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EOS-M / Re: EOS M with Magic Lantern, shutter cannot release
« on: October 23, 2014, 11:02:59 AM »
Sorry friend,

this is not a ML problem.
You have just managed to fry your electronics.

I have literally today bought myself a new EOS M as my old one came back from Canon unrepaired with a potential repair price beyond a new kit.

To give you more details:

I did not have the mL installed but connected the Tammy 18-200.
Initially I thought that the Tammy is a bad copy and returned it but afterwards I discovered that I now had to remove each and any lens to get the shutter to release. Excemption No 1: Not using the camera for a period more than 7 days: It will work once afterwards it returns to the same pattern.

I hoped that this was just a BIOS problem. Installing the latest BIOS : No help, Installing ML nighly build no help.

Excemption No 2: EFS 22mm works always (focus and shutter)

best reagards

Software & Accessories / Re: Bag suggestions
« on: October 08, 2014, 05:46:58 AM »
I'm a "roll it to the plane than carry it on your back"guy
so I bought myself the NEST hybrid backpack trolley in Wukesong camera city in Beijing.

If that is to far away you can check for a local dealer or use Alibaba but in this case your minimum order would be 2 pieces. Prices are a joke... I paid more for a kindle leather pouch than for this bag.

If you are worried about quality: My 60D together with some L Lenses and most of all the Sigma 120-300 2.8 have safely travelled in this bag several times through south east asia.

have a look at

Lighting / Re: Speedlites - How many are enough?
« on: October 01, 2014, 05:30:19 AM »
I'm using a patchwork/bastard family of 2 Canon 430s 2 Yongnuos  and 1 Nissin.
They all work in my relative small setup without transmitters and they work well together.

Tranmitters I only use when  have to add a studio strobe to power the beauty dish.

The mixed setup came because of organic growth and me being to shallow in the pockets to consolidate my setup.

Meanwhile I'm used to the setup and I like the individual strength of the system:
The rather extreme focus help of 2 Yongnuos firing, the Master abilities of the Nissin and the extra channel/group it offers and of course the solidity of the Canon speedlites.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Why haven't you left canon?
« on: September 27, 2014, 03:33:24 PM »
Folks you make me feel so old....

Why do I not leave Canon?
I bought my first Canon when all they produced was crappy 'me to' manual focus slrs and when for each Canon they sold Nikon sold a hundred of theirs. Why?  because I was stupid.

The I bought an EOS 100 and a 620 and a 10 and etc....... mind the times: If you bought Minolta (Dynax) than you had to buy a chip with the knowledge otherwise your camera behaved as stupid as a Holga. Or you bought a Nikon like the 601 with an AF so S___ty that it would burn it's engine trying to focus on on the stockings of a pin up model. Canon was so far ahead at this time (90s) that it took them just years to Change from Underdog to super power. Well Minolta died a silent death and had a zombie revival as Sony, and Nkon with the decission to Keep compatible to their manual lenses happily through market leadership inthe AF sector to Canon. Since then the sex continues with sometimes Nikon sometimes Canon being on top and Sony always having the most alure but never being taken really serious.

I got so many bodies stolen or broke them or through them away like my  APS Film EOS models.... but the glass I always kept... (Well not always... several Sigma lenses...who ever curses Sigma for their old lense not being compatible to the digital Age... rest assured some of their lenses were not even compatible to anything coming after the analog EOS 5)

What I learned through the time: sooner or later Nikon gets it right. Usually by looking what Canon did right 2 years earlier and than by coming later to the Party brings a flawless product. Over the next 5 years Canon slowly evolves past Nikon and the cycle begins again. Currently we are in the middle of the fourth Age and so I just wait and hope (Sounds like I read to much Wheel of time books)


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Says Higher Resolution Sensors Are Coming Soon
« on: September 25, 2014, 07:06:29 AM »
This forum is killing me....
The 5DIII has to much of what I don't need, the 6D to little of everything.
So I decided long ago to wait for whatever FF will come next and in the mean time I upgrade my APS sector with the marvellous 7DII which I was waiting for the last 2 years....

Then the 7DII got released and it has all this marvellous new tech, the perfect AF, dual this and dual that but wait a moment... MP up by 10% and 70D out to prove that neither 2 MP more nor 4 years of development result in a reall advantage.... Bah Humbug

So I decided to skip the 7D2 ....

than I started to read contribution after contribution here and stated to think: Ah what are 1800 bucks compared to the money I have sunk already in Canon glass, well why not living another five years with a sensor being only marginally better than what I have in my M? OK come on pre orders are cheap in Canada especially when you get a 24-70 4.0 for free and ordered.

