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First person to find the hidden flight simulator on their 7D2 gets a prize!

Many thanks to all of you for giving me your thoughts and experience. I've always said this site is excellent for the quick and useful advice from (most of) those who use it.

I'll do a bit more research - I see Kenko tubes appear quite similar to Canon in that they use metal where it matters.

I'm lucky to also have the 300mm f2.8 mk1 but couldn't carry it and the 500mm around at the same time, hence thoughts of extension tubes. (Why have one mid-life crisis when you can have two and buy a big white each time to cheer yourself up?  :D)

As a small thank you, have a slightly over-saturated shot of a Nuthatch taken with the 300mm (I'm not really a bird watcher but am told the Nuthatch is very rare this far north in the UK. There's bleedin' loads in my local woods).

Take care.

Taking shots at the weekend from a bird hide with my 5D3 plus 500mm mk2 and quite a few times found the minimum focus distance was maybe just a couple of feet too far (I wasn't able to move further back). Flipping through a book by David Noton (Google him if you're not familiar with his work), he mentions having used a 14mm extension tube with a 500mm lens for the same reason. He doesn't say anything regarding losing a stop of light or what the min/max focus distances get reduced to so I wondered if any of you know how to calculate the changes in min/max focus based on an extension tube of size "x" with a lens of length "y".

If any of you have used a tube to reduce the min focus distance of a big white, I'd be grateful for any info you can offer.


I'm in Scotland which may soon become a new tax haven with its own nuclear weapons if "the grand plan" works  ;).

Someone should point out to the misled chap that it isn't the camera, it's the finger on the shutter release that counts. Give Eddie van Halen or Jimi Hendrix a $10 guitar and they'll still blow you away. Same with any creative tool.

I wonder how long he'll still tune in here to see what he's missing.

Still, who cares? It's all just a bit of fun. Mind you, it's all fun until someone loses an f-stop.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Mackguyver - GAS is only a problem if you accept it as one!

Lintoni - my serial number isn't one of the affected ones.

Valvebounce - I don't have a cat but wondered if I should send in a spider to get the bug then a sparrow to get the spider then a cat to get the sparrow etc. In the end I was trying to wrangle a great white shark to get the tiger which ate the kangeroo (don't ask).

I'll take some shots later to see what it's written on the sensor. Probably something snooty about having lived in a Hasselblad for a while.

Take care.

While out for a walk around my local forest I discovered some sort of tiny bug wandering aimlessly across my focus screen (didn't change lens while out there). Got back home and checked which side of the focus screen it's on. Sigh, yup, it's inside the screen so no easy way of getting to it without using a hammer.

So the question is, should I

1. Ignore it. As long as it's on the focus screen, it isn't scuffing up my sensor with its hobnail boots.
2. Leave the lens off overnight and place the body next to a saucer of milk hoping that will entice the little critter out.
3. Use this as an excuse to sell the body and wait for the next big thing.

Useful suggestions please.

(Yes, I know if I'd just bought a 1DX I could remove the focus screen etc. etc.)

Thanks all.

This is very impressive but it might fool some into thinking they can compete with the world-class pro photographers.


I don't have a mobile phone so will just stick to the old-fashioned way of doing things, you know, mouse clicks whilst sniffing developer fluid.

The current Sigma 85 f1.4 continually amazes me, it is tack sharp wide open, and jaw dropping stopped down to 2.8. I don't see that they could improve much on the sharpness, I guess it does have minor CA (less than Canon's seemingly) so I am surprised they are redoing it. Perhaps it is just to bring it into USB configuration?

I don't feel the need to sell mine to upgrade, I guess those without an 85 will be interested though.

I totally agree. The current 85mm is very sharp wide open so I wonder what a tweaked and more expensive version will do. I don't see the need for current owners to upgrade.

Pricewatch Deals / Looks like Calumet are back...
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:14:09 AM »
Whilst Calumet are still operating in the UK, it appears they'll make a return in the US.


Enjoy your weekend.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:57:33 PM »
The lens was a 300mm f2.8

SM....pretty darn awesome shot!  Where is this?

It was at the Rothiemurchus Estate, Aviemore.  The Gillie at Rothiemurchus is Julian (a damn nice guy), julian.orsi@rothie.net he can sort out hide time.

Great shots, I might catch the train up there next week. A few questions for you:

Are your osprey shots cropped much?
What lens would you recommend between a 300mm f2.8 IS or 500mm f4 v2? (Taking both would be too heavy. I've also got the 1.4x mk3.)
Did you use a tripod/gimbal head?

I'd also take either my 17-40mm or 24-105mm for a bit of landscape stuff too. Any comments?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


For everybody clamouring for this to be released, and on balance I still think it should, be prepared for your affected equipment, whether real or not, to take a hit in value.

Excellent point. Do I want my two big whites (and one small one) to potentially drop in value? On the other hand, big lenses cost big bucks and I'd want any "known" problems fixed for free. That would help the gear retain its current value.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: March 22, 2014, 05:39:06 AM »
Beautiful shot bornshooter  8)
Thank's click,a wee bit of beginners luck today but i will take it haha.
When trying to shoot them in flight i found it really hard to keep my point on there eyes,so used one point with 4 surrounding points but still a real challenge but i like that :).Any tips would be very much appreciated :)

Congrats on the purchase. You should check out the link below on setting things up for birds in flight (whilst it's for the 5D3, I guess the 1DX will allow identical settings). The tip on having a home focus point linked to the rear AF button and another region dealt with by the main shutter button is genius.


I'll give things about 10mths before you decide you need more reach (unaided by a TC). Start saving now!


Dude never underestimate the power in the images of a hot ch!ck with bare minimum clothing ... when it comes to such photos, there is no such thing as a "crappy shot", all are awesome and most welcomed, coz with such images you make many hearts glad ;D ;D
If you have more such photos and are in doubt of their quality, just post them here and I/we will be the judge (and I shall guarantee that they will all recieve positive feedback) ;D

Hold on a minute. On another thread you slammed me for suggesting it's easy to take great landscape shots on a very picturesque island with a medium format camera yet here you claim there's no such thing as a "crappy shot" when it comes to young women wearing next to nothing. What sort of creep would make such a statement? I'm sure you're quite a hit with the girls.

Hey, you didn't post that just to get a reaction, did you? I wonder what the moderators would make of it.

Rienzphotoz - okay, you've made it clear you didn't understand my post at all. Time to move on.

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