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United Kingdom & Ireland / Odd requirement!
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:52:26 AM »
I have used an Arca-Swiss dovetail QR system on my cameras and support for some years and have been very happy with it. Now my wife has a little Panasonic FZ100 she will want to use my tripod at some stage.

She refuses to let me screw my spare Arca Swiss plate onto her camera as it blocks the battery compartment.

I am wondering if a converter of any sort is made that would slide into the tripod head and have a camera thread to allow the camera to be spun on? So Arca Swiss plate under a fixed camera thread. I could modify the spare plate using some araldite glue and thats still an option, but I thought a quick question here first might solve the problem.

I told you it was an odd requirement. She will also not countenance her own tripod and given how little she would want to use one I can understand her attitude.   

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