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Lenses / Re: Need a 600mm. Don't want to pay for one
« on: June 15, 2014, 07:24:20 PM »
It's a heavy lens but worth it. Not many lenses can come close to this level of quality

Sure, but if you're going to spend the money and carry the weight, you might as well get a 600 f4, at least if your main shooting subject is going to be wildlife.

That's what I did.  I'll take 1200mm over 800mm, and 840mm over 560mm...

Absolutely true if you assume you need 1200mm to reach your wild life. I regularly need 400mm for my working distance. The original OP requested a 600mm not a 1200mm.

Lenses / Re: Need a 600mm. Don't want to pay for one
« on: June 15, 2014, 06:26:23 PM »
Here's a recent 400 f2.8 LIS (mkI) with a 2x converter. One image over view and the other at 100% crop.
This is very nearly wide open:

It's a heavy lens but worth it. Not many lenses can come close to this level of quality

EOS Bodies / Re: A Few EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]
« on: June 15, 2014, 06:20:56 PM »
So, for example, is you never use P mode - cause you're not a loser ;) - you can take it out of the rotation.
P mode can be used as a modified Av mode, in that you can still override the aperture setting and also compensate. Used this way it can be useful. So it's not as much for 'losers' as you might at first think.  ;)

Av or Tv or M.....there is no other requirement

Lenses / Re: When does the 16-35/f4L IS arrive?
« on: June 15, 2014, 06:04:48 PM »
Anyone have any suggested or predicted dates?

Who cares?  Since Canon sensors have such poor DR, any lens is basically useless if it mounts only on Canon bodies.

 ::) ::) :P

Please don't write this kind of tripe here.....even in jest.

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: June 15, 2014, 11:34:32 AM »
A few birds from the last few days in Ireland:

Canon 5DIII and a 400 f2.8 LIS
None of the images shows up ...

>Sigh< Flickr's gone and changed again and I can't see where I can obtain the link to the images.
Can anyone help? Anyone figured out the new Flickr UI?

EOS Bodies / Re: A Few EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]
« on: June 15, 2014, 11:13:55 AM »
I'm rather surprised no one has captured a picture of a 7D2 at the World Cup yet---if they're really there!

It probably looks a bit like a short 1Dx so no one's probably noticed yet!

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:21:57 PM »
A few birds from the last few days in Ireland:

Canon 5DIII and a 400 f2.8 LIS

EOS Bodies / Re: A Few EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:09:54 PM »
Can somebody explain to me HOW lack of a mode dial is a good thing? I've never really understood the button system on the 1D line. To me it seems to be a lot slower to switch modes like this.

It's quite simple, the mode dial is the weakest part of the top plate. If the camera takes damage to the top plate, then it's very common for this to get smashed. It's not a functional design on the 1D series, it's a robust design.

I've smashed the mode dial once on one of my 5DIII's and the cracked the top LCD too. All the riggors of pro happens and that's why I carry a few spare camera bodies.

EOS Bodies / Re: Reports of EOS 7D Reaching End of Life [CR2]
« on: June 09, 2014, 10:41:51 AM »
I'm still prepping my bomb shelter for the hysteria as the 7D2 release gets closer
anyone remember how bad this place got pre 5Dmk3?

That was a fun time -- lots of activity.  Don't think the 7D2 will generate as much traffic as 5D3.  The tech is more mature now (relative to existing market offerings), and Sony's A7x, micro 4/3s, Fuji have all taken some of the market share and tech buzz.

There will be a number of very specific camps posting here once the specs are announced. Each camp can be quite easily predicted.
The Nikon trolls....where anything from Canon isn never good enough.
The Canon fanboys, where everyrhing from Canon is given from the very "hand of god".
The existing 1DX users, who don't see the point of the 7DII compared to their exisiting camera.
The 5DIII users who don't care for the 1.6 crop. The 5DIII users who fancy the 1.6 crop.
The upgraders from the 70D and the side graders from the 7D.
The "we want 15 stops DR or the camera is a failure" brigade.
The people who don't have enough money to justify a 7DII.
The people who don't have any camera but like to post their opinions on forums as if they did.

you are welcome to add or delete to my list

In the mean time....I'll be out shooting during my busiest time of the year. 

