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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Nikon vs Canon - Honest Poll before photokina.
« on: September 14, 2012, 02:34:25 PM »
Looks like Nikon might have more bodies. Canon seems to prefer European bodies, while Nikon appears to have a preference for Asian. The differences are really pretty marginal and you can get great results with any one or more of them.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Specs Leaked?
« on: September 14, 2012, 11:49:37 AM »
Really? So much over-reaction to rumored specs. Are we going to have to endure the same months and months of endless whining that occurred when the 5DIII was released?

Whatever Canon releases will be comparably spec'd and comparably priced to the 600D. It won't be identical, but comparable enough to compete, which is what this is all about.

As for the rumored specs, people seem to be reading them in the worst possible light. They describe a camera that is weather-sealed, has some magnesium framework (like the 600D), a slightly better autofocus than the 5DII, a slightly better frame rate and the latest processor. It is introduced at a price that is about $600-$700 less than the 5DII was introduced at. Is that so horrible?

We know nothing about the sensor itself, which means we know nothing about the quality of the images. Would opinions change if the camera performs at high ISO somewhere between the 5DII and the 5DIII?

Reminds me of the complaints when the 60D came out. People wanted all the 7D features for $1,000. Now people want the 5DIII features at $2,000.

I like what both Tokina and Tamron have been doing lately. They are offering some quality alternatives and good value for the money. No, they are not "L" lenses, but in many cases they represent better quality at lower cost than Canon's non "L" offerings. Competition is good.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Specs Leaked?
« on: September 14, 2012, 09:45:44 AM »
if this is true the camera is a big dissapointment....
Cheap, economy cameras are always a big disappointment to people who need something better.  And high end, expensive cameras are always a big disappointment to people who want something cheaper.  So every new camera is a big disappointment to someone.  If it's not designed for their specific needs and budget, then it's a big disappointment.   There is no way to please everyone.  That's why they make some ten DLSR models — each of them is not a big disappointment to someone.

Clearly you are new to this forum. Such rational logic will not be tolerated! :)

I think the 6D has to have a pop up flash. It won't, but it should. The only use a pop up flash is to me is for controlling other external flashes. To me that's a huge deal.

I'd rather it have the ability to directly control the 600EX-RT (and future -RT Speedlites) via radio with no pop-up flash.  But it won't have that, either.   ::)

I'm afraid that with the sudden yanking of the 580EXII and Canon's unwillingness to make a receiver that would allow backward compatibility with the 580 series, we may have seen the last of the infrared triggers through popup flashes. I expect that to be dropped from the 7DII and all future models.

Not happy about it. I'm usually pretty forgiving of Canon, but their approach on the 600EX-RT was just not very professional when it could have so easily been addressed with an RT-Receiver. Purposely making their previously flagship model flash incompatible when such an easy fix is available is just irresponsible in my book. I'm just waiting for a Chinese company to come out with one. Serves Canon right on this.

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D and crop feature
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:05:49 AM »
Feature already available. You go into Camera RAW or Photoshop and it's the little tool that looks a capital "L" with another upside down capital "L" overlapping it and it has a diagonal dotted line through it. Works great.

Okay, so where's that "it's gonna be $1500, canon's gonna poop their pants" guy now?... Boy, I'm glad we were prepared with thread-upon-thread about how this camera was going to put Canon out of business  ::)

They are all busy preparing their "Canon's-charging-$2100-for-a-camera-that-has-two-less-megapixels-and-only-19-autofocus-points-and-doesn't-even-have-a-pop-up-flash-I'm-gonna-sell-my-40D-and-switch-to-Nikon" rants.

I hope they'll sell 5D2 @ around $1K or $1.3K. :D  I'll take it without thinking.

That version will by delivered by Bigfoot riding a Unicorn. 

Software & Accessories / Re: Selling Your Wedding Pics Online???
« on: September 12, 2012, 07:59:42 PM »
Can't resist an editorial comment. If people aren't willing to pay $.21 a print there is something seriously wrong with them.

You need to consider the quality of the printer. I no longer use anyone but MPix because I just couldn't count on the color being right using less expensive alternatives. Even if you aren't charging, you have a reputation to protect and you don't want a bunch of pictures where the guests look they just got off the set of the Walking Dead because of sloppy color balance on the part of the printer.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7D: Buy now or wait?
« on: September 12, 2012, 07:17:10 PM »
Longtime lurker here. Great site!

I'm thinking about buying the refurb 7D at Adorama through Amazon (to take advantage of the 0% financing offer). If I can sell my T2i for 350, that would put the total out of pocket around for this around $850. Not bad! Still though, it will burn if a new one is announced though it wont matter unless it's the 70d because a new 7DII I would not be able to afford. A new 70D, I could probably do though 0% financing won't be available in that case (offer expires 9/30 in case anyone's interested)  THOUGHTS? Also, any thoughts on the refubs in general?


I'm a little confused by your post. I just checked Canon Price Watch and both Adorama and B&H are selling refurbished 7Ds at $1149. I'm not seeing anything from Adorama on Amazon, but I might be missing something.

