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Warning: Komputerbay 128GB cards are too slow. They won't work for this. I hear their smaller sized cards are faster though.

I'd kind of think any CF card that was "cheap" would be suspect for any real high speed recording like this.

I'm thinking going with 64GB quality cards, and having 2-3 three of them on in the computer unloading while the other two are in rotation.

I don't think you'd need a full 128GB at a time with often for video do you record more than a few mintues at a time?


EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III with Continuous RAW Video Recording
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:48:40 PM »
Magic Lantern RAW video for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III comes to the Mac & OSX

This was very helpful. It looks like the RAW workflow is starting to take shape!

I want to preface my next question by saying that I'm a video n00b. Should I do most of my tonal/color adjustments in ACR, or should I wait until I have the footage in AE/Premiere and do most of it in Davinci Resolve, MB Looks, etc.? Does it matter where I do it? My instincts tell me that there are two competing issues:

1. Which program is better at a specific task (e.g., recovering blown out clouds).

2. Flexibility of not having to go upstream to make changes to footage and then re-import downstream. For example, if I do my tonal/color work in ACR, won't that mean I have to go back-and-forth, rather than being able to quickly make adjustments via plugin without the extra step of re-importing?

Again... I'm just a n00b here. :-)

I'm of the thought, at least for me. If I can get it from the camera, in the raw-est form possible to Davinci Resolve Lite, I'd like to do that...color correct/grade there, and then use in FCPX for editing...and round trip it from there if needed for tweaking....

Man, this looks like it may actually happen here in the not too far off future.

I do IT for a living, but I'm not familiar enough with this type of hardware, waiting for something a bit more refiled to be released from ML.

I rarely with $$ equipment, test the waters with both feet.


Hi all,

I'm looking to get a simple sling type bag, that I could use for going to concerts here in NOLA.

I'd like to be able to have my 70-200 IS f2/8 II lens on it at times and still be able to fit that on the 5D3 body in the bag along with maybe one more lens, like a 70-40mm wide angle zoom or something else.

I tried at a local shop today one of the lowepro (sp?) bags and it wouldn't handle the long lens plus 5D3 body.

Can someone recommend one that might work with the big lens plus room for one more and decent access in/out the sling type bag as needed?

Thanks in advance,


USB 2.0 maxes out at 40-45MB/s

At 1920x1080, I'm getting 60-90MB/s

Don't think it will happen unfortunately.

The most frustrating part of shooting this video right now is that raw2dng app. It will not recognize clips bigger than 2GB in the OSX version, which really limits what you can do!

Or maybe it just means I'm a sloppy shooter ;)

Have you tried running Win7 in a VM with VMWare or Parallels, and doing the raw2dmg that way?

That might help...?


Does anyone know if this kind of shooting could be possible on the 6D in the future?
By the way, fantastic job (again) to the ML team!  :D

They said they're working on other cameras as well, and there is a limited build for the 5DII, and appears to be working well, albeit not as good as the 5D3. The problem though here is with the cards, SDs don't go as fast as CF and even then you need the fasted available CF cards. So the SD only 6D may not work well. Though, lower resolution with the fasted SD cards could work, not sure, much is in development with so many changes coming so quick~

Thanks for the respond! Makes me regret a bit buying the 6D a few weeks ago  :(
Do you think with HDMI out, the writing speed could be fast enough? That might be a solution to get pass the SDs lower writing speed.

I think so far, they're ruling out HDMI. But then again, they do seem to pull of miracles.

I did hear them talk at one time of USB, but not sure if USB2 would be fast enough.

There has even been talk of doing some kind of CF card adapter to cable, but that won't help with the SD card situation.

Right now, the best speed to capture size is the extra speedy CF cards, and the cheap ones aren't working too well, especially the one that starts with a "K" and is 128GB. The 32and 64 of that seem to do ok at times, but not the cheap 128GB one.

At least, that's what I've been reading.


Hello all,

I had such good luck with the NIK plugins when they went on sale awhile back and only took the plunge after the great feedback on these forums.

So, I'm wondering if ya'll could chime in on the FilmConvert software:

Looks like you can get the bundle for about $299.

Watching the examples, it looks like you not only can add some grain in interesting ways, and emulate different film stocks, but looks like this is a quick, down and dirty color grading tool too?

Does anyone have experience with this software, and if so...what are your thoughts? Is this worth the $$? What would other options be that you might recommend looking into?

Thanks in advance,


Video & Movie / Re: First real attempt at video with 5d
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:57:38 PM »
Very interesting!!
What did you use to color grade this? Interesting colors...reminiscent of the old 70's polaroid photos.

My one thing was..WOW..did you really take your 5D3 out to that run where they throw all that colored dust on everything?

Ouch..dunno if I would have risked that...hahaha. How hard was it to clean the camera after that?

Nice video, enjoyable to watch.


Video & Movie / Re: I made a quick a dirty time lapse in wales
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:43:58 PM »
What did you use to put the shots together?

Did you shoot in raw or jpg? Looks like you could use a bit of post processing to get a bit better color in the looked a little flat.

