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EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Video Editing Work Flow?
« on: September 30, 2014, 11:28:26 AM »

Currently, I bring all my video onto my working and backup hard drive with Lightroom, I just do all my media through LR.

I then, open up Davinci Resolve and bring all the footage in there, I've been using the version 11 interaction with the Xrite passport color utility...and in Resolve, I use this to set and correct all my basic WB.

I shoot with the Marvels Cinestyle 'flat' profile, and this one step on each clip makes them start to really pop and look good for rest of workflow.
That is way too advanced for a newbie, my opinion, but thanks for sharing, it is clear.
I haven't moved to 11 yet. From a hardware requirement is there a big difference between the 11 and 10?
By the way, the Marvels Cinestyle is indeed the way to go. I will have to try the Xrite passport once I am with 11.

I consider myself a NOOB myself...I'm just adamant about trying to learn and teach myself. But I certainly don't do this professionally, at this point, it is still a labor of love.

I got my 5D3 about 2years first DSLR and video camera really, so I'm just self taught since then, learned a lot on CR here too from day 1.


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Video Editing Work Flow?
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:18:41 PM »
I am beginner on taking video / film making / videography (i dont know if these terms can be use interchangeably).

After recording a video using my 6D. The SD card shows .mov file.

  1. What is usually the next step? should I convert it to other format prior to video editing?
  2. What are the usual video editing that needs to be done? cutting/rejecting portions of the video?
  3. What is the usual final format (for still, its jpeg).


Currently, I bring all my video onto my working and backup hard drive with Lightroom, I just do all my media through LR.

I then, open up Davinci Resolve and bring all the footage in there, I've been using the version 11 interaction with the Xrite passport color utility...and in Resolve, I use this to set and correct all my basic WB.

I shoot with the Marvels Cinestyle 'flat' profile, and this one step on each clip makes them start to really pop and look good for rest of workflow.

I set the WB as mentioned above...I then render out what is basically a 'proxy' file in prores and XML which I bring into FCPX.  I do my edits...when pretty much locked, I often send back the XML to Resolve, but UNCHECK the import files part, so that Resolve will use the edited information, but work with the original files.

I"ll do my color correction, grading, noise reduction (Neat plugin)...and render this out..and do XML too.

I"ll bring this back into FCPX, finish up sound..and if I have certain clips I want to do motion graphics on, I'll pull that clip into After Effects, do my magic there and render out, and add into the Library/Project in FCPX...I finalize things and render out my movie

Of course there are variations depending on the shoot or what needs I have for a project, but most are my own, that is the general workflow I follow.

I am trying to work Pluraleyes in there help sync when using external addition to the Rode video mic I have mounted on camera.

I'm shooting with a Canon 5D3.....editing on a mac.

Soon, I hope to start teaching myself Premier and see how I'd fit that into the workflow.

But I start off bringing things into Davinci Resolve (Lite..the free version).



While this isn't isn't directed at Wedding day shots, I found this class to be VERY much worth the money (I bought during discount days), but this Creative Live class by Sue Bryce, really helped me the first time posing models, especially inexperience models:

Especially how she tells how to give hand gestures to your models...I watched this shortly before my models came over (happened to be posing in wedding dresses for a bouquets product shoot), and it worked like a charm.

This class has sessions showing how to pose women, "curvy" women, groups, older women, men...etc. Many categories and how to pose around people's weaknesses (if they're a bit overweight, or if older how to keep wrinkles from being overly emphasized, etc).

Hope that helps, it really worked well for me.

Oh and the class comes with some printable posing guides too.


Pricewatch Deals / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art in Stock at B&H Photo
« on: September 04, 2014, 01:48:41 PM »
Ugh..what to do...what to do.
I have $$ burning a hole in my pocket.

Lenses have just dropped in I wait to see if rebates will hit on top of price drop?

Somehow, I messed up this year...and got a refund of about $2600. I also just received an additional rebate check from the state tax folks for about $950.

