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Thanks to everyone who answered,  especially those that stayed on topic  ;)

Apologies for not posting this earlier (I've been offline for over a week),  but for anyone still reading,  here is an update:

Based upon the advice here, availability in my local market and portability requirements,  I have just purchased a new 15" Macbook Pro (base model). Whilst I am grateful for the many alternative suggestions,  I simply couldn't find any available locally (importing isn't an easy option either).

Owning a Mac is a new experience for me, I've never used anything but Windows (unless one counts AmigaOS and Sinclair Basic, but we won't go there!  :D ). I plumped for the 15" model because whilst I'm away from home, I'm not really travelling around. I don't want to commit to an external monitor, but nor do I need to carry the laptop around every day. 16GB of RAM should help in future proofing too. 

Thanks again to everyone!

You made a great choice.  I have the MBpro ret 13" and love it for it's small size, weight, and performance.

Also, it's a tough little SOB...I set it on the roof of my car and drove off forgetting that it was up there one day a few months ago.  It was turned in to the police by a little old lady who found it on the pavement at the edge of a busy intersection a mile from my home.  It was protected only by a soft and thin leather case that had been terribly scratched up from smashing onto the pavement and sliding across the intersection.  (I concluded that it finally fell off as I made a turn)

At the police station I turned it on and it worked like nothing had happened to it....They just work!  (Sorry rusty  ;D)

Sports / Re: Post your best Football shot (American Style)
« on: November 10, 2014, 07:52:48 PM »
Untitled by RexPhoto91, on Flickr

Untitled by RexPhoto91, on Flickr

Untitled by RexPhoto91, on Flickr

Great football shots Tex! 

Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
« on: November 10, 2014, 05:14:31 AM »
Impressive shots Tex! Can you share some info on how you shot them?

Thanks!  And Sure!
I developed this technique myself.  (It is ridiculously simple)  Sort of a cross between motor driving and time lapse.
1. Set camera to Tv, 30 sec exposure.  M would work fine too.
2. ISO 100
3. Aim, Focus, Use a cable release that can be locked on.  Lock it on.
4. Drink beer and hope for lightening.  Adjust aim as best location may change.
5. I will usually dial in -2 to -4 exposure compensation because the camera is metering when there is no lightening.

Essentially I am letting the camera record 30 seconds exposure continuously.  In 30 minutes, you will take 60 photos.  And maybe get 3-4 keepers.  As this is so hands off you can easily work with 2-3 cameras at a time.

One thing about lightening photos is you must capture more than just lightening.  (Fireworks are this way too)  You must have ground objects to establish scale, and give some context.  The clouds really helped me here too. 

In post I adjusted color and added a lot of clarity.   If you have 2+ plus photos with strikes in each, and you did not move the camera, you can stack them in Photoshop and set top layers to lighten. This will add the strikes together nicely.  The middle photo is actually 2 photos combined this way.   

Oh and be safe.  I am standing on my 25th floor balcony here with 2 more floors of building and a lightening rod above me.  Don't stand on top of a mountain for a good veiw and get fried!

tex...regarding your technique, i think you've made a mistake...why on earth would you wait until step 4 to drink the beer?   ;) ;D

nice photos!

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:59:44 AM »

Sports / Re: Post your best Football shot (American Style)
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:53:58 AM »
Few of my favorites.

very nice shots captain!   especially the third one of the guy flying through the air!

7D MK II Sample Images / Re: Anything Shot with a 7D MII
« on: November 09, 2014, 01:04:29 PM »
7MII1055.jpg by NAVBPhotos, on Flickr

ISO 5000
f2 200/L

still JPG OOC with custom WB, and LR editing - a little trouble with skin tones/WB

Did have the anti-flicker function active for these shots - and it probably dropped fps to 6-7, writing to 2 cards (RAW to CF and JPG to SD) and had to do quick on-site edits in between sets to give to my this is as close to real - life sports shooting as you can get.  When ACR recognizes these files,  I may go back and push the post processing to see how much better it could have been, but given the fact I shot 400+ shots in 1 1/2 hours, then quickly picked 35 best and did quick edits on-site with my laptop, the JPGs were surprisingly usable.  I shot RAW with my other bodies
and I'll post the 'comparisons' once the I can process the 7d RAW - just to keep it fair :)

Damn nice shots

Landscape / Re: Please share your snow/ Ice Photos with us in CR.
« on: November 05, 2014, 06:53:24 AM »
Ice climbing self-portrait (off the Trans Canadian Hwy, near Revelstoke...we had to wait for 7 hours for a fatal accident to clear so decided to make the most of it!):

Great shot!

