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It would just be awkward to deal with the two files types, the large crop on the BMCC, basically two entirely different workflows. To me, if a DSLR is your A cam, another DSLR is the best B cam. If you want to go with BMCC, then go all in. Like stated before, it needs battery accessories, audio accessories, and wide, fast lenses (if EF mount) which are sometimes tricky to find.

Well, I'm no longer buying anything less than f/2.8.

Most of my stuff so far, is shooting indoors in my kitchen, and I have ample lighting...


Software & Accessories / Re: External HDD for backups
« on: August 16, 2013, 04:09:34 PM »
you want raid.... i like WD....

RAID for backup is what you're referring to?


Lighting / Re: 600ex as main lights
« on: August 16, 2013, 04:08:04 PM »
Not to hijack your thread, OP, but this is an area of personal interest and there appears to be a lot of wedding/portrait professionals contributing...

I am torn between a 600 EX-RT on-camera or an ST-E3...

If the ST-E3 had focus assist - it would probably win me over...

But I like the idea of a 600EX up there with focus assist AND providing a very light fill... What I am not thrilled about is its size/weight... Here's hoping Canon comes out with a smaller flash, with focus assist, that can act as an RT master...

I'm guessing the next RT units Canon comes out with to pair with the 600's...will not be able to be masters..but will sell for cheaper prices, due to this fact. Something akin to the old 480's I'm guessing...?


Lenses / Re: Can 24-70/2.8 II replace 35/1.4?
« on: August 16, 2013, 03:56:14 PM »
I can't recall having used my 35mmL since I bought my 24-70L MK II.  I love the 35L, but with my 5D MK III, I can bump the ISO a stop or two easily enough.
I may still use it in some cases, but I'm beginning to think of parting with it.

Would that 35L on a 5D3 make for a good video lens for the camera?


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Reviewed
« on: August 15, 2013, 05:41:41 PM »
I'm says a crop camera lens..but with and EF mount.

Can you use this with a FF camera like the 5D3?  It sounds amazing for video if it would work....

Thanks in advance,


Lighting / Re: 600ex as main lights
« on: August 15, 2013, 01:33:50 PM »
My opinion is that Canon speedlites are overpriced. For the cost of one 600EX-RT, you can get an entire lighting setup - 3-4 flashes and radio triggers.

I did a quick Amazon check.. Three YongNuo YN-565EX's, one YN-622C transmitter/receiver set, two more YN-622 receivers. The total is $550, the exact price of one new 600EX-RT.

I've used YongNuo flashes for a while, as have many other photogs, and they seem to be quite reliable.

EDIT: Of course, the 600EX-RT you already have could be your on-camera flash, but you'd still need the YN-622C transmitter on your camera as well. In my own setup, I keep a flash on-camera so that I can provide a low-power fill light no matter where my slave flashes are pointing. (My flash setup is almost exclusively for wedding receptions.)

EDIT #2: Also, this assumes you want to stay with all E-TTL flashes. If you were to go with manual slave flashes and radio triggers, you could probably get 3-4 flashes, radio triggers, and lightstands for about that price (depending on how nice of lightstands you want).

The prices on the 600's is dropping. Like another poster, I got mine as Canon refurbs for $373.....and it appears there may be a cheaper Canon , similar to the 480's...but with radio to work with 600's is to come out soon.

The nice thing about the 600's and buying into the Canon system, is the control you can have over multiple units and put them into multiple groups...running various levels in manual, ettl or even mixing manual settings in different groups at the same time as ettl....

And the nice thing is, you can instantly control them all from the back of your camera which really is handy.

So, while it is $$, the price is coming down, and you DO get some nice control features you can't do readily from your camera with the 3rd party units.

Forgot to mention this.... Turn IS off on your lens or it will become part of your soundtrack.... Or better yet, get an external mike, or take a phone, get a sound recording app, and let it sit by the people and mix it in at production time.

Thanks for all of the advice!!
I have the Rode videomic I keep on the shoe....I got a Rode stereo mic, if I had help I'd set that up too maybe...

On the other hand, I'm guessing this will mostly end up a montage with music over, sound likely not that big a deal.

I'm meeting with the organizer this weekend to see what's exactly expected. this is a non-paying gig for charity.

On rental lenses....what would be the best to get?

85  f/1.2?  50 f/1.2?

I have the 85 f/, should I got for renting the 50 f/1.5....

