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I was just reading this little bit of an interview with Nikon's Dirk Jasper, published on DPreview:


It mostly discusses the new D600 but I like the very last line, a point I don't remember Canon ever mentioning.

"Even second hand, or refurbished, a good lens is still worth its price, ten or twenty years later. Especially for enthusiasts, backwards and downwards compatibility is very important. Once you invest your money in a system it must be safe. You must get value for money. "

We do know that Canon glass, especially the L series stuff from the last 10 or 12 years, does hold its value extremely well.  In fact, it's been my best performing investment ever!

But I take the context of Dirk's comment to imply the whole camera-lens system.
Even OUT of context, I'd like to hear Canon say, and mean, they intend to offer good value for money.  Something I think the new 6D fails to deliver and something the 5D3 didn't exactly deliver at its intro price either.

If you had spent $20K on a set of Canon lenses in 1998, they would likely be worth well more than $15K today.
But, if you had spent $15K on similar Nikon AIs and "D" lenses in 1998, you would have lost most of it.  Even though they may be good lenses, the old screw drive ("D") lenses, for example,  have lost their value pretty quickly, and do not autofocus on Nikon's entry level cameras.  Then, the first Nikon "g" lenses were optimized for APS-C bodies simply because Nikon did not have a FF body.  This makes them less valuable. 
Nikon is pulling your leg if they claim that buying their System lenses has been a good investment.
I really doubt that any Canon or Nikon bodies from 1998 have much value today, so its only lenses that have the potential to last.
Your comment about the 6D doesn't make much sense.  It will likely retain more of its value than a Digital Rebel as years pass. 

EOS Bodies / Re: POLL: Would you pay for firmware feature upgrades?
« on: September 20, 2012, 04:09:52 PM »
This question seems to get posted every few months.  I'm not sure why you are asking, Canon has not charged for firmware upgrades and I've seen no serious possibility that they will.
However, to answer the question.  If there were a feature that I had to pay to unlock, and I thought it was worth the price, I'd pay.  However, I can't think of a firmware feature that I'm really that interested in that I would buy.
The Magic Lantern firmware is free, and I don't bother to download it. If they get it going for the 5D Mark III, I might try the focus stacking.  Being able to run it from the SD card slot while capturing to the CF card seems interesting.

Canon General / Re: How do you sell your gear?
« on: September 20, 2012, 03:55:15 PM »
I usually end up selling on ebay, but sold my 5D Mark II on Craigslist a couple of days back.
A tip for selling on ebay ...  Set a fair price, have awsome photos and a description that shows you know the lens.
Then, sell for a fixed price.  The fees are much lower.  I am normally able to sell for enough extra on ebay to cover their fees and then some.  If you follow the Paypal Rules, you are covered from scammers.
Fred Miranda sellers typically get a lot less than ebay sellers, and end up paying the Paypal fees.  There is no protection from scammers, so its the riskiest way to sell.

Lenses / Re: Which to get: 50mm f/1.8 or 35mm f/2?
« on: September 20, 2012, 11:25:09 AM »
Hi all.

Ive got a 60D with the new STM 18-135 lens.

Im looking for a prime lens. I cant spend a ton of money at this point as id still consider myself an amateur but I want to have something in this range to work with. I would consider upgrading later on if I find that I've outgrown my equipment. Im not looking for an expensive lens for right now.

Thoughts on which lens is better for me?

thanks team!

You need to figure out your sweet spots . . . how many photos do you have with the STM?  The best thing to do is figure out where most  of your shots have been in the range of the zoom you have and choose those.  If you're always shooting at one end or the other, you may need something you don't already have for range.
+1.  The question is asking about focal length, and only he knows which focal length he likes best.

I use the 60mb/sec cards with no problems.  The fast cards might make a difference if you are trying to shoot high fps sequences and need a extra frame or two before the buffer fills.  You can also cut the transfer time to your computer if you have a good USB-3 reader.
Get what you need, 60 mb/sec works fine.
One thing to consider, is that if you use dual cards and write to both, your speed will be limited by the slowest card, so even 60mb/sec will be overkill if a class 10 SDXC card is installed.

Canon General / Re: How many of us are making money out of photography ?
« on: September 19, 2012, 11:16:57 PM »
I shoot for my online store where I sell thru various venues.  Thus, photography profits are not something that have a calcuable number.  Better images are part of generating more sales, but not anywhere the whole story.

