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Lenses / Re: New Canon L Primes, but Not Until 2015 [CR2)
« on: Today at 02:34:06 PM »
Canon has been working a lot on cinema lenses.  Their broadcast group does not seem to be directly involved, so the DSLR design and production has been bogged down.  Nikon also has a lack of resources for designing new lenses.  Apparently, Sigma has added resources(Tooling, manufacturing, and designers) to put out a lot of new lenses.  This is probably hurting Nikon more than Canon, but both must be feeling pressure.

PowerShot Cameras / Re: S120 Successor?
« on: Today at 02:26:32 PM »
The time between new models seems to be increasing.  There is typically little difference other than a few features. 

Canon has said that their high end point and shoot models are doing very well, particularly the super zooms.  I expect to see more in the $500-$800 range.

PowerShot Cameras / Re: Will the G17 have a 1" sensor?
« on: Today at 02:23:09 PM »
It would not be a G17, if it had a 1 in sensor.  If you want a large sensor P&S, get a G1X II.


You are buying from a authorized dealer.  CPW would drop a dealer if there were a issue with them.

I'd use the feature if there was something I wanted.  However, when buying for a deeply discounted price, do not expect red carpet treatment, or the ability to exchange products until you get one you like.  You'll likely have to send them to Canon for repair unless they are DOA.

Make sure you get the terms from the dealer first.  CPW merely refers you to a dealer that offers a discount.  You might be getting a kit lens that is in a white box.  They have a full warranty, but ask what you are getting if in doubt.


As for the AWB result, what colour was the light? If it was tungsten then the Canon is a more accurate representation of the actual colour of the scene, the NIkon has removed the colour, take your pick.

I'm wondering what the light source was, if it was fluorescent, that might be the issue.

I tend to prefer letting me adjust colors rather than the camera.   Often I prefer to keep colors just as they look to me rather than changing them to look different.

I did go back and look at my D800 raw images, they seemed to have retained the lighting color properly, I'd prefer to make my own corrections.

Canon General / Re: Carry on restrictions on South African Airways
« on: July 27, 2014, 03:12:02 PM »
You might be forced to check a overweight bag.  Be sure that you have good  insurance.  it should cover all your gear and any expenses due to delayed/cancelled  flights, or illness.

Verbal contracts and understandings are often the cause of hard feelings.  The person who used the image might not have been aware of the agreement.

The best way to avoid a misunderstanding is to get the agreement in writing, and include a pricing schedule for commercial use.

Its a tough situation, and I doubt if anyone intentionally violated your agreement.

Make sure that you let them know of the issue, and that they might not get further images if they are not used as intended.  Try to make something positive out of it.  They might agree to add a stick-on label giving you credit.

Photography Technique / Re: Getting photos home from overseas
« on: July 26, 2014, 09:57:39 PM »
I have a plan coming together for a 50+ day trip to Europe.  Any real-world experience on getting 16GB across the pond daily in a reliable manner? 

My initial conditions are no wish to use an online storage medium and no wish to keep the only copies with me physically.  Also if I can leave my laptop at home and run on my Asus tablet so much the better; I intend to carry what I need rather than drag literal baggage all over.  Finally this is quite likely a once in a lifetime trip, two years worth of vacation time, etc etc so I won't complain about spending a little.

My plan is to write to both cards (in a 1Dx), save everything on a pair of TB-class external drives and then mail  USB sticks home separately more or less daily.  16GB thumbies appear to be affordable on the basis of one pair per day, and I can sell most of them when I get home anyway.

I'm all ears - the flight doesn't leave any time soon.


Jim, my thought is that you are going to need 100 16 GB thumb drives, they are not huge, but why not get some 64GB thumb drives, you can then send home 3-6 days worth of shooting at a time.  Save on postage as well.

25 of the 64 GB drives would cost about $750, while 100 of the same brand 16 GB Drives runs about $900.   


I'm sure that you can get less expensive ones, or a deal on a large quantity, but there will be a difference in cost as well as how many you need to carry.  You might be able to sell 64GB drives for more as well.

Most companies go one step further and just extend the warranty on the entire device to 90 days from the date they return it to you, but I don't think that's strictly required.

I don't think so.  No car repair place extends a 90 day warranty on a entire car after a repair.  Otherwise, we'd all be in having them fix trivial issues like a flat tire.  I'd say giving a 90 day warranty on a entire device after a repair is pretty unusual.

It was just a posting for a sale price that some may be interested in.   Wasn't intending for an in depth analysis on Canon's logic for such a discount, or why you would choose full frame because the 7D battery grip is still MSRP. 

Thank goodness you were around play police for such topics.


I choose FF because its so much better than crop.  I've had two 7D's, they were good (at the time) for a crop.  I was merely pointing out that they were not taking 40% off a grip or battery, so they are no bargain.  I never use a add-on grip, they have been less than satisfactory for me.

The prices for used 7D's will bounce up later this year, so it is a good time to grab one.  Get the lens combo deal for $100 more and resell the lens.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D now marked as DISCONTINUED at Amazon
« on: July 26, 2014, 11:08:40 AM »
We have previously seen reports of discontinued notices, so its not surprising that amazon is finally running out.

Canon has likely had their factory churning out the Mark II's for some time.  It takes a few months to build up a backlog big enough to send stock all around the world.

Canon must be pretty confident that sales will take off.  I plan to pass and wait for the next FF.  I expect a $1799 price, and that's too much for a crop body.  If it were under $1000, maybe.

I'm sure they aren't selling.  Note that they want you to lay out $230 for a battery grip, and $$ for a spare battery.

The Price for the body is pretty good, but I've had two 7D's and am more interested in the next FF model.

Lenses / Re: What do you do with lens cases?
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:56:55 PM »
I keep the canon cases tucked away in the original lens box.  They are valuable when it comes time to resell a lens, having them increases the resale value by more than what the pouch is worth.

Canon General / Re: canon loyalty program only for camera bodies?
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:53:55 PM »
I have heard hat you can get a lens with the refurb camera and get the discount on both.  I have not heard of anyone trading in a broken lens for a refurb, but you should ask.  Its probably less expensive to fix a lens than to get 10-20% off the refurb price.


He seemed to find it a weird thing to ask, but I work for a car dealership network and I'm quite sure that if we change some part on a car that's not under warranty anymore, we still have to provide some warranty on the part we installed (obviously not on wear, but on faults of the part or the work done)...

Anyway, lets hope the new shutter will hold longer
thanks and good night

If your camera was out of warranty and Canon charged you to repair it, then there is a warranty on the repair, I think its three months.  However, they do not extend the original warranty for free repairs.

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