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There is no way the 5D3 will be as delayed as end of 2012…

Now, that statement smells to me as coming from some poor soul longing for a 5DIII.

I have never bought into the idea that Canon will release a 5DIII before a 1DsIV.  The latter is older, more in need of an upgrade, and will likely be released first.  If (a big IF) we se an announcement for a 1DsIV coming out soon, that puts the 1Ds line on a 4-year replacement, so if that gap trickles down to the 5D line, late 2012 makes perfect sense.

But that makes too much logical sense for CEO's and big wigs at Canon (or any other company for that matter) to go by... What they care about is market share/money coming in (profits)/and reputation.  The 5d is a better seller and will sell more than the 1d's and will have a higher return on investment hence the profit and market share portions of the formula... The 1d's are all about prestige and reputation... I dont think Canon at all sits back, in this economy and says (this is older so we will replace this first)... it's about what will give us the biggest volume of sales and is more profitable... Hence why rebels are upgraded yearly and pro cameras not..

EOS Bodies / Re: Exposure Compensation
« on: August 29, 2011, 10:12:02 AM »
Remember these on camera meter readings only get you to 18% gray.  It works well for when you metered object (spot) or scene (averaged) is 18% gray, but if it's not and you dont catch that, or if your on auto exposure, you are screwed.  It may be a pain, but getting a light meter that metered incident light is the best and most consistent, doesn't get fooled, and will nail exposures accordingly.  It's just another bit of gear you need to lug with you, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.  (plus if the light doesn't change, there's no need to change exposures unless you want to). 

Canon General / Re: Silly question by a noob
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:56:47 AM »
Mr Canon & Co did (and still do) their best to keep the semi-pro users away from vid cams with changeable lenses. And now can produce with a 500 Euro-Cam á la 600D (or even 1100D) much better movies than with a video cam that cost ten times as much.
While I do hear that many users have sworn off Canon camcorders for the time being, saying that DSLRs make much better movies is kind of ridiculous.  These are for entirely different kinds of applications - camcorders have quiet and continuous focus and DSLRs don't.  It's ENG versus what Canon has been treating as a nifty toy that may or may not be acceptable for some controlled shooting situations.

The whole continuous focusing thing is totally blown way out of proportion.... To say a DSLR cant be as good of a tool because it doesn't continual focus is ridiculous.  How may professional VJ or professional film makers use autofocus?  What's that, 0?  How many have a several man crew (1 person to run the camera, one person to do follow focus, 1 person to direct, etc.... )... almost all.  When you're doing a paid gig, you DO NOT want your camera making the focus up for you.  If it just shifts focus a tiny bit (thinking the subject has changed) that could royally screw up an entire scene wasting time and money.   

Canon General / Re: Help with eBay/back focus situation plz!
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:50:22 PM »
From my experience, If there is going to be any slight change in front/back focus, it will be on the long end, that is what is the most critical... Understanding how the 1/3 front, 2/3 back focus works, if you can nail focus on the long extreme, when you zoom out to the wide end, the image usually will be in focus... There of course may be extremes such as if you have max MA on the long end, when moved to the wide end, it COULD be enough to change the relation of focus within your frame, but if indeed that is enough screw it up, it's worth sending the lens into the manufacturer to fix. 

ps regarding zooming primes, you know where i'm getting at. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:21:25 PM »
Well for the most part, no other camera company has pumped out (within 2 years of the camera being out in production) any crop sensor that is superior for the 7d.  The only sensor that came close was the sony but that's kinda too early to tell... It probably wont be for a few more months before theres enough tests to say yes or no.  Plus it is unknown if canon really see's sony as direct competition or if it only see's nikon as competition.  Now by all means, should a 70D come out or new rebel that has a cleaner and better sensor, then you can expect the new 7d to be coming soon. 

Remember only 12 more months the camera will be 3 years old and ready for replacement.  As of 2 years into it's lifecycle, no other crop camera has come close to outperform and resolve this camrea.  If the camera was only 1year old and sony came out with the camera, then i could see the worry, but until nikon starts pumping out D400's, there's really no rush for canon to deliver such a camera.   

Canon General / Re: Help with eBay/back focus situation plz!
« on: August 26, 2011, 03:36:10 PM »
Up until about 2005 I always sold gear on ebay... ever since I've used craigslist... that way they can test it and if they buy it, it's their problem.  Ebay I've had one person on on lens complain that there was a minor scuff on the barrel when the lens was extended, yada yada yada... It wasn't there when I shipped it... Some people forget about the 1/focal length rule and even gets more critical on higher MP lenses.  MA is there for a reason.  Also canonrumors also posted an article a while about about testing lenses and manufacturers specs and allowances so even if one camera shows great, it the other camera has a different tolerance in spec, the lens could be soft.  Tell him to give you shots taken on a tripod with no camera shake and a fixed item such as a pole or person or whatever... That way he can tell what's going on... Long lenses also work better with monopods... try that...

