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Canon General / Re: Bad Photography Rant
« on: July 23, 2013, 01:33:28 PM »
Folks, I think this 1st video (in a series definitely WORTH watching), pretty much explains it all, when you need to know what it takes to be a professional photographer:

MWAC Attack-Episode 1: The Camera

Remember, if you wanna be a "Pro", make sure and use the "P" setting on your camera, as that THAT is the professional setting on your cameras.

Of course, most all of the quality folks here on the list knows this already.



ps. Do make sure and give this whole episode a watch, and the next ones are pretty 'informative' too.

Software & Accessories / Re: Who Adopted Adobe CC?
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:29:52 AM »
Moral question - how would feel if a homeless person decided to move in with you - after they have place to live.  Or if someone who was hungry and unemployed/broke came into your home and took food.  Or if someone who was broke took $ out of bank account or you pocket.   Not too happy I'll bet.   In a way you are doing this to Abode.

This isn't the same thing at all. Not paying a licensing fee for a digital copy of a work is not the moral equivalent of taking money out of someone's account or pocket or stealing a physical item.  And while I have not yet licensed PS, I am a paying customer for Lightroom 4 and 5. I make no money for my photography at this time and use PS very little, so to put my situation in terms of your example, I am the roommate who pays rent, but bums some of your food. The real problem with Adobe's pricing in general is that it doesn't work well or at all for hobbyists. They could remedy this in CC better than they ever could before with a real pay-as-you-go plan. They could charge $3-4/hour with a maximum monthly charge of the normal subscription rate.

This just shows that you can rationalize just about anything if you try hard enough.

I've been an early and consistent critic of the CC system, but let's not rationalize away stealing.

I'm sure there are plenty of wedding and portrait photographers who would disagree with the premise that it's okay to take a digital copy of their work and not pay for it. No difference between stealing a company's software than stealing another photographer's pictures.

But, it's okay, because you paid for another product from the same person? Hey, I bought a portrait from you last year, so I should be able to steal these wedding pictures, right?

And, it's okay because you don't make money from photography and only use the product on occasion? Hey Canon, I don't make any money from photography, so it's okay if I steal this 1D-X, especially because I'm only going to use it occasionally.

If you want to steal things, at least be honest about it.

I hate the Adobe CC model. It's a one-size-fits-all solution in an era in which customers are demanding flexibility and customized pricing models. Adobe is swimming upstream against the current with their experiment and there are already signs that it isn't working for them.

You are correct in that one huge problem with Adobe's pricing models is that it doesn't accommodate the "enthusiast" market. Rather ironic, since Canon, Nikon, etc., have all found that to be their most lucrative market. It's a terrible strategy on their part and I think they will regret the decision.

But please, it's frankly too ironic for words for any digital photographer to defend stealing electronic data. What do you think pictures are made up of today?

I'm not going CC, in fact I'm now buying Production Suite CS6 and will stick with that for the foreseeable future.

However, one way I could reconcile the cracked copies would be.

1. You bought into CC, you stayed with it for long enough to 'pay' for a normal copy.
2. You wanted to quit CC, and you got a cracked copy for the version you currently are renting.
3. You continue to use cracked CC at that you can continue to use and manipulate your software.

For that scenario, I don't see a problem....

In my case, I registered with a local college...about $30 for application fee and transcript copies sent in....I got a student picture ID, and a .edu email account.

I'm using that to get the educational version of the Production CS6 suite...saved about $2K on it....
I don't see anything wrong with that...I fulfilled what Adobe needed for approving student pricing.

And I've read Adobe's FAQ, and the educational version is perfectly legal to use for commercial work.

My $0.02,


All of the Macbeth-style color charts are designed to help with camera calibration, which is different from white balance. They ensure that the relative hues of your R/G/B channels are accurate, but the image still won't be a perfect copy of 'reality' if the color temperature is out, so you need to apply the calibration profile and then pick the WB target. To benefit from these calibrations you need to be shooting raw, and to be using Lightroom - the Colorchecker app only reads DNG files.

Camera calibration is very important for commercial photographers, whose clients want their new car to be exactly the same shade of blue in the photo as it is in the showroom, but for general-purpose shots it's often very hard to see the difference (and if you're artistically manipulating the image, whether you start from accurate pixel values is less of an issue). If you're shooting several bodies (or old lenses with a noticeable color cast) then profiling them can allow you to match the colors in post. You can also use the chips as a proxy target for selective adjustment tools (there's a chip for each of the common colors in an image, from sky blue to skintone).

You can of course use the gray card on the X-Rite Passport for WB, but any gray card will do that. Sekonic's version is different from the normal Passport in that it has a 50% gray card instead of an 18% gray card - which makes it work for exposure checking as well as providing a WB target. Aside from that they're identical. What you can't do is sample white and black points off a Macbeth card (lots of people try to as there's a "black" and "white" chip on the card, but they're nowhere near pure 0,0,0 or 255,255,255 in the resulting photos).

