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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cps gave me a 1dx and falling in love
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:26:28 PM »
Gotta look at the images but the af, shutter lag and burst was just a joy and it was like the first time I did a burst of shots in my first dslr. Will let you know how the final images came out.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cps gave me a 1dx and falling in love
« on: May 18, 2014, 12:43:19 AM »
You might as well change your signature to 1DX & 5D III ;)

I just sold my 16-35 II + 50L, I have almost $3000 cash in hand - more L or 1DX ::)  ::)
Seriously considering it. Well see when I switch back tommorrow if I feel
I missed anything from the 1d.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Cps gave me a 1dx and falling in love
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:55:50 PM »
Just an awesome camera. Iso is a stop better. Being able to control iso, shutter and aperture values so it does not drop below them is awesome. The burst af is just amazing, caught more expressions that i feel I would normally miss since its so fast.

Do not like on/off switch, drive and a few buttons are different from 5d3 so just need to get used to it.
Meter is on right in VF and used to bottom.

But it hustles and feels like I have no excuse at this point with this beast. Also the colors seem a little nicer or its in my head.

Tomorrow I am going to use the 5d3 and compare raw files and hopefully I should now. Just so tempting.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Body for Wedding Photography
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:48:02 PM »
Pair of 5d3's. Af, better lcd if outdoor wedding for playback, joystick to move focus points faster, balances nicer with primes like 85 1.2 and 70-200 2.8, larger viewfinder. Just a few for me.

I have a B+W 10-stop in 77mm and an 82mm Schneider (parent of B+W) 10-stop bought before they re-released them in the B+W line.

They're very good, but it seems the Singh-Ray is the new 'best'.


Thanks that singh-ray while expensive looks promising. I also want to grab the fireworks at disney and hope 10 stops is not too much at night to get a few bursts without blowing out my highlights. Also wanted to try some long exposures to play with the effect of people who are walking by not being in the picture provided they do not stop in the frame.

On a canon 5d3 24-70 v2 82mm
Tripod will be used of course. Looking for high quality. Any suggestions from experienced users? Looking for 8-10 stops

also what is a 5k?......
A 5 kilometer running race or run/walk event.

I'm surprised no one has yet answered this question, knowing that the OP was shooting runners seems pretty relevant to the discussion.
Oh thanks well in that case i think my AF settings should be fine for this, i've found this works well for everything i've tried to shoot with servo so have not seen a need to change the setting since getting it setup
check the other factors i've mentioned in your technique if you are still having issues maybe its the gear
i think 1/250 should be fine for runners although i think panning with a much slower shutter speed of say 1/30 would be pretty cool to try too (but get the servo sorted first ;) )
bear in mind my first bleeding edge 5Dmk3 had a faulty AF module and couldnt focus on anything but it was obvious from the get go something was wrong with it as it sucked in single shot servo and everything you can imagine. but they swapped the cameras out and the new one has been good as gold for the last couple of years. My wifes 5Dmk3 also had to go in for a lose connection in the lens mount where when a heavy lens was mounted it would lose connectivity and not focus, canon replaced the lens mount and associated electronics and its all good now. So it CAN be the gear too :P

hope this all helps KC family man

I will try that. Canon ask me to do a focus test with my lens on both bodies to determine body first then maybe lens but maybe. I am just paranoid because I am going on a 10 day trip soon and if
I dont send it in soon then I will have to rent a lens. I have to try that bb af and case 2 settings. Also i will try reducing some of my af options. I know the random test shots were fine and when time came all were just oof to notice. Uggh. Also at the 70mm end all was fine but half a block straight in front of me they were off.

