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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Canon 6D Automatic Lens Correction
« on: January 07, 2013, 02:47:05 PM »
Hi There

My understanding is that the 6D (along with the other newer EOS Bodies) automatically corrects for CA and vignetting caused by the attached Canon lens as per the loaded lens profile.

My question is whether this correction is applied to the RAW files or not?  I have begun shooting RAW when I got my 6D, and could see a defnitive correction when processing the RAW file in camera.  I also assume that this correction will be applied when using canon DPP (didn't test).  However, I use Aperture 3, and was wondering if Aperture 3 applies this correction automatically or not as I am seeing some vignetting that I do not see in the JPEG.  Is there a specific step I have to follow in Aperture 3 for this to be applied?

Thanks in advance

Lenses / Noisy IS on 24-105mm F4
« on: December 11, 2012, 03:41:40 PM »
If this has been hashed out before, I apologize, but I did try to search the topic but only got ISO results

As an excited owner of a new 6D and got the 24-105 L with it I noticed a very noisy sound from the lens while keeping the shutter button half depressed (i.e. locing focus). I know this is the IS and even confirmed by switching it off and the noise goes away.

Now I understand that IS is actually a motorized movement of a lens group and thus expect a bit of a sound and all of my IS lenses does that, but this sounds suspiciously louder, louder even than my Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS and that I did not expect.

Is this normal or should I take it back to the store?  To describe the noise level is difficult, but it is noticebly louder than my 100L macro and as my Sigma


EOS Bodies - For Stills / 6D Experience
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:32:05 PM »
I got my 6D yesterday and thought I will share my initial impressions. These impressions are from a Canon shooter coming from Rebel bodies (450D & 500D) and I thought it will help someone that is in the same boat as I was in figuring our whether or not to upgrade to the 6D.

What I use a camera for:
Family (with kids running around) and Travel.  Nothing for payment

Physical Attributes
Weight: Heavier than anticipated and with the 24-105 kit much more than the Rebel.  I had a 17-50 F2.8 Sigma on my Rebel which made it heavier than the out of the box kit already, but the 6D is beyond that.  I am glad I have a Black Rapid strap.  Would not like this around my neck.  However, the balance (not tipping over so much) is better than my 500D/Sigma combo and although heavier, definitely usable all day long.
Size: I like the physical size over the Rebel.  Using both hands on it feel much more comfortable. I handled a 5DIII&5DII in the store, and I prefer the 6D size. For me, coming from a Rebel, the 6D feels great in the hand while the 5DIII felt like a stretch.
Feel & Buttons: Everything felt better - body, buttons, shutter sound (love that  ;D).  I have to get use to using the top plate buttons, but the rest of the button layout felt very familiar even to the dated 500D.

Name an attribute, and it is better than the 500D, and you can't help but think that "this is how it is supposed to be".  The level of customization really impressed me. I appreciate that the 5DIII and 1DX is even better at this, but coming from a Rebel, WOW! What I particularly liked is:
- C1 and C2 functions
- Minimum shutter speed setting
- Customisation options in general. Like AI Servo assignability to the DOF button, ISO limits, Different Focus points in Portrait v Landscapes
- Direct access to Drive, ISO etc. on top plate
- GPS & Wifi: Did not explore this other than pairing to my iPhone and (it has a slight lag) I can see this being handy for shots where I am in front of the camera with the family.
- HDR: I liked that this is built in.
- WB: I might miss a dedicated button for this, but the Q menu does accomodate this.

ISO: High ISO is so much better than the 500D. Expressing it in Stops is beyond my ability, but with the 500D I did not use 1600 (except in the rare circumstances where shutter speed was more important than IQ). Now with this I can see no problem going to 6400 and I think 12800 will become the new 1600 (which is still 1 stop below native max). So what is that 3 Stops  ;) ? Off course this is dependent on what you can tolerate in terms of noise.
FPS: It’s faster than my 500D so that’s an improvement for me and I see it as adequate for the "action" type shots I sometimes need.
Focus: I played with it indoors (dark outside) and with the 24-105, 50 1.4, 100 L Macro and 70-200 F4 Non-IS.  My approach was not scientific at all but the focus on the centre point was snappy and quicker than my Rebel.  The Macro was slow as usual.  I used the outer points, and as I Rebel user could not complain about speed or accuracy.
Viewfinder: Forget that it is not 100%, this is much better/brighter than the Rebel's

Yes I am sure a lot of people can and will nitpick over many of the (missing) features. But coming from a Rebel, most will be blown away. So, is the upgrade worth it? Well, I felt I had to upgrade from my 500D. So it was either a 60D/650D (body only) at $800 or this. So does the extra $2000 ($1200 body + 800 lens) make you a better photographer? No, but it will make the pictures you do take look better, especially in low light. 
Why not 5DII? I liked the smaller/lighter size, Overall newer tech, Digic 5+, GPS & WiFi options and I am confident that this will now last me a very long time.
Why not D600? To commited to EOS (Lenses and Flashes) and I handled it in the shop, it felt very foreign.

