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Pricewatch Deals / Re: Act Fast! 600 RT Refurb in Stock
« on: June 04, 2013, 01:54:48 PM »
Discount is only on refurbished items. So battery pack wouldn't count.

The first time through (at the beginning of May) I bought two 600s and got the $125 discount. Unfortunately, when I went to buy another two, they were sold out. At the time I did some quick math and figured out the difference between the $125 off for two and 15% off was something like six bucks each.

Of course, if you can find something right at that $500 sweet spot, you can score a great deal.

I find the Canon Refurb store fascinating. Usually, a day or so after the sales end, many of the items that were out of stock magically go back in stock. Then, another sale begins and suddenly things go out of stock again right away. During the sale, some items may come back in stock for an hour or so, but it is pretty random.

I'm set with 600 RTs for the time being. One of these days, I hope to score a 200 2.8 prime, but I've found that one a real challenge.

I'm not complaining, in fact I kind of enjoy the game. But, I'm pretty much know that Canon USA is manipulating the stock. I wonder if they have an office  pool going – "Let's put ten 70-200 2.8 zooms on the site and everyone in the pool guesses how many minutes it will take to sell them out."

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Act Fast! 600 RT Refurb in Stock
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:45:03 AM »
Sold out now.

Pricewatch Deals / Act Fast! 600 RT Refurb in Stock
« on: June 04, 2013, 10:14:15 AM »
As of 9:10 this a.m. at Canon Refurb Store.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Refurbished Body
« on: June 01, 2013, 01:09:38 PM »
I just checked my wife's refurbished T3i, it has an almost imperceptible little pin mark by the serial number. Also checked my refurbished 600 RTs, they also have a little pin mark. So tiny, you'd never notice it if you weren't looking.

Another way to know, I think, would be if the owner still has the original box. Refurbished never come with the original box, but always with the "generic white" Canon refurbished box.

Really though, if you are buying used, it doesn't matter much whether the seller bought it refurbished or bought it new. In either case, you don't really know anything about the history of the camera and can only judge by the apparent condition, the price and what the seller is telling you.

Also consider this, even if the camera was once new, you have no way of knowing if you are buying it from the original owner, or if they just bought it used from someone else. 

At any rate, if the seller isn't offering the item at less than what you can buy refurbished then they are asking too much, regardless of whether they bought it new or not.

As an aside, I recently saw a new phenomenon on eBay -- people re-selling refurbished items still in the sealed Canon refurbished box. Looks like they bought them during the recent 15% off sale and then when the items were sold out at the Canon store, they were selling them for a slight markup.

I think you are all missing Woody's point. The important thing here is the trend line, rather than the numbers. The point is that Nikon's self-reported numbers started higher than Canon's self-reported numbers, but Canon has overtaken Nikon and the spread seems to be widening.

Gross sales are less instructive than seeing that the trend is that Canon has accelerated their sales at a much faster pace than Nikon.

Definite yes to the Manfrotto swivel mounts. They are very solid. Cheaper brands tend to loosen up and won't hold lightboxes and umbrellas in place over time.

I also prefer the Manfrotto cold shoes, as they are plastic, so less risk of a short. I'm paranoid about metal cold shoes, although I have used them by sticking a piece of gaffer's tape over the metal foot.

The Flashbenders are handy to have.

Don't know anything about the Quickbox, looks like an imitation of the Lastolite Ezybox.

Tons of umbrella's out there, not sure there is a lot of differences between them. I've used Photoflex. I'm sure you can pay more and probably would be more durable, but I haven't had any problem with them.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: 600EX-RT speedlite deals?
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:54:07 PM »
I wish there was a way to have an email notification be sent when they're in stock or something. That $370 price tag sure is a bargain. Guess I'll just have to keep checking every 5 minutes...

Just sign up to have notify you by email when they are in stock.

Canon General / Re: Need 'something' to hold 'anything'
« on: May 27, 2013, 06:35:09 PM »
Don't forget the old reliable Justin Clamp

The flex arm

Snake arm Which seems way too expensive to me.

Technical Support / Re: Going medium format for studio work?
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:57:52 PM »
...I would call the company but I'm afraid to feel like a "noob" like the kidz say without any prior knowledge...

There is no reason to hesitate to call the company. This is high-end stuff and if you have the means to buy, they will be only too happy to guide you through the choices. Also, I notice on their website that they have a worldwide listing of rental outlets. You might consider a rental before buying.


That's a good idea! The only problem would be: If it's the charger, I would damage my (new) replacement battery... Weekend is over anyways.

Why do you avoid amazon? Is it not that good in the states? Here (Germany) they have in my humble experience by FAR the best service. Wish we had B&H over here, though. Bought some stuff there on vacation - amazing.

Thanks again!

Sorry, didn't realize you were in Germany. Hard to know with the internet.

I don't think the battery charger would damage the battery. More likely, it just wouldn't charge it. I was just trying to help diagnose the problem. It's probably a battery or charger issue, since from what you've said, it doesn't sound like the battery is getting charged at all. But, I wanted to rule out a camera problem.

