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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 'Rep' tells BBC that "fewer megapixels are better"
« on: September 12, 2011, 11:10:23 AM »

More resolution is more resolution... Kinda like how a photoshop file built to minimum standards of 5x7 will look ok/good but a photoshop 8x10 downsized to 5x7 printed will have that little bit extra...

Yes, but we  cannot get 8mp resolution out of a 2mp monitor... so perhaps it is not about the absolute number pixels.

So perhaps there are other factors to be considered, for example, if the effect of AA and bayer filters less of an issue with higher resolution shots proportionally? I would think yes and that would probably explain some of the difference we are witnessing... What else should we consider?

For the last decade i've been a big proponent for increasing resolution due to more information, bigger prints, more options in post... I think we can be getting to the peak (especially on crop sensors) in resolution... perhaps they can bump it up to 21 but I want to see a big jump in IQ and noise... With full frame I think they have a little wiggle room should they want to but dont overdue it... The bigger the MP the better lenses you need... From this point on though I wont mind more MP as long as other areas are focused more on as far as improvements...

EOS Bodies / Re: A Week in Rumors
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:19:47 AM »
seriously guys, do you always get canon bodies for xmas? i mean, expensive pro bodies...

Not me. I agree that the xxxxD/xxxD are Xmas presents, less so the xxD, and not really the xD.

Personally, I keep a separate 'gear fund' in which I accumulate supplemental income (consulting, etc.).  When there's enough in there for what I want, I buy it. Voilà, Xmas any time of the year!

As for Canon ' concentrating on consumer bodies' for the holidays, it seems that a few years ago they managed to ramp up production of the 5DII around November...

It's all about taxes... At the end of every year just before christmas I always evaluate what i am missing in my lineup and what money i have after bonus's, paychecks, and kids christmas presents goes towards my new lenses, flashes, lighting, etc... Its amazing how much those writeoff's knock you down a few tax brackets in april. 

EOS Bodies / Re: A Week in Rumors
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:15:10 AM »
"It was suggested this was to make sure Canon could meet the production demands that the Christmas and holiday  seasons require"

What demand? There is a big xmas demand for the 1DmkIV? 5DmkII? I think these products are all on the downslope of their sales...there is no large demand. Canon would be foolish to push their releases into early next year if indeed they make higher sales at xmas time.

As for not annoucing new models that won't be available for 2-3 months....isn't this the norm?  Doesn't Canon ALWAYS do this?

The 1DmkIII was announced in Feb and wasn't available until May...I'm no math whiz, but that's 3 months.

The 5D mkII was announced in the middle of Sept and was only shipped at the end of November. um...that would be 2 months.

I'm pretty confident this is exactly what will happen when Canon (finally) announces some new bodies.


You're missing the  big picture... the 1d and 5d cameras (to professionals) are tax write off's... so whatever profits we get and can afford upgrades at the end of the year, we do what we can to upgrade so we can write it off in the next year taxes... almost every company in every industry does this...

EOS Bodies / Re: A Week in Rumors
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:12:02 AM »
No release prior to the holidays seems like a poor decision.  Sure, they want to be able to meet production requirements, but they're going to take a hit if the D5100 becomes the hot selling dSLR for the holidays.  Honestly, if I was just getting into photography, the D5100 would seem a more attractive buy than the T3i.  The latter is essentially the same guts as the 2010 T2i; nearly two years old.  The point and shoot market could take a hit this holiday if the iPhone has another update to its camera and the other phone makers follow suit.  I'm not sure what Canon is predicting it will be selling a lot of camera-wise this holiday season...

From a marketing perspective, i couldn't agree more...

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 'Rep' tells BBC that "fewer megapixels are better"
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:08:46 AM »
I'm awaiting the release of a 400 mp camera so I can sell off all my telephoto lenses.

Hahaha... gave me a good chuckle this monday morning =)  I wouldn't mind having good crop ability as long image iq is superb.. 

Was "Jurg Ammon" from the still photography or camcorder side of the house? The trend in the last generation of Canon prosumer camcorders was to have future pixels. 1080P video is only about 2MP.

Thats what I tell whoever asks me "how many megapixels does your camera have"... but guys the truth is, that an 8mp image shown on a 1080p TV/monitor looks much better than a 2mp image... why?

More resolution is more resolution... Kinda like how a photoshop file built to minimum standards of 5x7 will look ok/good but a photoshop 8x10 downsized to 5x7 printed will have that little bit extra...