Animal Kingdom / Re: Bears in the Wild
« on: November 02, 2014, 05:37:38 AM »

I really like photographing wild bears. Shame I don't live anywhere near them!

Black Bear by Tom W W, on Flickr

Great shots...the second one is fantastic!

Tooth and claw by Tom W W, on Flickr

Lenses / Re: 70-200 2.8 II or 100 2.8L and 135 2 and 200 2.8
« on: November 02, 2014, 05:28:50 AM »
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I heard there were still some issues with the 70-200mm F2.8L II IS.  For example, the lens does not mount tight against the body.  Some owners experience some 'play' if the lens is gently twisted back and forth against the body.  There were complaints that some of the lenses were not  sharp compared to other 70-200 ... possible quality control issue with Canon(?).  Does anyone know if these issues have been resolved?  Are these issues a real concern?

I am also looking into purchasing the 70-200 F2.8L II but the shops here does not allow us to open the boxes to test the lens.  If you want to open the box, you need to buy it.  If you have problems, send it back to Canon.  This is what they tell me.  It would be nice to spend >$2200 on a lens and not have to worry about 'potential' problems.  I guess it depends on your luck!

The "play" is not an issue, that's a fact.  It is normal and doesn't negatively affect images in any way. (Topic has been discussed many many times on this forum).  By the way, the play is the same on the Nikon 70-200 so it's not a Canon issue.
Regarding sharpness, I've been using mine straight out of the box without adjustment for three years now and I've found it to be a very sharp lens.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: November 02, 2014, 04:42:14 AM »
I've been looking over the shots from the speedway. There are so many that I like! The old 1Dx was great for getting focus in poor light.

So here's one more from that night, last on this thread I promise.  ;D

No quarter given by Tom W W, on Flickr

Skulker...both shot are great, keep them coming!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Can I copy camera pics direct to a tablet?
« on: October 21, 2014, 02:26:04 PM »
Hi North Star.

Could you kindly tell me if you copied the files from a CF card or an SD card? I've been looking for a solution to the same question & the Apple Camera Kit is only compatible with SD cards. Since I don't use a SD card, the other option - lightening to USB cable supposedly (internet tells me) can't power a card reader to copy content from CF card to iPad. And I want to avoid connecting my camera directly to the iPad ( even though thats possible with the charging turned off) if I can. Is there a way around?

Thanks for you help.


I'm pretty sure you can copy from either CF or SD... The Apple camera connection kit includes TWO connectors, one is an SD reader/connector and the other is a USB connector.   Just buy(you probably already have one) a mini USB to USB cable, plug the mini USB into the camera, and the USB into the connector attached to your you're good to go!!

Hope this helps.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Can I copy camera pics direct to a tablet?
« on: October 21, 2014, 05:13:22 AM »
I've done it many time on an iPad, not sure about galaxy.  No extra software was needed.

Sports / Re: Post your best Football shot (American Style)
« on: October 20, 2014, 07:45:44 PM »
A few online:

lettherightlensin....absolutely fantastic shots!!   Are you a sport shooter?



I'm not planning on getting an iMac, but I hope the advent of large Retina displays means we'll see the return of the 17" MacBook Pro before mine gets too much longer in the tooth (but then, it's still running fine, and with the 960 GB SSD I put in it's quite snappy).

I'm with you Neuro, and i'm hoping that if they do come out with a 17" mbp, it will be super thin and lite like the new 1/4 inch thick iPad air 2!  8)

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