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I ended up with a new canon 1dx for $4700 usa model and rebought a new 24-70 2.8 for now. Either way I made money and decided to save and think about what I want and see what else Canon announcesthis year. I was really hoping for the M3 to come here but will see what else comes to the usa later this year.

6D and 7Dii might work for your village trip.

Yeah I will have to think abpit that combo. Would be cheaper.

I know everyone keeps mentioning no need for the 1d and I agree but $2600 or $5,000 for the 1d. The 1d is the more capable body. For example for this village photoshoot they want me to get some pics of the bald eagles in our area and my kids and dog are active when playing or when my son does hockey. So i do have to capture those active moments also. I know as they get more involved with activities I will need to capture them aswell. Not trying to argue but I feel a fast camera like the 1d is good for an active family aswell. Overkill yeah but canon does not make a 5d size FF with 8-10 fps.

It seems like you do not need the 1dx. I think a cheaper, smaller camera will be more appropriate. Am going by "need to save money for vacation."

Agreed.  It's also a physically huge camera that kills carry-on space.   Beyond that, without knowing your intended usage, it's hard to give guidance.

My intended usage is pics of the family and all family events thru the year. I also am hoping canon will announce a mirrorless camera for travel so I can go on vactions with less. Either way I feel like I will probably just get the 24-70 and keep my 70-200 for now since that covers 90% of my shots and get another 600ex speedlite.

im confused a bit. in your signature it says you have the 1dx and the 24-70mm F2.8 II. are you saying that you sold those just recently and now you are looking to purchase them again?

not sure i understand the point of that.

Sorry to not be very clear. I had someone interested in one body and some lenses but they made a good offer for all of it and since I can replace the 1dx for what I sold it for and got all my original investment with no loss I took the chance to decide. I wanted to wait till they announce the new cameras but realized I cannot live with a camera. So am torn on whether to reinvest it back with the 1d or a 5d till they announce and save some of the money. The situation came so fast that I really did not have time to think in detail.

Thanks. I was thinking of the 1dx which I am seeing at $5299 after rebate from adorama and the 24-70 2.8 ii for $1649. So was thinking that combo should be great. Part of me wishes I had it in me to wait till March or whenever they launch these new cameras but I have a photography agreement for my local village that I need a camera for.. Was considering the 5d3 but its hard when you shot a 1dx. The camera is just that much better. For me the cleaner files and more accurate AF.

I recently sold all my Canon gear with the exception of my 70-200 2.8. I was hoping to downgrade some of it since I am trying to cut back to more of a hobby rather than pursue photography professionally. I just do not have the time in my life so I got a chance to get all my money I paid for my gear and even made a little. The question is I still need a body and a mid zoom like 24-70 2.8 II and a prime. I just am torn if I should wait a few weeks or take advantage of the 1dx rebates and grab a 1dx now and the 24-70 and wait for the rest till the announcement. Either way I plan on saving some for a nice vacation with the family. Any help would be appreciated.

Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:58:16 AM »
Looks like it's sensor is doing pretty well in DxOmark's testing


too bad about the other little foibles

Yeah the sensor seems great except the af performance of the camera. Really its a nice camera but it just is not for me. I need pictures that are consistantly in focus.

Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« on: October 24, 2014, 11:13:54 PM »
Just wanted to post a few more shots of the G7X today. They were pretty good but for me the AF just is too slow when I am used to a dslr. Wanted to post a few anyway.

My Dog Molly

My son and his dog Molly

See the AF Disappoints again.

Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« on: October 21, 2014, 03:00:00 PM »
I haven't commented on this forum for a while (even though I read it regularly) because the attitude of most people here. The notion that you have to be a total Canon fanboy to have legitimacy to post here, is absurd at best and does nothing to help the end user nor Canon.

I am not the casual photographer like many here, I make my living from photography and my work is published in magazines like Vogue so it might be possible that I know a few things.

That being said, NO I don't own a G7X, but I do agree with the Camera Store's assessment of Canon as a company lately. They seem to put just enough features on their cameras to stay above water, but never go that extra mile to make a ground-breakingly outstanding product. When compared to other products on the market, Canon always seems to be following not leading, which is a shame. I absolutely loath their "play it safe" attitude toward product development.

I own and shoot with all Canon gear (except for my recently purchased Phase One) and I'm generally happy with it, but it does not mean it's all perfect. For example, the rubber zoom ring on my new 24-70 MkII dislodged itself from the lens barrel and is now warped and in need of repair. Are you kidding me?!!! Unacceptable for a lens I paid over $2,000 for.

It should also be noted that I am regularly an early adopter of all Canon gear and usually own one while most people are still sitting on forums discussing specs. I was one of the first people in the world to own the original 7D, the 5D Mark III and the 1DX as well as various lenses. Again, I am happy with most of my Canon gear and the 1DX's low light performance continues to astonish me, but in no way do I think all Canon gear is perfect and I think the people on this forum should have a more open minded attitude toward possible flaws and imperfections and not just write anyone who brings them up as unknowledgeable and just a trolling. You are not helping Canon make better products by defending their flaws and/or shortcomings.

