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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Confirms Development of High Megapixel Camera
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:28:42 PM »
That's all fine. Unless that's all they can come up with. I personally still don't get the high resolution thing other than for the ability to crop or to display things billboard size. Other than that printing technology is so far behind that I don't see very little value in anything over, say, 12MP. Still see no need to give up on my 5DII in fact.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I'm getting impatient for the new 5D 4.
« on: December 18, 2014, 04:01:16 PM »

I am new here and have only a Powershot G6 which is a decade old now...

I am about to buy my first FF DSLR and I must admit I am pretty overwhelmed at the whole Nikon vs Canon thing and yet despite many saying to go with Nikon, I really would like to go with Canon but I don't really fancy forking out 2K euros on a camera that is largely considered old tech, despite the fact I would be over the moon to have such a camera.

I remember the same kind of discussions going on before the announcement of the Mark III in various places. Really "old tech"? I frankly don't expect anything coming in a Mark IV that will be that earth-shattering. Unless there is some specific feature that it is an absolute game changer I don't see the need to wait for something that may come months from now - and then turn out to be a disappointment of sorts.

I am still happily on my Mark II and never saw a valid reason to upgrade. I took a Mark III to shoots and couldn't tell the difference in the results. The AF is superior on the Mark III but that to me has not been a reason to shell out the extra money for a Mark III body. And if the Mark II breaks tomorrow I'll go get a Mark III independent of potential release dates for a Mark IV (or whatever Canon is planning to do).

Think of all the pictures you could be taking between now and, say, next Summer. Plus I'd always shell out the extra cash on the lenses first before considering the latest and greatest body.

Reviews / Re: Is Canon 5d mk 1 still a good camera?
« on: June 13, 2014, 06:41:35 AM »
6D is a definite step up from the 5D MK I ... you will notice significant difference in high ISO noise, better image quality and many modern features ... Get the 6D, you will like it ... of course 5D MK III is the best "all arounder" full frame camera on the planet, if you are willing to spend the money, go for 5D MK III ... but do know that 6D is far superior camera than the original 5D.
Happy shopping.

Not sure this is good advice. It depends on shooting style and priorities. I personally wouldn't look at the 6d as an upgrade at all. Slower sync time and maximum speed would be way more important to me than any more or less useful high ISO figures. Add to that the form factor and you lose my interest in the 6d before even discussing any AF issues.

It's kind of like when I compared my mark II with the mark iii and actually shot both side by side. I found no reason to upgrade for what I do. The results were for all practical purposes identical. Even the faster AF on the mark iii did not make any difference.

But that's me and everyone has different priorities.


Thanks for all the information and suggestions and for offering to try it at the store for me. That's actually what I'm going to do in a few days - once my new laptop arrives that is.

The intention for this one is exactly that: air travel and a road trip. So I'm looking for something compact that can house the items above and doesn't scream "camera bag" when out on the road.


I can try tomorrow night, but I suspect it will be a bit too crammed. Maybe in the outside pocket?
I'll let you know.
Did you consider the 10?

I have but it doesn't look as if the 10 has a laptop compartment at all.

Software & Accessories / Retrospective 7 with MacBook pro retina 13"?
« on: April 19, 2014, 12:29:51 PM »
Hi there,

I'm looking for a new bag for light travel to hold my gripped 5D, 50L, 135L, 24-105, flash and a MacBook Pro Retina 13".

It might be tight but I always wanted one of the Thintank Retrospective bags and the 7 might fit the bill. It says on their website that it fits the 11" Air or a tablet but I've read that some people put the MBPr 13 in there.

Can anyone confirm this who may have any of the above combinations?

Canon General / Re: Insurance for Camera gear
« on: April 15, 2014, 05:51:21 PM »
As a Massachusetts resident I envy everyone here who has access to State Farm. I have not been able to find ANY reasonably priced camera insurance here. Insurance companies simply refuse to do business in this over-regulated state.
And adding stuff to my home owners insurance is not really an option. I have very very few options for that as well here (close to the ocean on top of everything else) so risking my policy with a camera claim is not an option.

What's weird is that at least I'm able to insure my musical instruments against pretty much anything you can imagine for dirt cheap. Company from New York does that. But haven't been able to find any camera gear insurance.

Just a question that popped into my mind. Why do people post photos on social websites?

Today I removed most of my photos off FB because I'm no longer sure why I share them.

Thoughts ...

PS: I am a hobby photographer

Simple answer: because they want other people to see and enjoy them. To me that's what photographs are for. I've been following some of the media hype (especially in Europe where I'm from originally) around privacy, safety and copyright concerns. Fair enough.
But I see no value (apply any meaning here) in keeping my photos private and locked up. Yes, you want to think twice what you post and who you give access to what. But I must admit I enjoy social media - and often for the pictures especially. Despite the occasional over-sharing I like seeing what friends and acquaintances are up to. Especially those who I otherwise don't get to see or hear from much.

And sometimes between all the kids, pets and travel pics (including the "look what's on my plate" variety) there are photographic gems that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I try to return the favor in limited and (I hope) reasonable way. And that's just Facebook. I also like Flickr and 500px to just go browsing through some incredible work.

And I'm in my mid forties and not some Gen Y kid who doesn't know any different. 

Software & Accessories / Re: updating to Maverick 10.9?
« on: February 25, 2014, 07:30:32 PM »
Now that Maverick has been out for a while I am wondering if all (most of) the bugs have been worked out?  Specifically is anyone having trouble running the EOS capture software/DPP/ or  CS6 Photoshop/Premier?

Thanks for any insights, 


I'm new to Mac and started out with Mavericks as my first Apple OS. It's a i7 quad core Mini with SSD and 8GB. Everything works blazing fast - LR5, PS and a full Logic Pro X install. Opens in seconds and is a breeze to work with.