Construction of the timelapse itself is well done.

You might get that pulled off of YouTube for unauthorized use of that Pink Floyd song tho....

Just my $0.02,


Video & Movie / Re: Chromakey Green Screen Editing help
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:41:01 PM »
I'm not sure what's available on windows but the adobe products, like Premier. That gets a bit $$$.

I use Final Cut Pro X on my mac...that was only $300. I'm about to start doing some greenscreen work hopefully this weekend.

Get on youtube and search for green screen, chromakey...etc. That might give you some leads.



Video & Movie / Re: Wildlife Doc
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:38:31 PM »
VERY Nice!!

Well, shot, good looking and entertaining to watch!!

On the timelapse..did you shoot RAW or jpg?

Again, a great effort!


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Tripod for video?
« on: May 16, 2013, 01:05:07 PM »
OK, I'm finally going to try video on my 7D and 6D - going to Yellowstone in a month.  I have a Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 tripod with a Manfrotto ball head (496.)  I assume video will be much better using a tripod.  Any recommendations for an inexpensive head I could use on the Manfrotto tripod?  Thanks!

I forgot what model Manfrotto tripod I originally got..came with a cheaper video head, which was ok, but I needed to get a QR system that would work on a bunch of things, including the new manfrotto monopod I got.

So, I got this head as a replacement and I'm happy with it so far:



EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Need help with video lighting!!!
« on: May 16, 2013, 10:48:33 AM »
I just came across another possibility...

FV K4000 LED

Again, to save yourself some PP grief, make sure whatever lights you get, are the same color temperature, or at least be prepared to gel some of them to match the others. Also, when filming indoors, change out your practical lights to match your lights you buy. It makes life so much easier when trying to set white balance, and for color correction/grading in post.

Good luck...let us know what you end up with, and post some examples!!!


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Need help with video lighting!!!
« on: May 15, 2013, 03:16:41 PM »
I tried my best but could not figure out what to say.

What are you shooting and for what? On what format?

What is the kind of end result you looking at?

How many crew members? Will you have someone who can hold reflectors, lights or you will have to fix all on stands yourself?

How many lights do you want to use and what power supply do you have?


It's just me. I will be shooting personal projects. No crew, low budget. I'm just starting out with video, but I have a lot of experience with stills. I will be shooting with a 5D3.

I plan to shoot random different stuff. For the end result, I will probably go for a variety of looks. Flexibility is good. I'd like to have some sort of 3-light setup:rim/spot, key, fill/ambient. Everything will be on stands. I will mostly be shooting in small rooms and tight spaces. Power supply for indoors will be AC wall power. For outside, I will assume a battery does the trick (I don't need to light up the Eiffel Tower :-).

I'm not necessarily looking for a magic/complete answer. I'm just looking for whatever advice you've got: which bulbs to use for what, where to go DIY, where not to skimp, etc.

My target budget is $300-400. I'm trying to keep my costs low so I can get a decent slider.

Well, after a few shoots of my cooking show I'm doing (mostly to learn shooting and editing)...I've found a few things out.

1. Make sure all your lighting, practical (in place lighting) and your external lights are ALL the same temp. I replaced all the track lighting in my kitchen...and found at Lowe's / Home Depot...those particular lights were best priced at about 2700K. I then made sure to by my CFLs at the same 2700K color temp.

I bought cheap clamp lights, and some flash light stands...and use those as my external lights (key light, fill light...etc).

This seems to work quite well.

I also found on, some pretty cheap 22" or so reflectors, that when you take off the covers...are nice white diffusers. I bought some clamps and I put these in front of my clamp worklights to soften the light in a DIY lightbox fashion.

I recently bought something from amazon, that is a kit that has 3 softboxes with 3x CFL sockets inside (I've not looked at the temp of the bulbs sent yet)...and a rack and a large green screen.

I've not had time to unpack and look into that yet....but I will incorporate that into my mix of goodies.

But anyway, that first thing....and this works wherever you film at indoors...if possible, switch out ALL practical light fixtures to bulbs of the same color temp as your external lights, that will save you a TON of grief in post processing.

Get lights same temp...just pick one....set your white balance to them and shoot....
I bought this to help with setting custom light balance, put it on the lens, shoot from the point of view of the talent to be filmed back at the lighting...and set custom WB to that:

Hope that helps.


ps. To see the problems with mixed lighting even after a TON of PP trying to grade last video I did:

CWI: Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo

I'm currently editing my latest one, using Marvels Cinestyle...and found that it was best if I exposed to meter, then set to underexpose by about 2 steps...this stuff looks great in post so far...and should be the best imaged video I've done to date...what I'm editing now as opposed to the link above, has all lights same color temp and it makes a world of difference.

Slighly not safe for work, but hilarious with regard to the ML breakthrough...

Hitler finds out about ML breakthrough!!
Hitler finds out about Magic Lantern RAW video for Canon DSLRs



It would be equivalent to test driving a Honda Civic that the dealership secretly installed a Corvette engine in, then sending you home in a regular one without letting you know.

I'd buy one of THOSE!!!


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