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i'm not a fan of belt systems at all...on a big and heavy camera, it just feels weird walking around with.
i bought the Capture, it works for mirrorless cameras but on a 5d3 with only a 24-70, it felt so uncomfortable on the belt or even on a backback..i just didn't like the feeling of just feels like someone pulling your belt as you walk.

i then went to buy the b-grip evo..thinking with the large surface area it would be better...i was wrong, it felt even more weird and unnatural to walk around with and a hassle to use..

i also was using the Black Rapids for a while but i felt that it does get in the way whe i'm sitting or squatting down because the strap would fall off my shoulder even with the extra harness...

Ultimately, the one strap that is pretty unknown but works FANTASTIC for's a sling style, it is adjustable in length on the fly and is lockable and is super light and comfortable..I use this strap ALL the time now and it's the best strap i've used by far....It's none other than the Joby Ultrafit strap

for bigger dslrs there's a thicker version

Go check it really is that great a product that is very overlooked.

ah...I made the assumption professional work that 5d3 users use it for, weddings and some sports..
in these aspect the a7 maybe can come closer but definitely not the a7r.
for studio or landscape work, definitely possible..
basically as long as the subject doesn't move, the a7r is fantastic

i'm just curious..the people that bash the A7R...have they actually used it before?
I personally was a 5D3 user since it was launched and i used the 24-70F2.8II almost all the time so i'm very familiar with what that camera can do.

Recently, i switched to the A7R. so i also am familiar with the A7R.

To compare these 2 cameras,
The 5D3 is faster, has plenty of lenses to choose from and has great IQ and great ISO capabilities.
But, because of it's size, unless you're doing profesional work, 90% of the time, i leave it at home and grab the EOS M instead.

The A7r, is much slower but it's so small and the images that the 35mm zeiss produces is nothing i've seen on the's simply amazing...Granted it only has this 1 lens now but 2014 we should see more..
I'm throughly enjoying the 35mm zeiss for now..
Having the evf is wonderful...the face detection and the AF mode together makes even the 5d3 63points seem pointless because though slower to focus, you dont need to even select the af point nor move it..the camera does it for you anywhere in the screen.

though i still fell the a7r is never going to cut it for a professional and his work, it is a camera he will grab and bring out for his own shooting.
And i must sat the SOOC jpg from the a7r is way ahead of the 5d3 even with the best L lens and thw raw files have much more capabilities than the 5d3

this is my experience with both cameras...


Thanks for the review. Is the autofocus with Canon EF and metabones at least accurate?

With the 16-35 II, 50 f1.2 and 100 f2.8IS It is accurate once it locks on. There is also AF microadjustment if needed.

I had some issues with the Canon primes actually.
They work yes, but lock on is so slow...feels like using an EOS M.
And i do get it failing to focus about 10% of the time.
So for me, i wouldn't want to use Canon glass on this camera with a metabones unless you're not in any hurry. You're better off using MF lenses which is ok to take your time..or native FE glass or with the Sony adapter for A mount glass..that one is super fast..

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Not Coming to North America
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:06:02 AM »

Well said. :)

That was certainly my thoughts when I got myself an OMD EM5 a year ago. It was one of the most celebrated cameras on the planet at that time, having won the DPReview Camera of the Year award over its closest competitor, the Nikon D800.

Well, one year later, I dumped the EM5 together with a whole bunch of accessories and lenses. It's not for me. Yes, it's got some nifty new technology, but the old and reliable DSLRs serve my needs better.  8)

My point is that the latest and best technology need not necessarily be what we really need.

Exactly, we never need the latest iphones or Samsung smartphones but every since year they release a new model, i will buy the latest model and do exactly the same thing on it as i did with the previous internet and make calls...hecl i think a phone 3 years ago did the same thing for me as well! We always want the latest and if we're paying for the latest, there had better be new tech inside :) We're all gear lusting hehe..we need help.