Only issues I had are unrelated to photo or music processing. Haven't figured out what to use instead of Nero to create CD images. And I'm having some VPN issues with my workplace which are supposed to be Mavericks related.

Today Apple released 10.9.2 by the way to fix a few security concerns.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Move settings from 5DII to a second body?
« on: February 21, 2014, 01:22:10 PM »
Not with anything from Canon, camera or computer software.  I believe FoCal can save and restore camera settings, but since it's linked to the serial number, you would have to register the rented camera, and even then I'm not sure if the software would transfer from one camera to another since it can tell them apart.

Thanks Neuro. Kind of what I figured. Surprising really that there aren't any third party tools that do this kind of stuff. Probably something tricky with the internal access/storage to the data?

This is now going to take another half hour or so out of my life...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Move settings from 5DII to a second body?
« on: February 21, 2014, 12:03:00 PM »
I don't think it can be done but is there any easy way to move all my camera and menu settings from my 5DII to a second (rented) body via software (Canon or otherwise) and then do a reset to factory after?


PowerShot / Re: Canon PowerShot G1 X II Final Specifications
« on: February 13, 2014, 09:22:07 PM »
Ugly camera - not because its "look" - but because it looks a huge step backward in usability compared to the G1X. No dials and a touch screen?
Explain how a touch screen is a step back??

I agree with that. I think it's targeting the wrong crowd. The 1GX was a traditional photographer's camera (of sorts) or at least pretends to be with look and features. Now they're going the Sony route but are not "cool" enough for that either.

I personally can't stand touch screens per se. I reluctantly switched to an iPhone from an old Blackberry. And even though it's great for some stuff it can be a pain for others. Including photography I find. I just spend a few days in the Rockies. It was freezing cold. Didn't wanna bring my 5DII up into the mountains. The iPhone only works with gloves off which was only an option for a few minutes at best.

Ultimately, I was glad I had brought my old Olympus rangefinder and a few rolls of Tri-X. I know, crazy. But you get my point. I'm the kind of guy who wants a digital camera that can be controlled like a real camera and not like my silly iPhone.

Add to that no viewfinder and I'm out.

PowerShot / Re: Canon PowerShot G1 X II Final Specifications
« on: February 13, 2014, 09:10:38 PM »
I don't get it. Same sensor size, no optical viewfinder. Why would I want this over the current version (which I didn't buy either)?

When will Canon provide a camera that people like me would want as a secondary/travel camera? Something that has at least APS-C, a fast lens with manual focus option, easy access to shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and a good optical viewfinder? I mean, how hard could that be to have some version of a poor man's Leica?

This thing here is about as impressive as the S120 that I bought for my 10 year old daughter a while back (and for what it is it's actually a nice camera).


Software & Accessories / Re: CS5 PC to CS6 MAC crossgrade?
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:59:57 PM »
Just to close the loop and in case anyone runs into the same questions:

I was able to buy the upgrade to CS6 on the Adobe website. There is a drop down menu that lets you select your platform. I was logged into my Adobe account while doing this and was able to select the previous CS5 (Win) version as my qualifier for the upgrade. It was as simple as that and the live chat person at Adobe confirmed that this was no trickery or anything shady on my end but totally ok. Not that it shouldn't for taking yet another $190 some bucks from me.

There was no mentioning anywhere that my old version would or should expire after this. I obviously took it off my old PC and deactivated it. But CS5 still runs on my Win laptop for now without any issues.

Same thing by the way with the LR3 to LR5 upgrade. It's not specific to Mac or PC anyway but still happily coexists even on the new machine and it seems this is so by design.

Glad I got everything I needed and according to their rules. And all that without signing up for their subscription model racket. Should be good to go for several years to come.

Technical Support / Calibration questions for new Mac with NEC PA271w
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:52:14 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Just posted the same quesiton over at dpreview but thought I may get what I need from our experts here:

I just upgraded my desktop for photo editing and I'm now on a Mac and a NEC PA271w. I still have my ColorMunki Display with the corresponding X-Rite calibration software (and I'm aware that this version is not compatible with NEC's own calibration software). I upgraded to CS6 and LR5 for Mac (not that it matter for this question I think).

What's the right way to calibrate the setup now (without spending more money on another calibration device plus software)?

I started out by doing what I did before on my Dell PC/Monitor: install the X-rite software, update everything, run the software, follow the on-screen instructions.

Well, things get a little more complicated here. First, I'm aware that my new NEC has the ability to store profiles in its hardware (obviously you can change profiles via the buttons on the monitor, but also via a free NEC piece of software).

So question #1: what internal profile should the monitor be set to when running the x-rite profiling process?

But it gets worse: now that I have deliberately chosen an aRGB monitor I want to have at least two profiles to switch back and forth between: aRGB for the fun stuff and sRGB for the other half of the fun plus the usual web browsing and everything else where aRGB gets messed up.

So I now created two profiles, one with the monitor in sRGB mode and one with it in aRGB. I have a feeling something is wrong with that approach. Should I instead have the monitor in some kind of default mode (see question 1) and is there then a way to create these two profiles with the x-rite software (aRGB + sRGB). If so, how?

Question #2: After whatever the correct process above is how do I actually switch between the two profiles? Are they managed (on the Mac) via the systems settings (monitor>color>ICC profiles XY or Z...) OR by switching them in the actual monitor hardware via the NEC tool ("MultiProfiler") OR is it in fact the x-rite software running in the background (little grey/green ball) that does this? Is the latter actually getting in the way of manually switching between two or more profiles?

Gee, I hope this makes sense. Maybe I'm just overthinking this again but I can't figure it out.

Thanks a bunch

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