If you shoot multi-cam video a Macbeth card is essential to match the footage, as the color profiles for different video and digital cinema cameras are totally different.

Thanks for the reply!!

I only shoot RAW (doesn't most everyone these days with a dslr?)....

And from watching the videos on the Xrite stuff, they said that you set the original profile in DNG, but after that, you can apply it to any images once you have the profile set. Until I saw that, that was going to be a hanging point on me.

I'm mostly interested in the light meter, and saw the bundle, and it appeared that since it was only a few $$ more to get the bundle, I might should go ahead and get it.  I figured I could use that color card and grey card for my video work too with the try to correct WB in post there too.

I'm a little worried about the gray card being 50% vs 18%...hmmm

I'm buying Adobe Production Suite CS6 and LR5 right, I will be moving from Aperture to LR, and hence another reason I was looking at the Xrite stuff in the bundle...

Thanks, ya'll have given me a lot to consider here...


Software & Accessories / Re: Who Adopted Adobe CC?
« on: July 23, 2013, 10:56:36 AM »
I won't move to CC until it offers something that can't be done without it (which I'm sure Adobe is working quickly toward).  Or until it's cracked somehow, if it hasnt been already.  It's just not worth the price unless you're using most of the entire suite and already wasting money to buy new editions yearly anyway.  ESPECIALLY if you're just using it for photography.  I've never discovered a logical justification to upgrade yearly, unless someone else is paying that you don't respect lol.  Even if you have money to waste... you might as well thrown it away.

I use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects heavily—even occasionally with 3D.  There is no reason to upgrade.  People who do tend to be those who don't know what theyre doing with the software in the first place and assume having something newer means having something better.

I will say this: I DO understand the want to upgrade for a professional.  Just like a pro might use a grip on their 5D even though they never hold vertical or need extra battery life—clients who don't know think it makes the product youre giving them better/more valuable.  I got a request for a Powerpoint presentation the other day and the client's first "requirement" listed was "Must have adobe CS6".... what do you even say to that?  Sometimes its just easier to say, "yeah I have it"

From what I've been reading, it was cracked within a couple of days after release...

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting the latest sektonic light meter, and saw this bundle:

I'm wondering if this set up and software, the xrite stuff and nektonic gray card, will be what I need to really help  ensure my WB?

I'm currently using the ExpoDisc for setting custom WB, but I figure this card system will be nice to have for stills AND for video since I can film it on each scene.....

I think I've decided I want this light meter...and with amazon 12mos interest free credit, I'm getting a few other things too...but was hoping someone with xrite experience could speak to the usefulness of this hardware and software.

Thanks in advance,


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: ALL-I or IPB?
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:12:31 PM »

Actually, right now, hoping that Magic Lanter can soon get raw working fully, and the CinemaDMG conversion will work...and I'll start using that to shoot RAW video with the 5D3....and working with that...


The current Magic Lantern RAW is working pretty well as it, plus there is no need to use the CinemaDNG conversion; DaVinci Resolve was updated and now supports the DNG files from MagicLantern's RAW2DNG app.

Yeah, but I can't find a simple, step by step tutorial that will show me how to get the RAW functionality onto the latest ML alpha release.

I've read through forum after forum...and well, it isn't clear enough how to do this without making permanet changes and possibly risking bricking my 5D3....

I"m waiting for the RAW functionality install to become a bit more "prime time".



Software & Accessories / Re: Photoshop help with this img
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:08:47 PM »
Sorry, it seems my PS skills are far better than my Dropbox and Quicktime skills :)

Anyway MkII.

I just did a 3 minute screen capture of my PS5 work flow, it really is incredibly simple. Here it is for anybody interested. The resultant image is below. make it look easy!!

Wish you could have narrated that...I'm trying to learn and would be a great help!!

Anyway, thanks for posting!!


- dual and FAST SD cards (get rid of this expensive stupid and outdated CF junk)

Allow me to politely disagree. If a 5D4 would come with SD card slots only, I would avoid it for that single reason, regardless of anything else.

Actually, I'd vote for 2x of the very SPEEDY CF card slots.

one of the problems with getting ML RAW to work on say the 5D2 and the slow SD only card options on those cameras I believe...?


Sorry for a lame "me too" post...  But yeah, me too.

369 there actually rumors of a 5D4 coming, so soon after the 5D3 release?

Me? Well, I think if they put native RAW video out via the HDMI or USB 3.0 or other output they come up with into an external recorder, that might sway me....


Actually they are all sort of bad. It's a shame stuff like AmigaOS and such are forgotten and stuff like Windows hangs around.

