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There is a misconception than Apple production does not need calibration :) The truth is that you have to calibrate all monitors if you need accurate colours. Also, this calibration should be performed on a monthly basis due to shift in colours. Generall laptop monitors (even with IPS) are worse than normal monitors. My suggestion for you would be simple: buy calibrator (x-rite i1 display pro or Spyder) and calibrate your monitor. I bought x-rite i1 display pro and i am very happy with it. I was surprised when I saw a really huge difference in colors after my laptop calibration. Also, x-rite i1 display pro has an ability of assessing ambient light in calibration process.

I have always used my spyder 4 pro but when looking side by side. The dell looks to be warmer and was wondering if an accurate display was pure white say on empty space in a web browser or a slightly warmer yellow was the more accurate colors. Basically its not the color space but the white point that I am concerned about. I am not sure if it will get me closer to white buy altering the targeted gamma of 2.2 to 2.0 or when they show 6500k change it to 6000k to cool down the white point? This laptop if you look it up is design for photo/video editing and is considered a mobile workstation. Just stuck on the whites

Hello all CR,

I have been using macbook pro's for my editing running windows. I have tried several laptops and while they are close in color gamut and contast. The Macbook whites look pure white. Is this just because its a cooler (k temp) screen or does all the others that are a bit more warm and slightly leaning toward yellow correct? Does anyone have a test they do when calibrating a laptop? The one I have settled on is the dell m3800 with the 3200 x 1800 screen. For $1500 it seemed like the best editing laptop for the money not including mac's.

Biggest choice is OS vs Windows 8.  OS is a clear winner - i recently switched from PC to Mac and glad I did.  There are a few frustrations (I can not hot key as often on the Mac as a PC), but otherwise glad I made the switch.

When looking for PCs (both laptop and desktop) I could not find any that had only USB 3.0 interface.  All I saw had mix of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.  USB 2.0 is okay for keyboards and mouse about not data.  I need 1 plug for kb/mouse and the rest for data.

Right but I made it clear. I am in search of a highly accurate display 13-15" laptop running windows only. Will never use osx. Just was looking for other users on this forum who would value the same specs as me for photography. Also the usb port selection led you to mac???. Thats the main benefit in the variety of windows devices is the extra port availability. The mbpr has only 2 so plug in a kb/m receiver and there is only one left.

The discussion got a little away from the w540 comparison requested.

I use and really appreciate a w520 bought in late 2011 IIRC and I have upgraded components all along as my needs increased. I was tethering with this on a shoot today. I look into the Lenovo forums occasionally to stay up with what the new "W" (workstation) models offer. Anyone considering a w540 needs to read a lot of angry, disappointed forum messages. Some do refute the large numbers of complaints, but some people who evaluate ThinkPad laptops as their job suggest that people buy a w520 instead!

I like my "FD" 1920 x whatever (16:9) screen, although I was sorry to see the old 4:3 screens disappear. Have not tried to calibrate it but keep meaning to get around to it. (I own a Color Munki Photo.)

I am writing just to ask KCC and anyone else reading this to read the "w" machine Lenovo user forum carefully. Sorry not to be able to put the link in this post. I am responding on a tablet.

I have used the 520,530 and now 540. They lost a lot of the tough older styling but made it lighter and has a much better screen than any one before it. The problem I had was the color temp was closer to 7000k so my whites looked more yellow and then it made pp difficult. Also the left palm rest did get pretty warm. I am either going to get another macbook pro and run windows again or try the dell precision m3800. I brought the 540 back because of the screen.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro has a great IPS screen (bright, glossy, outrageous resolution) and the new Surface Pro 3 is also spectacular IPS (also bright, glossy, high resolution).

Appreciate the suggestion but the yoga pro 2 has inaccurate yellow issues and the surface is great but I woukd struggle with LR on a 12" screen. I wanted a true 15" workstation class machine. Just curious if anyone has been down my road.

