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Lenses / Re: Canon 70-200 ii Focus Breathing Numbers
« on: January 29, 2015, 05:20:10 PM »
This guy explains it very nicely in this video.



In printing, no need to do Canon, in fact some other printer manufacturers have more reputation in that domain. I have the Epson R3000 which prints beautifully and can only recommend it. Even more, it's wifi and prints to A3+ and rolls if you need to.

Resolution is really really good, size is very acceptable, has 7 colors and 2 blacks. Check its reviews online. On top of it I think the prices is very reasonabel as well.



Thanks Sama!

Hello again

I'm going nuts trying to find where to download the 7D firmware 2.0.3 for windows 8. Can anyone tell me where to dwnload it??? I can only find the latest one, 2.0.5 but don't want it cause woudl like to be able to use still my 3rd party batteries!


Both cards are genuine and we have registered them under your name for warranty purposes.

How do you register a card for warranty purposes?  I have never done that

I've asked them the same question, hoping to get a link to check that out too.

Lenses / Re: 70-200 f/2.8 IS II - Difference between 2012 and 2014?
« on: June 10, 2014, 11:32:37 AM »
The silver box seems nicer, do you have more  pics  ;=)

Thanks to all for the comments.

Got the Sandisk replay (kudos for the reactivity) and this is what they say. I copy so it may help others:

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. My name is XXXXXX and I am here to assist you.

I understand you would like to verify the authenticity of your new SanDisk 32GB CF Extreme Pro 160Mb/s memory card.
We are glad to confirm that both cards are genuine SanDisk products.  The reason you observe the difference on the one with the black label and gold lettering is because we have very recently changed the labels on the Extreme Pro line.
Both cards are genuine and we have registered them under your name for warranty purposes.
For future reference please bear in mind that the best way to ensure you are purchasing an authentic SanDisk product is to buy from an authorized SanDisk reseller.  You may view our distributor/reseller list to locate an authorized SanDisk reseller in your area:  Find a Retailer/Distributor
We remain at your service for any additional information or assistance.


Thanks Graham


Bought 2 CF Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro (160Mb/s, UDMA 7) from Amazon (Spain).

Both packages look like the one in the second picture which is the same you can see pretty much everywhere.

However, after opening, one of the memories does not have the golden band on the top and bears a different look (first picture)...did I get a fake mem from Amazon or is this somehow the new look of the Extreme Pro's?

Left Memory No.1 which is the on expected and matches the package
Right Memory No.2: the weird one

Fyi i've contacted Sandisk and expect their reply.

thx for your feedback!

Hi Fegari.
Are you sure you want to go to 2.0.5, I thought there was some talk that it only fixed a very obscure issue and could nobble the use of 3rd party batteries.

Cheers Graham.


I have doubts because of this I found in the Canon support pages:

"Firmware Version 2.05 is for cameras with Firmware Version 2.0.3"

Sure then no risks going fro, 1.2.5 striaght to 2.0.5?

Did not know that. Can anyone comment? what does 2.0.5 really bring as improvements?

You better use that camera quick! I hear it's at the end of it's life cycle. ;)

With only 4k shots I don't think so  .=)


I have doubts because of this I found in the Canon support pages:

"Firmware Version 2.05 is for cameras with Firmware Version 2.0.3"

Sure then no risks going fro, 1.2.5 striaght to 2.0.5?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Updating 7D Firmware from 1.2.5 to 2.0.5
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:30:56 PM »

Got a second hand 7D with the old 1.2.5 firmware.

Can anyone advice if I can go directly to 2.0.3, then to 2.0.5?

Or do I have to upgrade to 2.0.0, then 2.0.3 then 2.0.5?


Lenses / Re: 70-200mm F 2.8 IS 2 VS 70-200mm F4 IS
« on: November 19, 2013, 12:31:24 PM »
I have both and as many have, I've agonized over the issue before getting the 2.8II. IQ is pretty much the same on both, obviously from F4 onwards and obvioulsly you get more flexibility with the 2.8 for the reasons explained above. That extra stop is a great thing to have, whatever high ISO cameras exist now, it is always a plus.

Asuming money is not a big driver in the desicion, this was my rationale:

If you consider/want to be able to shoot (also) some wildlife without going for a dedicated lens, get the 2.8 that can use the 1.4 and 2x extenders, big versatility value here and IQ won't dissapoint, even with the 2x it is more than acceptable with good light. You get basically a 70-400 (f2.8 - f5.6)

If portrait is your thing, I'd say get the 2.8II, here I think there is a real visible differnce btw f4 and f2.8

If you value more the size and weight, then the F4. Significant weight difference here and the F4 is still more than usable with the 1.4x by the way. Being limited to 280mm in such case you get "only" a 70-280 (f4 - 5.6)

In my case, I value more the possibility of putting the 2x extender whenever I need to than the weight penalty while travelling, therefore I'm selling the F4. FInally, the 2.8 comes with the tripod mount ring for free, a night and day change whenever you use the tripod, logically.

Good luck with teh choice!

Lenses / Re: Help on Markins Plate for rental Canon 300 2.8 II
« on: October 28, 2013, 03:34:37 PM »
Thanks, that helps a lot. I was not able to find the 300's foot specs!

I think it could do ok for just a couple of days of limited tripod use.

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