I was hoping since my 17-40mm, while being f/4...would still be usable at the wider angles...?

Thanks for all the advice so far.


You don't have a flash?
I wouldnt dare to shoot an event like this without having one in my bag.
Before, if you prefer available light, I would bring my 35L.
He will be shooting video not stills.

I bought a portable LED on camera light a while ago that I'm pretty happy with. It throws a ton of light and has interchangeable filters depending on what light you need to throw. Here's the link

But... on the other hand you are shooting with a mark 3 and it is the low light king, especially when it comes to video. If I were you i'd bring a portable light just in case but you'll probably be ok with available light.

How long is battery life on this thing on battery?

Thanks for the reply!!!


You don't have a flash?
I wouldnt dare to shoot an event like this without having one in my bag.
Before, if you prefer available light, I would bring my 35L.
He will be shooting video not stills.

I bought a portable LED on camera light a while ago that I'm pretty happy with. It throws a ton of light and has interchangeable filters depending on what light you need to throw. Here's the link

But... on the other hand you are shooting with a mark 3 and it is the low light king, especially when it comes to video. If I were you i'd bring a portable light just in case but you'll probably be ok with available light.

So success rate with the 5D3 for stills or video in low light have been dismal.

I get so much noise either way I haven't had much luck getting any keepers with the camera.

I've learned I should try more ETTR, but far, I've not had any good luck with extremely low light and high ISO.


You don't have a flash?
I wouldnt dare to shoot an event like this without having one in my bag.
Before, if you prefer available light, I would bring my 35L.

This is all VIDEO I'm asking about.



Canon General / Re: More Medium Format Talk [CR1]
« on: August 14, 2013, 03:52:01 PM »
This WILL happen.  I'm no expert, but the writing is on the wall IMO...

Canon needs growth.  But where?  Mirrorless, DSLR is flat.  Point & Shoot is declining due to Smartphones.  I think FF is going to get MUCH cheaper because APS-C will compete with smartphones.  It's only a matter of time when you'll be able to set aperture/iso and shutter on them.  So I think APS-C will die in 5 years.  There is growth potential in video as more photographers are adding it to their arsenal.  But that won't be too much growth really.

Medium Format.  But how to do this is tricky.  They can buy let's say Phase One.  And that will show growth.  But only for a year or two because they are only buying already established customers.  Or, they can build their own MF cam and gear.  This is a longer term, better route.  But there is an initial big investment in infrastructure.  So they may show a loss the first 2 - 3 years to recoup cost, but may have good growth for another 7 - 10 years.  Taking Phase One/Hasselblad/Leica users.  This is of course, that their option is equally if not better and with a good cost savings.  Which I think Canon would do.  I would say they would price one around $15k.  That could kill the big MF players.

Ok, I'm still a noob and learning my way around my first DSLR, the 5D3.

Aside from hearing the term Medium Format camera, I don't know much about it...just that it has higher resolution.

Why would a MF camera, especially if put out in a more main stream market like Canon would be doing...cost fscking $15K or more?!?

I was guessing they are pricey due to being a low sales niche type camera, but if it went main stream production why would it not cost closer to the ballpark price of a higher end DSLR?

What makes them so expensive?


Hi Folks,

Ok, I need some advice.

I have this event I'm likely going to be doing video for. It is to set a world record for "the largest gathering of brides, in wedding dresses"...and then a pub crawl afterwards.

This is in Sept, starts at 4pm....goes through evening.   

So, my main thought as the evening goes on....what do do about lights? and with me on foot for quite a bit of distance...I can't carry a ton of equipment by myself, and I'm likely to be a one man band here.

I have my manfroto monopod with fluid head...I'll be bringing that.

I have my sling bag...and figure I can carry my 70-200mm f/ 17-40mm f/4.  For ultrawides I'll maybe squeeze in for only a couple rokinon 14mm.

But I have no portable lights. Should I invest in some sort of small, portable LED lights?

I've not worked out any logistics....but mainly the record setting part is at one site about 4pm...once that is done, they all walk to various bars that are sponsoring this event, so, I'll need to follow along with them and shoot along the way.

This is in about a month and I just kinda found out I was volunteered for this, so, starting to sweat a bit early and try to figure out how best to try to pull this off.

I've got 2x batteries...I'll be buying at least a 3rd one, maybe 2 more. I need at least a couple more CF cards I'm thinking, I have about 4 x 32GB ones, along with a bunch of 32GB sd cards, but I don't trust those for video.

