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Well,I'm gonna read up on it...and maybe give it a try this weekend.

Nothing like 'jumping into the fire' to get to try to learn how to do new things, eh?



Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom 5
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:58:40 PM »

LR Raw's are unaltered out of the box, it's the JPEG's that you are comparing them to that have been altered during in camera processing.

All RAW processing programs have default adjustments that are made to the RAW file in the preview of it.  None change the RAW file that I know of except DPP when you use DLO.


I wasn't saying LR was changing the RAW file itself, but that it does have some settings right out of the box, that will be applied to the RAW when it shows it to you in the 'preview'.

I think there is by default some sharpening, etc done to it...even before you start changing or 'developing' the image.

Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom 5
« on: August 08, 2013, 10:19:04 AM »
Also, I'm learning LR5 too.

From come Creative Live classes I've seen..it appears that LR comes out of the box, with some "preset develop" settings it applies to RAW images coming in.

You can go into a couple of the setup areas, I think lens correction is one, but I'm trying to say there are 1-2 other places that you have to go in, and set it so that it doesn't apply things upon import.

But from what I've head, out of the box, LR does not bring your RAW stuff in unadulterated, it applies some changes...I guess to make them look "good" out of camera?


It does take a little while to retrain, but I think it's worth it. There are some additional benefits aside from those already mentioned. It saves the step of switching between MF and AF mode on lenses for certain shooting when you want to manually focus. Also, if you have a subject which moves quite quickly in one spot, then it is invaluable. An example froma few years ago, before my swithover, was when an adult starling was feeding a recently fledged youngster. Every time the feed happened, using normal AF, the camera immediately focused on the grass behind, which was a bit of a pain to say the least.
It isn't so much a case of switching back button focus on, but more of switching the normal AF off, as the default is to be able to focus from the back button or the shutter, instead of just the back button.

OH, I thought it was just one menu setting to change all AF to the back button.

I'll have to dig out the manual and try to read up on this....I'll give it a try this weekend I think!!


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Picture styles
« on: August 07, 2013, 01:43:17 PM »
From my understanding (I could be wrong) the MagicLantern 5d3 raw video does not even create the jpg preview, and so you're not using the Picture Style at all. I could be wrong though.

You're absolutely right. I just started playing around with video RAW and there are still a few thiings that I need to understand. "Picture style" is one of those functions that, just like when you shoot stills, don't affect RAW...

Which is one of the great parts about it :)  Now I just need to decide to spend enough money to get a 1000x card and start playing with it.


I just wish ML could get a good, solid page set up in one spot, to tell you everything, step by step to set up and use the video RAW from the ML set up, to export for use by Davinci Resolve (which as of 9.15 version will take the RAW straight in)....

I've read through hundreds of pages of the forums, and as soon as I read one instruction set...that seems comprehensive, I read 2-3 more posts down, and someone says it blows up, and that you now have to get build #37 from server xyz, follow half the directions from post #222 from a month ago, and then download and replace this one file on the camera to get it to work....do the hokey pokey....etc.

It seems they are SOOOO close on the 5D3 to being more ready for primetime or at least an easier to install and use Beta version, I wish they'd concentrate on that, get that out the door for the masses to more easily use, and then concentrate on the other cameras that are next closer to being ready.

Then again...I'd like a pony.

I've been watching some classes on Creative Live lately...I've seen some instructors, recently a couple of wedding photogs saying they have set up and use the backbutton focus.

I need to go back into the manual and look how to set it up, so I can experiment with it, but just wondering how many of you out there use this?

Are you a pro or a hobbyist?

What are the Pros/Cons of setting up and using this system?

How hard have you found it, to get used to this set up, and be able to use it fluidly? 

I'd almost  think if you were moving your focus points around, while shooting manual...using backbutton focus  would pretty much require you to grow an extra finger and 3rd hemisphere of the brain just to coordinate all of this?

Anyway, I'm thinking of giving it a try, but wanted to get some comments from those that use it currently.

Thanks in advance,


HDR - High Dynamic Range / Re: Post your HDR images:
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:12:44 AM »
Ever since I've redesigned my site last week I've been shooting more!
Here are a couple from a few days ago:



With the barn pics....were the birds really there on both angles, or did you PS those in?