United States / Re: Why a shutter curtain?
« on: September 10, 2011, 10:21:28 PM »
the mirror is still there so we buy the mk3 or mk4 when they release the electronic shutter versions... (Nikon used to make one like this)...  perhaps cynical but the manufactures need a range of new features to make us part with our cash for each new version...

Sooo.... you're saying if IF they release a DSLR with an electronic shutter vs a real one, you would be more inclined to buy it?  Really?  REALLY?  How does that improve the IQ?  How does that improve DR or noise performance or the AF? What benefit does an electronic shutter have over a real (and if you think that the price will be cheaper you are fooling yourself).  If not anything, as I mentioned before and neuro acknowledged, the light hitting the sensor consistently could degrade the sensor, give burn in, and shorten the lifespan of the camera, let alone the nightmare of dust... P&S does not change lenses so this isn't an issue with them, but would be horrible with DSLR's.  I see ABSOLUTELY no up side in an electronic shutter...

I know from digital medium format that it is a necessity with a curtain. This is due to the sensor keeps reading and "flushing" the information while not exposing.

If the sensor did not have the curtain you would get corrupted images with a lot of strange colors when reading your images from the sensor.

exactly...  Plus medium format also utilized leaf shutters and 3 shot studio capture... You're not going to take these out in the field to get dust or anything else...  Also... considering you can buy a decent car for the price of a leaf digital back... and they rely of lenses shutters for their capture or if they thought it would be more beneficial to do that, they would have put pressure on camera manufacturers to make new lenses... hence they have not... 

United States / Re: Why a shutter curtain?
« on: September 09, 2011, 10:26:51 AM »
I'm not going to pretend I know the intimate makings of these modern DSLRs... but just some food for thought... Lets say hypothetically with the lens cap off, the mirror within the camera blocks (lets say for example) 95% of the light the lens sends through and 5 percent somehow wraps around/bounces/or otherwise somehow still seeps through behind the mirror in which the shutter blocks the remaining light from getting to the sensor itself while not in use.  What chance do you suppose if they get rid of the shutter completely and go fully electronic, that the light that does get past the mirror would eventually weaken/degrade the sensor if not immediately but over time or even worse give a burn in effect like we see with computer monitors?  So lets say the 1d cameras which have a shutter/sensor rating of 300k exposures, well by 150k the sensor starts to downgrade or become less sensitive, would it be worth it or am I over-thinking this?  Even worse the mirrorless camera that has been talked about, what affect that would have with light constantly hitting the sensor?

Canon General / Re: 16GB CF PANIC!
« on: September 08, 2011, 02:24:49 PM »
When I last purchased a lexar card, I was given a free copy of Lexars Image Rescue... You can use any card on it and mac friendly.  It's kinda slow and even can recover images after a reformat (even though some may be kinda screwy, but it can work)...

It's worth a try... at this point anything is better than nothing....

Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:34:59 AM »
Canon CPS is sending me this lens in 2 weeks to play with for a little while.  I will post photos once I'm done with the lens for you guys... 

Canon General / Re: Accent color shots
« on: August 30, 2011, 02:33:12 PM »
That make sense to "line up" the background blur with the angle of the board--I may have to try that. 

More of my concern is the "ghosting" around the kid herself which was a different step than the background blur.  Without any sort of effect/blur it didn't look right, so I feel like what I have is an improvement over nothing, but it still feels a bit ackward.

Other than the background motion blur, it would help if you can explain what you would like to see in your minds eye (rather than the ghosting) and what filter you used for the ghosting so I can best (and the rest of the canon rumors forum) to advise you...  If you are simply trying to convey motion, you could select the girl, put her on her on layer (if she's not already), make a duplicate, and on the lower layer you can apply motion blur.  If you did that to the top layer she would be out of focus.  Adjust the trail to your liking and then adjust the opacity of the layer to your liking.  If it appears off you can either slightly adjust the top opacity to add a little blur to the subject or add a layer mask (with the girl selected so the mask is in the shape of the girl), do a gausian blur so the edges of the girl blends into the motion blur layer below...  I hope this helps. 

Canon General / Re: Accent color shots
« on: August 29, 2011, 08:43:34 PM »
Well, looks like she's effortlessly gliding along on ice. Based on her very relaxed look, no prob.....

So great shoot, no fix needed


Relaxed look until she hits a rock and go flying off haha.  =)  Looks nice... FYI, regarding the motion blur, I saw somewhere when someone wanted 45 degree motion blur rather than side to side, they increased the canvas size, rotated to the direction of how they wanted the angle (so the motion blur would be horizontal) and then applied the motion blur, then rerotated it back to where it was.  If that's the only thing you wanted to change and you still have it in layers, shouldn't take more than a few min. 