Thoughts, suggestions?  I'm trying to see if I can get a friend to help me out a bit...but I'm planning now for it to just be me.

Thanks in advance!!!


Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom 5
« on: August 14, 2013, 01:33:25 PM »
'A bit' is somewhat of an understatement  ;D

The typical SQL records for a Lr development are less than 100kb. A PSD file based on a DSLR raw image can be 100mb+. Smart objects are not references to the original file on disc, they're copies embedded into the PSD file so they're vulnerable to corruption every time the PSD is re-saved. If you work in Lr and need total security against loss of your developed images you only have to keep one 'permanent' backup of the raw file, then routine mirrors of the LRCAT database (which is small enough to backup online). I do commercial stuff that can never be repeated, so I'm paranoid about backups:

  • CR2s from the cards go as-is to an external drive (using TeraCopy), then they're imported from the cards to my workstation in Lr as DNGs, only when everything's verified will the cards be reused.
  • The external drives go off-site. I've only needed to pull copies once, when an SSD in the workstation threw a hissy fit - but if the office is eaten by Godzilla I can be up and running in an hour.
  • The LRCAT databases are synced to the cloud every evening (using a batch script). Lr makes local backups automatically.

To highlight the fact that you're never touching the originals, in Lr5 you can work on developments even if they're not available - it'll take whatever you do to the Smart Previews and re-apply it to the original images when you mount the DNG/CR2 files again. When I'm shooting for a previous client I'll take their LRCAT (and the folder of Smart Previews) in case we need to browse the old stuff for reference - a catalog with 10,000+ images will fit on a USB stick. Also means I can play about with any of my photos in the airport lounge (anything to distract me from the free jelly beans ;) ).

Of course there are thousands of things you can do in Photoshop that you can't do in Lr, but I'd never suggest using Ps as a default tool for developing raw files unless you have terabytes of storage laying about. Using ACR outside of Ps is another option (e.g. via Bridge) as it'll write an XMP sidecar file instead of a database record, but managing all those sidecars is a real pain and you don't get to use all of the presets and plugins from Lr.

Well, all being said...if you're doing things "non-destructively" in Photoshop, you're working with your RAW images as smart objects, and aren't making any changes directly to them there either. It eats up a bit more space ...


I wasn't implying that you work most of your RAW stuff in PS instead of LR. I just was saying that if you use PS,  you would likely want to work non-destructively and use smart objects in PS.

I mean, these days....HD space is getting dirt cheap, and if you do have a PS project that had lots of layers, etc...I'd want to keep my options open for later changes, especially if working for a client that might want this or that changed, etc.

However, IMHO..the best workflow that I'm trying to start in LR. Likely 98% of my images can be done there, if I'm careful enough to get as much correct in camera.

However, when something needs a lot of work...either to salvage or just for very creative stuff...then I'll do those images in PS...and likely as a smart object that comes from LR after I've done initial "development" there.

But no, was wasn't being a proponent for doing your primary RAW import and changes in PS.


Software & Accessories / Re: External HDD for backups
« on: August 14, 2013, 11:57:07 AM »
I just got a setup I'm going to try, the Seagate backup plus thunderbolt adapter.
I'm going to try to use it on my MBP (late 2011), and from there daisy chain my thunderbolt to display port I currently use to get my Dell u2711 monitor to work.

I bought a thunderbolt cable, and a seagate backup plus 3TB drive (strangely enough, cheaper to buy in pieces rather than the bundled package by seagate)...

Anyway, I hope to set this up and try to use that for my fast off laptop server access (photoshop, premier, AE work).

When SSD comes down in price a bit, I will likely pull the mechanical drive mentioned above off of it and drop the SSD on the thunderbolt adapter (which I've seen will work )...

Anyway, that's a new attempt I'm making. I have slower NAS stuff out there for longer term storage, but I'm hoping this thunderbolt adapter (essentially a thunderbolt to SATA adapter) will prove to be speedy enough for my needs, and relieve my onboard drive of some churn and keep it from filling up all the time.


Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body $2545
« on: August 14, 2013, 11:34:35 AM »
I'm moving to Canada soon from the U.K. How does this work regarding taxes and stuff if I buy one and import it there?

I'm aware of all the grey market and warranty issues already.

err...why not buy it here, pack it in your luggage and keep mum about it when you move to Canada?

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