I had originally planned to get the canon 50L 1.2...and the 100L macro...but hmmmm.

I rented the 50L once, mostly for video on my 5D3...and was blown away how it turned almost pitch black bars into daytime.

I'm guessing I should rent both the 50L and the Sigma Art 50 and compare one weekend side by side.

But I get those, or maybe the 24-70 2.8 and the 100L? Or...or ...or....

Hell, I am bogging down my macbook pro late 2011 with AE and other projects..hell, even multiple smart RAW objects in PS can crash the thing...maybe I need to add a bit more to the fund and get the Mac pro...for about $5K.

Ugh...can't I just win the lottery and just be over the whole "can't buy it all at once" syndrome ???


Anyway....what suggestions would ya'll make on lenses?


Lenses / Re: Canon Price Drops on L Lenses
« on: September 04, 2014, 01:39:52 PM »
It's the dawning of the age of aquarius .. good old EF is dying ... new native short flangeback lenses for mirrorless FF are on the horizon ... or maybe even around the corner. :-)

Canon has to lower lens prices, because so many people like myself are not interested in big mirrorslappers any longer. those Canon mirrorless cameras are just RUSHING out the doors, hard to find one left to buy....[rolls eyes]


Video & Movie / Re: My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 20, 2014, 10:39:16 AM »

I"m trying to start to research a new set of sticks that has the ball (half ball?) type base that the video head connects to, so that you can set up and then adjust level....not sure what to get as that I"m just starting to look.
I can spend some $$, but not a ton....



Might make your exsisting sticks more video friendly without buying a whole new set of legs.

If you have the budget, I cannot see past Sachtler ACE video tripods.  The Medium MS version (mid level spreader) works on all terrains, has the half bowl, but uniquely at the price point, a properly variable counterbalanced head.

I cannot overstate how essential a counterbalanced head is, or how easy it makes camera movements.

With the ACE you set the balance up with locks opened.  Find your middle point (very long video plate provided).
Lock.  Set your spring weight.  Set your resistance level (stepped, so that pan and tilt can have exactly the same resistance)

You touch the camera you get a movement.  You don't touch the camera. You don't.  Absolutely effortless movements with superlative ramping.

You'll ballk a little at the price at first, especially if you are used t buying stills tripods, but I guarantee you it is 3x 5x 10x the tripod you would get from any other manufacturer at the same price.

The head is fantastic. If you shoot video it's what you need.

The 438 leveller will kill your levelling frustrations in the meantime...

Thank you for the reply and suggestions.

Is this the unit you're talking about ?

I currently have the Manfroto Manfrotto 502 Video Head, which uses the 504 plate system for QR.

Would this work with the Sachtler?  I ask because I also have this same video head/plate system on my slider, as well as my Manfrotto video Monopod....I'd hate to have to redo the plate system at this time, etc...

Thank you so much in advance for the input and information!!!


Video & Movie / Re: My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:18:22 PM »
Coming together well.

Couple of well inteded obverstations..

1. Ditch Resolve.  You don't need it.  Not with your camera.  Not for this kind of project.

Get a grey card.  Fix it going into the camera.  Easier. Cheaper. Looks better.

2. Profile shot in kitchen is not level.  Get a wee hotshoe spirit level.  Very minor distraction.  But the difference between the top pro stuff and good amateur stuff is probably 2 or 3%, you have the kit.  Watch your level.

3. You could make more of the ingredient graphics.  Apart from the lift at the end this could be a still with gfx overlay.  Make more of the perspective of the lens.  Crash tilt or Pan into.  Crash zoom into.  It's too static. 
Bring in the ingredients one by one.  Maybe add a little jitter in Ae.  Look for interesting fonts on something like dafont.

Look at this video for basic but more interesting captioning style, nice font that isn't part of the stock package, but free for non commercial use via dafont, and a little jitter.. dead simple.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

Yeah, the level thing is a problem, my current set of sticks really doesn't have a level bubble on it or easy way to adjust.

