, 03:42:17 PM »
Im not the most technical person around so I wondered about this question a friend asked about cropping and image quality.

If I have a full frame camera, an aps-c and aps-h and take the same shot with the same lens same light etc printed at the same size say A3, what would give the best image quality when taking say a shot in poor light...

The full frame shot at ISO3200 would need to be cropped so degrading the image quality, fine detail etc but has a two stop advantage over the aps-c and one stop over the aps-h who would need to shoot at higher iso to match the full frames speed so degrading the image quality. The aps-c needed no cropping but its ISO performance is worse and the aps-h mid way between the two. So I guess a 1DX, 1D4 and 70D for arguments sake. I said id use the full frame as id get the shot I wouldnt get with the others as the image quality would be so bad anyway without any cropping even with post production.

EOS Bodies / 1DX biff and large animal autofocus
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:26:05 PM »
Hi all. Finally bit the bullet and bought an x. It's just arrived and is sat in my lap as I watch tv, drink beer to celebrate and try to look through the custom functions. Different to my mk 4 I must say, chunky, handles great and very easy to look over. Top quality as expected. Anyway, I'm off to work tomorrow then it's holiday in Venice, seals, deer and Griffon Vultures. Taking the old 1ds3 to Venice but it's the bird stuff I need help with. My mk4 is set the way I like but the x? I just don't have time to practice before I'm off shooting. Any x owners got any advice on set ups for birds in flight, big birds pretty predictable but still fast and big slow deer. Any help will be very much appreciated, I honestly just don't have time to set it up. I'll compare the 1ds3, 1d4 and the x as soon as I'm back. Now, back to annoying the wife .

United Kingdom & Ireland / Best place to sell gear?
« on: September 29, 2013, 03:01:43 PM »
I guess we all sell and buy stuff of the net but the fees on a certain site are quite a lot when you sell high end stuff. Is there any other place I can sell my 1D4 over here in the UK? Shops would trade it for very little and im no expert on selling gear.

Lenses / 14mm mk2 or 16-35 mk2?
« on: September 22, 2013, 06:42:14 PM »
Just wondered if anyone out there had the 16-35 which I use and bought the 14mm and loved/hated the prime? Im doing a lot of landscapes just now, love the zoom but im always shooting 16mm and wondered if you noticed any difference with the extra 2mm and any sharpness differences. I love my 16-35 but its a zoom, an excellent zoom, but as im always wide open that extra 2mm is tempting.

EOS Bodies / Buying from Hong Kong?
« on: August 26, 2013, 02:51:28 PM »
Hi all. Just a thought, its probably an old question but Ive decided lifes to short and Ive been saving up for ages and finally have the money for a 1DX. I think what did it was the Osprey shots I did. The MK 4 was excellent to crop and had great reach but I stopped at ISO 1600 due to grain, the weather was bad most of the time. The pro guys did the same so I guess I was in good company. What I wondered is an old question im sure has been posted before, buying from Hong Kong. Prices in the UK are very high. Ive had a look around the net and theres a lot of trading companies in Hong Kong with very good ratings. They pay the import duty but are still cheap. Can anyone recommend a good one. I may be buying an expensive toy but £800 is £800 and if I can save that I will but dont want to get scammed or buy from a iffy company.

EOS Bodies / New camera?
« on: August 20, 2013, 03:50:42 PM »
Since I got my 1d4 I've done almost exclusively wildlife and sport. I love the mk 4, fast responsive, an excellent all round choice. A few weeks ago I needed iso performance of 6400 and the weather was awfull and I'm afraid the grain and pics just don't cut it. I was wondering, if you had a mk4 and bought a 5d3, did you miss the speed and crop factor? If you bought a 1dx did you miss the crop? I won't change my 500 lens as I shoot bigger animals and will still have the mk 4. Oh and before I forget, in real world shooting, what's the picture quality like 5d3 or 1dx compared to your mk4, not iso charts, real world shooting. Tell me not to bother, don't upgrade and my wife will love you forever in keeping my bank balance in check.
Thanks all.

