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Software & Accessories / Re: Looking for a new tripod and head
« on: February 12, 2014, 05:26:39 PM »
Being as tall as you are is problematic for getting a stable pod (not raising the column) for cheap. I would recommend the previously mentioned Sirui M3204X. Collapsed it is 21" and it extends to 70". It weighs under 4 pounds and will easily handle your present rig (it's rated at 40 lbs). I have one and it's very well built. Trouble is, the cheapest it can be had right now is $380, and that's a good price. If you can continue to use your old ballhead until you can dig up a little more cash for a new head, you will not be disappointed.


Canon specifically said WiFi wasn't built in due to concerns from their military customers.  That's why it's the optional module.

The 6D comes out in a WiFi and non-WiFi version - or is that a GPS and non-GPS version? Either way, that's a truly weak excuse on the part of Canon.

Not really. The 6D is a consumer model, so no worries. 1 series cameras are professional models, and Canon would have to come up with security protocols to protect intellectual property. It's easier to download to a computer or hotspot or whatever, and send the photos on a secure network.

Lenses / Re: Most Anticipated Rurmored Sigma Lenses?
« on: February 10, 2014, 03:44:52 AM »
Am I the only one incredibly psyched about the rumors that have been floating around about a few rumored (unannounced) Sigma lenses?

There have been rumors of several incredible ideas:

16-20mm f/2.0
24-70mm f/2.0
24mm f/1.4
135mm f/2.0 OS

Dear god, please make these lenses a reality.

Don't know why we need another 24-70 lens, but a 16-20 that doesn't have a bulbous and curved front element like various 14-24's and others would be very welcome.

Likely it's very difficult (or impossible) to have a flat front element in a sharp-across-the-frame rectilinear uwa zoom. So you either get a convenient and lightweight, but not-so-sharp-off-center zoom, or a sharp but heavy bulbous scratch and flare monster that's inconvenient to filter.

Though if anyone can do it, my money would be on Sigma. Put me down for an 85/1.4 (with or without OS) and a 135/1.8 OS of the Art variety please...

Photography Technique / Re: The Cheapo Camera bag to fool the bad guys.
« on: February 08, 2014, 03:11:55 AM »
that's a sweet setup (cam/lense)
That tripod looks like it couldn't possible hold that weight.
Is it stable?
I was having trouble reading the label, did it say "Desmond"?
what is the manufacturer and model?

Actually, as long as you stay reasonably level, it's quite stable. It's a set of Manfrotto 209 legs with a Manfrotto 494RC2 head on top that I converted to the arca system with the $25 Desmond clamp. They also sell the legs with a dedicated ballhead, but it's far too weak to be of any use with a DSLR.

Photography Technique / Re: Shoot from the rearend of the subjects.
« on: February 07, 2014, 11:05:21 PM »
Now that's just funny...

Photography Technique / Re: The Cheapo Camera bag to fool the bad guys.
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:58:36 PM »
I was noticing in one of the pictures a table-top tripod that was able to hold a large dslr and large lense.
I am looking for something of that nature.
What is that brand and model
I would need to be able to support a 5d3 and a 70-200 L2.8

You mean like this?

Very nice setup. I've been following these threads as well, and decided to pull the trigger on a TVC-34L + TA-3-LB-HK leveling base to upgrade my 2-series Gitzo. Just got it yesterday - what a difference in stability! I'm 6'2" so it's also great to finally have a tripod I can use to shoot up with and lower one leg on uneven ground without having to crouch.

I decided to keep my Markins Q10 with screw clamp for now rather than spring for the BH-55, since I have a mix of plates and really like the smoothness and lower weight of the Q10 for the same or higher load rating as the BH-55. I can see trying one eventually, though, given the tremendous quality of the rest of the equipment.

Enjoy! (I know I will)

Definitely try the BH-55 before you buy. I seriously doubt there is a better head on the planet than the Q10. I've never used the BH-55 head, but I do own a BH-40 that I picked up for my macro rig, as the one and only downside to the Markin's heads is they have a relatively weak panning lock. I can tell you that my Markins Q3 (half as strong as my Q10) absolutely blows the BH-40 away in both smoothness and strength (panning lock aside). So I don't know how much better the 55 is than the 40, but definitely try it first. No offense to all of you RRS fanatics 8).