I agree with the only Canon love but nothing wrong with being a Canon lover if your on a Canon Rumor forum. I also have the 5d3 and 1dx.  I have the G7x and it is kind of a let down. I was hoping to have that small always with you camera with a decent sensor and control. It has inconsistent focusing no matter what setting I choose. The touch shutter seems like it would be faster but is worse. I had the Sony Nex 6 that I sold to downgrade to the Canon but it was just a faster camera to focus. I know they are different but that is what I am leaving behind and the G7x was supposed to replace it in a smaller body.

Also the ergonomics of where you place your thumb to hold the camera is much better than the Sony RX100 M3 and the touch screen for selecting focus points is better but it does not work. I am left to look at other options again. The sony EVF is not all that by the way since you have to eject it and pull it out which is time consuming for a quick candid. If an evf is a must I think the Canon G1x II or Sony A6000 are better options. Also it is hard to know the true quality since all I have is dpp to process the images so do not really know how much I can pull out of the raw files.


IPhone 6

Canon G7X

Molly my dog. It shows decent detail when really close.

Just wondering if some of the soft focus issue is actually depth of field related?? How close were you to these objects/dog?  There's a fair amount of close-up wide-angle nature to these photos... wondering if you were zoomed in and very close to your targets... in other words, nearing macro-focus end of the camera's lens? 

The focal plane on my compact cameras at close range is pretty narrow for similar distances - while I don't have the G1X II or G7X - their physical lenses and types of focusing systems are very similar - with live-view, it's hard to always tell where you're precisely focused - the green box isn't all that accurate as far as the exact location of the focal point... at least that's what I found on my G1X especially.  It takes very nice photos, but certainly isn't as easy to drive to sharp focus-ville as a DSLR, especially at close working distances. 

In my opinion - comparing them to an Iphone 6 (or just about any other cell phone/micro camera) isn't really a fair comparison mathematically - the aperture and physical lens size play a big role in those camera's abilities to render images.  While they may shoot very nice pictures and give you "35mm equivalent focal length comparisons", they have very small physical construction - the potential for their lens components to "miss" on focus is imperceivably microscopic in comparison to the internals of an external/interchangeable DSLR or even fixed compact camera lens.  Using your example photos - the Iphone photo clearly shows an unequal comparison in relative aperture - the bokeh is much less - indicating, at least to me, that it has a deeper depth of field at this given focal length.  It's going to show more objects in more detail/sharp focus in this example. 

A pretty good explanation here:  http://petapixel.com/2013/08/01/a-tour-of-the-equipment-found-in-modern-smartphone-cameras/

Now... I'll be the first to admit and support the argument that you should throw all of the "math/optical forumlae etc" out the window and shoot with the device(s) that get the images you want to see, unless you're one of those folks (like me sometimes) who really enjoy the math/physics part of equipment selection (including the math of sale price).  If your phone's camera does what you need it to do, do you need a $700 brick in your pocket?  Since getting back into SLR/DSLR cameras, I barely, if ever pick up my G1X... even on mountain-climbing/hiking adventures where the size/weight and all-in-one-nature of the G1X trumps the DSLR handily.  I will fully admit my galaxy phone's camera gets quite a bit of use on those adventures though too... if for no other reason than instant ability to share photos with internet friends while still on-site at the adventure.

I certainly understand what your saying but this camera just struggles too much to get sharp images. Since my wife will mostly use it then $700 is too much for a small travel camera. I will keep the search and look at the sony rx3 and g1x ii. I may consider the sony a6000 with the 20mm pancake for her.

Molly my dog. It shows decent detail when really close.

Honestly, I don't care about the camera.  That is an adorable picture of your dog.   :)


Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:42:45 PM »
I have used the camera since friday. It is inconsistent in af accuracy. Most pictures are soft. When all hits then the pics are great but for a $700 convience camera it shoukd work better than that. I would like to consider the rx100 but do not like the short focal range and handling. I think the extra bulk and IQ would be better invested in the sony a6000 for the money. At least your carrying apsc sized sensor and hopefully the af can keep up.


IPhone 6

Canon G7X

Molly my dog. It shows decent detail when really close.

I just got the G7x today and took some shots on a walk and indoors. The camera is nice but after looking at the jpeg and raw files. The picture appears to have a decent IQ but looking at it closer there is a tough distinction to determine if it was even in focus since it does not have any sharp areas in the image. there are details but slight at best. Was hoping since it was a good option for a portable camera. I liked the touch interface but the pictures are just soft even at low iso's. I can try taking a pic of a book on a shelf but that's not how I am going to use it. I am going to have to rethink this. Maybe the G1x II or look at the Sony Nex series again even though I prefer to stay all Canon. $700 is too much for just ok.

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