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EOS Bodies - For Stills / 5D III turning off an not reacting anymore
« on: June 19, 2012, 02:48:41 AM »
Did anyone of you notice the M3 crashing and not reacting anymore? I often have it that i want to view the just taken photo but the screen turns off in an instant (im not pressing any buttons, not even the aperture preview). Once i coul'nt get into the menu, had to turn the camera off and on again for it to work.

The 50 1.2 wont focus right wih the outer AF sensors on the 5D.

If they add better AutoISO in the 7D maybe there is hope they will improve it in the 5D III too...

There it wouldnt be much of a use if i want to sent photos with it when im out. A little more thinking and more on topic would be nice.

Ya well i never worked with a 1 series so i dont know about that much comfort. But if the illumination is affecting light metering i would be happy enough to have that short AF point flash as soon as i hit the AF button. Just as it was with the MII. But having nothing at all sucks just as having to push the AF selector button as a workaround before pressing the focus button.

Becauses it the most logical position to store it. Cant put it in the Smartphone wich uses microSD.

The light doenst need to be on all the time. Just a short flash upon it was with the 5D. And light metering can happen before and after the short AF point flash.

Is that a bug? If i put my emtpy microSD adapter into the SD slot the camera takes about 5 seconds until i can start using the shutter release button.

Stop complaining about us complaining and go write canon and chuck westfall to make the world better...

This is not about liking a brand...its just a firm that produces tools, why should one be emotional about that. We just want them to improve and think their features through.

.. then in those situations where shutter is important, one click from AV to TV solves the shutter requirement issues.  This thread can be retitled.

Yes if you have a screwdriver and glue so you can open up the lens and fix the aperture you want to shoot it in..

Some more years ago movies had not color and sound..some more, people made paintings...who cares what was.

Real fixes are always better than workarounds. Sure you can press 2 buttons for focusing to have it illuminated before AF start...but with the MII it was all in one button. BTW the problem with the non-illuminated AF points occurs when its dark. And this is the AutoISO wish thread.

Oh come on, read what this is about, AV is unusable in certain situations because of the 1/250 limit.

No its not, as mentioned before the 5D series has no SafetyShift in M. Sadly.

With AutoISO this exactly is the problem! What should the camera do if it reaches ISO 100? I can only overexpuse. Sure in AV it would use a faster time. But there is the stupid 1/250 limit which make that useless and to slow in the beginning.

BTW compensating with M sucks big time, always having to watch that you dont overexpose, not the reason to use an automatic mode if you stil lhave to check and adjust paramerters.

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