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Lighting / Re: anyone use the RRS flash bracket?
« on: December 17, 2013, 01:01:45 PM »
I have the RRS B91-QR, and it's an excellent bracket.  You could most likely get one of the smaller rings, I use mine with a 600mm lens, so I got the big one.  It is robust and easy to use.  If you want to get your flash further off the axis, you can use their 6-10" extender (I do).  It holds my 600EX-RT just fine, even with the Lastolite Speedlite Hotshoe mini soft box. 

Note that you would need to get the package that comes with a multipurpose rail, if you plan to use it with a non-collared lens.

nice. I like the extender idea too.   RRS told me that the MP rail packaged with the portrait perfect package has been shortened and no longer is recommended for gripped 5D3 with L plate.  they steered me to their  192mm double clamp nodal slide and BR 87 -- this is an interesting idea because the nodal slide would be compatible with panos as well, using a 70-200 for example.   What concerns me with this idea (for flash)  is that the double clamp is unnecessary complexity and would locate the flash bracket further to the left, compared to a standard single clamp rail, when mounted on the portrait side of the camera's  L bracket. 

Does your 91 locate the flash at the centerline of the lens, when attached to the vertical side of an L bracket? or do you use a smaller bracket for non collared lenses?

Lighting / anyone use the RRS flash bracket?
« on: December 17, 2013, 10:47:30 AM »
Wanted to revive a discussion on flash brackets, especially those that:

1.  allow swift change (std CCW motion)  from landscape mode to portrait mode.  swift is important, as event work often requires one to change orientation very quickly. 

2.  keeps the flash centered above the lens in both orientations. 

3.  keeps the flash head in its original  horizontal position, without a separate motion to rotate it, so that its bounce card is still in the vertical orientation (to utilize ceiling bounce)

4.  mounts to an AS style L  plate, i.e. does not require its own threaded mount

I'm currently  using a Newton bracket which fulfills 1-3 above quite nicely.  Its compact, effective, and I absolutely love using it to eliminate  those horrible side shadows :-) .     The RRS B series bracket (but not their wedding bracket) appears to fulfill all of 1-4 above.  are there any others?  Specifically, Custom Brackets makes a compelling solution but does not meet (4) above.  Wimberly provides a solution as well, but does not meet (3) above

comments and corrections welcome

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Lowepro bags/backpack sale
« on: December 07, 2013, 07:40:01 PM »
Similar prices at b&h too last I checked.   Wonder how long this will last I need a trekker

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 06, 2013, 05:50:30 PM »
+1 Pensive Tomato (ok I'll bite.  explain your handle please!) .  We can only infer and postulate, but my reading of the tea leaves suggests that

1.  AS locked down their clamps primarily to protect their prioprietary plate geometries and to prevent people from taking off the double decker and putting different clamps on their as DIY jobs.  Their primary sales channels would drive market penetration.  A  secondary affect (what they promote as the primary motivator) was DIY jobs run amok.  Its is quite possible to insecurely install a clamp and then blame the fault on AS, so the AS claim that warranty returns was the reason for the lockdown cannot possibly be all false, imho.   

2.   what we need to confirm, however are three possible indications that AS isn't really thumbing their nose at the community
  • if the stud/platfom version comes unlocked then this means they accept that DIYers will put their own clamp on
  • their continued relationship with Wimberly suggests that they (Wimberley) may continue to be an "approved" retail source for Z1s with retrofitted clamps
  • If recent stock entering the supply chain really does have a single decker AS clamp, then it means AS isn't trying to force the market onto their new standard

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 06, 2013, 04:01:33 PM »

I'm glad to hear about the Wimberley offering. I contacted their customer service once before, and they stroke me as good people to do business with. Regarding clamp models, keep in mind that the C-10 is discontinued, the C-12 is the current model and what I've had for almost a couple of years (http://www.tripodhead.com/products/qr-clamps-main.cfm). I can attest that the C-12 works fine with Kirk L-plates for the 6D and 7D.