Lenses / Re: missing 200-400 and 100-400 announcements?
« on: September 19, 2012, 11:08:00 PM »
I wondering if the plant shutdowns have anything to do with the 200-400 not being announced?

No, they do not. The lens is under d3evelopment, so sample lenses that are handmade are being loaned  out.  Apparently, Canon is still not ready to produce them.  Growing those large flourite crystals is a expensive and time consuming process, and once the design is finalized, the growing can commence in earnest.

Lenses / Re: Patent: EF 14mm f/2.8 With a New Coating
« on: September 19, 2012, 11:03:00 PM »

But my question is: "Will they discontinue the 16-35mm?" Or will they maintain three wide angle zooms in the lineup?

Hopefully they will replace the 16-35mm in the lineup (with the 14-24mm) and thus be able to lower the price (because it will sell more units at a lower price).
The patent does not cover a zoom, only a prime.
Their claim boils down to this:

[Problem to be solved by the invention]
However, even if the character or sign which shows the position of the surface which forbids touching somewhere in optical elements is described, when garbage and dirt have adhered in the manufacturing process of a lens, since it cannot wipe, it will not be able to be used but productivity will be deteriorated.
Since the garbage or dirt which adhered when the user was doing lens use were not able to be wiped even if it prevents adhesion of garbage and dirt by a manufacturing process, there was problem that it could not be used in the outermost surface of an optical system, at least.
Then, since the object of this invention can be wiped even if garbage and dirt adhere, it is providing the optical system which was excellent in productivity or a user's maintainability, and inhibited generating of harmful light, such as a ghost and the flare.

[Effect of the Invention]
According to the present invention, even if garbage and dirt adhere, the optical system which was excellent in productivity or a user's maintainability since it wiped, and inhibited generating of harmful light, such as a ghost and the flare, can be provided.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Canon EOS-M
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:43:40 PM »

If that's true about not being able to use FD or any other legacy lenses then the M will lose a lot of buyers, I mean, that's the main reason to go mirror less for a lot of people, along with compact IQ of course.
Adapters have been announced by 3rd  party vendors, so you should be able to use one. I don't think Canon sees a big enough market.  They have to have a minimum production run just to stock stores around the world, and that number is probably far larger than the market.
The camera is targeted to women, and I strongly disagree that they will be buying it to use 30 -50 year old lenses.
The vintage lens adapter market is a low volume market, and best served by low volume sellers who can make a profit selling them.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: A positive feedback for 6D
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:35:44 PM »

And, sadly, some folks have no dreams!
I must have hit a sore spot.  Its fine to dream, but to argue over whose dream is best??
Thats even sadder.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: A positive feedback for 6D
« on: September 19, 2012, 09:50:37 PM »
I would not expect it to be bad. Remember, we have people posting here using their magical powers to compare cameras based on advertised specs.
Some are evencomparing the 7D MK II based on specs they dreamed about.

Lenses / Re: Patent: EF 14mm f/2.8 With a New Coating
« on: September 19, 2012, 09:12:25 AM »
Go to the original patent and read the translation.  Its usually much better than EG but stioo not all that good.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7DII feature requests...
« on: September 19, 2012, 09:09:23 AM »
Hopefully, the moderator will merge these redundant threads into one, or just delete the extras.  We don't need dozens of them.

Software & Accessories / Re: GPS, does anyone really use this???
« on: September 18, 2012, 11:26:53 PM »
Yes, absolutely. I can only think of one reason you might not want to use it. That being giving up the location of some of your secret spots. I can remember the film days and keeping an exposure log, all hand written and very tedious. Now it's all there in the EXIF data. From Lightroom it's one click and I can see where a particular shot was taken. Real nice for following my favorite subject, the wild horses here in Nevada, and keeping tabs on their whereabouts.
Another is the soldiers in Afganistan.  They turn it on, and post on Flickr.  Enemy knows just where to drop the mortar shell thanks to your GPS.
Also good for those who want to track you with plans to steal your gear or worse.
Lots of people have found out the hard way that neat new features can result in unexpected side results.

Things like forcing a CEO to resign are done for poor financial performance as compared to other companies producing the similar products. 
Using this criteria, Nikon's CEO should be out of there, since they are not doing well, and Sony's photo business has been really poor too.
The D600 is going to make a ton of money for Canon, I'd buy one if I did not already have the 5D MK III on the way.  It has everything a good photographer needs to take high quality images.  Sure, its not a 1D, but it is going to open the door for many Rebel users to step up, which means more high end lens sales.

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