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EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark 2 Preorders "sound off"
« on: Today at 11:25:07 AM »
I’ve decided I'm ready to purchase the 7D MK II as a second camera; paired with my 5D MK III.  What I don't want to get stuck in as a pre-order and not receive it Oct 31st. There's so many vendors selling it and yes, they'll promise it to you to get the sale.  Does it make sense to order from Canon direct, with free overnight shipping instead or wait and buy it at your local store?  We only have Best Buy and I doubt if they sell the body alone. I know it's probably late in the game to preorder, what is the best way to have the 7D MK II in hand on Oct 31?

Check the Best Buy (in your area) website, if you click on the 7D MarkII and than hit shipping and availability. The store will say if they have them in stock, they might have one or two bodies.

Best Buy usually gets new DSLR's 3 months after anyone else, while Amazon only lags by 2 months.

Software & Accessories / Re: Lenscap 24-70
« on: Today at 11:20:21 AM »
I've bought several side pinch and center pinch caps on ebay, and all have worked well.
However ...  The glass on the front of the 24-70mm f/2.8L MK II is very close to the front of the lens, so you will be safer with a Canon original cap.  A poorly made Chinese center pinch copy will touch the glass.  The same goes for filters.

I'd bet that they start shipping from China earlier.  The Chinese stores generally ignore embargos and ship as soon as they get the cameras.  This wouldn't happen if Canon did not supply them ahead of the release date.

Watch the weather reports and have plan b and even plan c.  Right now its very gray and a lot of rain in places.  That changes every few days.  If the weather is going to be soggy and miserable, stop and visit places that have better weather.  You can run into major snow storms in the passes in November, so keep a eye on pass reports.  You can usually get thru ok, but might have to wait for the roads to be cleared.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Card Failure: Lexar CF 32GB 1000x
« on: October 24, 2014, 10:53:21 PM »
I just called Lexar and was told…
1) Yes, using the firewire 800 card reader has probably already corrupted my 1000 speed lexar cards. Even though they continue to work fine for now.
2) Order the new card reader that is USB 3.0 and most importantly supports UDMA 7.
3) All card readers ordered directly from LEXAR will be REV E (revision E?). This (latest) revision addresses this latest card corruption issue.
4) Yes, I can order it from B+H for $15 cheaper and if it does not have "revE" printed in the serial/model number I can update it's firmware for free directly from www.lexar.com.
5) I can then also repair my 1000 speed cards using my new and updated card reader.
6) This will make my cards new again and remove any data corruption that is skulking on my cards.
7) The cards affected include all the 800 speed and up.
He also explained that the issue was that the new cards are sending info faster than the reader can process it. The reader then sends some of the overflow data back onto the card. (The new reader can manage the data properly with the buffer.) This is the corruption source and evidently if left unfixed it is a time bomb. While I agree that any card can fail at any time, I will be thwarting this cause by ordering the new reader and following the lexar update instructions.
 8) I did not ask for a link to do the updates/repairs on the new reader (if necessary) and the cards. I told him that I would call when I had my new card reader.

The new reader and firmware updates for the old have been around for years now.  Lexar sent me a new one 6 months ago when I complained that my old one dropped off line after a hour or two.  The replacement doesn't do that.

Assuming it focuses quickly and accurately, I'm in.  My 100-400 usually focuses well, but sometimes it hunts (both with my 70D and 5D3).  My newer lenses don't do that.  I'm guessing the new 100-400 will have modestly better IQ, and better IS.  I will miss the push-pull, though.   ;)

I've never had my 100-400 hunt with any Canon DSLR.  Yours may have a problem if it does. 

The 400 5.6 prime beats them all, canon 100-400, sigma zooms, whatever.

Not mine, and not the various test lenses.  For all practical purposes, they are the same, except for the IS and close focusing of the 100-400.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Card Failure: Lexar CF 32GB 1000x
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:39:22 PM »
Same happened to me on Tuesday night using the same Lexar card as yours.  Fortunately, I was shooting with two cameras, and retained more than the 30 images I need for the event on camera 2.  This is my first Lexar failure ever from the days of my 40D to present.  A bigg thank you to the authors of all the "build in redundancy" advice I have read on Canon Rumors.

I own two Lexar 32GB 1000x CF cards that I use much more than my SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB cards.  This thread has me concerned and wondering if I should just use my current (and buy more) SanDisk Extreme Pro cards from now on.   :o

All cards have failures.  Some have mentioned that their companies will no longer buy Sandisk due to high failure rates and a analysis of the problem.  Its all overblown.
Always have spare cards, any of them can fail.

You can, but the lens mount to body on the a6000 might not standup to heavy loads, it has some plastic parts that users have bashed.  Fortunately, you can buy a replacement lens mount made of metal from Fotodiox should you see issues with the Sony lens mount.  Don't buy one unless you have a problem.  Some claim that tightening the screws that hold the mount to the body helps, some tighten them weekly,  others say it doesn't help.
I can't say which adapter to use, as I don't own a a6000.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: DxO mark: here we go again!!!
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:24:07 PM »
From Nikon rumors:


Let the trashing begin.

