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Macro / Which extension tubes to buy?
« on: December 25, 2012, 01:20:19 PM »
Anyone have suggestions?  I'm thinking extension tubes would be better for me than a dedicated macro simply because I don't foresee myself doing a lot of macro, and figure id be more inclined to throw a tube or two in the bag than actually a separate lens.  Open to anything really, but ideally something that also offers electronic contacts etc.  Also if you think a used macro is just a better bet overall let me know

Lenses / Lens recommendation -newborn shoot
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:28:45 PM »
I just agreed to shoot my very close friends newborn. Obviously this is pro bono and the couple also agreed that if it doesn't work they have a more seasoned pro standing by. I've shot lots of kids but never one so tiny. So any help or recommendations for lenses to rent would be great. I'm thinking I need a macro, 100L? 

Gear right now:


28 1.8
50 1.8
85 1.8

70-200 f4 IS

Lenses / What to do?
« on: September 18, 2012, 03:50:46 PM »
This is really more or less for fun as I am pretty sure what I am going to do.

New 5diii delivered today courtesy of the adorama eBay sale, thanks guys!  This leaves me in a pickle, I have no standard zoom for FF and $2500 burning a hole in my pocket.

So 24-70 ii, or 24-105 and 135 L?

Current FF compatible kit is, 28 1.8, 50 1.8, 70-200 f4 is. Suggestions are welcome.

Lenses / dilemma
« on: July 10, 2012, 12:30:52 AM »
wondering if some of you with portrait experience can chime in on my dilemma.  Up until now the majority of my work has been day time sporting events so I've ended up with a 7d, the 17-55 2.8, 70-200 f4 is, 28 1.8 (impulse buy I rarely use), 85 1.8 used mainly for family and kid portraits, and the nifty fifty 1.8.  In any case I've been able to parlay my pictures of kids playing soccer, baseball, tennis, etc into a fairly steady family and children portrait side business.  Now that side of the business has generated enough income to make a little investment in it.  I'm considering a 5d mark ii and am having trouble deciding if I want the 24-105 that comes with the kit as it's such a screaming deal, or do I want a 135L, or sell the 70-200 f4is and pick up the 70-200 2.8ii is.  Budget is $3000-3500.  Right now I'm leaning towards the 135L as I'm a portrait bokeh addict.  so far I've been able to get away with the 85 for older kids and families and the 70-200 when dealing with multiple active kids giving up bokeh on the zoom for versatility.  I'm thinking I'm going to miss the 85 FOV on crop and will want the 135 to replace it on FF.  Then again I am just overlapping focal lengths on the 70-200 so maybe the 2.8 version solves all the problems.  Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated. 

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