Portrait / Re: Looking for advice on my portraits...
« on: December 04, 2013, 03:02:42 AM »
Honestly, i'm a lazy portrait photographer..
I agree that you should first get your settings right in camera and not after.
However, i believe that you can make a sharp photo blur but not a blur photo sharp.
I prefer to get what i cannot edit in post production correct in the first place..hence the framing and the scene and the background etc.

I almost always shoot at f5.6-8 even if i have an f1.4 lens. I also seldom use multiple strobes to light up any scene. I just use at most 2 usually just 1 strobe to light up the entire scene so it is exposed correctly.

EVERYTHING else, i do in photoshop. I adjust lighting, add fake lights, add bokeh, add blur etc..that's what i usually do in post production..Granted i spend more time in post that i would if i set up the thing correctly in the first place, but more often than not, i only envision the image once i get home.

Here's an example of what i mean..I just set the scene, pose the model, ensure the entire photo is lit and exposed correctly, then change everything in photoshop

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Not Coming to North America
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:55:36 AM »
People no longer buy gear that just does enough..
We buy new cameras and of course expect to have new tech inside, regardless if we need it or not or if the old tech works as well..that's no longer the point.
It's all about innovation and keeping up with the times. when another company releases something new, it will most definitely be something "new" worth upgrading to. Canon seems to be the only one releasing new models using old tech and not changing much else.
We just feel short changed that's's not because we need the new's because we're paying for something new, we'd want something new.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The Unthinkable: Swapped out 5D3 for 6D
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:47:35 AM »
i don't doubt your decision. The 5D3 is a great camera for what it is..but it is also not a fantastic camera for everything.
For sports and birding, i still think the7D is hard to beat if you can't afford a 1DX.
For portraiture, the 5D3 is not bad but the 6D can do better.
For a regular walkabout, the 5D3 is too heavy.
To me, the 5D3 is a fantastic wedding camera and that's what it was made to do if you ask me.
The downside of the 6D is the AF points, there's just not enough.
But it is also not always that you will need those AF points like the 5D3..
Prices of 5D3 are falling as we speak so it's a good time to sell now before they fall too low..That's why i yself juped at the chance of selling away mine.
It was really a jack of all trades but master of none (other than weddings) and it was just too darn heavy to carry around daily or even on vacations.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS M2 announced in Japan
« on: December 03, 2013, 05:02:49 AM »
did they even bother to redesign it? It looks exactly like the M...still going to be a flop i feel

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Specs Revealed?
« on: December 03, 2013, 04:58:38 AM »
I agree with you 100%.  I have a 6D as well as an EOS M.  Question for you- since you've got the A7R - what do you think of using an adapter with the L glass?  Have you tried any?  I'm also looking at the Contax G mount Zeiss glass, since the adapter supports AF.  There appears to be several interesting lenses in G mount for not much money.

Well, i'm using the adapter for the EOS M to EF lenses. The EOS M on it's own is already slow. With the EF lenses, it is not much slower. But sometimes it doesn't even focus.

One reason why i kept all my L lenses was to use it with the A7r becasue there isn't any FE lenses other than the 35mm.
However, when i used the metabones mk3 on the A7R, the AF became sooooo slow and even failed to focus sometimes. It basically became an EOS M!
The ONLY adapter that work well was Sony's own adapter for Amount glass which basically makes it an A99 and that adapter is FAST! Even faster than FE glass on the camera on it's own.

It's because of the slow AF speed, i have decided i will NOT want to use my EF lenses on the A7R.
To me, that camera only works with FE glass, A mount glass or manual glass. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS M2 Specs Revealed?
« on: December 02, 2013, 08:29:07 PM »
Well, I loved the original M because it's small and the images from the 22mm lens was indeed beautiful.
However, that was merely a 650D in a small body which is fine for the price i paid. But it was always only going to be a "fun" grab an go camera.

The EOS M2 if rumoured specs (they usually are) are true, then i would say boo hoo...these specs should've been in the EOS M fromt he beginning.
They had 2yr maybe to develop a new M and all they could do is to put a 70D into a small body?

