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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 1DX AI Servo AF Point is BLACK. Oh no...
« on: May 15, 2012, 12:53:46 AM »
What I found is the 7D af the points are bigger so less of an issue - on the 5d3 its compressed and harder to see as the hole in the middle of the point is actually rather small.

they have different modes when focus is acquired to make it easier to see but it it isnt as visible as the 7D af points

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5d Mark iii noise at 1600
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:55:43 PM »
I returned mine due to the same problem mate - trust me you arent the only one - the demo unit in store had the exact same issue. the 1D4 is significantly better I!/Banding/Noise (as it should)

I wont touch another one personally.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1DX to ship next month.
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:53:11 PM »
Spoke to my pro dealer - the 1Dx is in fact shipping to press first as we speak this is expected to take a month. First shipment at least in Australia will be end of June for early July release.

There was a banding image up for a few days sorry I pulled it down. If you're interested I can try and get a variety of cropped isos put together for you if i get the time over the weekend :)

In the end:

When went back to the store to return the unit and the canon dealer was intrigued (as you can see the banding on the back lcd as clear as day) He then got out the loaner unit and whilst it is still visible on the back lcd screen it wasn't anywhere near as bad as mine and the are sending that one back as a lemon.

We put both bodies through a battery of tests, shooting with the same then different lenses - all L's for the record - both units exhibited near same banding.It's very easy to replicate shoot dark grey to mid grey target or shoot a scene where there is shadows and it is visible in the shadows/dark greys. I never tried i but if my process holds true, shooting the night sky would yield the same result even more-so around dusk.

I am waiting to hear from Canon if there is actually a known issue with the processing engine/noise profile. It would explain why there is colour-bleeds visible in the raws on both the 1DX and 5D3, (and more then likely the real reason for the delay of the 1DX).

As previously noted - if you are using LR4, it automatically removes banding that occurs iso 100-3200 as the NR color slider is locked at 25 to begin with. cr2->dng->LR4 yields better results overall then cr2->dpp->tiff in my experience.

the latest dpp seems to ruin the image with unsharpen mask added by default ? (im not really a heavy user of dpp so im not the best when it comes to understanding why) artifacts are present in the image that aren't seen when converted to DNG.

In direct comparison with it's big brother - pre-production 1DX - I'm sure people have seen this image before but I've blown-up parts for my own analysis f5, 1/125, 24mm, iso12.8K: - ACR convert to jpeg, no PP although it looks like there was NR inbody enabled.

Banding specifically in the greys isn't visible - does inherit the colour bleed which i noticed on the 5d3 at high isos - maybe that's what they have been fixing over the last few months? Look at the red to black transition, i had that issue with a teal (shorts) to skintone transition on the 5d3.

I have had my 5D3 for 24 hours now and it is just so much better then my 7D that I love so much. High ISO is so much better and so much better then the 7D that there is no comparison. I have pushed the exposure to see how it handles it and it is looks good to me. Photos at 25,600 looking better then 1,600 on my 7D. Only thing I will miss on the 5D3 compared to the 7D is the reach. If a 7D2 comes out I will upgrade and have that as my second camera for that reason. Also the transition from the 7D has been effortless and the main reason I didn't even consider the D800, that along with my Canon glass. Frankly I don't care what others have, if what I have gets the job done 100% for my needs.

It is really a seamless change!

And banding aside i was impressed with the jpeg engine - for example 12.8K, 1/20, f4, 105mm (a little PP but it picked up the texture on the leather at 12.8K which to me is impressive)

And yes it's going back - might try another body and see how that goes

Thanks all for your replies:

Interesting notes from further testing:

-I found dpp->tiff->lr3 not to be as good as dng->lr4 (lr4 by default now adds +25 Colour NR which gets rid of most of the banding iso100-iso3200)

-fps hit seems to come mainly from ALO/NR - turning that off yielded slightly higher fps something I didn't experience or notice with the 7D, I did read somewhere about the battery at 40% effecting overall fps - but someone else brought that up and noted.

-For the record the 7D is my tie over camera when I sold off all my 1 Series gear (as we were all expecting the 1Dx to be out last Feb, tried to get a better price for my 1 Series before everyone starts the sell-off...) I think part problem being my expectations coming from 1Ds3's and 1D4's.

-The fact that I can see the banding on the back lcd screen when you hit the standard magnify is cause for concern - as someone mentioned prior it could be a lemon body - even my gf who isn't a photographer walked past and asked 'wtfs with the red and green lines?' - there's no way I am giving that to a client.

-Main reason for posting: I found it amusing that Canon Australia hides behind *Canon Inc* more times then I can count, just frustrating.

Day 1: sample image was shot with a EF 50 f1.4 in RAW (dpp -> Tiff -> LR)

Day 2 set: The shots that I was taking yesterday in servo mode was the my EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM - JPG NR-ON/ALO-ON (these were the type of shots i would normally take on the 7D that are good to submit for work with very little tweaking if any - all in well lit environment - iso 100-1250 max: Tv 1/250, Auto-iso) Banding is noticeable on anything grey/dark to light - blacks are solid. LR colour NR does remove all visible banding with the slider at 50. (I'll try and post a sample tonight)

Speed - CF - Sandisk extreme pro 90MB/s <--not the card

The last test tonight/tomorrow will be in the studio with the EF 70-200 f2.8 L IS USM II in RAW (dpp -> Tiff -> LR)

Hey Drizzt321

I know LR4 supports the raw but they also cook the raws to no end. Hence the workflow change till adobe fixes the raw convertor.