PS MA works for zooms AND primes... use the prime on the most extreme (wide open zoomed to the highest focal length).. If you MA on that, everything else, while they may change, will fall into place nicely. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
« on: August 26, 2011, 02:59:45 PM »
I understand your opinion about how the 7d relates to the xxd cameras and xxxd camera... Well the 60D and t3i carry the same sensor, but are not superior sensors to the 7d... the 60D has some goodies that trickled down from the 7d and new innovations such as the much debated swivel screen... The 7d still holds it's own even after nikon upgraded the d300 to the d300s to compete with video, but the 7d has still been dubbed by many people as the d300s killer.  The sony is an interesting camera but until production samples come out to really do a side by side comparison in quality and function, it's a bit too early to tell who comes out on top.  The 7d compared to the newest 60d and xxd would be like the top of the line mustang whereas the 60d would be the regular mustang with the same engine but less bells and whistles and maybe the t3i would be the same car with manual roll down windows and steel wheels.... It's debatable whether people in the industry consider the 7d as "pro" or not, but canon has made a point to all but say that this is in the same category as the 5d... 5d being a baby 1ds and 7d being a baby 1d. 

Canon General / Re: Silly question by a noob
« on: August 26, 2011, 10:28:09 AM »
There's a few issues... first, as dr crouble mentioned, it would still be the same size sensor and regardless how much pixels it has, costs wont be any cheaper to produce and you wont have the superior resolution of 21mp (for lets say 4k video comes out, etc... It's much easier for Mr Canon (not that he will) but to throw in a patch or firmware to record that size vs recreating the sensor (again). 

Secondly, the bigger pixels, the less noise is sorta a myth... With that thinking, the 10D/20D should have less noise than the 7D, but the 10D got noise past iso 200... (But in it's defense it was actually very close to film tolerances and most photographers using it had a film background so we didn't think anything of it).  Plus, with the smaller pixels you have finer resolution hence you can SEE the noise easier whereas the noise on lower resolution cameras would have to be big enough to take up the majority of said pixel to show, and with those cameras it didn't take much. 

Now with that out of the way, they definitely can put together a barebones no frills super video camera dslr but they would have to make it at a price point (full frame) and cheap enough to produce where it would be profitable and where they are comfortable that it would have enough of a demand to warrant it.  Dont forget struggles including jello cam/rolling shutter, frame rates, buffer and recording limitations, sound options, etc... I couldn't see that kinda camera until they get those dslr quirks sorted out.  If they're going to invest in creating a camera they dont want any of these issues to ruin the camera. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
« on: August 25, 2011, 02:00:11 PM »
I have said in prior posts I fully believed the 5d would come out BEFORE the 1d or 1ds.  The 5d mark ii crushed 1ds3 sales due to the same sensor, fraction of the cost... I believed canon learned their lesson, release the new 5d first, then after 6 months or so (after the initial rush and hype has settled a tad), come out with an even better 1ds that would make peoples mouths water... that way people have the incentive to buy the 5d AND the 1d, rather than just the 5d. 

The idea of delaying the 1ds for the market reasons you mentioned is interesting but I doubt it will happen. This time, the gap between the 5dIII and 1dsIV should be bigger. We can expect 2x digic V for the 1ds, and 1x digic V for the 5d which will be more gapped than the previous 2x digic III vs 1x digic IV.

Sony did 24mp @ 12fps in a "cheap" camera and that likely they are going to release 1 or 2 FF cameras with aggressive specs/pricing. We should expect that the 1ds to have at least very high resolution (higher than 5dIII) and speed, together with some other innovations such a crop mode, square sensor and the latest useful small features such as built in gps and wireless. Actually there are other innovations I am thinking about they might add, but they are too mad to mention them here :) If they feel the innovations are not strong enough, they might even tweak the price.

I can't wait to see some facts rather than just guesses !! The A77 gives us some hints of what to expect, and my expectations are high !

What we are expecting and reality are two seperate things my friend... We should know that by now with camera manufacturers... Remember the economy is down, times are tough, and profits are probably, while up, are not AS up as expecting... So expect them to do what's right for their company and profits... hence the two releases, the cheap first, gauge reactions, perhaps make a tweak or two based on those reactions to the 1ds... then plop the big boy...

