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I sold both of mine long ago.  They worked as well as when new, which wasn't anything to brag about.  I'll skip the MK II, after the Hype cools down, the real world will kick in.

I like using skydrive or dropbox.  People can select individual photos and them download them as a zip.  I believe skydrive doesn't allow zip files to be created if over a certain amount in size, which is why I prefer dropbox.

I use Drop box, but I must specifically invite each person allowed to see it by e-mail, and then they get a ton of spam about signing up.  Its not friendly for a group of people, particularly if you do not know all the e-mail addresses.

You can create a Public Group, but only if you have a paid version of drop box.

Flickr is free, and does what you want.

Virtually every product that uses internal processors and firmware has features removed for various or even all models.

Making them available for all models is not going to happen.  In some cases, the control buttons are different, so its not just a simple case of firmware, a physical control needs to be added.

I don't think Canon will enter this end of the market.  I think it would be in the benefit to make a licensing deal with Zeiss and/or Schneider for AF technology.  Once canon moves into the 40+ MP range the weakness in their lenses will become very apparent.  I don't Canon will make dramatic improvements to their lenses (L+ series?) but allowing a 3rd party to provide ultra high quality glass, would be in the benefit.

Right now they have lost landscape photographers to Nikon.  A 40+MP and some Zeiss/Schneider glass (not sure they will need AF but others who want 40+ MP such as model photographers, ..) could use AF

Have you tried any top Canon lenses on a 40+ MP body? 

None of the lens testers have, but a 7D had a 42MP equivalent sensor.  And now the 70D and 7D MK II have sensors that are equivalent to a 51.7 MP FF sensor based on photosite density.   

I don't expect to see a issue.  People were complaining that Canon lenses could not resolve a 20 MP Body when the 1Ds Mark 3 came out, based on what?  Lack of information and fear of the unknown!

I don't expect a problem with a high MP sensor, resolution of the image will increase.  My issue is processing time.  With newer computers and SSD's, that concern is easing as well.

Schneider-Kreuznach is very big in ultra high quality cinema lenses, they have a 50% market share for projection lenses used in theaters, that market is not very visible to camera shooters.  They are also big in lenses for cinema cameras, and industrial uses.

Perhaps you've heard of KĂ„SEMANN polarization elements in those B+W filters - Yup, made by Schneider Optics, which is one of the Schneider-Kreuznach  brands, as is Pentacon.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:38:01 PM »
Sony has been in the digital Cinema camcorder business for a long time, they created a company in conjunction with Panavision called CineAlta.

Canon is a relative newcomer in Cinema, but strong in broadcast equipment. 

If you look at many of Sony's marketing materials for their broadcast cameras, you'll see them attached to Canon DIGISUPER box lenses (with the Canon logo masked, of course).

Certainly Canon lenses, Sony likely bought Minolta thinking to get some lens expertise.  And everyone uses Fujinon broadcast lenses which are surpurb.  I think Panavision has a pretty substantial hold on the Cinema lens market, but things do change over time.

And then, there is that company that some have never heard of with a 50% market share in Cinema projection lenses.  Schneider-Kreuznach .

I've never heard of the brand prior to this press release.

Wonder how they measure up against the Otus  line up
So is there AF or not?

They have been in the market since the early beginning of photography, but have not been a big seller for DSLR's due to their lack of autofocus.  I've had many film cameras over the years with their lenses.  Its hard to forget a name like that.

EOS Bodies / Re: Just for Jrista: 2014 Market Data
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:23:44 PM »
Crucify me. I've already been hanging on a cross for a while now, not like it's going to matter. :P
Oh please spare us the self-pity. You've been on the attack for months now. Every time you are proven wrong you change the goal posts or pull out the "poor me" card. It's time to move on.

Aside from this, which I admit I was off a fiscal cycle, what have I been PROVEN wrong on?

You would not be the first to be confused by Nikon's fiscal year cycle.  2015 starting in March 2014!  While Canon 2014 FY starts in January 2014.

I do agree with Thoms general information, but then, its his specialty, he is a finance specialist and is able to reconcile some of the various reports.

Camera companies often give misleading data.  We have 40% of the market in upper Bangendorf (which has 0.2% of the world wide market)

EOS Bodies / Re: More Grist for the 5D4 Rumor Mill
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:55:09 PM »
Same as the CR Rumor published last July.  The guy probably read it here :)

Rumours based on rumours?  Not a good sign.  ;)

Happens all the time, just like circular logic.  We see a lot of people posting links to rumors on other sites, and they reference to a different site, and so on.  Sometimes they lead back to CR, usually not.

Lenses / Re: 24-70 f/2.8 L II front coating peeling off?
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:51:52 PM »
I was getting no where with phone calls to the service center yesterday.  Hung up on and and given a run around about the lens specs.  I would be the first to admit if I had water damage.  I gave Canon a description of a light mist so they could document an issue if one exists.  From this forum there seems to be a few cases.  Mist became water damage, I did not agree.  I finally was feed up and tweeted canon on poor customer service and not treating CPS members as valued customers.  I received a tweet in minutes asking for the contact and case info.  I was contacted via phone within an hour.  The Rep spoke to a floor supervisor to prove water damage.  The only damage the could prove was my description of a mist getting on the front element.  The Rep that contacted me had the Floor supervisor wave all charges.  This is all with the Warranty expiring on last Saturday.  On a side note the calls I placed to the service center were reviewed and are being reviewed with the employees that I spoke with.  I should have my lens back early next week.  Thanks Canon.

I've learned that Amex doubles your factory warranty (One year additional Max) when you buy a product with the card.  If the manufacturer will not fix it, they will.  They do not cover abuse, but you were not abusing the lens.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:43:33 PM »
Sony has been in the digital Cinema camcorder business for a long time, they created a company in conjunction with Panavision called CineAlta.

Canon is a relative newcomer in Cinema, but strong in broadcast equipment.  Now that they have their support center in Hollywood, they are proceeding to move into Cinema.  It will take time and $$$.  The Hollywood support center is a statement to the Cinema industry that they are serious.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:33:13 PM »
What I saw was a pop up ad covering the screen.  Click bait at its worst.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Photography's Top Manufacturers for 2020
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:30:39 PM »
It is possible for a new player (Sony) dominate the market for cameras in six years. But lenses, flash, and accessories require more time to become solid. The wealthy amateurs can change your camera every year, while the professionals choose thinking about the reliability of camera equipment over time.

However, Sigma and Zeiss could be a wildcard for Sony if she does cameras that satisfy the desires of photographers.

Sony merely put their name on Minolta, so they are not new to photography.

Samsung is a company to watch out for, they have the dollars, and when they put their mind to it, they can produce.

Still, I'd bet on a Chinese company emerging, or a offshoot of a existing one.  Some of them are ruthless, and have no qualms about playing dirty tricks to steamroller the competition.  One comes to mind, but Ill not name them. 

Site Information / Re: Noisy obtrusive ads
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:24:58 PM »
thats horse potatoes, just uncheck the box, problem solved.

Indeed, that's just what the Adblock Plus author says. But how many of all these Joe Sixpack users stumble upon this option, and why is it opt-out instead of opt-in?

This box is simply there to as an argumentation aid, just as you can just remove Internet Explorer from your PC or use a Windows N version. Strangely, very few people do, and strangely Microsoft still drove Netscape out of business...

I found the option, but you have to know how to dig it out.  Not Friendly!
It's not about *you* (being able to opt out), it's about lessening the userbase of such an addon to make the point that this extortion tactic doesn't work. Unfortunately, as you just demonstrated, people tend to think no further than they are absolutely forced to do.

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