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5D MK III Sample Images / 12,800ISO 5DMKIII Images
« on: February 26, 2013, 10:28:08 AM »
So this is the first time I have really used the camera above 3200ISO as I think the results at 3200 are amazing. In this case I couldn't be bothered to set up a tripod or my flash set up, so used this as a little test.

My car was in for a service and BMW gave me a new F30 3 series as a courtesy car. First time I have driven one and the interiors are really nice so thought I would take a few pics add them to the BMW forum im apart of.

Anyway the results are incredible. Minimal editing in post with a little NR 30 luminance on PS CS5.5. All was shot with available light, shot at night so that was the interior light of the car. Shot with my 24-105mm L and 100mm L.

Anyway if anyone else has any other images at 12,800 add them! What a camera.

BMW F30 3 Series interior by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BMW F30 3 Series interior, light console by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BMW F30 3 Series interior, centre console climate control by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BMW F30 3 Series interior, multifunction steering wheel by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BMW F30 3 Series interior, iDrive screen by tom_scott88, on Flickr

PowerShot / Re: Compact Camera suggestions?
« on: February 26, 2013, 06:30:52 AM »
Regardless how small the aperture is on the S100 the APC sized sensor is much much bigger so noise performance is much better, shooting at 1600-3200 at F5.6 say at 55mm on a kit lens will produce better results than say the S100s lowest aperture at say 800. DOF is easier to achieve with smaller sensors but still shooting wide open for documentation is never a good idea as you may miss the focal point entirely.

You have to remember gyms are really quite dark. I do a lot of editorial work for a newspapers and shoot a lot in gym environments and flash with higher ISO for a large DOF is a necessity in most gyms.

Some are better with a lot of available light through windows but in most cases they are quite dingy.

Sports / Re: Cars cars cars (and some bikes)
« on: February 21, 2013, 04:58:08 AM »
great shots as usual beast and tom

were those shot with a rig tom?

Thanks for the compliments!

Yes it was, but a small one close to the body three suction cup legs mounted on the drivers side door.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cheapest way
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:23:08 AM »
Yes like I said all the parts were UK spec came with a UK manual and plug. You pay no import tax to the UK because they have upped the price slightly from how they used to sometimes customs would stop your product meaning unhappy customers reduced sales. Now its included its a no brainer.

I got a 5DMKIII with a 24-105mm and the 100mm L macro for just under £3000

Prices have just gone up tho with Canons new lowest price BS.

The 5DMKIII kit is £2639 at the moment

It is £2979 at wilkinson cameras and calumet UK £350 you cant argue over.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark ii with WiFi/GPS or Without?
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:35:49 AM »
But even if you have a smart phone for GPS its still an extra step in post. Which many pros dont have time to do. Far easier to have it integrated and it do it for you.

I would love GPS and WiFi think the possibilities of these new features spread a lot further than what these people with narrow fields of view can think of.

Also the swivel screen, im not a fan simply because of the weakness it creates. But in use they are extremely useful and I would benefit from it, I just dont see Canon putting one in any of its Pro weather sealed products there are a lot of issues to overcome weather sealing a rotating screen that could be reliable. You can get around it but I would rather not have it than it reduce the life of the camera.

Lenses / Re: Lens or Mark 7d Camera
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:16:29 AM »
What you lack in range with the 5D you can make up with a crop as the 5D is full frame. The 5D also has much better ISO performance than the 7D, 6400 on a 5DMKIII is comparable to 1600 so lots of scope there. Difference between 6-8fps negligible and not worth worrying about, the 5Ds AF system will more than make up for it.

I would try a 1.4x extender, cheapest option. If not the 300 F4 IS is a good choice.

Which version of the 70-200mm do you have the MKI, the MKI with IS or the MKII?

The MKII still yields incredible results with the 1.4x extender.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Cheapest way
« on: February 19, 2013, 02:44:56 PM »
Digital Rev

saved £700 on my 5DMKIII 24-105mm and 100mm L, no import tax as its included and arrived in 3 days.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List [CR2]
« on: February 19, 2013, 08:49:49 AM »
Looks great but I highly doubt it will come close to noise wise to a FF sensor especially with 6 more MP.

If thats what your hoping for then I think you will be disappointed. An APC camera will always have more noise than a full frame sensor.