You seem to already be on the Wimberley track, but you mentioned liking the lever system. RRS has a lever clamp that also has anti-twist groves. I ignore if they will retrofit your Z1, but a quick phone call can help (they have great customer service too).

Definately agree on the Wimberly comment.  I'd do business with them in a heartbeat and in fact their BH-300 is going to be my next ballhead.  My fiesol just isn't cutting the mustard, and it even locked up in 100 degree (F) weather.  so I'm done with cheap ballheads. 

As an aside, Wimberly does not put a C12 on the Z1;  they put on a C11 which is specifically designed for the Z1.  Reason being:  C12 is a brand-agnostic clamp with setscrews that can be installed on most any ballhead.  C11 has been designed to take advantage of the anti-twist nubs manufactured into the Z1 shaft itself, so it has  no set screws and none are needed.  I'm also told that the top-side groove pattern is different, though I'm not sure why that is.  So bottom line is that the C11 is functionally equivalent to the C12.  one can certainly put a C12 on a Z1 thats for sure, but Wimberley doesn't do it. 

Whats curious to me is that Arca Swiss, if you contact them directly, will tell you if you want to put an RRS clamp on, then buy the 3/8" stud / platform flavor of the Z1 and screw the RRS clamp directly onto the 3/8" stud.  Wimberly told me this is not a good idea, and that its better to take the platform off and install the clamp onto the ballhead shaft itself.  I'm sure the RRS clamp supplied with an M6 screw will work well in that situation.

The issue here is "does AS lock down the platform in the same way that they (reportedly) lock down their own clamp?".  We don't know, but one thing I do know is that the Z1s supplied by AS to Wimberley are not locked down.  Wimberly takes the platform off and installs their C11 as I mentioned above.  Moral of the story is that if you want a  no-DIY solution, the Wimberley BH-300 is the only way to go, and there is zero worry about breaking the thread lock.  alternatively, if we can verify that AS supplies the Z1 (with stud and platform) via normal channels (i.e. B&H) without thread lock,  then field replacement with the RRS clamp would be quite straight-forward and DIY friendly, as many have already done, prior to the recent "AS clamps are locked down" discovery. 

ONe other interesting detail I"ve learned is that apparently AS may be starting to ship Z1s with a conventional single-decker clamp.  Word from Wimberly is that this stock may be still emerging and that B&H for example may still be shipping the double deckers.  to be sure, their photos still show that. So I dunno on that one...

On the price protection issue again. ..There are two elements:

1.  When u purchase the software outright you are guaranteeing price protection for as long as you want to use the software which is typically years.  A one year contract is a very short time

2.  All the blogs and promises about price protection may be compelling but they don't change the terms and conditions which,  when combined with the time limited price offer, make it very clear that 10/mo is not the intended sustainable price. If 10/mo is the intended sustainable market price then they wouldn't offer the product at a higher price outside of the special promotion.

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:40:59 PM »
Yes that is the best option in my opinion.  Call Wimberly and just see what they say.  they buy Z1s direct from AS, remove the platform/stud thingie and put their own clamp on there.  its the best z1 solution ever, imho -- no fussing around with the double decker clamp and if you stay with Wimberly or RRS plates,  your safety stops will work. 

it may be a long shot to see if they would retrofit, but its worth a try.  BTW, after talking with Wimberly I'm convinced more than ever that it is NOT the best solution to simply  screw an RRS or Wimberly clamp  directly onto the AS 3/8" stud/platform supplied on the Z1.  What wimberly does it take that OFF and put their clamp directly onto the stud, which takes advantage of the anti-twist nubs present in the AS stud.

Kudos to Wimberley keep up the good work!

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 04, 2013, 01:48:24 PM »
I just had an oh duh moment.  Wimberley Sells the z1 with their clamp installed.   It's their bh-300.  I'd bet they would retrofit for a rework fee...


imho it is a terrific deal IF there was some price protection beyond year 1, AND if your work depended on staying current with the latest, and greatest ,  AND you are not already invested in non-rental software AND you are always connected to a fast internet connection when you are working.  Offline work maybe possible I dont know -- synchronization issues notwithstanding...