Software & Accessories / Which iMac
« on: November 30, 2012, 06:04:55 PM »
This might have been asked before, but I would really like some advice on which iMac, from those models just launched, to get.

I am looking at the 27" Desktop and I am going to configure it to at least include the 3TB drive.  I will upgrade the memory (2 extra 8GB = 24GB total) after market as it is cheaper.  Now I can just upgrade everything, but I would like not to if there is really no need or real world impact.

So, I need the community's advice for the CPU and GPU specs to lead me in understanding where my money will best be spend
1 - CPU > Taking into account my usage, is there any need/benefit to upgrade from the i5 2.9GHz to the i5 3.2GHz or i7 3.6GHz --- each step = $200
2 - GPU > Taking into account my usage, would I benefit from the increase the 512MB to 1GB memory ---- $150 upgrade

My Usage (None for professional purposes):
Photo Editing
 - Aperture.  I have also recently started to work more with RAW files and my current 2009 MacBook does feel the punch.
 - Photoshop Elements (rarely)
Video Editing of family videos using iMovie
Family Computer usage: Word, Excel Internet, e-Mail.

Cameras: Hopefully Canon 6D and 12Mpix Panasonic GF3

PS - let this not be a discussion about Mac vs PC or Desktop vs Laptop.  Those choices are settled


Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Help me decide: 270EXII vs 90EX
« on: November 12, 2012, 11:54:49 AM »
I am deciding whether to go for the 6D when it becomes available.  Not having a pop up flash was a bit dissapointing so now I am trying to figure out what the true cost of the camera would be.  Considering that I do own a 430EXII, currently my greatest use of a camera is on holidays and travel, but there is kids on the way and thus potraitures and candids would become more important.

So to add fill flash to my 6D (or 5DIII) without lugging the 430EXII around which one will be best.
270EXII                                         90EX
+More Power                                 +Small and light
+Titable head                                +Optical Master for 430EXII
-Larger                                          +Wider @ 24mm
-No optical master                          -Low power and no tilt

At first this was an easy decision but the Optical Master is intriguing as it would allow me to start experimenting with off camera flash.  I do want to limit my cash outlay, so if the 270EXII is, in your opinion, overwhelmingly better for the intended main use, what "cheap" offbrand controller would you recommend. Maybe something that goes beyond line of sight.

I know most will say it depends on yout intended use, but if this is not clear, qualify your recommendation then

Thanks alot

EOS Bodies / New Upgraders (to FF) - what is your experience
« on: July 14, 2012, 02:11:28 AM »
With all the cheap FF chatter I really started to think about upgrading from my crop sensor (T2i).  However, being somewhat of a long time reader on these forums, I am well aware that waiting for a rumoured product can be futile.

So the question:
5DIII is out for me (price), and with many still thinking highly of the the II, I was hoping to get some honest feedback of newly upgraded users of the 5D II - as this cam is coming down nicely in price (used). I understand the advantages of FF, thats why I am considering upgrading, but I want to get a feeling about frustrations/concerns, my main ones being:

> Weight - The II and the 24-105 L will probably be my 90% combo. So when travelling and lugging this around the whole day (BlackRapid strap) what are those ex-crop users feeling about managing the extra weight and did this cam make a big difference in their normal family style travel photos?
> Flash - I love using the built in flash for fill.  It sometimes just needed. Again when travelling and the light just demands you filling in those faces.  SO, new upgraders, do you sometimes get frustrated that the mark II doesn't have a built in flash?

I know about that there are many many satisfied users of the II out there, but I am hoping to get some honest feedback from those hobbyists/amateurs that recently upgraded from being long time crop users about their true experiences and, if any, frustrations.  Personally I expect that a cheap FF to be closer to a rebel than a xD which should address my 2 main concerns, but waiting is a b*tch

EOS Bodies / The Price of Full Frame
« on: February 10, 2012, 01:50:15 AM »
Just read the rumour about the 5 Series split. I was wondering, with the D800 announced and priced ($3-$3,5k body) and Canon bound to respond within this same spec and price range (it seems for both), where does this leave average photographers - whether enthusiast or pure amateur/hobbyist.

I am almost certain there are more casual (even pro's) photographers out there that are PRICE sensitive rather than SPEC sensitive.  In the film days, full frame cameras were truly available in all shapes, sizes and prices. 

Being a 60D user, I regularly contemplate my upgrade path. The 7D is a very specific cam - well sealed & sports level AF. And FF appears to be that next step in IQ, low noise and DOF control everyone raves about.