If your wanting a super fast camera (Like most seem to) and cant afford a 1D series camera then this will fly off the shelves. Sounds like a terrific upgrade from the 7D, although like said my biggest problem with it was 100-400iso so if thats improved would be a very solid second body.

I knew there was a reason I kept my 17-55mm ;)

Everything about the 50D is better except IQ and AF. They basically took the same chip and added 50% more pixels therefore it is pretty noisy. The 50Ds are quite a bit more expensive than 40Ds, I only recently stopped using my 40D loved it. Brilliant camera, in fact I had two both lasted over 250k actuations and I still keep one.

I bought the 7D to replace it and except the AF and the Higher ISO above 1600 I wasnt sold with it. The IQ where it counts 100-400 wasnt there so sold the 7D and got a 5D MKIII it is basically a FF 40D with a crazy good AF system.

The 40D is a great camera and most are under £250 bargain buy one. As for action I used to use it for Automotive shooting.

BMW E92 M3, Rig shot by tom_scott88, on Flickr

M3 by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BTCC, Oulton Park 2010, Forster Motorsport, BMW 320si, Martin Depper by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BTCC, Oulton Park 2010, Central Group Racing, Honda Integra Type-R, Lea Wood by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BTCC, Oulton Park 2010, Porsche GT3, Carrera Cup, Racing by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BTCC, Oulton Park 2010, Formula Renault UK by tom_scott88, on Flickr

BMW Z4M Coupe CSL wheels by tom_scott88, on Flickr

I found it great for action the 6.5fps is very helpful, but technique is paramount.

Stick some good glass on it and its brilliant.

Technical Support / Re: How do you store and archive your images?
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:59:04 AM »
I use a Mac Pro which has a 128gb SSD (which I keep in my spare DVD drive bay via a DVD-2.5" converter) which I run all my applications from then 4 storage drives two 1tb drives and two 2tb drives. Both drives are mirrored so they are backed up in two places incase of a drive failure. The 2tb is for my images which is nearly full and the 1tb is for general stuff.

I then have a 4TB back up drive which does an overall back up of everything. I also archive everything on DVD because if the worst happens flooding etc at least they can be retrieved only problem is they are cumbersome.

Storage is so cheap your better off being safe. I dont like having drives all over the place clutters my desk and also my brain lol! So I like to keep everything internal and have one external drive which takes care of a third back up.

3 is the magic number to safely store your data. Best thing to remember is that HDDs fail, its a fact of life they aren't very reliable, many say to swap the drives after a years use to fresh drives.

I have had a drive fail and it is the first and last time it will ever happen without a proper back up. Can be very emotional loosing your digital life. Fortunately in that instance I managed to restore some important data so not all was lost.

Canon General / Re: Digital Rev!
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:46:16 AM »
Got my 5DMKIII from DR, arrived in 3 days to UK saved nearly £700 over UK prices with a a 24-105mm and 100mm Macro. Came with all UK standard kit etc great service IMO.

There will always be scaremongering around about companies, with the amount of kit they sell the likely hood of receiving a unit used in this way is so minuscule its not worth worrying about. Would not stop me buying from them again.

Sports / Re: Cars cars cars (and some bikes)
« on: February 11, 2013, 07:48:10 AM »

Canon General / Re: Since 7D MkII isn't coming soon.....
« on: February 11, 2013, 07:41:20 AM »
I sold my perfect 7D 2YO with less that 20k clicks on it for £600 on ebay just before christmas. Was pretty disapointed actually thought it would fetch more. But never mind.

They offer insane value for money, also the cheaper bodies perform similar IQ wise but have non of the features the 7D has. Its a great camera, just the IQ wasn't quite what I was after.

You can also be quite confident in buying a used 7D as they are built like tanks.

I also wouldn't marry a crop camera with a 24-70 or 24-105, 24mm is far to tele on a crop camera more like 38mm so you dont get much on the wide end. I would suggest buying a 17-55mm or 15-85mm if you are going to stick with APC which it sounds like you are with waiting for the 7DMKII

Even when the 7DMKII comes out the price of the 7D cant fall much lower or it will be a better buy than the newer XXXDs as IQ is so similar and its a much better camera overall. The 650D saw no improvement in IQ infact some reviewers have said it has more noise than its predecessors.

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