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:53:26 AM »
could be.  maybe they are anticipating the smaller cameras and the associated need for smaller accessories.  Or maybe they trying to create a new standard and/or an exclusive product line.  not for me though.  my gripped 5D3 is quite happy with the existing standard and I'm not very keen on trying to insert a standard plate into the top portion of that double decker AS clamp. 

As I understand it..if you quit paying for CC, at some point your applications will cease to function completely and you will not be able to use PS or LR (cc versions) anymore to open or manipulate your files.

what happens if you want to do PP work while on a long flight for example, or otherwise off the grid? 

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:23:58 AM »
Best of luck with the conversion! Let us know how it goes. You should have good options for the clamp once you get the AS one out. I used the Wimberley as I could readily get it at a local store instead of ordering from RRS (the Z1 is not my primary head, so I wasn't as picky).

RRS does provide options to your heart's content. dlleno, RRS' panning clamp does look attractive. I just keep telling myself that I'm doing fine with my geared head and leveling base, although a compact top panning solution has been tempting me for over a year  ;D

yea +1 on both counts.  RRS has TOO MANY nice things in their catalog, lol.  BTW I like the Z1 over the Markins mostly due to the size of the panning lock knob.  The Z1 is s more compact design.  So the best of both worlds to me is to put an RRS clamp on a z1.  If you can't get the AS clamp off, you might be able to send it in to an AS service center.  Some have tried heating with a soldering iron, but imho once you start playing with heat you're better off leaving that job to those who know the product.  fingers crossed the OP is succesful!

I'm still trying to find out why AS produced a whole line of new geometry stuff, and why one would want to live with the double-decker clamp unless there was a critical need to use the proprietary new geometry.

I tend to side with those who see this as a trap.  Whether it is an intentional scheme or a market attempt to make things more attractive, it doesn't really matter to me.  what matters to me is that after you spend $120 over one year, you are at the  mercy of Adobe to renew the software lease at whatever price they deem to be the right one.  no thanks.  Its the uncertainty that bothers me, and no amount of FAQs or presidential promises will override the language in the T&C.  If they want to smooth over the T&C then change the T&C not the rhetoric around it.

I acknowledge that in the enterprise world, a great many software capabililties are offered in subscription mode, and that "software as a service" is gaining much momentum:  companies are in some cases opting to rent software from a cloud provider -- but in these situations (part of)  the attractiveness is that the enterprise does not have to maintain the computing infrastructure, which can include large data centers, and the people to maintain them.  So if the entrprise does not want to invest in that core competancy it can make sense to use SAAS.   However, in my experience these SAAS applications are never ever sold as a one-year low ball contract with no price guarentee after that.  no IT organization with a lick of sense would put their enterprise at that much risk.   Moreover, the adobe deal does not really reduce the computing requirements of the local Desktop in the sense that subscribers will suddenly have to pay less for their computers as would be the case in the enterprise.  So the cost attractiveness of the CC cloud isn't real -- its frosting without knowing what the cake is made of.   

I do acknowledge that especially for those without conventional licenses now, that the rental is quite attractive, especially if your work depends on keeping up with the latest capabilities.  If you trust Adobe to be price competive after the first year, or you view the $120 first-year expense as an experiment, then its probably right for you. 

Just to highlight the fine print:

"...After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering"

Software & Accessories / Re: Arca Swiss Z and Safety stops
« on: December 04, 2013, 09:54:26 AM »

I've read that AS started using locktite red or something stronger , making it difficult to remove the double Decker clamp.   I'm not sure I see the value in that clamp either, and from my reading folks tend to prefer the rrs or Wimberley clamps on the z.  Good luck I hope u get yours off.  My plans at this point when I upgrade my ball head is to purchase the z1 with the 3/8 screw and platform and mount up an rrs clamp .  I'd just go for the rrs ball head but it's base is too big for my tripod.     Even the dp version of the z1 ,  while compelling,  is not as attractive to me as the rrs panning clamp which can mount part time to a std clamp.  So bottom line for me is put a std clamp on the z unless you will benefit from arca swiss 's new geometry products.

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