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EOS Bodies / Re: 46.1mp Canon DSLR Previewed at PhotoPlus 2012? [CR1]
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:28:23 PM »
Well this is pretty much what I've been predicting all along.

I'm still calling it a 5D HD and believe it will be essentially the same body with a different sensor plopped in. I am surprised at the frame rate, I thought it would be lower. I wonder if they will give over some processing power to the frame rate by putting a more modest autofocus in this one. Not sure the people using this camera will need the 5DIII or 1DX autofocus. I've said it will be the same price as the 5DIII. Possibly it will come in slightly higher, but I don't see this as a 1-series body.

Yes, as 46mp, this looks like Canon will used the same sensor in this as they use in the next generation of 7D and probably 60D. With three years of experience with the 18mp (46 mp equivalent) it may mean Canon has decided to just improve upon what they already produce instead of trying for ever-more pixels. That's consistent with everything they've been doing the past year (1DX, 5DIII, 6D, T4i).

This bodes well for 7D users. Canon must deliver acceptable noise for the full frame body (Not sure I'm buying the 12,800 as clean, but if it is good at 6,400 or even 3,200 that would be a significant improvement) and since they'll likely use the same sensor in the 7DII at least, the APS-C version should perform identically.

Lenses / Re: First lenses for new crop sensor camera?
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:42:58 PM »
It's a personal preference and there are tons of threads arguing in favor of one or the other.

I am with Marsu, I prefer the range of the 15-85 over the speed of the 17-55. Both are very sharp, which is certainly the most important criteria of any lens. I can attest from personal experience that the build quality of the 15-85 is pretty robust.

Same with the 70-200 and the 70-300. You have to decide between the longer range and one stop difference in speed. I chose the longer range.

It is possible that this has veered so far off-topic that there is no getting it back on, but...

It occurred to me it's ironic and hypocritical for photographers to even be having this argument.

Photographer A and Photographer B both shoot a wedding. Photographer A charges $800 and Photographer B charges $8,000.

Photographer A's images are out of focus, improperly exposed, mundane and uninspiring. Photographer B's pictures are not only technically perfect, but they are absolutely luminous, capture the moments perfectly and positively soar.

But wait, Photographer B admits that he USED THE EXACT SAME CAMERA as Photographer A. All of the difference is in the software holding the camera.

Clearly Photographer B is immoral and unethical.

OMG! I just learned that for years the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable were the same car with just different options and nameplate. That's so immoral!

Youre essentially paying for the software that costs the company money and time to develop. Programmers arent free guys.

Being a programmer myself, I agree :)

Shawn L.

Not being a programmer, I also agree. Somebody needs to figure out all those 0s and 1s and I'm glad it ain't me.

I think I'll start a new thread: "OMG, Apple admits the iTouch and iPhone are essentially the same device"

EOS Bodies / Re: 7DII feature requests...
« on: September 20, 2012, 10:47:32 AM »
Just looking at this and the other threads on 7DII features (there are several almost identical ones) I have an observation: 7DII owners are pretty consistent in what they want. They want what they already have, just a little bit better.

That seems in sharp contrast to many of the other threads on this site, which seem to be dominated by people unhappy with their choices. I'm also surprised at how many 7D owners seem willing to pay a lot more for the next model. People throw around figures of $2,000 to $2,500 quite freely.

All this says to me is that regardless of what people may think of other recent Canon decisions, they sure got it right with the 7D. I really expect we will get about what we want. Canon is no doubt doing all sorts of market research and finding that 7D owners are generally content with the camera and just want it updated to take advantage of technological improvements of the past three years. I don't see them doing anything radical that might upset the apple cart. No merger with the change in sensor radical redesign.

As a side note, I do get the feeling that people who have actually bought the 5DIII are similarly satisfied. With the 7D II Canon decided to split the market into two segments, those who would pay a premium for a premium body and those who wouldn't (the 60D). Now, I think they've done the same thing with the full frame market with the 5DIII and the 6D.

Canon General / Re: How many of us are making money out of photography ?
« on: September 20, 2012, 10:31:34 AM »
I used to work as a small newspaper photographer, many many years ago.

Got tired of being poor. Spent most of my career managing a communications staff in the public sector. Writers, photographer, graphic designer, web and social media folks, etc. That allows me to enjoy photography as a hobby. I've considered it as a retirement option. I have 4-5 years to experiment before retirement.

Someone asked for advice. Not sure some would consider me qualified since I don't earn a living in the business now, but a lesson I learned when I was working full time as a news photographer and which has served me well in all endeavors is this: it's not about the light, the bokeh, the focus or any of that. It's about the people. If they don't like you, they won't like your pictures. If they like  you, they'll love your pictures.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 4D reference in Wifi remote app video
« on: September 19, 2012, 08:38:07 PM »
It could of course just be a typo?

What! You let logic get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. How could you!

Let's see, the video is clearly promoting the new remote function of the 6D. The camera shown is clearly the 6D and when you go to the Canon website link, it's all about the 6D (and the 7D, which is pretty interesting actually). So, either a typo or more likely the graphic designer of the iPhone image was told to obscure the model number for some reason. Definitely not a "4" and not significant anyway.

EOS Bodies / Re: Who really is the target demographic for the 6D?
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:43:41 AM »
...Who is this camera made for? - 60D lovers lusting for FF and tired of vari-angle LCD, obviously :D. Similar bodies, similar controls, shared SD cards...