Just wanted to say that I got my printer and paper profiled, my screen calibrated and in well over 150 prints ive never had a single problem with ink blockages or printer problems. I use genuine ink (ouch) but the quality is outstanding and the damm thing just works every time.  Best A3 printer ive ever owned.

Animal Kingdom / Horses
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:04:00 PM »
Just a few shots of stallions fighting in a lake. Converted to mono and...thats it. I wont post the best ones as im keeping them for a competition for next year but I really am happy with the shots.

EOS Bodies / 7d2 v 1D4
« on: June 02, 2013, 04:18:07 PM »
I know this is pointless but I had a thought, If the 7D2 is as we think i.e looks the same, feels the same, works the same has a few bells and whistles added but..has a 5D3 or similar autofocus, a one or two stop advantage over the current one and is low 20s million pixels, that moves it into 1D4 territory. I have a 1D4 and sold my 7D as it didnt cut it in low light. If the new one, when it rears its head, is as many think it may be, will it replace a good few 1D4's? Id punt for one for sure. Basically a 5D3 that has a crop sensor and shoots faster. And no, I will never get rid of the 4, it will sit alongside it like my 1DS3, a camera so beat up it looks like ive used it for DIY when I lost my big hammer but still works %100 fine.

Sports / Cycling
« on: April 28, 2013, 03:24:24 PM »
Never done any cycling shots so had a look to a local event. Got a spot pretty much on my own. Popped the 1D4 in my paws, 24-105 some Lee filters 2stop hard grad, a tweek of the focusing and just over a second burst hand held. Amazingly, it worked. Did a few others to. Wanted a few slow shutter shots but had to go home due to work.

Software & Accessories / Flying and foreign hols
« on: December 26, 2012, 10:03:07 AM »
Hi all, posted a similar message before but lost the paper I wrote the advice on so here goes again.

Im off on a foreign hol again and this time I'm taking the big lens. What I need is:

Im going by air so I'd like a bag or case to take on the plane. Hopefully hand luggage or if really necessary in the hold. What do you guys use to take your gear on foreign trips. Must be able to carry a couple of bodies, and lens combination. Mainly the problem wil be taking the 500 and 300 primes a few zooms and stuff for wildlife and landscapes.I keep the stuff to a minimum and if it was only wildlife it's a couple of bodies and a couple of lens would be enough but i usualy dash of for a bit of landscape aswell When I get there what I'm not taking in the field wil be left at the hotel.

Also in the market for a tough laptop. All its for is downloading pics from the camera at the end of the day and having a quick look. Need a new hard drive to.

Finally, is cs6 worth it or will Lightroom do all I want. I have cs4 and don't use what it can do. I don't know anything about Lightroom.

EOS Bodies / "Do you want to borrow a 1DX" ?
« on: December 22, 2012, 01:15:14 PM »
Mothers estate finally came through. approx 10mins after I got the money I'm driving to my local train station, heading south to buy a new 300 prime. Anyway in the shop, guy says fancy a 1DX? No, need reach, it's a bit short. " Fancy borrowing one for a couple of days, costs nothing, use it, don't like it bring it back, no cost he says. Stupid thing is I bloody well said no! Am I a total idiot? Free for a couple of days, no cost. Great marketing thing I thought, try before you buy. Anyway, needed to post my moment of complete and utter insanity. That said, I might go back after Xmas, they are getting an almost new used one in. I wanted to ask you x owners, he spoke of the x having a setting where if you focus on a particular spot, press the shutter button half way, a bird flys in from left of field, the camera can be set to jump to the bird, focus on it and run off a load of raw images. If true that is utterly amazing. Also, how good is the autofocus compared to my mk4? Is it really that much better? Im talking birds in flight stuff.
And is the 24-70 really that good as its the final piece in my lens jigsaw and I won't buy unless owners who have one, used it and tell me it really is a big step up from my old 24-105.

thanks and merry Xmas to all


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