Canon General / Re: Photographer logo?
« on: August 06, 2013, 04:07:55 PM »
Do ya'll have opinion one way or the other....regarding having your NAME as part of your business name and logo?

Do you feel it is better to put your first and last (or one or the other) as part of your company name, or do you feel it is better to have a company name that is not your name?

You think it is better to have Joe Shmoe Photography, or better to maybe have XYZ Photography, and maybe on your images  have something like "XYZ Photography by Joe Shmoe"....

Just curious. I'm a bit of a privacy concious person, I don't do facebook, twitter..etc.

However, I would consider possibly having a FB account, but I'd rather ONLY put company info there and leave my name out of it....so, wondering if ya'll see that as a negative affect on a business...or does it make any difference whatsoever?

Thanks in advance,


Canon General / Re: Photographer logo?
« on: August 06, 2013, 10:42:20 AM »
The key thing to remind folks is that while a creative logo can stand out, unless it is easily entered into google to find you, it's more or less worthless.  Lots of script/signature logos can be too hard to translate.  My line is Sal Cincotta's - and that he does it in white against a black background means I can't post it here and have it show up...


Seriously? This is Sal Cincotta?

Oh man...loved your Creative Live classes!!


Software & Accessories / Re: Canon EOS 7D RAW Video?
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:35:03 PM »
I wish they'd pool the resources, and concentrate on the 5D3, and get it 100% ready for "prime time" and bring that one at least to Beta

I wish they'd concentrate only on the 60d, because that's what I have :-p ... remember ml started out and is still based on exploring, hacking and bringing more features and better usability to the cripped xxxd and xxd camera bodies - most ml enthusiasts and contributors only have the opportunity to see a camera of the 5d3 price range thorough a store window.

Of course, part of my wants is that I own a 5D3. However, my reasoning was that, currently the 5D3 is the best supported, has the best video and apparently most stuff is working on it, giving the impression that if they concentrated on it, for maybe 1-2 weeks, they could call it a version ready build and put that out, and then, concentrate on the next best supported camera and put that out...rather than try to have all of them working at once.

I get the impression at this point, that the lowest common denominator is holding up the cameras that are closer to working. I'd say get those out the door in a more beta or release ready form, and then go back and work on the camera platforms that are really needing much more work.


Software & Accessories / Re: Canon EOS 7D RAW Video?
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:31:45 PM »
5d3's is pretty solid as is, the interface could be better but i think ML as is is kind of fiddly so Im not really sure how much more you can expect out of it. EOSHD's guide to getting the firmware working is all you really need, the only major searching might be now that the link to the fw in his guide could be out of date.
All in all im not too worried about the flags or bricking it, I would expect its a minor fix for canon if something were to go wrong(as its just software), unlike getting moisture into it or damage from being dropped.

Well, the parts about installing ML itself are pretty straight forward, but getting to the parts where you have to find the nightly builds, get those parts separate, put them in xyz folder, do the hokey pokey ....is where I get lost.

And also, it the workflow for processing isn't that well laid out IMHO...rather than having it in a forum post that can get miles long with updates, they should have one page, that is updated to always reflect the latest instruction set with proper links, etc.....not only for installing but for post processing.

I'd like to see all files, including the RAW video parts be put into one firmware update rather than having to get the RAW video parts separate....and have a better spelled out post process.

Having to read a bunch of parts all separated out is the sign of true alpha and I'd like to see a more finished product which fromwhat I have read, should be possible for the 5D3....


Portrait / Re: Candid portraits
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:27:48 PM »
I used to take lots of candid portraits with 600D + 70-200 f/4 IS but finally stopped. It is not really honnest to take pictures of people with such a zoom (equivalent of 320mm on FF).

hair twisting par Eneade, sur Flickr

297-RTC-2+bandes par Eneade, sur Flickr

641-RTC-1-2+bandes par Eneade, sur Flickr

184-1-RTC3 par Eneade, sur Flickr

Well, if you're doing it for personal shots, and not doing anything commercially (I'm guessing by reading your post you didn't talk to them and get a released signed)...what's the problem with taking these shots in a public place?