I"m trying to start to research a new set of sticks that has the ball (half ball?) type base that the video head connects to, so that you can set up and then adjust level....not sure what to get as that I"m just starting to look.
I can spend some $$, but not a ton....


Video & Movie / Re: My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:41:06 PM »
Schweet!  I would love to be able to make a video half that good!  I can't wait to give those recipes a whirl!  :D

At time index 1:50 you can see the light modifiers in the background, if that matters.
During the close ups of adding ingredients at 6:50, the lighting shifts slightly.
Love the time lapse segment, esp where you added the little extras like the spinning salt box, etc.

Next time, give the dog the first manhattan and he'll probably be out for the duration.   (Kidding, LOL!)  :P

Thank you VERY much for the response!! Greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I"m a one man, camera, at times I forget to double check for the lights, etc.  I'll try to be a bit more vigilant in the future.


Video & Movie / Re: My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:39:32 PM »
Nice work, you've improved quite a bit since the last video I saw. Intro is very cool. I still think using Resolve on DSLR footage is incredibly unnecessary, especially if it's giving you issues and not coming out right. You can only do so much with compressed 8-bit 4:2:0 footage and I think doing it with FCP would de-clutter and speed up your workflow. But hey whatever works for you, keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for the compliment!!

Well, thing is, I've gotten VERY used to the controls on Resolve...I cannot seem to get FCPX's weird little color changing paradigm to work just quite right, and the other day for some reason in FCPX I could not get the scopes to come up.

But if I keep having the problems...I'll have to deal with it maybe. I might try to start learning Premier Pro, which I have...and see if that and speed grade work for me. If nothing else, always a good thing to learn new and different tools!!

Thank you!!

Video & Movie / My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:57:37 AM »
Hi Folks,

Whew...been a long time since I posted last, been a busy year.
I just posted my latest YouTube episode of my cooking video series:
CWI: Cooking While Intoxicated.

I think I'm surely but slowly making progress in composing, lighting and editing.

This was shot on my 5D3, I used a Rode Videomic on camera and this was the first time using the Rode smartLAV hooked to my iPhone in my pocket for better sound.

I ran into hiccups with my usual workflow...due to versions of FCPX going to latest version, and having to run on Maverics (upgrade, ugh), and also with Davinci Resolve from 11beta to regular v11.

Anyway, this was also only my 2nd dive into try to use After Effects in a meaningful manner, I used this for the time-lapse segment at the end, and also for the motion tracking parts where I attacked ingredients graphics.

Anyway, I had a LOT of trouble with color, for some reason, Resolve now...shows one thing on its screens but when rendered, it looks MUCH lighter on any other playback system and I cannot figure it out. I have to really overdo things in resolve with a final node at the end of each clip to overdo saturation, get it to look normal in FCPX or even just paying quicktime on my desktop.

ANYWAY...with all that, I am happy with this result....and do check out the outtakes/bloopers I added on after final credits, I didn't color correct those, so you can see how the shots look coming out of my camera Flat using Marvel's Cinestyle.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!


Like cayenne, I've been umming and ahing about Magic Lantern... finally took the plunge on ny 5d3 following the instructions above. Simple! Then once installed, you switch on live view, then press the delete button to bring up the ML menu and select which modules you want to activate.

I'm looking at trying some nightscapes and maybe star trails, so the programmable bulb timer and intervalometer will be invaluable. :)

WOW…too cool!!

I"m contemplating this myself for my 5D3 over the holiday weekend.

PLEASE…post back your experiences and thoughts on your new ML install and using it!!!

Thanks in advance,


Hello all,

I'm getting ready to bring in some 5D3 footage I shot for the first time, using the 30fps frame rate, this was to match other video cameras on the shoot, guessing they were shooting 30fps.

I'm about to bring it into Davinci Resolve Lite, and I learned in the past, especially with Resolve and FCPX roundtripping workflow…that the 5D3 does not in fact shoot 24fps, but it shoots 23.976fps, and Resolve is VERY sensitive to this….took me forever to figure that roundtripping problem out.