Canon General / Re: Accent color shots
« on: August 29, 2011, 03:32:10 PM »
A shot by shot comparison?  This is just my 2 cents...

1) the boys- I think that if it wasn't red shorts, it would be kinda blah as far as contrast... I'm sure in color it was light blue water meet light skinned boys meets light blue sky... kinda tough.. I may try to burn the bottom water and top sky... especially around the right side boy... he's kinda getting lost tonality wise. 

2) The boy sitting down... This is another tough one because the highlight of the photo is what is colorized.  My eye wants to draw a balance of dark to light however with the colorized part being the highlight, it is tough to digest a bit... Perhaps just a touch of shadow recovery to take away all the dark would help... but dont overdo it..

3) Darkroom with 3 people... this is a very dark photo overall... It is so dark that the red almost looks fake because the brightness of the red doesn't match the brightness of the natural scene... Raising the brightness level or shadow recovery may help (for the subjects) but leave the dark layer to use for the background so it doesn't get too busy...

4) Bride and Groom?... This photo is muddy and the dark tux is getting lost... A light shadow recovery and possible dodging on the brides and groom (highlight areas and areas of contrast separation) just to add that bit of separation and the appearance of natural highlights.

5) couple dancing.... The womans dress, like the other photo, seems kinda disproportionate in brightness to what the natural scene looks like... kinda hits you like a sharp left hook... I'm thinking it works because it is dancing, i'm assuming you didn't have too much control of the ambient light not that you would want the ambient to be too much higher or else it could get muddy also... The woman kinda feels darker than the man (mans probably a lot closer to the flash)... if you do any shadow recovery (just a pinch) just to selectively bring up her exposure while leaving the rest of the photo alone may be my suggestion. 

"Is any company going to release a budget model of their product that has more and better features than their flagship? Not likely. So, by logic, that puts the 5D MkIII after a IDs MkIV."

Erm well that's exactly what Canon did with the 5D MkII released just after the 1Ds MkIII.  The 5D MkII has a better LCD display and a sensor with better microlenses, many believe that the 5D MkII has better IQ as a result.

Also, they wouldn't (again) add a camera that had better features than their flagship at the same time again (5d m2 and 1ds 3) but Given the time passed i'm sure everyone would understand a new 5d m3 as long as a far superior 1ds is shortly coming... it'd be cool to release them together as neuro suggested but that may be asking for too much. 

But that makes too much logical sense for CEO's and big wigs at Canon (or any other company for that matter) to go by... What they care about is market share/money coming in (profits)/and reputation.  The 5d is a better seller and will sell more than the 1d's and will have a higher return on investment hence the profit and market share portions of the formula... The 1d's are all about prestige and reputation... I dont think Canon at all sits back, in this economy and says (this is older so we will replace this first)... it's about what will give us the biggest volume of sales and is more profitable... Hence why rebels are upgraded yearly and pro cameras not..

Agreed - but Canon can point to current sales figures for the 5DII that are still quite high.  On, the 5DII is the best selling full frame dSLR, and the 19th best-selling dSLR on their top-100 list (next highest FF is the Nikon D700 at #30).  Gene_can_warble frequently begs us to stop buying 5DII's so Canon will release a 5DIII, and while I don't think that Canon has the 5DIII wrapped up with a bow and ready to ship tomorrow, he's right that sales of the 5DII are still strong - perhaps strong enough to deflate the urgency of releasing a 5DIII.

Do you or anyone know whether sales for the 5d (classic) was still strong selling when the 5d mark II came out?  I just feel, given limited resources, the economy is in the tank, profits and company viability is at the forefront of the canon exec's minds, that they will want kinda a shoe in/sure thing as far as a semi high ticket camera that will sell well... When they think in their minds... seriously, how many 1d's would they move if they came out with a new 1d(s)?  In this economy, other than the cream of the crop, high budget, agency and or freelance photographers, who would plop 8 grand down, or even 7 grand on a new top of the line camera?  Who wants to put the over/under betting line around 1 million units?  Now they come out with a 5d and the over/under units jumps up to 5-7 million (within the first few months...).  I think the margin of profit would be enough to make it worth their while..

Canon General / Re: Accent color shots
« on: August 29, 2011, 12:52:32 PM »
nicely done... If i may just add a little critique... I would try punching up contrast and working more with the black and white... When first shooting, they said a very good black and white (turned color) will make an awesome color photograph, but not all "color" photographs make good black and whites... so taking that little bit more and making the black and white more exciting and punchy could make a world of difference between good and superior accent photos.  Keep it up. 

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