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Lenses / Another 135L vs. 70-200 f/2.8 II question...
« on: October 27, 2012, 04:05:16 AM »
Hey guys,

Yes, another one of 'these' threads. Sorry about that :/ But my question is more specific then general, in a way..

I was thinking of selling off my 70-200mm f/2.8 II and 60D and buying a 'like new' 135L + 5D Mark II (New, will pay extra $100-$300 if I have to). I rarely use my 60D nowadays due to having a 5DIII, because like everyone else, I fell in love with the full frame sensor.

I do keep in mind that I love my 70-200 and it truly is an amazing lens, but being 5'5' with scrawny arms, it gets a bit heavy after a while, which is quite embarrassing for me that I'm considering selling this awesome lens for this fact, but it's simply the truth. I also don't like the attention it brings when shooting street. Being short and scrawny and seen with a white lens makes me an easy target as well  :-\

I shoot mainly portraiture, and I don't like standing 200mm away from my subject when using this lens and find myself in the 100-150mm range. The reason I shoot 200mm is to get as much background blur as I can get. I also shoot headshots every now and then, so I'm wondering if the 135L makes a good headshot lens. Not worried much about IQ, since I've read many reviews stating that they were very similar. Also, the 70-200 is my least used lens because I prefer the look of my 50L and 35L, and have seen/heard the 135L has a more of a unique 'look' as well, so this is a plus.

I'm planning on shooting Weddings soon as well, and I know I'll probably miss the versatility + extra reach in this case. Since Weddings generally last the whole day and night, having the 70-200 on one camera along with another back up camera both attached around my neck at the same time is going to make the day a bit tougher due to my height and strength. I could always hit the gym, but... Haha  ::) Going wider won't be as much as a problem, since I can have my 35L or 50L attached on one of the 5D's while having the 135L attached to the other 5D.

So under these specific circumstances, what do the you all recommend, keeping weddings in mind as well ?

5DIII / 5DII + 35L, 50L, 135L


5DIII / 60D + 35L, 50L, 70-200 f/2.8 II (Current set-up)

I am also very open to any other recommendations  :D Let's just keep in mind that I'm not looking to spend (In other words, no "Just buy the 135L and the 5DII" please :)) , rather trade off if I can! I'd also rent, but I think I'd need more than a couple days. Plus, having 2 FF bodies with three amazing lenses seems to be a lovely option as well.

Thanks so much everyone, I know this one may be tricky!  ;D

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