I think the one that I find most amusing is that they rate the Nikon D810 higher in low-light ISO performance than the 6D. Yet, if you use the comparisons on DPReview even a blind squirrel can see how awful the D810 is at higher ISOs.

They reduce the resolution of both to 8mp which has the effect of removing visible noise.  Some buy a D810 to get the high MP count, reducing it to 8mb in order to make it look good is misleading.  If you want 36 MP but have to reduce it to get the quality, that's a disadvantage.  I often have to severely crop my images, and quickly found out that it was a big error with my D800.

PowerShot Cameras / Re: Canon G7x review by Dxomark
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:19:18 PM »
The lens on the G7X is definitely better than the Sony lens, but there are many features that differentiate the cameras, and, once again, DXO misses even mentioning them.  Since a lot of users will be using jpeg, the difference in image quality is minor.
A extreme slow AF for the G7X that professional testers have mentioned is a huge deal.  The built-in EVF of the Sony might be a huge deal to some.  Video performance might be a differentiator to some, a touch screen, battery life much better for the Sony, and so on.
A buyer needs to pick the features he values, compare prices, and get what works for him.  It could be either that meets his needs.
Canon is obviously betting on the longer and better zoom paired with touch screen and better construction.  I tend to believe that buyers will go for the longer and brighter zoom, that coupled with a lower price will attract Best Buy shoppers.  It is disappointing that AF couldn't be better, along with battery life.  That touch screen must gobble power.

The 7DII seems to handle smooth gradients and constant tones WAY better than the 7D did.  That was a major issue I had with the 7D.

In any case, the 5DIII definitely shows more detail, and less chroma and luminescence noise at high ISO than the 7DII does.  But man, you really have to look for it.  I'm questioning if its worthwhile to pay twice as much for a refurbished 5DIII and 24-105, when I can "simply" buy a new 7DII and not have to deal with the transition to FF.  I tend to shoot slow moving targets more often but still, the 7DII is compelling.

Now you done it! How dare you suggest full frame might not be worth the investment!

Seriously, even though I switched from 7D I to 5DIII about a year ago, I'd have to say you really do need to think long and hard about whether or not it's worth the price of entry to full frame. I would say it depends in part on what lenses you already own because, as you correctly point out, it's not just the cost of the body, it's the cost of the lenses as well.

Clearly the gap is narrowing and while there always will be a gap, it is moving more and more toward the margins.

Now, expect to see an avalanche of posts from full framers telling you how APS-C can never compete with full frame. But, just remember, we have to justify our investment.

Consider the cost of buying all your lenses one stop faster.  A 300mm f/4 versus 300mm f/2.8, a 70-200mm f/4 verses 70-200mm f/2.8, and so on.  If you struggle in low light and need to gain a stop, the investment in FF can save you money.  If you are stopping down, then that's not a factor.
On the other hand, if you are focal length limited, a high MP crop camera might give you a edge over cropping or adding a TC, at least with high end lenses.
Finally, with a crop camera, those wanting to get shallow depth of field will need to purchase lenses with wider apertures, so given the same lens, FF will cost less.
In fact, a 6D can be had for significantly less than a 7D MK II, so the price of entry to FF is blurred by a lot of what-if questions.

EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: Variable Diffusion Focusing Screen
« on: October 24, 2014, 12:45:19 PM »
And forgive my ignorance but why aren't modern DSLRs fitted with split prism focusing screens.  I shot with a Canon AE-1 and/or A-1 for 20 years and never, ever missed focus on anything.  I was 50/50 in focus with the 5DII and 70-200 2.8 Mk I.  Now with the 5DIII and 70-200 MkII I'm about 90% in focus but still...

They are optional on 1 series.  I bought one for my 1D MK III, but found that it really did not impress me in terms of improving my manual focus ability to the point where the results were as good as autofocus.  Just my moving slightly forward or backwards would throw the focus off.
Third party focus screen sellers take the one series screens, and shave off the edges to fit other cameras.  Sometimes they even cut down MF screens.  Their markup is very high, cutting down a screen that they pay $10 - $15 for and selling it for hundreds of dollars.

As expected, biases are easier to believe than evidence.

That's one reason why I like these kinds of comparisons and sample images. I can judge for myself and use my own criteria.

At the same time, it's amusing to watch some people twist and turn as they try to rationalize their biases and even more entertaining when they couch it in pseudo-scientific lingo and pretend to be the ultimate authorities on sensor noise.

There is little doubt as to my bias.  As I looked at different areas of the image, the difference between cameras changed, sometimes by a significant amount.  The area I finally picked was one that I thought allowed me to see contrast, color, and resolution.  I went a lot by the readability of the text in the edge of the pie chart.  Reducing the resolution of the higher mp cameras will make them look better, and looking for different characteristics will give different results.
In the end, there is no absolute formula, its a matter of personal preference, which is a form of bias.
Arguing about a preference is not going to change another persons view, and proclaiming that my view is the correct one will bring a lot of disagreement.
I'll still want to wait for more professional reviewers, but its obviously already a improvement over the previous Canon APS-C cameras at high ISO's.  At low ISO's and a proper exposure, they all look pretty similar to me.

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