Both Adorama and B&H routinely offer "bill me later" 0% for six months. Offer never expires.

Are you assuming the 7DII will be significantly more expensive than the originally 7D, or just that the $1,700 original price is steeper than you want to pay? I don't think we can assume the 7DII will automatically be a lot more costly. I think we'll have a better idea once the 6D is announced, but I think competitive pressures will force Canon to price it closer to its Nikon counterpart than the 5DIII was to the D800. (5DIII was, in my view, very wisely targeted at a very competitive market -- wedding photographers -- who have little choice but to pay the $500 premium for the 5DIII's superior ISO performance). I'm sure I'll get flamed for that comment, by those who like to act like the 5DIII was some sort of fail by Canon, but I disagree. I think Canon knew exactly what they were doing.

EOS Bodies / Re: High ISO / Nikon D600 price at least 2k per NR!
« on: September 12, 2012, 09:16:13 AM »
Nikon D600 Price -- The latest at NR shows the price in Japan at roughly $2700 -- which will likely translate to an actual US price of maybe $2k -- $2.2k  for body only.

The great cheap FF fantasy is dissolving before my eyes...  Reality is starting to set in....    :o

Always thought the low price being quoted seemed unrealistic. If things play out like it looks they will, D600 and 6D will be very similarly spec'd and similarly priced. While it should, it won't stop the whiners and flamers.

EOS Bodies / Re: More Canon EOS 6D Specs Surface [CR1]
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:21:18 PM »
I somehow don't see even a remote possibility of this camera being cheaper or 'better' than the rumored D600...

Well you can compare the rumored specs over at Nikon Rumors and within a day or so, we'll all know the real specs for the D600. The listed specs don't look that much different to me. Difference of 2 mp (22 vs. 24); difference of 1/2 frame per second; 39 vs. 19 auto focus points but no word on how many are cross-type; Canon with one stop better ISO performance.

Cheaper? Won't know that until pricing is announced. I seriously doubt that the rumored D600 will come in at the price point originally predicted.

Personally, I'm stoked to see both manufacturers introducing something new. I'll have no complaints no matter which is announced.

I use a Asus 19" monitor and an ACER 23" monitor I got from Newegg. They're pretty good as long as you calibrate them. I use the Spyder 3 elite.

IPS is the best, but eh, I get great results from what I have. If you consider most people's will not have an IPS monitor to even view your images at there best, Why bother?

This is an excellent point and often overlooked. Not to belittle the importance of monitor calibration, but it is important to remember what your final output is going to be.

Like most things, color accuracy is a "garbage in, garbage out" situation, so you do want to start with the most accurate rendition you can, but frankly I agree with RL that there is no point in obsessing over it unless you are working in a professional environment that demands absolute color accuracy (product photos for advertising for example)

If your images are going to be viewed primarily on the web you can't very well go around the world and adjust everyone's monitor before they go to your website.

If your final product is printed with a CMYK process be prepared for colors that are much different than what you see on your screen. You will need to adjust your images accordingly and if color accuracy is critical, you might want to consider letting a professional color house do the final adjustments. 

BTW, I've been know to go around Best Buy and Apple stores and pull up my website on every device I can find, just to see how it looks under different environments. Particularly important for websites. Some of the clerks get a bit annoyed, but most are good-natured about it.

The smartest thing I ever did was attach a second monitor.

I have one big monitor to look at the images and then all the various panels are over on the smaller monitor. You won't believe how much easier it makes life (or at least editing). Also works great for Dreamweaver and InDesign. Even comes in handy at times with programs like Word or when you want to transfer files between external and internal drives.

As for my actual computer, I use a Dell something or other with an i7 processor. My previous computer died over the winter and I do find that the new one processes things much faster, but that may be a combination of the new machine and the new Creative Suite programs (apparently Adobe improved the programming to speed up processing and it seems to have worked).

EOS Bodies / Re: Is a 46mp Canon EOS-1 on the Way? [CR1]
« on: September 10, 2012, 01:21:03 PM »

Is this a new sensor, or just a higher MP variant of their existing technology? Personally I'd like to see Canon put their R/D into DR and not MP.
I suspect it is silicone based just like all other s3nsors.  What new technology is out there that works better?

Fuji has talked about (not produced) a sensor that merges silicon with organic silver-halide (as in film) technology. Early claims were that APS-C size sensors would outperform full frame sensors. Obviously it is not ready for the marketplace yet, but I suspect that the next breakthrough in sensor technology will be something none of us were expecting.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Announcement Soon? [CR1]
« on: September 10, 2012, 12:46:21 PM »
I hate these threads... Everyone expects a 5D3 with a different name for half the price. Most of the time you get what you pay for. I'm sure if Canon did offer something like this, there would be so many complaints about purposely handicapping the camera with no this or that.

One thing is for sure with this camera - regardless of how good it actually may be, it will be FLAMED to no end. 


So very very true. Welcome to Canon Rumors Forum. :)

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