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Wondering if there is any chance Canon will make a firmware update for the 1D IV so they can use the group function with the new 600EX flashes?  I know Canon doesn't want to do this for all their cameras, but doesn't it seem like they should give pros who have invested in 1 series cameras as new as the Mark IV this update?  Thoughts?

Canon General / Is CPS service falling into dumps for others?
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:30:24 PM »
Wondering if others are having trouble dealing with CPS lately?  I'm considering dropping my Canon Professional Services membership after being told today that a replacement screw on my 24mm TSE II lens was going to cost $179!  For a small five cent external screw...  When I asked the account manager how they could consider that anything other than price gouging they answered that a large portion of the price was for "evaluation".  I asked what the point of sending in the "free clean and check" coupon was then and they answered that this was a more thorough check than the coupon was for.  Even though I didn't ask for a more thorough check, I just wanted the screw replaced!  I had recommended them in the past, but curious now whether others are seeing their service drop the past few years?

Wondering if the 5D III's that are shipping now still have the black tape fix for the light leak issue, or whether that was just a temporary fix for the stock on hand and they have a more permanent fix for the bodies being manufactured now?

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