FPS - H mode (like it should be)

And banding is visible in iso 100 images - look for anything grey and you will see the green and red bands :)

First night i took it out shooting iso 2000 throughout - i am impressed overall by the iso range just the bandings killed it for me.

Day 1: email to my canon staff member I normally rant too :P


I got impatient and bought a 5D3 – whilst it’s not one series, it’s not too bad.

However there is some serious banding issues – I can’t be the only one that it effects.

Sample here – (yes I am aware I twitched and locked ev -1/3 under but wouldn’t have this effect) (20MB warning)

I removed all in body processing as I wanted to see what the sensor is capable of.

DPP seems to have a mind of it’s own but I removed the unsharpen mask (which kills the image btw) and sharpening and all NR – except for Luminance noise (which is appalling without it)

There is serious banding in the skys? – red/green/purple – and I am using the camera how you would expect f2.2, 1/50, iso 12.8K

Thoughts? Solutions?


No response so then continued with my day 2 experiences:


AF test, Jpeg shooting:

Positive notes:

- AF – spot on to the fact of lunacy, and I have only just started to fine tune it as the default case 2 switches a bit too much. I managed to grab a cyclist come up a hill back lit when in a moving car travelling at 60KM/hr with only a 0.2-0.5s acquisition time pre fire on an  F4 lens – to me that is insane.

- Jpeg image sooc is gorgeous – I wanted to see what it renders like with HS NR, ALO, Landscape Profile on and tbh SOOC images are near flaweless (bar the read noise).


- Dunno what Canons smoking but 6FPS is a joke – this is a 3.5-4fps at best camera when tracking (painfully slow but at least its accurate) – 7D smashes out frames in the same light using the same lens.

- Magnify to point is great (but nothing new after shooting 1 series for a few generations), but the moron that moved the magnify button should be shot.

- The af point is so small it’s hard to see at times (never had that issue with the 7D as the af points larger and brighter when you put the af point brightness mode to max – and at least you are given that option!!!)

Major Disappointment’s:

Read noise at iso 100 (and up) is noticeable in the shadows and anything remotely grey.

LR’s Colour NR does remove most of it but at higher iso’s it doesn’t do as good a job.

On a side note: I’d love to use DPP but it seems it’s the same people coding that program as the guy that moved the magnify button – it’s clunky and feel like it came from the windows 95 era.

For now however there is no alternative to DPP -> TiFF -> LR edit (in effect you are better off shooting jpeg)

For a RRP of $4299 I wouldn’t expect to have to be processing NR at iso 100. At best this body is worth $2K and should be sold as Canons entry level FF camera – if you pull the AF out, that’s all it is - an entry level FF with a noisy sensor.

I’m not sure if the upcoming firmware address this?

"local rep name" I’m going to take it into the studio and try and reclaim some love for it – from everything I have seen so far I am expecting to see some banding in the shadows of the skin tones – if my expectations prove to be true, then the camera is a complete and utter failure and will have to go back – sorry :/ (that was to my local rep)





I passed on your previous feedback to our technical team for their evaluation.

Unfortunately due to restrictions in our internet access regarding file sharing we were unable to download the image you sent; however they mentioned that to accurately test whether the camera was functioning within specification or not it would need to be tested here at North Ryde.

As per below however I can see the 5DMkiii has not met your expectations. I cannot comment on the technical performance of the camera as this is all managed via Canon Inc, I can only hope that when the 1DX is launched it is the camera that you have been waiting for.


EOS Bodies / 1DX delayed in Australia
« on: May 09, 2012, 10:03:45 PM »
From local pro dealer:

Shipment end of June - release for July

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 1DX AI Servo AF Point is BLACK. Oh no...
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:23:29 AM »
Same as 7D in AI-Servo

the cheat is to use AI-focus so you can see it blip for a second or punch in af select mode and align yourself, then hit af-on and go from there.

its annoying but it was my work around.


obviously ai-focus wont work with the 1DX :P

Lighting / Re: 600EX RT + transmitter + 5d MK2 Sync speed
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:13:59 AM »
I have st-e3-rt + 2x600ex-rt on a 7D - hss works and initially i didn't think there were any limitations. However at 1:1 at 1/250th you do get banding if you use it as a studio strobe in a shoot through.

at 1/125 (as the manual suggests) it doesn't have any banding.

outdoors HSS you don't notice the banding if there is decent ambient - i personally have sync'd at 1/8000th without issues and never noticed any banding.

I'm fine with it the way it is - i'll have it on a 1DX shortly so not too fussed. However the ready beep issue is annoying (see my post) this is my only real annoyance with the system.

Where did you order the st-e3-rt from? I have one on backorder @ B&H, but no idea when it will be in stock.

Thanks Kindly,


Hi Shane - bought mine local in Perth - Western Australia from a shop called PRA.

Lighting / Re: 600ex-rt group mode issue
« on: May 03, 2012, 08:53:37 PM »
small suggestion - get an external battery pack.

with that said 1/32 power shouldn't have drained that much power.

i have 2 600s and the st-e3-rt and tbh i haven't come across the same issue as i tend to have 12 batteries running into my 600's - assuming the draw is slightly higher then the 580 II's I replaced, i get about 2500-3000 shots a magazine as well as instant recycle (and 1 sec 1:1).

the funniest thing that happened with my kit was the master over heated after 700th shot shooting a poorly lit catwalk. lcd went red and i didnt know what the hell was going on lol

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