With 24fps from the 5D3, I make sure on Resolve and FCPX both that they work with and out put to 23.976 so that it works.

So, with that being said….on the 5D3, is 30fps == 30fps  or is it something like  fps in reality?

Thank you in advance,


Lenses / Re: Before you buy your next prime...
« on: May 07, 2014, 02:06:13 PM »
... And I bought my wife a new laptop this week, so if she catches me, I'm okay.  I'm guessing she tracked your big whites, though, I know my wife sure did!

That's a good strategy! I did that with an iPad last year ;)

What preserves my marital harmony is restricting gear purchases to extra money I make from consulting, workshops and photo gigs (my part time business stuff). Separate cards and bank account = no arguments.

That said, I'm really starting to question myself on any new gear purchases. I feel I hit the plateau on quality per dollars spent a while back and I really need to stop worrying about gear limitations and shoot at every opportunity. Spending money on travel and workshops (experiences) makes more sense to me at this point than more/better gear. GAS is a hard habit to break, though!

Seems to me that ditching the wives would be the cheapest option of all….err…well maybe the cheapest would be just NOT getting married in the first place.

At best, I only live with them from time to time, kinda of like leasing with an option to buy.
I can buy and do what I want…and I don't have to sign over half my belongings when I decide to trade up to a newer model of girlfriend.


I'm really thinking about trying this.

Is there now a better, straightforward, one stop to find it…guide to installing Magic Lantern on a 5D3?

Last time I started looking into it, I found out of date guides, wrong versions….and read through about 300 posts on the forums and I still didn't really feel safe in trying to install this.

So, does anyone have links to a simple at least fairly up to date install guide with steps laid out 1,2,3,4…n?

Last time I was reading through, I thought about disarming a bomb with instructions like.

"Ok, now…find and cut the green wire…"




It was pretty.straight forward now that the boot flag issue has been resolved.

1) set camera back to factory defaults
2) remove battery grip if installed.
3) format SD or CF card in camera
4) remove card and install in computer
5) download ML for 5diii and unzip all files into the root folder of card including the .fir file. (maintain same folder structure as supplied in the zip file)
6) insert card back into camera and install the firmware using the Canon firmware update menu option.
7) when prompted power off camera and power back on


I haven't tried it yet but to permanently uninstall and revert the boot flag back to original just reformat the card with the uninstall ML option.

Im getting ready to upgrade to the latest ML version so ill give the uninstall option a try before i upgrade...though technically not necessary.  But im curious how seemless the uninstall is and wether or not it gives me back the improved wake up speed. there a good URL for the official steps..what files to get, etc for the 5D3.

I'd just like to have the 'official" steps so that if something did come up, I could post to the forums and say "I did steps #4 and things went bad"….



Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Gets Reviewed
« on: April 16, 2014, 03:47:28 PM »
I'm about to put my 50L on Ebay.... and it has nothing to do with this new 50mm Art.

I took my kids to Flower Field in Carlsbad yesterday. I carried A7r + FE 55mm. With Eye-focus feature in A7r, compose the shot is so easy. At wide open, I couldn't miss a shot. However, the Bokeh is not smooth as my 50L.

Bottom line is, I'm willing to trade that bokeh for light weight ;)

What's your asking price on the 50L?


Asking price is $1599 ;D....just kidding. I'm not in the hurry to sell my 50L, maybe not at all.

Current market only has few f1.2 lenses with AF. If the new Sigma is REALLY that good, then I don't mind adding a 3rd 50mm lens to my bag. At this moment, I strongly believe I have enough weapons to fight most challenging photography battles - from super sharp to smooth Bokeh etc... ;)


So far…best prices on good condition used 50L's I've seen are in the $1250-$1295 range…..slightly more for refurbe from the Canon site from time to time….

I gotta see how much tax I gotta pay first….no word from CPA yet, so, maybe I don't owe….


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