Anyway, the above list is sort of accurate, but they also never did anything as radically silly as trying to think that a tablet interface is ideal for desktop usage. Like we really want to smear greasy fingers all over photo-editing monitors or hold arms up and lean up to reach 24-36" monitors (or worse if you hook it to an HDTV too).

I'm curious if the assumption, that you MUST use touch to use the start screen, is a common one. The start screen is not inherently touch only. You can use Windows 8 without touch, and it works just fine. There is no reason to touch a screen in order to be capable of using the new start screen. If that is what most people think, then I guess it is no wonder that people aren't buying Windows 8.

I'd also point out that it works even better on an HDTV. I have Win8.1 on my Media PC, attached to a 46" Samsung. I use the standard Media PC remote to control it, along with a companion Logitech T650 touchpad for supporting any of the gestures (which, I'd add, is fully compatible with any desktop, allowing you to take advantage of the touch interaction without needing to ever touch a screen, if that kind of think irks you.)

I think the gripe is, like with my other statements....that they didn't keep touch on TOUCH products (phones, tablets, etc)....they tried forcing the same paradigm on real computers too, ones people use a mouse and keyboard with, especially for work/business where a tablet isn't going to cut it.

Metro should have a 100% on/off switch setting for desktops and laptops that don't have or need touch...THAT alone would have made Win8 more successful.

I'm glad you like it...I do computer work for a living (contract consultant specializing in Oracle database admin), and I can tell you anecdotally (sp?) from anyone I work with in the industry, not a single one likes Win8, and if they have purchased a new computer lately that came with Win8, they quickly either put Win7 or Linux on it.

Some have played with it on tablets, and some say its ok, I don't see much enthusiasm for it one way or the other.

But in business, which *is* the majority of MS's business, you're not going to see much further adoption past the Win7 version, until they can fully divorce metro from the a minumum, the cost of retraining people for this adds a lot to the bottom line (the reason why Linux is in the server room, and not the desktop for many businesses).  It just doesn't fit into the business world of workers....especially if the business is hard core IT.

LOL..hell, many in the business world still don't like the ribbon interface (self included), and that has been out for awhile....but it works.


But, that's another thread...   ;)


I have to concur that Win-8 sucks big time on a desktop. Metro has no business on a PC machine...

but on a tablet device or a phone, Its far better than my Iphone. The only reason I haven't jumped ship is that the more and more stuff you buy on itunes and the app store, the more it ties you down on the system.  :P I couldn't switch if I wanted too with all my purchases.

It did, I agree. I think Windows 8.1 fixes most of that, though. It still isn't ideal, but a hell of a lot better than what it was. That's Microsoft's MO, though. It always takes a couple versions for quirks to iron out. Also, keep in mind, people utterly HATED Windows XP when it first hit (I remember reading scathing, hateful articles months and months after its initial release), and it was over a year before it became the most used and most loved Windows OS ever. I don't suspect things will be any different for Windows 8...and it is a hell of a lot better release than Windows Vista was (so the next major release should be a pretty significant improvement even over Win8.1).

Microsoft has a different release MO. Apple builds up an unquenchable fervor by not releasing ANY details about its releases until the day they unveil. (Well, they did....seems that may change under Cook, and I guess we'll see whether that is to the detriment of apple in the long term.) Microsoft has always approached releases with lots of software leaks, beta versions, community technology previews, etc. I think that can be good and bad, but these days, it seems it gives people too much time to play with new products before they are even released, encounter all the pre-release bugs, and decide they don't like the product. I would prefer Microsoft take the old Apple/Jobs approach. Don't release anything until its done, and when its released, make sure its solid, and make it a big party. They wouldn't lose people in the beta and CTP phase that way, they wouldn't get a bunch of pre-release bad press, and they would gain the benefit of people being antsy and excited to see and use the next greatest Microsoft thing. People just end up bored with the bugs before new Windows versions are actually released, the excitement is gone, so the release suffers, and it takes longer to build momentum.

Maybe the MS reorg will change things...but I don't really trust Ballmer to be anything other than a raging

Windows 2000/NT - Good

Windows ME - Bad

Windows XP - Good

Windows Vista - Bad

Windows 7 - Good

Windows 8 - Bad

Windows 9 - ? Fill the blank.

I love M$ products but not when they revamp something the first time. The second attempt is usually perfect.

Yup, that's pretty much it! :D It would be nice if it became:

Windows 9: Good
Windows 10: Good
Windows N: Good

I get the feeling it will probably be more along the lines of :

Windows 8: So-So
Windows 8.1: Better
Windows 8.2: Even Better
Windows 8.5: Good
Windows 9: Better than Good
Windows 9.1: Even Better than Good

And if there are six to eight months between each release, then reaching Even Better than Good could take years. Assuming they don't end up continuing to flipflop.

I think windows 8.x would be likely received MUCH better, if they would give the user the choice, especially with respect to a real computer (laptop/tower) to completely divorce the Metro UI from the system and allow you to go fully and ONLY into a classic desktop only paradigm.

