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I wouldn't buy a D800 because of the 4fps - that is to slow for what I need. My friend and I go shooting together and we have totally different styles - he has a 5DIII and thinks it is the dog's b's - over the weekend he wasnt trying to get the moment when a glider was just lifting off when being towed - which was when the full 10fps was needed. Horses for courses.

Why not consider D800 a 5fps camera? Yes, with a grip and DX crop but that's still cheaper than the 5D3 with more pixels!

What's really amazing is that somehow some people rate 1fps difference more precious than 36MP and 14.5 stops of dynamic range... Wow...

I seriously don't get this...
Why settle for 'good' when there is 'better' ?
16GB CF cards are $25 !!!

The D800 is overkill for most things in terms of resolution

Overkill? For what? If you're interested in shooting dogs chasing each other at parks, yeah, maybe...

Far too slow for the price point.

Which price point is that? It's $500 cheaper than the 5D Mark III, you know that, don't you?
And also, it shoots 5fps in 24MP crop mode and 6fps in 16MP crop mode.

22mp is more than enough.

Says who? For whom? For what?
As a commercial photographer, I definitely find 22mp NOT enough.

3 years ago we were all using 10mp cameras!

No, not really... 3 years ago, today, 5D Mark II was already 6 months old and the 1Ds Mark III was already 1.5 years old.

If you need 14 stops of DR you need to learn how to use a camera correctly!

So the pro says... Does that mean I'll never learn to use a camera correctly just because I want to see fine detail in both highlights and shadows in a high contrast scene?

I had enough DR to bring back a useable picture

Usable where? Cover of a magazine? Perhaps what's usable for you might not be usable for someone else...

When does anyone use more than 1-2 stops of DR anyway and if you do you should learn how to use light

You give private workshops? I'm deeply interested in attending one!

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