Now comes this interview and the hope for another revival of the M area. More hope for something at least 24 MP,  dual pixel AF combined with touch screen and GPS and WIFI and viewfinder and and and....

However  I do not want to deplete my pockets on two APS cameras. That means postpone the 7DII and wait if there is a M3 before spring.  Probably I will continue to read your guys contributions and change my mind another five times.... Oh how easy was my live when I did not know about this site and walked blind to rumors and current development into a shop to buy a 20D and was surprised that they had the 30D arriving that same day..

Canon EF-S and EF-M Lenses / Re: EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:30:29 PM »
I have the same feeling: less battery consumption

However I believe that is because distant animals and plants do. Not ask me as often to show them their picture compared to the people I shoot with the 11-22

Beyond this I'm quiet disappointed. Picture quality is sub par compared to other M lenses.
it is the first EOS lens with a plastic bayonet that I ever bought.
I'm used to Canon charging way to much for the sun shade but for the 55-200?
A short plastic ring for 10% of the lens price and this device not even available for weeks after the  lens started to sell

Unfortunately is the only alternative the Tammy 18-200 which is heavy that it destroys any balance in the M

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sigma Opens Up About Their Roadmap
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:42:18 AM »

Quote from: neuroanatomist on September 22, 2014, 06:29:50 AM

A 24-70 f/2 would be very nice!

I don't know why no one makes a 35-85mm f/2. It would be better range for free-hand portraiture. I struggle to identify little details through the viewfinder at 24mm. At 35mm I can more easily see if X is crooked this or Y is untidy. Plus 85mm f/2 is better to blur the background than 70mm f/2.

Just my 2c worth.

Really I also would love to have a 35-85mm f/2. A f/2.8 would do as well. I just saw that there used to be a vivtar 35-85 f/2.8 once upon a time (not sure if the f/2.8 was a constant max aperture or variable). So the plan exists. Only a modern execution is the point here.

In my opinion there is a big chance that any future 2.0 zoom will start from 35mm and that it will be APS again... In the past Sigma had the tendency to make one lens seamless to start where other lenses stopped.

Looks like nobody besides me liked the old 50-150 2.8 but compared with their recent monster this was a very elegant lens. For many years no other manufacturer had something to fit seamless to the 17-50 2.8 class. So a 18-35 1.8 to hand over to a 35- whatever 2.0 would make sense in my eyes.

Now if you want to try the longer end of 2.8:   I have a Tamron 28-105 1:2.8 lying around. Short but fat beast of glass with the now quiet baroque design of Tamron in the 90ties. AF speed and sound is of the same age but I still love to use it's flexibility at weddings. The lens is located in Germany but if you are serious just mail me.

EOS Bodies / Re: What to expect on the 80D?
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:32:14 AM »
The defining moment will be 750D which should arrive before the 80D.
Having reordered the 7M2 I really fear that anything missing from my view in the 7D2 will show up for pocket money in the 750D.

With the 750D and the 7D2 defining the window I really wonder what to put into an 80D if not different sensor tech. At least the 70D now took this role once.

Canon General / Re: Those D'oh moments!
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:27:33 AM »
My classic is to have the bracket on for HDR and forgetting to reset it.
No issue if I will take the next picture because from camera behaviour I know what I made wrong but...
Sometimes my wife will take the camera over and just do on shot (the proper light level one) Than I will get the camera back and either have a dark or blown picture of a situation that can't be repeated.

Another one: Ye olde Sigma design with the switch and the clutch for AF. I you take a Sigma 24mm 1.8 out of a tight backpack you most likely will grab the lens and the friction of the surrounding cloth will pull the clutch to MF. The Canon reflex to flick the AF switch will now put you in the 2nd of altogether 4 possible combinations of which 3 are not favourable. That chaos can be multiplied if you also enlarged if your dioptic adaption wheel is a little to loose and you have dialled a -3 by taking the camera out of the bag. When using the 60D together with old Sigmas I usually  start like a pilot: Switch check, Clutch check ....

And my last one: having my M usually in a modus where the screen shows as little buttons as possible I sometimes do a change and forget that now much more of the touchscreen is primed to do changes to the camera setup. M hangs from the strap, screen touches my body and chaos theory unfolds. Each touch starting the sleep timer for the touch screen again. The moment for a glorious picture arrives and your camera is set to 5 sec shutter speed at ISO 3200 and f 2.0 with AF beep and 2 second self timer delay with face detection.