I was thinking about both the Nikon and the Canon this morning and pretty much came to the same conclusion. I really don't see either one being aimed at owners of the Rebel or DXXXX series. The cost of entry is just too high. Take the Rebel for example. For around $1,000 or less, many Rebel owners have gotten a kit with a 18-55 and a 55-250 mm telephoto.

To replace that kit means an investment of at least $3,000. Many Rebel owners were probably really squeezing to get the $1,000. Now convince them they ought to "upgrade" to a $3,000 setup. And, for what? In 99% of the cases the user will see no discernible improvement in the results.

As a 7D owner, converting to full frame has virtually no appeal to me. Would I consider buying a full frame as a second body? Maybe, but I'll wait until the 7DII comes out and see what it is like, since that is what I really would rather have. So, I don't see many 7D owners as the target market.

So, I came to the same conclusion as ecka, the primary target market may be 60D owners. There may also be a segment of 40D and 50D holdovers who weren't willing to pay the premium for the 7D but couldn't justify the original cost of the 5DII.

Now, I think the same factors apply to the Nikon D600 and it's not a criticism of either company. More of an academic exercise: "Guess the Target Market."

If there is any conclusion I would draw from this it is that, first,  DSLR manufacturing efficiencies have improved sufficiently to the point that Canon and Nikon now feel comfortable developing cameras for much more targeted audiences than they could in the past and second, the DSLR market is so lucrative and desirable that all the manufacturers want to lock it up, and they are willing to give consumers as many options as possible in order to avoid leaving any customers on the table.

EOS Bodies / Re: Adorama is selling 5d3 for $2745 on eBay now
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:02:05 PM »
Adorama has sold 818 5D Mark III's on ebay alone, which has netted them well over $2,400,000!.. not too shabby.. 100 5D3's were sold alone in the last 9 or so hours of that sale!! and that was when everyone was likely sleeping.

I hope you are not in business. They didn't "net" $2.4 million. The grossed $2.4 million. What they netted was the sale price less wholesale cost, less shipping, less overhead. If they actually made $50 net on each one (which might be more generous than you think) that's about $41,000. That's not bad for a one-day sale, but it's a far cry from $2.4 million and assumes they actually made $50 in profit on each one.

Lenses / Re: Were EF-S lenses a bad idea?
« on: September 18, 2012, 04:10:42 PM »
At some level the marketing department at Canon may regret that they let the engineers tell them they couldn't design certain lenses that would mount on all their cameras. I'm sure the marketing people never liked the idea of a two-tiered system. That's what happens when you let engineers dictate products.

But, really's post below is spot on:

The OP's underlying assumption is wrong. And as for Canon regretting or not regretting, I don't give a damn, my dear.

I believe it is wrong to presume the APS-C is some sort of transitional stage sensor -- either for Canon or for photographers. There are folks who live happily in the APS-C world and are never going to FF. Many, many others use both FF and APS-C and find both useful. Currently, the 7D is the flagship of the APS-C world, and it's serving Canon and photographers very well. This is why I've forecasted that a 7D2 will be a stunner when it's released -- and it will firmly cement the APS-C in the Canon lineup.

With the possible exception of the 135L, I'll put my EF-S 15-85 up against most any lens. I have a 70-200L and a 100-400L and neither can outdo the EF-S 15-85.

Oh, and the APS-H is never coming back!

What I do wonder is if there isn't some regret that the APS-H sensor cameras were not designed to accept EF-S lenses. APS-H is dead, as says. But, it might have stayed alive longer if you could mount your EF-S lens on the body and gain a wider focal length, just as you can gain longer length mounting EF lenses on the APS-C bodies.

Just imagine what it would be like to be able to use the 15-85 on an APS-H camera as a 9-50 mm zoom. Now, that might have kept some life in the APS-H format.

Still, what is done is done. Whether they regret it or not, it doesn't matter.

Canon and Nikon let a genie out of the bottle when they developed the crop format. APS-C now dominates the DLSR market and there is no way of putting it back into the bottle even if they wanted to. As long as there are DSLRs for sale, they will be available in two formats.

I never get the fixation with reducing consumer choices on this forum. People complain about the cost of the 5DIII, but do you have any idea how much it would cost if Canon wasn't selling all those Rebels, 60Ds and 7Ds?

Software & Accessories / Re: GPS, does anyone really use this???
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:20:24 AM »
Very handy. You never know when you might need to locate the nearest Starbucks.

Dilbert really outdid himself this time. (Which if you look at his history, is pretty difficult to do).

The DSLR division of Canon is sufficiently profitable to help offset losses that have occurred in in other divisions during the economic downturn. A check of Amazon Best Sellers this morning showed Canon with 12 of the top 20 DSLRS (Nikon had 7 and Panasonic had one). Although the 6D won't be available until December, it occupied two slots in the top 20 (body only and kit version each in top 20)

So, Canon should fire the head of the division because some gear heads reading spec sheets didn't get what they think they wanted?

Canon General / Re: Loving Canon right now.
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:10:23 PM »
Cowgummy, you are being too reasonable.

Don't you know that the main purpose of this forum is to complain because Canon doesn't build each camera individually to the custom specifications of its customers for $1,000 maximum.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D!
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:03:13 PM »
Here we go again. APS-H will reappear when one of two things happens:

  • Nikon and Sony release an APS-H body, or
  • Someone captures a verifiable action shot with their 6D of Bigfoot riding a unicorn.

I think the Bigfoot/Unicorn shot has the better odds.

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