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Theater, Concert and Event / Let's dance!
« on: March 14, 2014, 11:04:33 AM »
Let's see some dance pictures from around the world. Please post your own!
I will start with Javanese dancers.
If you like the pictures, please come to Solo and make your own! The 29th of April there will be a big festival in Solo (Central Java) in the framework of World Dance Day: Solo Menari (Solo is dancing). You will be able to see dances in several places: (1) the main street, Jalan Slamet Riyadi; (2) Sriwedari amusement park; (3) ISI (Music and Art Academy); Mangkunegaran Palace and possibly also at SMKI (Art High School).
Pictures: no permission needed, just go ahead!

One can fly to Solo from Jakarta (many flights daily) and from Singapore with Silk Air (thrice weekly).

The pictures:
#1062 400D, 1/60 5.6 ISO200 85mm (EFS17-85) 7-12-2007. Young dancer at a Baptist church event (Easter) where the story of Joseph was told in a dance performance.
#1078   50D, 1/125 2.8 ISO200, 85mm EF85mm 21-3-2009 Two clowns (panakawan): Garèng and Pétruk. Wayang Orang Bharata, (Bharata Dance Theatre) in Jakarta. The clowns are very able dancers!
#1498   5D3, 1/400 6.2  ISO2000 99mm EF24-105 12-1-2013 The shorts, Bharata in Jakarta.
#1531: 5D3 1/125 5.5 ISO2000 105mm EF24-105 22-12-2013 Cakil and Arjuna. Cakil is a demon, who tries to prevent Arjuna from entering the forest. (Wayang Orang Bharata, (Bharata Dance Theatre) in Jakarta)
#5395R: 50D 1/50 5.6 ISO1600 85mm  EFS17-85  29-4-2011 Emi, a dancer from Banyumas, who asked me to join. I politely refused, as I am not a good dancer, but I used the opportunity to make a portrait. (ISI, during Solo Menari Festival).
#5485: 50D 1/50 7.1 ISO1600 85mm  EFS-17-85 Neneng,  teacher and dancer from the Mangkunegaran court sings a tembang, a classical Javanese poem. (ISI, during Solo Menari Festival).

Technical Support / Manual for 50D in Bahasa Indonesia?
« on: May 29, 2013, 09:07:10 AM »

As I am now using a 5D3, I want to give my 50D to an Indonesian friend. However, my friend has no English, or hardly so. Therefore I am looking for a manual in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). I am dismayed thet I can nowhere find Canon manuals in that language, which is the language of a country with about 250 million inhabitants. Any solutions? Are there any 50D book available in Indonesian?

Kin regards,


Technical Support / Very soft audio w external mike of EOD 5D3
« on: January 21, 2013, 12:59:37 AM »
The 26th I will have to record a dance performance with live (gamelan) music and I want to have excellent sound quality.
But when I attatch an external mike to the camera, the sound is very very soft (also when I set the audio recording level to a high position).

Using the internal mike does not have this problem, and using the same external mike (Sony ECM-MS957, impedance 600W, a stereo electret mike) on my Tascam DR-100 the sound recording level is just fine.

What causes the problem and what can I do to correct it?

Kind regards,


Technical Support / 5d3 in coma when in video mode
« on: January 04, 2013, 07:26:42 PM »
The 53D in video mode sometimes acts strangely. I presumably had pressed the wrong button when the screen image suddenly froze and could not be resuscitated back to life. There was nothing I could do, the camera was in a deep coma so to say. Even shutting off the camera (with the on-off switch) did not help, all I could to was removing the battery.
After the battery was replaced the camera was back to normal again.
Irritatingly, I could not reproduce the problem, though I tried several times. Therefore I do not know which series of key presses induce a coma-like state like this.
Does anyone recognize this problem?  Any solutions  (where is the WRONG button?)? This has happened twice now; I have had the camera for three month, taken just over 1400 pictures and shot 19 videos.

Thanks for your replies!

Kind regards,


Technical Support / Weird freeze of 5D3 in video mode
« on: January 04, 2013, 08:03:15 AM »
When the camera is in video mode, something weird sometimes happens. I want to make a video, and perhaps push the wrong button and then suddenly a still image* appears on the screen which is totally frozen. The camera hangs and the still will not go away, whatever I do. Even shutting down the camera does not help, the display is still there. It will only disappear when I remove the battery.
Strangely when I tried to reproduce this phenomenon (which has happended twice) I failed, so I do not know which combination of button presses had caused it.
Any idea what causes this phenomenon and what I can do to correct it without removing the battery?

Kind regards,  RobPan.

*) An image, of course,  of something the camera has been 'looking' at.

Software & Accessories / Problems with Imagebrowser EX
« on: October 12, 2012, 05:36:33 AM »
I hav just arrived in Indonesia for a five months stay. When I tried to install the software that goes with the 5D3, the installer hung while installing Imagebrowser EX (fast computer with Win-7 and 4 GB RAM). It told me that it was 99 pct ready, less than 1 minute remaining and stayed like that until I forcibly ended the program.
Imagebrowser now runs but has some troubles.
The worst is that it will not import photos from my CF card through my card reader. When I attach my card reader and indicate that I want to import pictures through Imagebrowser, a small window appears with the text : canonIHL.dll <remainder of line in Japanese> [OK]. Highly amusing, but I cannot import my pictures and have to revert to the MSDOS/Command Interpreter. (When I click OK the window closes.)
Anything I can do to make Imagebrowser run properly?
And, last but not least, will there be a version which accepts more photographs than the present limit of 10.000?

Kind regards, thanks for any useful tips!

Rob, Munyung.
5D3 24-105, 100mm f2  85 mm f 1.8

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