For me my favorite is the hp zbook 15 with the dreamcolor display but its $2800 without a ssd drive which woukd drive the cost another $3-500 for a 512gb. The reason i have the w540 is that i get 35% discount off distribution prices. So if I dont keep it I will sell it for the discount.

See the matte makes the shadows and dark areas harder to see without looking really close. I feel the mbpr is easier to see. Also when looking the mbpr screen is pure white and the w540 is a slight bit yellow. This is post calibration.

Images are more accurate on my calibrated Dell 24" Ultrasharp compared to both my glossy Macbook Pro non-retina or the Macbook Pro retina I have used. I am talking about fluorescent microscopy images as well as usual photos. They look better on the Macbooks, but are not necessarily accurate.
I'd use an external monitor that is designed for the task, not a laptop monitor.
BTW, I used to run Windows on my MBP for a while before switching to OS X. IMO, it is like trying to run with my hands tied behind my back using Windows on bootcamp; the computer runs hotter, works slower, doesn't switch between chip and card but always runs on the card. I wouldn't use a Mac to run windows except for rare occasions.

Thanks its just very few windows laptops offer the full rgb screen. I do plan on getting a 27" ultra sharp qhd soon here but often need to edit in a different area of the house and need a more portable solution. Both run warm to me as I have both here right now.

I have been using macbook retina's for awhile strictly running windows since the screen covers the rgb gamut and is very accurate. I just bought a thinkpad w540 with the 3k display. It covers 97% so close enough but the pics just do not have that pop the had with the retina since the thinkpad has an antiglare coating. The pictures look flat and the mac makes the appear to have more saturatiin. Does anyone here edit with a matte coated screen thqt has worked with a macbook that could tell me your experience? I am afraid the macbook is the better screen but I never run osx.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:31:20 AM »

My daughter at the lake house.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: DSRL Camera for travel
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:34:21 PM »
Recently went on a trip where it was hot and lots of walking. I used the 5d3 and 24-70 95% of the time and the 70-300l the other 5

The thing about Time machine is that you will need to just get a bigger drive whether it be a 4tb external with plenty of room or a NAS which is overkill.A solution is the following:

a: Backup to a NAS that supports time machine
b: use a reliable cloud backup like either SOS online Backup or upload per shoot to smug mug/zenfolio
c: swap the nas with an identical NAS once a month and reconfigure time machine.
d: only if you really want to be safe. (install the nas in a safe that supports an ethernet cable and keep it in another room in the home/office.

Really to keep it simple just buy a 3-4tb external for now and start looking at cloud backup solutions. You can expand from there. It is hard to recommend something when I do not know how long it took you to fill up the 1tb drive and your budget.

Makes me wonder if I should return my 1dx and wait since I have the time.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cps gave me a 1dx and falling in love
« on: June 19, 2014, 12:20:04 AM »
I agree. The wb accuracy, metering, color rendition are noticeably better than my 5d. Just have to get used to the weight but thats why I think the 5d and 1d make a great pair. The af accuracy is much better to me. Only thing is wish the power switch was like the 5d and the live view/video switch was there but thats not a deal breaker.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cps gave me a 1dx and falling in love
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:10:51 AM »
Finally pulled the trigger. Could not be happier. Ended up paying $5449 for a new USA model. Now I can work on some more L glass. Thanks so much for everyone's comments.
Congrats, and wow, that's an amazing price! 

Also, for those following this post, let this serve as a warning...if you even touch the 1D X, it will make you buy one...first Dylan, now KKCFamilyman... ;D

CONGRATS KKCFamilyman  :)

+1 with mackguyver "if you even touch the 1D X, it will make you buy one"

Thanks Dylan. I should have given up a long time ago. Just kept trying to resist but when I went to bring the 1dx back they took off more money so just had to leave with it. I feel it will compliment my 5d well. The only ? I have is when i put the battery in and turn the lock it is pretty hard to turn. Is that normal?

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