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS Real World Sample Images
« on: June 09, 2014, 06:06:18 AM »
My advice was to buy the new one outright, compared them and then sell the f2.8....but I guess this advice is a little late now!
That was my plan, too, but I thought I'd go ahead and get my lens out there before eBay is saturated with them.  With 3 days left in the auction, my lens is at $1085 with 12 watchers, so I think I've timed it well.  Also, when I get the new lens, I'd rather be using it instead of shooting comparison photos :).  If the lens isn't amazing, I'll just return it and use my TS-E 17 until the 14-24 f/2.8 or whatever comes out. 

P.S. Okay, I admit that I might have to indulge in a few 16-35 f/4 IS vs. TS-E 17 f/4 comparisons...

The 16-35L f/2.8 II market has softened quite a bit already.  I got mine used about 2 years ago for about 1200 (lens, caps and hood only) when most of used copies were going for 1300, and I sold mine on eBay for 1150 (even with 30+ watchers).  I tracked a few others before selling mine and they were going in the 1150-1250 (with box, pouch, etc.) range unless scammers were involved (i.e. 0 feedback accounts bidding the prices up).

Ideally, I think I would have preferred a 16-35 f/2.8 III to the 16-35 f/4 IS if it is at least as good as the 16-35 f/4 IS's MTFs.  I tried the 24, 28 and 35 IS, and I don't find the IS as useful at these shorter focal lengths, but the 16-35 f/4 IS looks so much better than the 16-35 II that I'm switching now and am willing to lose the 10-20% of the price until the 16-35 f/2.8 II's replacement comes to market, whenever that may be.

Of the 10+ lens I have bought, this is the first that I've ever ordered before it was widely available and reviews were already out.  I blame the Canon store's error in giving 125 off the new lens price for my hastiness/impulsiveness.   ;D

@GMCPhotographics:  I agree that the used market prices for the 16-35 II won't change much now.  I've been considering selling the 16-35 II for months, especially after snagging a refurbed Zeiss 21.  If canon can design the 16-35 f/2.8 III as good as the 16-35 f/4 IS with good coma control wide open, then I'll be looking to the 16-35 f/2.8 III to replace both the 16-35 and the Zeiss 21.

It's too bad Canon couldn't stretch the 16-35 f/4 IS to be a 16-40 design.  All this typing to distinguish between the 16-35 f/2.8, 16-35 f/2.8 II, 16-35 f/4 IS and the 16-35 f/2.8 II replacement (III?) is going to be a pain!

The 17-40L was expanded at the long end so that it could perform two specific roles. An ultra wide zoom for the full framers and die hard film users. Full frame digital users were very few in those days when this lens was released. The other crowd was the other 99.9% of Canon DSLR users who were mostly 1.6x crop users. This lens predates the EF-s mount. It was envisioned as a cost effective standard lens range for those users (28-65mm effective). The only other option was the very expensive 16-35L and out of the pocket for most much has changed! In those days, Canon saw the 1.6x crop as a temporary thing and had a plan to make their entire range full frame within 10 years. When Canon saw that many users liked the 1.6x crop, they backtracked and started to develop the ef-s mount and lenses. So the long term future of the 17-40L has always been questionable. I'm sure Canon has thought...hmmm, 17-40 f4L needs replacing and it's original mandate is no longer lets start with a blank sheet of ultra wide f4 lens...lets make it a 16-35mm with an IS unit....yeah that'll work well. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Reports of EOS 7D Reaching End of Life [CR2]
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:53:11 AM »
I remember reading there will be no 7D mk2 or a camera by that name. the newer body will be digi 6 which is far ahead of the game and also, the 70d was suppose to be the new 7D new version, so if there is a replacement maybe its out already and if there is a camera coming out I dont think it will have anything to do with a 7 at all. just my 2cents, only time will tell what it really going to be.

The 70D shares a lot of 7D specs, which really underlines my earlier point about the 7D being a very advanced camera when it was launched. I get the impression with the 70D, it was Canon cutting into the second hand sales of the 7D. The 7D is hardly selling anymore on the new market but is selling very well on the used market. Canon only recieve income with the same of new cameras, not used ones. So the way to fix this is release a nearly identical camera with a nearly identical spec, but built to a cheaper cost base and sell it for the same price as a used 7D....and this is exactly what the 70D seems to have done. The same it true of the 6D and 5DII.
Sure there are few minor upgrades and a few dumbed down specs, but generally this seems to have happened.

