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EOS Bodies / Best April 1st Goofs
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:40:54 AM »
Lets  see the best - seems like Bryan is on the ball:

EOS Bodies / Re: Wait for the Canon 5D Mark IV or get the Mark III?
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:57:28 PM »
We have absolutely no information about any 5D Mk4 out there. There is not even a hint of a rumor. Weve been getting rumors with details about 7DII for almost a year and its not coming out until possibly late next year. The 5D3 has plenty of life left, especially with the announcement of developments from Magic Lantern, and its possibly the best camera in its price range that I am sure is outselling the Nikon D800 with less issues (check the dissatisfied customers for both cameras on sites like B& H or Amazon). Canon is not going to kill such a good performer thats  still selling very well, neither will it risk bringing a camera with dubious technology to market too early (like a large MP) into the 5D line up, and risk a debacle like the Nikon d600. If you want better youll probably have to go the way of 1DX or that other body that's rumored to supplement the lineup. But to kill such a  well received camera like the 5D3 is not something canon will do - BTW the D800 may have been wining many awards but i suspect that the 5D3 though more expensive is cleaning up the bottom line. So i would guess that you have more than 2 years to wait for a 5D4.

I really dont understand how photographers who say they are looking for a notebook to view and edit in the field will spend over $2000 (15" with retina) for something that contributes nothing to your photography - i am presuming that final editing will be done on a larger workstation type system at home/office. I have a Levovo that i paid 350$ for that is extremely thin and light and fits in my backpack and has tons of storage space with LR installed - Cant justify the extra 1700$. Especially that Im saving up for a long L.


Got use to it in two days. Dont want anything else.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Strange Image Artifact on my new 5D III
« on: August 07, 2013, 02:40:42 AM »
This has been discussed several times previously. I experienced this and made many changes, it only happened on one computer. When i changed the memory sticks on that computer the problem went away. In my case it definitely was not the memory card. As different light room imports showed different images having the problem and the artifacts never show on the camera.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Using Custom Dial Settings
« on: August 07, 2013, 02:35:33 AM »
I started fiddling with the C modes on my 5D3 after  reading a ken Rockwell article. Its quite useful. I shoot long exposures (3+ minutes) where there at least five settings that I have to fiddle with and the C mode gets most of them with a single jog of the dial. Any specific type of photography - they are useful where you would otherwise have to dig deep in menus to get the settings.

Canon General / Re: People that don't shoot in manual...
« on: July 30, 2013, 05:21:42 PM »
just to clarify, that 'instagram look' is achieved by using curves to mimic the cross processing technique popularised in the 70's fashion world. It's quite a nice look I personally feel as images straight from a digital camera, especially the colours...


Canon General / Re: People that don't shoot in manual...
« on: July 30, 2013, 02:38:27 PM »
While I dont think the OP deserves a reply, i will still give one, because like the Raw issue there are a lot photogs who go round misconception that because they insist on shooting raw or fully manual makes them stand out. This is more of a bigoted question rather than one about photography. Photography is not about equipment and settings. But I will respond from the equipment position. I have been in many situations where I have lost the shot due to adjusting the camera. So unless you are in control of the situation - like still life or shooting a model, you want the quickest most convenient set up for each scenario. Personally I only work in manual when i am in control of the lighting. In general I would use AV during the day when the light is good and use TV when the lighting is suppressed. Other than that I would use specific settings beyond that when there is the need for a specific shot - for example depth of field and to show a certain amount of motion or long exposure etc. To believe that you always need to be in manual OR even get annoyed when others do it is truly something else NOT Photography - possibly one that requires psychiatric intervention.

BTW - did you manually apply that 'instagram look' that many of your photos on your website have one by one shot by shot - or did you create a filter and just apply them 'automatically'?

Software & Accessories / Re: Favorite new feature in LR 4/5
« on: June 22, 2013, 11:52:48 AM »
I really love the Geotagging feature and Photobook features. Unfortunately its not getting that much attention. I really dont think that lightroom must be bogged down and made into photoshop and unfortunately thats where its headding. I have photoshop and can open it directly from light room. Its cool that you can apply common features to large amounts of files - like filters and white balance etc. But once you reach stuff that you do to single files duplicating photoshop functionality is just bloating lightroom.

I wish that it would greatly expand the Geotagging features. Like using lens focal length to show you interactively on a map your range of view and even from the side - using elevation. Being able to see more of the photo from map view - rather than just small thumbs. Creating cool maps/images showing me where ive been and the shots ive taken so that I can easily create illustrations for print and web. Even assisting in panoramas. And then expanding the photobook features so that I can create complex layouts and reuse with different images/captions/texts so that I can easily create multiple nice books from different images.

« on: June 19, 2013, 01:04:56 PM »
The original poster hasnt made it absolutely clear that he was paid for the work other than "paid simple work". SO they hire you, and pay you now you want to be paid extra because you think they can use the work other than what you thought they were going to use it for. I think if this is the case the photographer is unreasonable in the absence of a specified contract. WHat business is it of yours what they do with the photos, if you were paid?

Quite unlike the numerous examples of those who think they can rip off a photographer by using his work without permission, just because he has fun doing what he does.

Lenses / Re: EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x Announcement Tonight
« on: May 13, 2013, 09:05:31 PM »
I would love to see how this compares (IQ wise) with the current 400 F2.8 and with extenders. I suspect that the F2.8 will give you more potential for going to 800 with a 2X where as the zoom to 560mm is also a huge advantage and convenience especially in the outdoors.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Wrong Photography Ethics?
« on: May 09, 2013, 01:50:26 PM »
I think that kind of editing is fine - but you should disclose what edits youve made to those interested. I think something looks wrong with the horizon of the edited pic. Its too soft, though i may not have came to that conclusion if i didnt see the original.

Lighting / Re: Should I buy a Speedlite?
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:06:16 PM »
Fast lenses wont help as already point out - unless you shoot for a good distance, I find speedlites are overpriced - pick up a few yougnuo or even cheaper compatible flahses for less than 50$ each like the Neewer TT560 on amazon. A few pairs of inexpensive remote triggers like those from yougnuo and even an umbrella/lightstand will work wonders all for less than you would pay for a single canon speedlite.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon D800 Value Dropping?
« on: April 13, 2013, 11:38:42 AM »
Interesting thread. However its obvious that there are many fanboys (on either side) whose contribution takes away from the discussion. There was a very interesting thread "Nikon go Crazy" there it was discussed having a hybrid collection of bodies and lenses - and I though it was a good idea rather than having say two 5Dmk3's. I am still looking at the D800 as there are definite pluses however I am afraid of some of the potential quirks of the d800 and dont know how many of them are ironed out. Something that has engaged my attention is the user feedback on Amazon for both the 5D3 and the d800. Both have around 250 reviews however, negative reviews for the 5D is almost non existent while its considerable for the d800. Leads me to believe there are issues with the d800 that left many buyers disappointed. I hope it comes down even more it might drive me to get one.

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