Canon General / Re: Gets the Job Done....Every Time
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:03:04 AM »
Let me reduce this to

Gets the Job Done....99 out of 100 times
Don't want to split hairs but I had my little issues.

Still less than with any other manufacturer I have tried so far. However in my case a certain large Internet warehouse may impact the results. As easy it was whenever required to get a new bought faulty piece exchanged as easy I fear it was for other customers to receive exactly the one I sent back....
If a Canon lens type  for example was said to have a soft spot than I wonder how often different people were actually reporting about the same flawed lens being returned and sent out again and again...

EOS-M / Re: EOS M The positive experience
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:11:56 AM »
To bridge a little  between the extremes:

My M caught meanwhile an issue: Not connect to the fact I droped it I must have managed to fry some part of the electronic. Before I went on my trip I bought the Tamy 18-200 for the M

My copy must have had some damage because after mounting this lens for the first time the camera would focus but not release the shutter The only way to make the lens work was to have the camera switched on and to remove and reattach the lens. I returned the lens and bought the EF-M 55-200 instead.

However from this day onwards all my lenses behave like that with the exception of the EF-M22. So each time I switch the camera on or wake it up I need to disconnect the connection between lens and camera....

So not all my experience is positive. With the scratches from the fall I do not think that I can gain much from Canon.... so I had to consider buying something new. I thought long about a Sony with speedbooster but I fear that AF of my EF glasses will be even more sluggish than with the standard EF to M adapter. Besides this I have all 4 EF-M lenses and the 11-22 on the M is something I will not want to miss in the future. I have ordered another M now, the new one will be my workaround with the EF-M lenses and the damaged one will become my lenscap with liveview capabilities in the bag for the L glasses.

To BomBom:

You are double wrong: Having Canon glass is not a reason to buy a M. Initially I thought so, but their are so many inconveniences that I gave up on this very fast (as written above the damaged M will become my emergency fallback plan but never a tool of choice) but.... The same conservative approach that makes me cry for the slow evolvement on Canon technology will also ensure that the EF-M bayonet will not mutate into something new for many years. The M is a toy, the M2 is a WIFI toy.. but it is the camera I really like to use once I have the 11-22 on. I suffer from GAS not post purchase frustration so while I encourage everyone to give advice, yours is offending and not intended at helping me or you. SO why bother giving it?

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark II- September 15th at midnight? Whose midnight?
« on: September 15, 2014, 03:04:19 AM »

if it is for a European event (given for Köln)
it will come from Canon office in the Netherlands
It is 09:02 AM right now. Give them another hour to brew the coffee before the yadda yadda begins. They will talk about the small announcements first so expect to wait another 3 hours

EOS-M / Re: Anything new on EOS-M3? How it may compare to A6000?
« on: September 08, 2014, 08:58:33 AM »
True or fake... that is the question.....

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 26, 2014, 08:35:09 AM »
Don't want to confuse you but if you are already thinking about stacking the extenders than I believe the 200mm range might be to short for you anyhow.

I walk around with the old version of the 70-200 USM IS and use the first generation 1.4 extender. Picture quality is therefore not comparable to your choice but maybe you should give the SIgma 120-300mm 2.8 some consideration. It is heavy but if you go for the model before the "art" makeover you get stabilisation, HSM and the reach of the 70-200 with the 1.4 extender without loosing a stop at a reasonable price. I use it with my old canon extender and therefore reach a bit more than 400 mm at F4 with still decent picture quality.

EOS-M / EOS M The positive experience
« on: August 13, 2014, 05:35:21 PM »
Somewhere on this forum someone mentioned how well build the body of the M is....well since a few hours I can confirm this.Tonight I misstepped while taking pictures of the casle in Budapest an made a full scale bellyflop on the coblestones. Unfortunately with the M tourist style on its strap between me and the ground. Heard the ping when the uv filter broke, saw about half of the sunshade of the 11-22 fly away. After checking the looking at the M i thought that was the end: the top of the canera connecst both halfs of the chasis in a line in front of the hotshoe. Along this line the camera was open like a clamshell abiut a centineter wide. While i started to curse my 6 year old son gave the chassis a hearty sqeete and it snapped back together again. After finding the battery a meter away the camera switched on again and camera and efm 11-22 work fine. I nabaged to destroy an analog eos 100 and a EOS 30d the M is so far the only Canon I was able to use again after seeing its inside....

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