As for Amazon, my bias is just based on the company's policies. They have built their business model on tax avoidance, avoiding making any concrete investment in facilities and minimizing the number of persons they employ.  I prefer to spend my dollars with stores that actually pay taxes and employ people. So, it's a personal/political decision, having nothing to do with service or quality of product. And, I'm not pure, there are times when I buy from them if I can't get the product or competitive price elsewhere.

Good luck on the 6D. So disappointing to have it there and be unable to use it. But, keep in mind that in a week or so, everything should be resolved and you'll be happily taking pictures.

If Mt. Spokane is right and it's the battery, you could always find a local store and buy a battery. This would give you the ability find out if it really is the battery and, since you were wanting to shoot this weekend, you could enjoy the camera then deal with Amazon on Tuesday. You'll want a 2nd battery anyway, so that would not be a waste of money.

That's what I would do.

Zip over to the nearest Best Buy and pick up a second battery. Unfortunately, they won't have Canon brand, but since it's only your spare and this is an emergency, it's okay. Put the battery in the camera immediately, without trying to charge it. Usually they have a little juice in them to begin with. Should be enough to power the camera up.

If it doesn't, then stick it in the charger for about an hour. You should be able to tell from the indicators on the charger after an hour if the battery is charging (You should get two or three fast blinks, a little pause and then two or three more. Or, if fully charged a solid green.)

If the indicators aren't showing any progress, it's probably your charger that is bad. If they are showing some progress, then take the battery out and put it in the camera again. An hour of charging should be plenty to give it enough juice to power the camera on. If it doesn't power on, it's probably the camera.

If it does, then use the battery check on the camera to see how much juice is in the battery. If it shows 50% or more, go ahead and use it like that, until the battery drops to like 10-20% or so and then charge it up fully.

You'll then know that you have a bad battery and, as Brett says, you can deal with it on Tuesday. I would think they would just send you a replacement battery. At least that's what I would expect of Adorama or B&H. I don't know about Amazon. I avoid them whenever I can.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: BG-E7 problems.
« on: May 24, 2013, 07:31:17 PM »
I've had similar problems. Usually it's because the grip has worked loose from the body. Make sure the knob that attaches the grip to the body is tight.

Well, given that so many people on this and other forums have acknowledged that they are several generations behind would indicate to me that Adobe has been having a hard time finding compelling new features to add for quite some time.

Frankly, I kind of welcomed the fact that they seemed to be slowing down. It was frustrating when they were going through their periods when they felt compelled to redesign the interface with each new version.

Wouldn't it be funny if the whole Creative Cloud thing was just a scam to push people who are still using CS 1, 2, 3 etc., to finally upgrade to CS 6? Next May they could announce that they have "listened" to their customers and will be offering new permanent licenses, maybe on a delayed schedule (you can buy a permanent license for the Creative Cloud 2013 version beginning in Jan. 2015, etc.).

Just kidding of course.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe Owns you!
« on: May 22, 2013, 09:47:05 PM »
WTF? my posts were deleted AGAIN!...

Join the club. The moderation on this site is horrible...frequently crosses over into thought police territory.

...I'm still trying to figure out why they charged me freakin' sales tax on an online store, I've not heard of a Louisiana Canon B&M store here...

Canon has a nexus in almost every state. Remember they sell copiers and office equipment.

So, question one:
Does this flash come with some type cable to hook to the hotshoe to the flash, to allow you to shoot with camera in one hand, flash in the other?

No, but Canon will be happy to sell you one.

Question two:
Looking a the Canon ST-E3-RT. I found it on for $299 shipped, that's not a bad price is it? If so, that starts me off well for this and future growth with flash off camera.

Yes that is a good price. Check CanonPriceWatch.Com for historical prices.

Questions three and more:
...would I be able to get some cheaper flashes right now to use with this flash?  For instance, I'm thinking of trying to learn manual shooting (based on a great CreativeLive class the other week), could I get something like the Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlights, and have them fire off (optically?) when they sense the main 600EX-RT go off?

Only if they are compatible with Canon's optical trigger. They won't work with the ST-E3 RT, so you would need to use your 600 RT as a master, on camera or with an ETTL cord.



As with most things it boils down to personal preference. Me, I'd go ahead and get the ST-E3 RT so you can start playing with off camera flash. One umbrella and the 600 RT off camera is a great start. Pick up a big piece of white foamcore as a reflector to provide some fill light and have some fun.

Have any Best Buy gift cards sitting around? Go buy another 600 RT at Best Buy for $499 and get 18 mos. zero interest. It's still at an all-time low. Keep watching the refurb store for the next time they come back in stock for your third, fourth, etc.

Honestly, I wouldn't buy the Yongnuos. I've got nothing against them. I had their 622C transceivers and they were great. But, I think you'll just be throwing money away in the long term. If you want to go optical for awhile , you can get 580 EX IIs on eBay now for around $320-$360 used. And, they seem to be holding their value, so you shouldn't lose too much selling them later. But again, I'd just bite the bullet and put the money into the ST-E3 RT and 600 RTs.

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