I think they look wonderful...thanks for sharing!!


Video & Movie / Re: 1 Light Setup Video
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:25:37 PM »
I enjoyed the video...very informative, and I love it when folks show the diagram describing the lighting and model placement!!

One thing that struck me, and is just constructive criticism (coming from a total noob mind you), is that the B&W pic you showed, to me...seemed to have an almost plastic, unrealistic look...and you then mentioned you'd used a bit of skin softener.

I wonder what that shot would look like with less skin softening?  Maybe do a version with a bit less and post them side by side on this thread?

Anyway, that was the only thing that caught my eye as a little odd looking..but again, enjoy the video and showing the shoot over all!!


Software & Accessories / Re: Canon EOS 7D RAW Video?
« on: August 05, 2013, 11:52:50 AM »
All sounds great, but given the 7D ML is still at alpha stage and has been for some time, this is more a theoretical achievement than actual.

"Alpha" is more a label to scare people who don't know what they're doing, since the ml framework is very stable by now a port to a new camera is also expected to be stable. So the "alpha" label more relates to the fact that you shouldn't *rely* on it for production and it might not be feature-complete then that it's likely to brick your camera.

Btw raw on the 5d3 will still be better than 7d because I'd expect the 1080p data rate to be too high and 720p has moire.

From what I've been following in the forums, the 5D3 is the one that is the most developed and working the best.

I wish they'd pool the resources, and concentrate on the 5D3, and get it 100% ready for "prime time" and bring that one at least to Beta, and have a straightforward method to easily load it, and also to easily get the RAW video out for a normal workflow, which appears to be straight into Davinci Resolve (after the 9.15 update).

At least get the one closest to working well out the door, and then concentrate next on the next best camera, maybe the 7D.

I'm a computer geek by trade, I do it for a living, however, after reading the ML forums, I'm not confident I could get the Alpha Stuff on, AND then correctly get the RAW video parts in, and am wary about some "flags" they say that can't be undone...etc.

I'm just not confident enough reading through the hundreds of links in the forums, etc...to get it to work, without potentially harming my camera.

So, wish they'd devote resouces to getting the first one ready for the masses, with good instructions and out the door, which seems to be the 5D3.....and then move onto the other cameras, rather than working a little on all of them, and taking forever to get any of them out into a stage that is easier to be used by the "Joe Sixpack" user crowd.

My $0.02,


Canon General / Re: People that don't shoot in manual...
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:57:09 PM »
...I kinda go with what I heard Syl Arena say, that he only uses ETTL when the distance between the lens and the subject are moving....

With all due respect to Syl Arena, Joe McNally, Strobist and all the other advocates of manual flash, they have thousands upon thousands of hours of experience working with strobes and know them inside and out. While it's a good exercise to try to learn manual controls, to me it's a little like the original topic of this thread: if a tool is available that makes your life easier, why not use it?

If I live long enough, I may someday have enough experience to confidently set my speedlights on full manual. But, in the meantime, I figure I paid for Canon's top line strobes so I might as well take advantage of the technology they offer.  As so many others have said about the original topic of this thread: it's about the results, not about how you got there.
Bravo.  I don't think I'll ever have enough time to confidently and efficiently set up stobes in manual mode.  I'm sure I could figure it out using tables, trial-and-error and other methods, but I don't do it every day (nor do I think I ever will), so there is no advantage to manual flash when I can just set up camera in manual mode, and play around with ISO, shutter speed and FEC and get similar results in about the same (or less) amount of time.

How about a lightmeter?

Instead of shooting a lot to try to get the flash to fire the way I want, I simply use a lightmeter, set the flash, turn it off, do the next one and turn all of them on, it's done within three minutes, and then I can shoot and move, and no matter if I move so that I have the flash directly to the camera or hidden I ALWALYS know I have the exact same light hitting the subject. That's why I always use manual flash. I have shot with ETTL and found it very frustrating that I had to stand in the same place or the exposure would change, for example having a flash towards the camera suddenly everything is three stops under.

Manual flash sounds difficult, while it's really the opposite.

I just bought a light meter...the new sekonic touch screen one...hope to have some time to figure it out soon.


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