Whenever I leave my 5D MK III + Tamron 24-70 VC with VC turned on (even though the camera power is turned off), the battery drains very within a couple of days ... does anyone else face this issue?

I had a similar issue.  Call Tamron, send it in, and they will fix it quickly.  It needs an updated circuit board.

This is another reason why I don't like 3rd party lenses. Send it in for an updated circuit board on a £750+ lens so it won't drain my battery!! Be without the bread and butter lens... Ridiculous and if your a pro 'small' issues like this are a big deal.

I guess you've missed the numerous postings about problems with the EF24-70 ll. Many of those posters report receiving no satisfaction from Canon. I've read no such posts about the Tamron, and their warranty is for six years.

Lenses / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Price leaked
« on: February 06, 2014, 06:44:47 PM »
During all this speculation, keep in mind that the MSRP of the 35 Art on Sigma's own website is $1400. As we all know, the actual price has always been $899. I would expect the new 50 to be similarly priced. Since I'm waiting for the 85 & the 135 Art, I really really hope so...

Lenses / Re: Replacement for EF-S 17-85mm/ 4,0-5,6/ IS USM
« on: February 03, 2014, 05:51:04 PM »
I would suggest the Canon EF-S 15-85/3.5-5.6 IS (24-135 equiv). Great range in a relatively compact package. Have used one for about a year with no issues and very good IQ. Check Canon Refurbished for best price.

+1  This is a great single lens solution with great versatility and sharpness. It can be had for around $500 during a Canon refurb sale. Take the "leftover" money from the difference in price of the Sigma, and buy a better flash ;)

Photography Technique / Re: The Cheapo Camera bag to fool the bad guys.
« on: February 02, 2014, 03:18:19 PM »
Think Tank Retrospective 7. Comes already "distressed" and looks sort of like an army surplus satchel...


Earlier I started a thread about what gear is needed when using a 600mm and it starts to come clear what to purchase. If all plans will go my way I will get my 600mm tonight so now I really want to buy a tripod quick as ...... =)

I have never even seen an RRS tripod in real life but heard so many good things about them and MANY prefer them instead of Gitzo.

First I had the Gitzo Systematic Series 3 GT3542XLS in mind but after playing around with it a couple of minutes I don´t think it´s as sturdy as I want. I then compared to the Gitzo Systematic Series 4 and that one was so much better.

So the choice is between the RRS TVC-34L or the Gitzo Systematic Series 4 GT4542LS.
The RRS looks to have all the advantages when it comes to size and weight but do you think it will be solid and sturdy enough? I really did not like the feeling of the Gitzo GT3542XLS so I hope the RRS is better than so.

Thanks in advance.

Would you kindly explain what about the 3542XLS wasn't sturdy enough for you? Although, sadly, the largest lens I have used on mine is a 400mm, I have found it to be absolutely rock solid in every way. It is also very light weight. The only downside I could mention is that it only folds down to 28" (33' w/ballhead). Since it can extend to 79", I found that acceptable. And yes, I also have hung from mine like Neuro's favorite photo:)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Review: Sony A7R With Canon Glass
« on: January 29, 2014, 06:35:52 AM »
Oh how I wish Sony could arrange to release this in a fully functional EF mount. I don't want no stinking adapter...

Software & Accessories / Re: Do you use a hook on the tripod.
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:25:55 PM »

I think I will buy a RRS TVC 34L tripod to a 600mm I also will buy pretty soon if all turns out well.

My question is about the leveling base from RRS. There is one that has no hook and one that has. The difference in cost is not that big but the hook also stops the tripod from getting as low as without it.

Is it worth the extra cost and the small limitation in height for the hook? Do you use it to hang stuff on to make the tripod more sturdy?

It obviously depends on where/how you shoot. I find the hook to be quite useful. Not only for stability, but also because I frequently find that I'd rather not sit my bag down on what I'm standing on (sand, mud, wet, etc). I rarely drop the pod as low as it goes. YMMV.

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