I think that's largely the main gripe about it, trying to use a tablet UI on a desktop (even if it had touch, not many want to keep their arms up off the desk a lot, constantly touching the screen)....

I hear Win8 is pretty snappy and does good things with memory management, but if they don't allow classic computer users to turn Metro OFF, I think they're gonna lose business. People are NOT in a rush to migrate off Win7, businesses certainly aren't going to migrate, heck, they're just now coming off XP still in many cases.

I mean, look at Apple...they don't have the same OS on the tablet/phone that they have on the computer...iOS vs OSX...different beasts. Sure, they are converging to some extent, but not to the same extent MS tried with Win8.

My $0.02,


If I recall correctly, at least in the US...the sound was MANDATED by law, to foil upskirt photographers that were taking pics of chicks walking around in skirts without them knowing.

Apparently enough of a ruckus was raised and it was mandated that cameras on phones make a sound when they were activated.


That can't possibly be law/regulation. I have a Canon Powershot A1200 that has a fully silent shutter mode. No noise whatsoever. Canon would not sell a product that did not comply with law.

I was only talking towards camera phones...

I make a decent income from my micro-stock sales. You really need to find niche markets because almost everything under the sun has been shot.

Also prepare for rejection... Alot of it.

LOL, I am ready for rejection.....and I don't expect to get rich off this.
But mostly jumping for fun,and would be thrilled if someone actually wanted to buy something I shot.

I was looking on istockphoto...and it appears that the video area, is one area that isn't as saturated as the stills....thinking of trying for some of those too.



Have you actually used a Windows Phone 8 device? They are certainly not a joke, and after owning several generations of iPhone, I much prefer the Metro experience. The app gap is shrinking fast, and most of the apps I want are already available, and those that aren't are either coming, or I can write myself. I'd also point out that as the Android vs. iPhone battle has raged, iPhone has been losing, while Android and Windows have been gaining. Windows market share is about doubling every year, particularly with the Nokia Lumia phones. Again, I think people who skip past a Lumia just because its Nokia or just because its Windows are short changing themselves.

No point in having that argument really, not going to win anything.
I find the 'apps gap' irrelevant in about 5 mins I'd downloaded (free) every app I'm likely to need on my phone. (Nokia 925 win8)

I think what Nokia are doing is facinating, apart from IQ what I want to see improving substantially though is focus and shutter lag.

Shutter lag on an electronic shutter has always been an oddity to me. Is it simply because most smartphone cameras (and, for that matter, P&S cameras) insist on making a cutsie and unbelievably annoying little fake shutter click when people press the button? I figure, assuming the lens is focused, taking a picture should be near instantaneous...

If I recall correctly, at least in the US...the sound was MANDATED by law, to foil upskirt photographers that were taking pics of chicks walking around in skirts without them knowing.

Apparently enough of a ruckus was raised and it was mandated that cameras on phones make a sound when they were activated.


I just read some of the reviews on the Lumia 1020. I have to say, from a photography standpoint, I am REALLY impressed. It finally brings the true PureView 808's 41mp sensor, the 6-element Zeiss lens from the 925, and full Xenon flash to a phone pretty much built for photography. Their pro photo software looks rather nice, giving you complete control over all the standard aspects of exposure (i.e. want to do a long exposure and blur people walking can). I love the fact that it has the extended battery "grip" accessory, too.

So, does this mark the true end of the point and shoot, and the beginning of full blown photography phones with all the features we *photographers* have come to expect from an actual camera? To date, phone cameras have been geared more towards the instagrammer crowd...the Lumia 1020 seems to be positioned more for pro photographers who want something simpler, but still just as capable, for a handy every-moment alternative to a DSLR.

Is it only me who thinks this?

I don't think there is much of anyone (camera or other phones) that will have much to fear from competiton from this phone, as long as it is running Windows.

 ;D ;D


Have you actually used a Windows Phone 8 device? They are certainly not a joke, and after owning several generations of iPhone, I much prefer the Metro experience. The app gap is shrinking fast, and most of the apps I want are already available, and those that aren't are either coming, or I can write myself. I'd also point out that as the Android vs. iPhone battle has raged, iPhone has been losing, while Android and Windows have been gaining. Windows market share is about doubling every year, particularly with the Nokia Lumia phones. Again, I think people who skip past a Lumia just because its Nokia or just because its Windows are short changing themselves.

So far, I've not been able to stomach ANY version of Metro, no matter the platform it is on...I think M$ is really shooting itself in the foot with this, and it is showing with Win8 sales.

But to each his own...I prefer to play with Linux and OSX these days, and only run windows (win7) on VMs for apps that absolutely won't run on anything else.

But whatever pleases a person.

I have been curious, however, who the guy was that was buying the Windows phones....nice to meet you!


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