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Canon General / Re: Irritating photography advice
« on: October 07, 2013, 01:36:54 PM »
The one that time has not stopped from bothering me is simply the phrase "serious photographer".  I always have and always will imagine some grumpy old bastard who can't imagine anything worse than smiling and enjoying himself, holding a camera.
Anyone who refers to themselves or anyone else for that matter as a serious photographer instantly loses my respect.  Not consciously - I just can't help but picture them as the old guy from the movie "Up" or Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino on his porch.
It also seems like a self-aggrandizing term - as though they're implying others aren't "on their level".
To hell with them.  I'll take my camera, my smile, and I'll go out and rather lackadaisically enjoy taking pictures - so SHOVE IT all you "serious photographers!"  lol

Pricewatch Deals / Re: EOS M, 2 Lenses & Flash Kit Deal via BuyDig $399
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:20:58 PM »
This is really maddening. I have so far resisted every offer for this thing. And I know if I give in and buy this, within a month a new M will be announced that will address every drawback of this current model.

I think I can resist this one as long as they don't throw the wide zoom into the mix. That offer would doom me.

At this price, the camera costs far less than $100. The 18-55, 22/2, EX90, OEM battery and charger add up to well over $300. Even without the battery and charger (assuming the M2 will use something different) it's still at least $300 in total. If you're on the fence and have the money, consider the body to be equivalent in price to the least expensive P&S you can buy and just go for it!

My mom shared a saying with me as a kid... "A fool and his money are soon parted".

For $4000, there better be a laundry list of things it does better than anything and everything else, and that's not limited to photography  ;D

Pricewatch Deals / Re: EOS M + 22mm + 18-55mm + 90EX = $400
« on: October 06, 2013, 02:47:42 PM »
Wow! That's insane!

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe site hacked
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:43:15 PM »
Beyond the standard form letter apology I received, I would like to know what measures Adobe has taken (obviously they won't get too specific and tip their hand for the next hacker) to prevent this from happening again.

They've decided to remove all encryption and store customer data on open servers.  That way, hackers will not be tempted, as there'll be nothing to hack.   :P

Ha! Hilarious!

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe site hacked
« on: October 04, 2013, 09:23:24 AM »
Adobe's products, historically, have been very commonly pirated. Why are people surprised that their security was breached? If they can't lock down their software, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they can't lock down access to their customers accounts.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: IQ of 70D - Need your experience
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:07:04 AM »
unless the whole thing was a set-up of course, starting from the broken air conditioning to the bus with the equipment being "held". Knowing the systematic corruption of the economies in African states and the "official" pay for the police, I wouldn't rule out this possibility, all gear of the tourists combined should make a nice profit and is enough to share something back to the drivers and rangers.

That was the VERY FIRST THING that went through my mind too when I read that.

Lenses / Re: Lens Rebates This Fall
« on: September 27, 2013, 03:19:45 PM »
Probably.  I'd expect them to start in October, and if they do the same thing they did last year, they will be repeatedly extended at least until spring.


If it wasn't for the incessant need of MANY people to feel like they're getting a deal as opposed to a great value, then it would seem the best solution would simply be for Canon to adopt their "sale" prices as their MSRP.

EOS-M / Re: EOS M2 Shows up in DPP Literature
« on: September 21, 2013, 10:28:33 PM »
Let's be honest.  All three people that wanted an EF-mount mirrorless camera already bought one.

awww... you were almost there. Try a little harder and it might be a tad bit funny.

EOS-M / Re: EOS M2 Shows up in DPP Literature
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:30:17 PM »
The M2 is mentioned multiple times in the DPP Help info.  Searching for M2 yields this...

So, it's definitely not a single instance.  It's mentioned all over the place.  Definitely not an accident!

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS M Update Information [CR1]
« on: September 19, 2013, 09:41:52 AM »
A "new" 55-200 IS STM was posted for pre-order on Adorama last night?  Is that the same one mentioned in the inital post?  If so, at least half of the rumor is true.

I checked out Adorama's site and didn't see it. Do you have a screen shot or a link?

EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS M This Week? [CR1]
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:54:39 PM »
...a previous poster listed one really important add-on for the new M: a tiny flash suitable for fill-flash. This is essential, I think.

Agreed.  But then you'll see mass online grumblings that the flash isn't strong enough! In fact, some of the grumblings may be outright rage with empty threats to switch to Nikon!

EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS M This Week? [CR1]
« on: September 17, 2013, 12:53:09 AM »
BTW: who are you using for IR conversion?  I have previously used Camera Clinic in Collingwood to convert an old Powershot G5.

I have not yet converted my M as I'm waiting to have the successor in my hands first but I have saved two links to companies that do it and have had customers posting that they're very happy with the conversion.  Here are those links...

Hope that helps!

EOS-M / Re: EOS-M or New EF lens?
« on: September 09, 2013, 11:38:07 AM »
the image quality will be equal to or better than your DSLR. I've taken my M on social gatherings at night and people are using their point and shoot or cell phones for pictures and they are having to use flash and I don't and my images are still better. I see that as a huge advantage. Based on the description of your use of the M, it sounds like a good option.

EOS-M / Re: EOS-M or New EF lens?
« on: September 09, 2013, 10:44:24 AM »
Many of your questions can be answered by using your T3i in a similar manner and mentally stepping up the results. AF tracking and speed should be better than the T3i using live view. So if you're okay or slightly disappointed with the T3i, you'll be happy with the M. Set your kit lens to 22mm and 4.0 aperture and 2 stops higher ISO than you would normally use in low light and know that your shutter speeds will be equal but the ISO will be much better (2+ stops).  Shoot in live view with the screen turned in and you'll know how well that'll work with the M.

Now personally, I really like the M+22 and find it to be a good low light camera for mostly stationary people at f2.

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