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I have the Canon 5d3 with kit 24-105 and a 50 1.4. I want to tape their short graduation. Any suggestions on a less manual approach so I can get a decent video and not screw it up. Like what fstop would be good for a small 10 person class and ipb vs all-i, etc. It will be sunny but under a tent so I was thinking of some sort of auto iso or sticking with 1000. Any help would be appreciated plus should I do live, face det, for modes. Does IS enabled help or hurt? Sorry about the questions but I am under the gun and could use some guidance.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Point & Shoot?...
« on: May 15, 2012, 08:46:06 AM »
I am in the same boat. I have a 5d3 and need something more portable. I like the s100 but the IQ keeps drawing me to the g1x even though its not pocketable it's still small and can attach to your belt with a much smaller case. I also considered the Sony Nex 5 with the pancake lens since they have great IQ also. I am stuck because I do not want to sacrifice too much IQ especially if your getting raw data. I am worried the s100 will disappoint when used to a DSLR. Just my 2 Cents.

I just got a canon 5d3 and would like a little sharper images and I applied 45, .9, 48 and 5 to some indoor portraits and there's more detail but when I converted them to jpgs they look grainy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lenses / Re: Going to Disneyland and San Diego and need lens help
« on: May 09, 2012, 10:53:58 PM »
I read group photos. Twins, mind asking how old they are?

I suppose there will be plenty of family, group, portraits and yes scenery.

So unless you are into "covering" every FL the 70-200 will most likely end up in the bag and at best a distraction.

5d3 ISO range and 24-105 f4 will probably set you up well.

I would throw in a 50 f1.4 for the evening and low light and nice creamy portraits and a 16-35 or 17-40 oh yes the G1x if the dollar stretch. This is for the snap shots from your family members. You will be surprise plenty of emotions there when they are free to just shot.

Just my two cents worth.

Just came back from SFO- Montery- Carmel- LAX. Dont leave home without the 50 f1.4. The jelly fish will look really awesome  ;)not to mention the dinners shots.

They are 5 so big enough to smile but no patients. I am torn between the 50 1.4 or g1x/s100. I could only get one just not sure what I'll be happier with.

After reading many of the posts here, I get the feeling that most of you didn't actually sit down and read through the 25 sections of dpreview.com's very detailed analysis. It seemed very objective, and after reading nearly every word (as opposed to skipping to the conclusion), I came away with a different take: the reviewers like both the 5DIII and the D800 a lot. They haven't posted their formal review of the 5DIII, but it's obvious that it's going to be well received. I bet it will be within a couple points of the D800 when all is said and done.

You all should take a look at this one particular section of their review (particularly Overall Image Quality, paragraphs 2 and 3):


They specifically point out a few things about the resolution:

1. To get the most out of the sensor, you need impecable technique, an excellent tripod, a cable release, shoot with mirror lockup, and generally plan on higher shutter speeds. Honestly, I'm not good enough at photography (nor do I want to use a tripod or high shutter speeds all the time) to attain medium format results. I bet most of the strident posters on this forum are equally mediocre with their technique as I am. Sure, the D800 does well without perfect equipment and form, but not at the incredible resolutions people seem to think they will get. That means you often have 70MB files that aren't really getting you the sharpness you pretend will magically appear.

2. High end glass matters significantly with the D800. I don't have the cash to have all my lenses be multi-thousands of dollars each.

It's the Internet, folks. Anyone can say anything, but I think dpreview's reviews are pretty credible (more thorough and unbiased than any other site I have found). I think if you actually read through the whole thing and analyze the comparison images on resolution, noise, high ISO, etc., you will come away thinking, "Huh. Both of those cameras are pretty darn good, and not really that different."


Yeah I was just curious other opinions. I got my 5d3 for a steal and it works well. I'm sure the sharpness is just technique. I just need to figure out where to add from the kit lens. 50mm 1.4 or 70-200 f4 is and wait to see what primes are announced?

Ohh and a lot of review sites a saying the  nikon d800 is better so I just did not consider dpreviews opinion.

We'll just have to wait and see how the review for the 5D3 turns out, won't we?  :)

IMHO, FPS and AF performance are *big* things - the two things that made me decide to never purchase a 5D2.  They are the difference between getting the shot, and not getting the shot.  36MP is a lot of blurry pixels if your image is out of focus or you've missed that critical moment...

Which cameras have you used before the 5D3, KKCFamilyman?  And which lenses are you using on it?

canon 60d
17-55 2.8
15-85 usm
50 1.8

I think its great and wonder if its sharpness might be better served with a different lens. I was considering the 50 1.4 or 70-200 f4is to add reach. I am keeping it since due to a mistake with my local dealer i only paid $3570 out the door for the kit. Even any upcoming 70d ff option will not beat that deal. I don't have anymore ef mount lenses so i was just curious if anyone else felt the nikon was better if you were no longer invested in glass.

I purchased the 5d3 a month ago and love it but sometimes the images can be soft and the focus system tricky. I was curious how dpreview can still say that the noise is even better controlled than the 5d3. Basically they do not say in anyway the 5d3 is better except the focus system and fps but really thats not much. Any thoughts?