Thanks I will try that.

more likely user error
which AF case were you using?

at f9 everything should have been sharp.
Case 1

I was shooting a 5k for family today. I fired test shots before my group was coming and all were good. When the time came I shot 1/250, f9, iso 400, eval meter, center zone, case 1, burst high. In dpp most of the shots are soft whent they should be sharper.
Camera 5d3
Canon 70-300L
Most were in the 2-300 range.
I am going on a trip in three weeks and am curious if this sounds like a user error or a lens issue?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Sell a spare 5d3 for 1dx?
« on: May 08, 2014, 09:18:10 PM »
I did also return my 300mm 2.8 since that is just too much. I would prefer to wait until canon answers with a revised 100-400. Events and portraits still remain my main focus.
If the 300 f/2.8 was too much, then I think the 1D X is probably going to be too much as well.  The 1D features are really nice, but there are simple workarounds to most of them that can be done with the 5DIII.  I think the 1D X is really for those needing one or more of the following: combat-ready build quality, 12 FPS (are you missing a lot of fast moving shots?), or are someone who uses big whites a lot and and would benefit from the higher votage drive for faster AF, or for someone who has pretty much all the other lenses and gear they need.  If wildlife or fast motion things like sports aren't a priority, lenses and other gear are a better investment.  The 5DIII is an amazing camera and the 1D X is better, but (other than the frame rate) not mind-blowingly better.

Those are good points. I just want to clarify that the 300mm felt large and was so expensive for what it was. I felt if I was going that route I would save for the 400 with extenders for next season. Lately i have been doing some indoor water polo at a high school and wanted better files to work with in the iso 3200-8000 range. Also when I am chasing the kids I felt the multiple mn buttuns that can be configured on the fly sounded beneficial such as being in one shot and being able to prog my dof to aiservo and the other the all focus points if the kids/animal just moved to quick to react.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Sell a spare 5d3 for 1dx?
« on: May 08, 2014, 12:30:40 PM »
I just want to clarify. If I sell my extra 5d3. That would fund at least the 1.4 ext iii, the sigma 50mm 1.4, and some extra backdrops, st-e3. I would just be giving up the uwa 16-35, 8-15 basically. I did also return my 300mm 2.8 since that is just too much. I would prefer to wait until canon answers with a revised 100-400. Events and portraits still remain my main focus.

Well for usb and decent screen. There is the surface pro 2 it starts at 128gb for $999
Sony tap 11 has close to rgb coverage display and usb 128gb for $649.99.
There are probably others but for full windows and a decent screen these are the 2 best I have found. Both can go up depending on bigger ssd space or specs jump. Both can be calibrated. Good luck

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Sell a spare 5d3 for 1dx?
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:58:15 PM »
I am considering getting the 1dx for manual exp comp, better tracking, cleaner iso images 3200-6400, more customizable features with the second mn function button.

I shoot portraits, indoor sports, nature and gettigpng into wildlife. I can sell my second body and get the 1dx, sigma 50mm art, 1.4 extender iii.


Get 16-35 2.8 ( for landscapes, large groups)
More backdrops, lighting, etc
300mm f4 is
1.4 ext iii
Canon 8-15 f4

I have a $6k budget and on the fence on the 1dx or more completing my lens lineup.
Just looking for options. Is the 1dx worth the reasons I mentioned?

Lenses / Re: Bought the 300mm 2.8 ii and think its huge
« on: April 20, 2014, 12:11:11 PM »
Well, I use my 300 for my primary wildlife lens.  With a 2x TC, its a hand holdable 600mm 5.6 with a very short minimum focus distance so its great for photos of small passerines, shorebirds or shooting from a hide.  It's easy enough to hike with once you get used to it especially with a nice black rapid style strap.  I've also used it for field sports with and without the 1.4x TC.  Its good for tight portraiture, especially for indoor sports where you will definitely need the wide aperture.

There's plenty of good uses for the lens if you shoot the style of photography it calls for.  Mine is the ancient non-IS version and I would instantly trade up for the vII if I could afford it.  I bought the sigmonster because I got a crazy good deal on it and it will come in very handy for when I'm distance limited like, say, shooting waterfowl or in a restricted habitat but I will almost certainly continue to use the 300 primarily.  It is just too good and too useful for wildlife and sports.  I'd say keep it around for a bit and see if you use it.  You can't really lose too much money if you find yourself selling it on later and you'll never be hard pressed to find a buyer.  I'd guess that if you have any interest in wildlife or sports photography, you won't ever want to get rid of it.

Thanks for the type of answer I was looking for. I PP a few BIF and was amazed at how sharp this lens is. I think I am going to use it for a few more weeks then make a decision from there.

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