Do note that everyone else in the market has already uped  their game...and CES2014...i belive Sony has plenty of new stuff coming out as well...

Is the EOS M2 going to be able to compete? I highly doubt.

I love Canon stuff, always have but with the market moving so fast recently, and with Canon taking it's own sweet time, i couldn't wait.

i still have my EOS M, i still have a few L lenses for it because i sold my 5D3...

But i can see myself slowly getting rid of everything because i got tired of waiting for Canon..

I love my A7R now and using that camera, makes me wished Canon did it really is what i wanted and more..just a pity it has a Sony name, not Canon...i'm not a fan of Sony but i have to give it to them for this camera...Canon, please buck up and maybe i will go back to you one day.

Portrait / Re: Looking for advice on my portraits...
« on: December 02, 2013, 01:23:10 AM »
For me, aperture isn't a priority because that varies from lens to lens..but usually to get the sharpest of any lens, it's usually 2 stops over the max and using 5.6-8 usually works for all lenses.

When i do portraits, i look out more for:
1) Position and framing
2) Background
3) Lighting

The camera settings aren't a priority.. you can have the best lens at the best aperture with the most optimal setting but if you subjects are in a place with an ugly background, messy background or places in a bad frame, the photo will ultimately still look bad..

Even if you shot at the wrong aperture and your subjects are the sharpest, if the photo tells a story and directs the viewers eyes to the subjects instead of the background, you will still have a good photo.

When i approach a shoot, i always tell myself i'm using a PnS camera, i will choose a location first, then position the people, then frame the shot, then i start to tinker with the camera settings..always remember, the photo is the one telling the story, not the camera setting :)

Out of curiosity, was this hand-held or on a tripod?

This was shot handheld.
There is a problem with a camera being this light and resolution this high.

It's VERY hard to get it steady like a dslr which has weight. Because it's so light, you will sway a little and with the resolution so high, any slight movement will result in blur. And because the lens is so small also you can't really hold onto it like a dslr lens either.

Another thing i noticed is the usual "rule" of shutter speed = focal range does NOT apply simply doesn't work.
with the 35mm lens, almost 50% of the time, my shots were blur. i had to increase the shutter speed to at least 2xfocal range before i start getting more keepers. Unfortunately if you shoot in Av mode, the camera will still automatically set it to 1/60 or lower speed...similar to a Canon...but unless you have super steady chef hands..your shots are going to be blur like mine was almost all the time :(

As for the DR..i didn't bother about that..I never had an issue with the 5D3 DR. To me, if you had to push the DR so much for a photo, you're probably shooting it wrong in the first place.

I also can't comment on the A7R DR SOOC because it has all those DR enhancement and god knows what else turned on or off..i didn't really know how to play around witht he menu system yet and instead of fooling around with it, i'd rather shoot with what little time i had with it.

Quote from: Dylan777
Thanks for info. Did you get a chance to play with A7/A7R with Zeiss 55mm? - if yes, do you find this combo still at compact level?

Unfortunately no, they ONLY had the 35mm lenses on the cameras. They didn't have any other FE lenses to test with. They did however have a whole load of metabones adapters to attach your own lenses and the Sony Amount SLT adapter.
However, i did ask them about the size of the 55 and the 24-70f4 and since they had ALL the A mount lenses on display,  ithey were able to give a rough example of their sizes and all i can's about the size of the 17-40 from Canon so it's NOT small at all. the 35mm is the ONLY small compact size lens.

I tried it with the Canon 50mm f1.4 and the metabones's soooo slow it's impossible to really use for work..average 2 sec AF.

I also tried the A mount adapter with the Zeiss 24-70 f2.8. This is SUPER a 5d3 but it's basically the same AF as a99 so it's expected. however, it is soooo front's super uncomfortable to hold.

Quote from: Dylan777
REALLY? What lens did tried with?

The 35mm f2.8 zeiss...the "default" lens for the A7r

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