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Lenses / 135mm L
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:25:09 PM »

I have a pretty decent array of lenses and prefer to shoot with primes. I am covered on the wide end with primes, but for longer focal lengths I end up using my 70-200 IS II. I have the 85 1.2 and LOVE it, but I was looking through Lightroom EXIF data and realized I do a ton of shooting in the 120-155mm range with the 70-200.

I really like tight face shots, and I like the bokeh of the 85 1.2. For those that have both the 70-200 and the 135 f/2 would you say it's worth getting the prime? I see people here talking about how much they LOVE their 135 and I see some of the shots and they look fantastic, but I often wonder if they have the 70-200 or not and which would they use if they had to choose.

Anyone have any thoughts? The price on the 135 is one of the more reasonably priced primes and I can't decide if it's a MUST have or if if would be something that gathers dust.

EOS Bodies / B&H 1DX Order Fulfillment Tracking
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:08:17 PM »
I'm starting this thread to provide some relief for those of us who ordered a 1DX from B&H.

Apparently B&H is giving positive indication if your camera is due to ship soon or saying there is no update available if they are not expecting it to go out within the next few days.

We should be able to track based on date and time ordered from the users here willing to share if they have received positive feedback (or a tracking number) or negative response.

STATUS BASED ON THIS THREAD (updated 7/18/12 1:30PM EST):

It sounds like orders placed before 11:45 AM EST on 3/16 have shipped with tracking numbers. Orders placed after 3/16 11:45AM EST have no known expected shipping time. (unless someone here posts information that contradicts that, I will update regularly)

Information based on:

"Just got an email from B&H, my 1DX web order (3/14/12 ~2:30pm eastern) has shipped"

Erik S. Klein:
"Email confirmation time stamped [3/14] 3:31 EST. Tracking number for Wednesday delivery via 2 day air."

"March 14th, 6 PM Eastern.  Date: 03/14/2012
Order #: 1019890xxx
Order Type: WEB
Shipping Method: UPS Ground
Order Status: Shipped

Scheduled Arrival Date: 07/10/12"


Rules: Please post if you have checked with B&H; online chat, phone conversation, checked your order status on their site, have received either positive or negative indication of your order shipping along with the timestamp (please use EST since B&H is in NY) of your order confirmation email (please don't post order numbers)

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