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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Not Coming to North America
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:51:32 PM »
Canon has deep pockets, and there's this thing called licensing…

Indeed, but it seems Canon execs would rather drop dead than to license IP, for example they programmed their own operating system (DryOS) rather than license an existing real time os. But of course I don't know what non-Canon IP already is in my cameras, and I surely would love to see them license exmor ... but Sony would have to be really desperate to give away one of their most exposed tech advantage, wouldn't they?

That is also assuming that Sony would license it to Canon.  If they license the technology, what advantage does SoNikon have?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Unthinkable: Swapped out 5D3 for 6D
« on: December 05, 2013, 12:06:27 PM »
Just out of curiosity, would there be any real benefit of using a 5DIII over if for someone who doesn't use AF?

No much.  5DIII still has a higher frame rate and a slightly higher sync speed.  If you're giving up AF and using MF exclusively, then it might make more sense to get the Sony A7R over the 6D.


yes, I agree to some point. I've deliberately picked the "worst possible view on size". :-)
In front or rear view one gets a better sense, just how much smaller an A7/R is compared to even the smallest FF DSLR, even with lens mounted. Much less obtrusive too (important to me for street shooting and other situations).   

Main issue are the lenses. Neither Canon nor Sony have the kind of pancakes/ultracompact lenses to go "small and light" - sole exception the EF 40/2.8 which I really like. The Sony FE 35/2.8 is ok for me sizewise, but not pricewise [not even with Zeiss written on it]. Unfortunately no wide angle pancake (e.g. 20/4) or ultra-compact tele (e.g. 85/2.8) on either side (yet).   


I picked up a EF 28 f/2.8 IS when it went on sale for 350, and it is much smaller than my other lenses.  Only had took a couple snaps to make sure that it was functioning ok and to set the AFMA roughly, but I was impressed by its compact size and IQ.  Never tried the EF 40 f/2.8 but it is even smaller.  So a set of compact primes (24 f/2.8 IS, 28 f/2.8 IS, 35 f/2 IS, 40) exist for the EOS system.  The difference in body size is not that significant to me because it's really lens + camera that matters, and if it doesn't fit in a pocket, then I'll be bringing a camera bag anyway.

The thing that bothers me, is that the lenses being offered for the A7/A7R are slow and expensive.  35 f/2.8,  28-70 (f/4-?), 24-70 f/4, 50 f/1.8...  I see the advantages for landscape users like LightandMotion, because he can get a high IQ FF sensor at a good price and does not need AF.  And those that have lots of vintage glass can use them with appropriate adaptors, but how big are these market segments?  The slower lenses allow them to be more compact, but restricts their use indoors in ambient light.  I'd rather use a 35 f/1.4 at ISO 3200 rather than a 35 f/2.8 at ISO 12800, where noise and DR suffer significantly.  And the faster the glass, the larger the lens, and the less advantage the mirrorless system has.

I'm all for mirrorless versions of the 5D, 6D, etc in due time.  Without a physical shutter, the sync speed and frame rate can increase.  Focus peaking will be nice but only if the EVF reaches the quality/responsiveness of the OVF.  More MP in smaller packages with higher frame rates will require more processing power, and battery chemistry has not changed.  It's not surprising that these mirrorless offerings have abysmal battery life' they're using the same technology as DSLRs, their batteries are smaller and the electronics are active all the time.  Unfortunately, there aren't any good technologies to replace Li-ion, so the battery will need to be bigger.

Contests / Re: Gura Gear Giveaway
« on: December 04, 2013, 10:32:41 AM »
Thanks CR for this contest!  I got the Gura Gear 22L based on CR recommendations, and I love it.  I added the Et Cetera cases later for the flashes, which was a great solution.  I have a small bag for 1-2 lenses, but the Chobe would fill the gap in the middle perfectly!

Wishlist:  Chobe, Sabi and Anansi

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mk III - Anything better than RC-6 remote?
« on: December 04, 2013, 06:52:30 AM »
I don't understand your aversion to a unit which sits with the camera and plugs into the remote port of the body?

I'm just trying to figure out what my options are.  As I mentioned previously, the competition (Nikon side) offer products that have neither of those disadvantages; they have RF solutions that don't need a wire, and they don't have a brick that needs to hog up the hot shoe, preventing you from mounting a flash unit.  I'm a bit surprised that there are no similar products on the Canon side, and that all the 3rd party solutions I've seen exhibit both disadvantages.  I mean I suppose you can have the brick off the hot shoe but dangling from the wire off the 3-pin port side, but that seems super ghetto and dangerous.

Have you thought about why Canon solutions use a cable?  Canon's port is on the side; if you mounted something like the Nikon solution at the port, then it would interfere with the L-bracket.  The wire allows you snake it through the L-bracket.

You could get a cold shoe that mounts to the L-bracket if you'd prefer not dangling it off the side but the Hahnel is not heavy at all.

Canon General / Re: So what have we bought this Black... Er, Weekend?
« on: December 04, 2013, 06:39:48 AM »
Could someone explain this black friday thing?
To the non Americans like me.
Must be something like a sale, US- nationwide.... every friday?
Thanks a lot!
Being Norwegian, Black Friday meant nothing to me. But if I'm not mistaken, it is the Friday prior to Thanksgiving. But this year, my mailbox has been jammed with Black Friday offers. Lots of good offers. And on top of that we got Cyber Monday the follow on Monday, which I have never heard of before. Where did that come from?

Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of November.  Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber-Monday two days after Black Friday.  Traditionally, the Christmas shopping season/sales kicked off on Black Friday, but it's been getting earlier and earlier through the years.  It used to be rare to see holiday supplies in stores before Thanksgiving, but now it is commonplace.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mk III - Anything better than RC-6 remote?
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:26:20 PM »
Wire free, the RT flash system will allow remote camera triggering of later cameras such as the 5D mk III as far as I know.

I use the Hahnel Giga T Pro II for remote shooting. It does have a receiver which typically mounts in the hotshoe (but it has a 1/4" thread, or could even be velcroed to the camera/tripod/mounting arm), and it does have an 'annoying' wire which runs from the receiver to the remote trigger socket on the camera. I find its great. RF with great range, and the camera can go into standby, and get woken up by the remote shutter button instantly. Half press AF and all that. I use it regularly at all day events with no battery or range issues. However, the transmitter does go into standby after a short time, which is no big problem once you get used to it.

+1 and it's an intervalometer.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIV, 7DII and future of upgrades
« on: December 03, 2013, 01:59:20 PM »

As said in that last statement above, I do foresee a longer shelf life for models.  i like the idea of the buyback program, as time goes on that will be a big factor.  I'm not sold on the idea of sending your camera in for an upgrade to the existing body --- my guess is it will be a loyalty kind of thing --- a trade in (IE buy the 5d4 new at $4k, or trade in your mk3 for a mk4 for 2K.  HAHA, there's that mirror...if your going on 3 years with your mk3 changing out the snesor and processor would be great, but that mirror will need to be replaced too. 

And before I get flamed for all of the above...these are just guesses, and I am probably

And that is why I see the golden age of camera development ending.  R&D budgets are a fraction of the income that a company generates and if the income stagnates or decreases, then R&D will be cut accordingly.  Less R&D funding leads to longer development cycles and less innovative products that minimize risk.

It looks like this may be an Asia only model.  Size was never the primary defect of the M in the North American market.  CanonUSA is better off skipping this one and waiting for one with the 70D sensor for the M2.  And if they can improve on the focusing speed of the 70D chip with new algorithms, then the M2 will be a formidable entry.

And if a new M is not ready with a 70D chip until next year, kudos to CanonUSA for not confusing the market by bringing this "update" to this market.  If the M is currently selling for 300, how much more can they sell this minor update?  It's just not worth it.

The 135L is nice, but I often find it too short for recitals and indoor events.  Would you consider trading in your 70-200 f/4 L IS and upgrading to the 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II?  If you do it that way, then the net cost would be closer to 1k...  The 70-200 f/2.8 L II focuses quickly and tracks subjects well (best in the 70-200 range, excluding the 200L f/2), which is really a boon for sports.  It also takes extenders better than the 135L.

I love using the 70-200L II for soccer, and I find myself using it for indoor stuff too because of the reach.  Unless you can control where you shoot from (I can't as a parent), the 135L may be too limiting.  I often bring along the 135L for recitals, etc, but I usually end up using the 70-200 II most of the time.

Software & Accessories / Re: Rolling Case to fit all my camera gear
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:18:16 AM »
Are you looking at rolling cases only?

If you are considering backpack styles also, I like Gura Gear.

Canon General / Re: So what have we bought this Black... Er, Weekend?
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:07:11 PM »
Black Friday has officially invaded Canada too. Even though our Thanksgiving is in October. It hasn't reached the level it has in the USA yet, but suppliers are starting to do Black Friday weekend discounts.

Even better!  That means you have a longer holiday sale season, lol.

Picked up a used 100-400L from LensAuthority for 950.

Lenses / Re: Next purchase 300mm f/2.8 L II - should I sell the 100-400?
« on: November 28, 2013, 08:54:08 AM »
I'm planning to get the 300mm f/2.8 L II next and have saved up for the most part. I'm confused whether I would need the 100-400 after I do get the 300. That said, should I sell the 100-400, I might just be able to give myself an early Christmas present or else I have to wait a few months.

All you guys who have used the 300, have you needed the 100-400 after getting the 300 f/2.8 L II? If so, why?

They differ in portability, so the question is how would would you get close to a portable solution to 400mm.  A couple possible options are

1.  selling your 70-200 f/4 and your 100-400 for a 70-300L, which is compact and portable but you lose some range.
2.  selling your 70-200 f/4 and your 100-400 and using a 2x III with your 70-200L, but this is a heavier, bulkier solution.

Lenses / Re: Another Lens recommendation request :)
« on: November 27, 2013, 12:51:25 PM »
I'd suggest the 17-55 or the Tamron 24-70 VC.  If you choose to go with the 17-55, get it used/refurbed and you won't lose much when you sell it and move to FF.  Losing a stop is a killer with a crop sensor.  The 17-55 is a more natural range for crop sensors.

EOS Bodies / Re: New EOS-1 in 2014 [CR1]
« on: November 27, 2013, 12:44:14 PM »

CUSTOMERS always come FIRST.  8)

That's right:  CUSTOMERS come first.  Customer does not.

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