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Canon General / Re: How To Water Proof?
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:27:43 AM »
I'm thinking about going on a couple of kayak excursions of the streams that cross the forested areas near where I live.  A couple of them are well known kayaking destinations.  Although I was quite an experienced canoer in my youth, I've never handled a kayak before and I know that even for experienced kayakers, an occasional capsize is not uncommon in some of the narrow passages where a run in with a submerged stump or overhanging tree limb can catch you up.  One of my main objectives of course is to do some photography along the way.

My question is how to stow my gear when it's not in use so that in the event of a capsize, it stays perfectly dry.  I would need some sort of water tight container that could hold a 5D III body, 70-200, and 24-70 lenses, but be small enough to not take up the whole boat.

Any suggestions?
It is hard to beat a pelican case for water resistance, but they are particularly awkward to carry in a kayak. One big enough for your body and lens will not fit into the hatches of a sea kayak and for a river kayak... forget it!

You could try a "dry bag". You can find them at just about any outdoors store. Get a heavy duty one, they are a lot tougher than the lightweight hiking ones. put in a towel for padding and throw in a few desicant packs "just in case" and you can keep it in the cockpit with you.


I use a 5L one for my SX-50 and a 10L one for my DSLR

EOS Bodies / Re: Will the next xD cameras do 4k?
« on: April 01, 2014, 10:20:30 PM »
Of course, these are lower end DSLRs...they aren't exactly designed for video, it's more of an afterthought, and they all still have rolling shutters and the like as well.

I'm not trying to hurt anyones feelings, but..

Thats a poor mans excuse for not knowing or not willing to learn how to use the current equipment he/she has... Even with an Arri... a poor man would say the same thing.

Please look at video examples posted in the video thread, especially with something like the t2i, t3i, 60D...
For example: http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=19358.0

There are a few 60D and t2i video clips on the Video & Movie Section of the Forum, and they look quite professional. Please use the search option to find those videos. You can also find videos from t3i and t2i on YouTube.

Here is an example of a Music Video shot with a t2i:
Wisam Benhachem - Perfect Girl (Canon T2i Music Video)

And, there are hundreds of examples, just like that...

Again, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad...
So what exactly are we doing wrong?

Aside from the in camera processing bit... Don, you are obviously recording at 1080/30p with a shutter of 1/30th of a second. What lens are you using?

What do you do your editing on PC/MAC?
How come you can't choose HD on Vimeo? What resolution are you uploading it onto Vimeo?

Don't worry about hurting my feelings.... I will be the first one to say that I really don't know what I am doing with video...

I have shot a lot of far better video than the one I posted, I picked that one to show the beat frequency between the camera frame rate and the wings flapping.... it was deliberately chosen to be bad....

That said, what software do you recommend for editing movies? I have Pinnacle and it is terrible!

EOS Bodies / Re: Will the next xD cameras do 4k?
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:10:32 PM »
Regarding Don's problem with a beat frequency in bird wings, if you have software capable of doing it, you could probably record at 60fps, then interpolate that sequence back down to 24fps for inclusion with other 24fps sequences, WITHOUT resulting in the 60fps sequences playing back as "slow motion".

That's EXACTLY what I did....

Still playing and learning.... and having lots of fun doing it.

BTW... GooseCreek2 on Vimeo is what happens when you shoot geese at 30HZ....

Have you tried shooting at 24fps instead of 30fps? Just curious if that would help. BTW, unless you've configured things differently, if you are shooting at 30fps, I would expect the actual shutter speed to default to 1/60th of a second. Given that, it isn't all that surprising that your getting some stutter...it's that whole timing issue (which will present regardless of whether you are playing back at 60Hz, or down interpolating your video to 30fps for playback at 30Hz). If you drop to 24fps, your shutter speed would be 1/48th of a second (by default, at least I would expect), and that offset might help avoid the stutter problem when playing back.

I'd also offer that NOT harrassing the geese while in your canoo would probably avoid wing beats entirely. ;P

Also, what do you use to process your videos? Premier?

The 60D allows a shutter speed of 1/30 second when shooting 30FPS. Obviously, they cheat and it isn't really 1/30th but is close to it...

The editing software I have for video is Pinacle Studio. I do NOT recommend it.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will the next xD cameras do 4k?
« on: April 01, 2014, 05:45:46 PM »
Regarding Don's problem with a beat frequency in bird wings, if you have software capable of doing it, you could probably record at 60fps, then interpolate that sequence back down to 24fps for inclusion with other 24fps sequences, WITHOUT resulting in the 60fps sequences playing back as "slow motion".

That's EXACTLY what I did....

Still playing and learning.... and having lots of fun doing it.

GooseCreek2 on Vimeo Small | Large
is what happens when you shoot geese at 30HZ....