The Problem Canon seems to have with the 1DX and 7DII, is that the 1DX is still selling well and the second Canon release a 7DII, those sales will tail off pretty fast. It's just not possible to make a 7DII without it being a 1.6x version of the 1DX. The 5DIII is already a full frame 1DX a 7DII must therefore be a cropped sensor 1DX lite also. Ergo, simular frame rate, AF array and 18mp as the 1DX.

Lenses / Re: Canon 24-70 II + 70-200 f2.8 IS II is one GREAT combo
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:15:28 AM »
Bottom line is: 24-70 II + 70-200 f2.8 IS II is one GREAT combo

Great combo for shoulder and back pain as well... Oh, you meant for taking pictures? 101% agree to that :P

The BR dual strap works really good - it gives a better balance. I didn't feel any pain during or a day after.

Off topic: I saw 2-3 Nikon shooters with their big guns and flashes. I really wanted to show them my 400mm f2.8 IS II, but the shooting distance was too close. Anyways, it was indoor low light, ISO4000 to ISO5000 photos still look amazing.

I use a holdfast moneymaker system. I can hook up 2 or 3 cams. It's comfortable and very reliable. I sometimes get a bit of pinching but it's pretty much the best multi camera harness I've seen so far. Mine is brown leather and it looks fantastic too.

Lenses / Re: Need a 600mm. Don't want to pay for one
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:10:53 AM »
One of the other reasons for getting a native 600L instead of a 300L and a 2X converter, is that the 600L can be used with converters to extend the focal length even further. The 600L makes a great 840mm f5.6L and a very good 1200mm f8 lens when using converters.
My 400L pretty much maxxes out at 800mm. I've tried it with a 2x and a 1.4x and the results weren't good, even by stopping down 2 or 3 stops. The 2x is usable wide open and a bit better stopped down a stop. The 1.4x is pretty much as sharp as the native lens wide open.

EOS Bodies / Re: Reports of EOS 7D Reaching End of Life [CR2]
« on: June 07, 2014, 08:40:04 AM »
The 7D is so old that it's been end of life in the market place for a long time. It's been said before, it's not the camera which is dated, but the sensor inside it. It's seriously behind in iso ability and clarity at 100%. Sure the AF could do with a tweek, but I found the 7D's array to be very good. is not just the sensor, it as all the electronic circuitry in the camera that is dated.

The 7D actually has a better processor than the 5II of the same generation. The 7D to get it's data through put of 8fps and 18mp used a dual Digic 4 design. While the 5DIII and 1DX use Digic 5 and Dual Digic 5 designs, the through put of the Dual Digic 4 and a single Digic 5 are remarkably similar.
Other than AF systems, a 19 point to 61 point AF system, the 7D is remarkably modern except for it's sensor. If fact much of the 5DIII's development was carried over or progressed from the ground work laid in the 7D development. The 7D really was a 1D4 one wonders if Canon has the will to put out a 7DII / 1D-X lite?

EOS Bodies / Re: Can Canon deliver a FF sensor that is class leading?
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:06:28 AM »
At the extreams of contrast, yes I agree with you. But in generall use (99% of the time) I would say taht a few stops of shadow area pull ability isn't going to be a game changer. If anything, it's a just a bit more convienient when poor technique over steps it's mark.

At least for what I do I can say this is not true - I'm taking wildlife pictures at noon all the time, and 15 ev of Magic Lantern the subject can be in the shade, the sky doesn't clip and I can still get ok resolution out of the shadows with the 6d. I now also often take backlit shots with the subject on sunset, also with enough shadow resolution and no sun clipping. This is not just my subjective impression, but I can check the scene dr with ML's raw histogram.

Admittedly, you can also just use high dr as "isoless" lazy exposure and/or avoid extreme postprocessing hassle to pull up the last shadow bits or desperately try to recover the whites...

... but now that I know higher-dr capability I'd really switch systems if you'd try to take ML away from me :-). 11.5ev (6d native) and ~15ev (ML dual_iso 100/1600) is a *big* real world difference if you shoot scenes you cannot bracket-hdr.

Marsu....please read what I said more carefully...."At the extreams of contrast, yes I agree with you"
I wasn't disagreeing with you but agreeing.
I currently use a 2 or 3 shot exposure blend to capture the contrast range which i need for low light landscapes. For me, I want clean and noise free images at 100%, so at the moment multi shot exposure blends is still the way to go. Here's an example:

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