What I would like to see is a rebel FF body - Call it a 6D or whatever:
- 1DX Sensor - this will give Canon another body to get volumes up on the sensor
- Upcoming 70D body and Movie features - another re-use
- Current 7D AF - paid off tech

Priced at at under $2k body only.  I can then either use F4 "L" zooms or 3rd Party lenses, with a non-L primes for low light (seeing that the new 24-70 is another price shocker).

Outside of 7D users, I guess most APS-C users are also not too heavily invested in glass, and if so, I suppose some of that is crop body specific in any case. So moving to full frame is not really "switching systems" for most APS-C users. So from where I am sitting a low cost FF body might just steal some other brand customer to Canon also.

Yes the 5D mark II will be available soon second hand, but Canon doesn't make any money from that.

Am I really alone in thinking, as a Hobbyist, that a $2k FF body will be awesome and the current Price trend seems ridiculous? Can Canon make money with such a lower priced FF body with parts from the wheely bin, bearing in mind future L lens sales? Will this cannibalize sales of other bodies? Or does every single FF user out there crave for the 36MP 61 AF pt monster at $3,5k body only as rumoured?

Lenses / 24-70 or 24-105
« on: December 27, 2011, 12:18:45 PM »
Hi All

I am sure this topic has been posted in the past, but I cannot find it.  Twinning to my post under "Bodies" category regarding switching to full frame, I also need some input on deciding what lens to get, as my current lenses are crop only.

Current Lenses:
Used Most:  Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS - Love this lens and use it the most.  F2.8 and OS is great but I sometimes feel the reach is not enough (especially trying to get that isolated portrait).  I will probably keep this attach to the Rebel as a backup

Somewhat used: Tokina 11-16 F2.8 - Must say, the 24mm end on both these lenses will probably be satisfactory at the wide end.  And the F2.8 was rarely used for outside landscapes. Will probably sell.

Primes (at least these will work)
50mm F1.4 - I am looking forward getting more use out of this one on full frame
28mm F1.8

So I am mainly thinking of trying to replace the Sigma like-for-like.
The 24-70 matches in F stop, but loses the IS and is 10mm shorter in reach (which was already a limitation on the Sigma)
The 24-105 has the IS and additional reach which is appealing but loses 1 stop of light.  But it is lighter smaller and would be bundled to my purchase.

So from experience using these lenses, should I be overly concerned about the F4.  Will I get decent OoF areas on it especially for potrait isolation?
Indoors I guess I can always go for one of the primes if need be.

Opinions welcome thanks

EOS Bodies / To switch or not to switch?
« on: December 27, 2011, 11:57:03 AM »
Hi All

I am currently on my second Rebel body, but with the decreasing price of the 5D Mark II, I am starting to consider going full frame, otherwise it will be the 60D or its successor.  The switch is not that easy for me, because my 2 most used lenses are crop only.

Background, I am an enthusiast only, and most of my photo's revolve around family and the trips we make.  Photo's are thus a mix of landscapes, indoor/outdoor architecture and family (groups mosthly)

So I want to solocite opinions:
1 - Why people (non-pro's), similar to my use, made the switch (outside of weddings and studio photogs)
2 - Why people DID NOT make the switch

Negatives I am concerned about (due to my expected use)
- Lack of pop up flash for quick fill flash
- Size and weight compared to Rebel and 60D

Positives I have identified
- Better low light performance
- Better "apparent" depth of field
- Have some weather sealing

Again for my use, the lower quality AF and burst rate are not important (I am used to a  Rebel), but maybe this played a big role for people who didn't switch.

I am mostly aware of the pure technical differences between the 5D and 60D.  I am more concerned with actual experience using it.  I.E. was it everything it was made up to be when you switch.  Or what is bothering you with the 5D.  Or what specific qualities are stopping you from switching (apart from price off course)

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

Lenses / Effectiveness of IS
« on: April 12, 2011, 11:35:41 AM »
Hi all
I am a newbie to forums in general, but after learning so much from communities like these, I know this is where help is at hand

I am looking to replace my walk around lens. I like the kit's range, more than the 18-200mm (I have one), but I would like better quality.   So without going into optics and IQ (there is a lot of posts on this) of the step up alternatives, I need some OPINIONS on the effectiveness on IS (real world)

The Canon EF-S 17-55mm would have been the awnser, but it is out of the question expensive. So I am looking into 3rd party 2.8F's.  Owning a Tokina 11-16, I love the build quality and colour, and naturally lean towards their 16-50mm option, but it has no IS. 

The Canon kit for example is only 2/3rds of a stop slower at 3.5F (wide side) and 2 stops at tele.  If IS is supposedly giving you 3-4 stops help, does no IS F2.8 give you a real advantage over F3.5-F5 with IS.

(I know about the Sigma and Tamron options, but this post is to understand the real world effect of IS)

Thanks in advance for the insights

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