Lenses / Re: More Mentions of 2014 Being the Year of the Lens [CR1]
« on: April 01, 2014, 04:51:29 PM »
It's April 1st in the Year Of The Lens. Can't decide which one to buy! Too many new ones!

Just remember.... it's the year of the LENS, not the year of the LENSES...

I expected a false 7D mkii rumor for April fools.  That would have really gotten a rise out of the community.
OK... here goes....
Canon has announced the 7D2 today.... it is just like the 70D, except the mode dial has a hard stop to keep it from going all the way around. The tilt/swivel screen has been modified with double sided tape on the back to remove the functionality and keep the "I DON'T WANT A TILT SCREEN BECAUSE IT WILL BREAK OFF WHEN I BUNGEE JUMP HOLDING THE CAMERA BY THE FLIP SCREEN AND THEN IT AND MY 800F5.6 LENS WILL FALL AND BREAK" crowd happy.

The double sided tape took three years to develop (it is rumoured to have greater DR and lower noise than Nikon tape) and is the reason it took so long to get the camera ready for release.

This reduced functionality will be priced at $800 above the more capable 70D.

I seems like great specs, but how is a bear or mountain lion going to operate this camera.  If you are making a camera for wildlife you've got to think ergonomics.
I am holding out for the Mark 2 version which comes with scent spraying to attract animals. It also has the ability to "spray skunk"... a usefull feature when you are attacked by lions, tigers, polar bears, and irate soccer moms...

I have one of these but am not happy about the colour. In Africa on safari I kept losing it when I put it down!  :P
I suggest you get another one.... you could loose it in my yard....

It is April Fools Day....

That came to mind... but it's no secret that some companies will retreat from the camera market. From Thom Hogan (http://www.sansmirror.com/newsviews/panasonics-restructuring.html):

"Panasonic's CEO seems dead set on sticking by his "5% profitability" line in the sand. He's already begun closing down businesses that don't meet that goal and have no possibility of doing so any time soon. It seems clear that more businesses will be shut down at Panasonic if they can't get to that 5% number within the next 12-18 months. More so than any other camera company, I worry about Panasonic's ability to come out of the camera sales slump intact...

Bottom line is this: Panasonic is the company to watch carefully, as they're the canary in the coal mine. They're the only one of the Japanese camera companies that currently appears to be trying to fully address years of slothful organizational bloat and are actively closing down businesses that underperform. If they keep their still camera group going, all the Japanese companies will, I think. If Panasonic takes an ax to that group (or even just the compact camera part), others may follow."

Look at what Olympus did to 4/3 cameras (NOT micro 4/3). The whole line died. No more semi-pro cameras... gone with no warning leaving it's customer base in the dust....

Sports / Re: Surfing, The Surf and the Surfers
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:13:21 PM »
I particularly like #7!

Sports / Re: Kayaking
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:12:05 PM »
Hi folks.
Now come on 43 views and no one bothered to say they're crap don't give up yer day job? ::)
Perhaps I should go proffesional?  ;D

Cheers Graham
My Kayak pictures are always from the kayak..... and no, I do not go over waterfalls while holding a DSLR...

Animal Kingdom / Re: BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:00:04 PM »
Hi Northstar.
Lovely shot, I guess it must have been pure luck then, or could it be you are a skilled or skilful photographer that is able to transfer those skills to a different genre of photography?
Lots of great pics by everyone else too, love the eagles Buddy.

Cheers Graham.

thanks neuro, click, buddy, and wildlife!

i'm not as skilled at BIF like many here are so i appreciate the kind words.

ANY hummingbird photo is hard to get. They are the golden grail of BIF :)

To quote Yoda..... beware the dark side for once you set down it's path, forever will it control your destiny..... soon you will be looking at 1DXs and 600F4s.... and you will think it's normal :)

While it might make sense for Canon to acquire Panasonic's camera division to buy themselves back into current sensor technology the idea of Panasonic and Olympus dropping Micro 4/3? I think one falls under a bad joke.

It is April Fools Day....

First we had the Canon cell phone....

Then there was Nikon dropping RAW from it's cameras....

Now Canon takes over Panasonic....

Where is the 8K video GoPro rumour?

Good luck trying that on international flights......

As promised, I took an SX-50 and a 60D with a Tamron 150-600 outside to see how they stacked up against each other for bird photography.


thank you very much!

looks like I might be able to talk myself into, and at least mildly justify the Tamron after all :)

then again, this was the 1200mm SX50, not the 2000mm SX60... so I will have to talk myself into the extender as well  :D
or realize that I really don't need the 600mm... but that wont happen ;)

btw, also thank you for testing another thing... I believe that I read somewhere, that the Tamron is not compatible with extenders... now, I realize that there wont be any AF, but it seems like it is working otherwise (at least with the 1,4x)
The Tamron with the 1.4X extender would not focus in "normal" mode, but it would autofocus in liveview.... but the autofocus speed was very slow.

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