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
« on: August 25, 2011, 11:33:58 AM »
I don't think we can really say for sure whether the 7D is "due" for a refresh or not given that its never happened before, my feeling is that its not going to have as long a product cycle as the full frame models.

Unless theres really nothing they can do about it I'd be supprized to see Canon let Sony and potentially Nikon steal a march on them with megapixels which have afterall been a large part of there marketing for crop DSLR's.

I dont think it has anything to do with full frame cycle or not, it's regarding what canon thinks is "pro" "semi pro" and consumer... Canon, at least in passive literature has stated they feel the 7D is a pro level camera, such as the 5d series and 1d series... That may be debatable to us photographers and "pro" photographers, but that is canon's line in the sand.  (CPS membership for platinum(the highest level) requires 2 7d's or higher).  The xxd series has infamously been known as the prosumer or semi pro cameras even though the 60d has made many scratch their heads in this categories...  The rebels or consumers in the eyes of canon. 

I cant see canon releasing an update to the 7d until next fall... (3 year cycle)

EOS Bodies / Re: Getting a little bit Fed Up...
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:20:28 AM »
Just for giggles regarding how you cant get a sharp image on the 7d, with the settings properly adjusted, can you manual focus to get a sharp image using live view zoomed in on a tripod.  IF you can, then it's a AF/microadjust/camera shake/etc problem which is usually user fixable... If you cannot even pull off manual focus, then send the camera in..

EOS Bodies / Re: Getting a little bit Fed Up...
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:06:17 PM »
Do let us know if any of our suggestions help with your focus issue. 

Canon General / Re: Abandoned at the Alter, Again
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:05:36 PM »
You know, it's NOT like canon promised to deliver an announcement and delayed the announcement... Its more like waiting for a proposal rather than being jilted at the alter... Maybe if your a nicer girlfriend and do what you are supposed to do, your boyfriend will want to be a fiancee...  I'll let you connect the dots there....

Canon General / Re: So... Sony just dropped their Juggernaut!
« on: August 24, 2011, 11:01:48 PM »
So it's APS-C, and $1400, so going to compete against the 7D basically.
24MP vs 18MP win.
12fps vs 8fps win (even beating the 1D4 there).
GPS vs none win (but lose if you don't care and can't switch it off to save battery life).
50/60fps 1080p video win. (but only 28MBPS, up from 24MBPS in 24/25fps? more compression = bad?)
19pt AF/11cross vs 19pt/19cross lose (just on numbers, we'll see how well it works later).
In camera-panorama win if you like it, don't care if you'd rather stitch in-PC
Sensor-based IS win for old lenses, lose for battery life and heat.
ISO 50-25,600 (I always remember a TDP quote, just because you can, doesn't mean you should).
Selectable ISO range in AutoISO win (my mum's 6-year old IST *DL can, 550D too, why can't my 7D?)
5-frame AE bracketing win.
1200-zone metering win? 7D is 63-zone in viewfinder, not sure about in live-view.
30-1/8000s, 1/250s flash same.
Flash GN 12 (i think 7D is GN15?)
Buffer 13 JPG shots big lose (maybe blame the SD card?)
Battery life 400 shots viewfinder lose (7D is 1000 shots i believe).
Electronic viewfinder lose for me, battery life and dark-tracking main reasons. Depends if it's worth the extra 12FPS to you.

Ergonomics are always personal, and you'll learn to use what you've got after a few months. Personally, i'm sticking with my 7D. But yay for Sony, hopefully it's lit a fire under their 7Dmk2 development team, I expect nothing less that 28MP 9FPS 25ptAF for $1500 now.

Keep dreaming with your 7d2 expectations...  We still need to see IF the 24mp vs 18mp is truely a win if the image looks like crap.  Also can the 12FPS keep up with the AF and lock focus or does it just shoot a burst without AF change?  GPS i dont care about and 19 pt AF is where it should be... Other than that, no level, no flash commander... the 7d still shines on. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
« on: August 24, 2011, 01:56:51 PM »
ok so lets all say its true any idea on pricing what do you guys think will be acceptable ? I'm hoping no more than £2000 uk sterling

$2999 would be nice. Hope the price would drop in 3-4 months to $2499. Kit bundle with 24-105 II IS USM for $3999 would be fantastic.

Anyone catch the price of the new A77?  It's competing against the 7d and is starting $300 less than the 7D MSRP... any chance this will force canon to lower prices on bodies?  Or is that wishful thinking?  FYI the 5d m2 started at 2699 but may have been higher or lower depending on store to store. 

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