Lenses / Re: Going to Disneyland and San Diego and need lens help
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:02:35 AM »
Within the past three years I have been to WDW twice, DL once, HK Disney once, and all of the parks in SD.  In terms of Disney, to be honest I would not take a DSLR there.  I took my 5D2 with me in the past and found it more cumbersome than usual.

There were admittedly times I was glad I had it.  The 5D2 + 50/1.4 were very useful for photographing + videoing the night show at California Adventure.  The 5D2 + 16-35 were also very useful in HK Disney - where we were chosen as Grand Marshalls for the day and were paraded across the park.

On our last trip, though, I only took my Fuji X10 and it was by far the best choice I ever made.  It is small enough to fit in a pocket and takes great pictures.  Here is a set of shots I took with it there - http://www.flickr.com/photos/calevphoto/sets/72157628607245971/.  I really felt sorry for the poor souls lugging around DSLRs while trying to hold their kids hands and go on rides.  I have done that myself and it just isn't worth it.

For San Diego, that is a bit different question.  For SeaWorld and LegoLand I would only take my X10.  For the zoo and animal park, you'll really need a DSLR + decent lens.  I used my 70-200/2.8 II quite often for photographing the animals and even added my 2x III extender a number of times.  Of the lenses you list the 70-200/4 IS would probably be the best bet.  You should also consider adding a 1.4 extender.  You could just take a 24-105 if all you're really interested in is family shots and not so much the animals.

Thanks I think I may bring it for some of the trip and get a g1x or s100 for the rest. I may even rent the 70-200 for San Diego. Still really want the 50mm but waiting to see if any new lenses surface.

Lenses / Re: Going to Disneyland and San Diego and need lens help
« on: April 25, 2012, 07:24:38 PM »
I think you are going to find that the 24-105 is going to provide a good range for your trip.
I shot my trip to Disney with the 16-35mm on a 40D (24-55mm effective focal length). This allowed for the best "in the moment" photos as we were very close to the kids all the time; the wide angle provided a good opportunity to include the various venues in the background. We did have two other cameras with us, point and shoot, and got some good candid photos from them.
If you want to get closer, rent the 70-200mm f2.8 for the week. Just note that there are really not a lot of good opportunities to stand back and take a long shot at the park (without passerby interference).
Curious to know what lens you used with the 60D.
I went to WDW last year twice. I first went with the 18-200mm and that was nice. I later went with the 15-85mm usm and brought the 18-200 and only used the 18-200 for the lights action stunt show. otherwise the 15-85 covered everything. I used the 270 ex ii speedlite since it was the perfect travel flash. I would have loved to try the 17-55 but I did not own it then.

Now that I have the 5d3 I want to make my decisions that will help for the trip and all the other family shots. I just may get the 50mm 1.4 or the 28mm 2.8 coming out and rent the 70-200 f4 is for the trip and see how it does. Some of me is considering just bringing my current setup for the important pictures and getting something like the Canon sx40, g1x or sx260 for my zoom needs. This way I will not have to bring out the dslr for every shot but the money spent on that could go toward another lens. What would be a good travel companion when the dslr is just too much or you want a  pic but fast and then go back to the family.

Lenses / Going to Disneyland and San Diego and need lens help
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:41:41 AM »
I just bought the canon 5d3 with 24-105 and came from a 60d. I am having a hard time looking thru old pictures finding affordable lens choices for my upcoming trip. I have twins and will be taking shots of about 4-6 people during group shots and then the scenery shots.

I only have a $1500 budget.
I considered the following but can only afford one option
24mm mkii
35mm 1.4
70-200mm f4is

EOS Bodies / Re: Photography Course
« on: April 19, 2012, 11:45:47 PM »
Thanks for the suggestions.

Software & Accessories / Re: Laptops for photo editing and other use
« on: April 19, 2012, 11:22:16 PM »
I do it. I was down that same path recently. There are not many choices under $2k. I ended up with the HP envy 17 3d model. It has a 17.3" led radiance tn panel. It has can display 72% of the rgb color gamut which is really good for a laptop. It is well built and comes with all the goodies like backlit keyboard and blu-ray. It also has a msata ssd for your os and apps. There are still 2 bays for standard hard drives so you could essentially have 2tb of portable workspace. I found editing in LR was way better with the larger screen than the 14 or 15.6" panels. Either way you can calibrate it with a Spyder pro and really have a great machine for well under $2k depending on your configuration. It also has a bright 120hz panel and it's is better than any other laptop display out there except your HP dream color ips notebooks running in the $3k + range. There are many more features. I have the hp17-3090nr model. Apple is not the only way.

Would it be better for a vacations vs my 60d or would I regret it.

As has already been posted, if you want it buy it...(if you can afford it).
You state that you have had the 60D for three weeks, which is about the time the 5Diii was released (22/04/12), maybe you should question why you didn't buy it then, you state you love the 5Diii, but you haven't been using it...are you sure it's not gear envy?
The 5Diii is a great camera, but for what and how much you shoot I think the 60D will fill your needs.
I use a 7D as well as a 5Diii, high ISO noise on the 7D can sometimes be annoying, but if technique is correct (exposure) with some PP in LR/PS/DPP etc the noise can be dealt with.

Sorry I have had  the 60d since intro. I have had the 5d3 for three weeks. I just think the noise is hard to deal with and the images can be soft at higher iso's. I do have to be realistic too.

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