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EOS Bodies / Re: New Upgraders (to FF) - what is your experience
« on: July 16, 2012, 02:50:19 PM »
Thanks everyone for the input.  So with today's rumour update on the "rebel" FF, I will digest and decide...


I think PRO = xD regardless of sensor size.  From marketing point this makes more sense.

Prosumer & Consumer = mirrorless, xxxxD, xxxD or xxD.  Again regardless of sensor size. 

That is a fair way of doing it, however that would mean

- 7D would have to be renamed
- 5DII would have to be renamed
- 5DIII might have to be renamed

and I dont think that will happen

Traditionally the only pro cameras have been the 1 series

The single digits have been the semi pro

The double digits have been the 'enthusiasts'

The triple digits for the 'hobbyists'

The 4 digits the entry level

By Pro I mean anyone that earns a fair bit of money from their photography.  Be it full time (pro) or part time (semi-pro).  Also, Pro can also refer to ruggedness and overall ability.

From where I am sitting, the 5D is for sure a Pro camera.  I think it is safe to make an accurate (yet unsientific) conclusion that most Canon wedding shooters use that cam - thus it is Pro.  And from what I am reading, a lot of sport guys are using the 7D.

For me, there is a distinct difference between Pro and Flagship.  The Flagship cam will probably be Pro, but not all Pro cams will be flagship.

The canon entry level full frame will be 6D! It makes no sense call it 7D MK2! the xD comeback to FF; the XXD will be top of aps-c!  :)

My hope is: entry level full frame with swivel screen + 24-105L= 2000 Euro!  ;D

Why must FF = xD?  I have asked this before and nobody has an answer (I am not a long time photography follower so I would like to know from the more senior folk here)

I think PRO = xD regardless of sensor size.  From marketing point this makes more sense.

Prosumer & Consumer = mirrorless, xxxxD, xxxD or xxD.  Again regardless of sensor size. 

This is why I also think remaking the xxD into the FF entry level, swivel screen + 24 - 105L for your 2000Euro makes the most sense.  For this price it cannot be magnesium alloy and fully weather sealed or 100% viewfinder.  All attributes I will more likely attribute to the xD line than mere sensor size (from a marketing point of view)

EOS Bodies / New Upgraders (to FF) - what is your experience
« on: July 14, 2012, 02:11:28 AM »
With all the cheap FF chatter I really started to think about upgrading from my crop sensor (T2i).  However, being somewhat of a long time reader on these forums, I am well aware that waiting for a rumoured product can be futile.

So the question:
5DIII is out for me (price), and with many still thinking highly of the the II, I was hoping to get some honest feedback of newly upgraded users of the 5D II - as this cam is coming down nicely in price (used). I understand the advantages of FF, thats why I am considering upgrading, but I want to get a feeling about frustrations/concerns, my main ones being:

> Weight - The II and the 24-105 L will probably be my 90% combo. So when travelling and lugging this around the whole day (BlackRapid strap) what are those ex-crop users feeling about managing the extra weight and did this cam make a big difference in their normal family style travel photos?
> Flash - I love using the built in flash for fill.  It sometimes just needed. Again when travelling and the light just demands you filling in those faces.  SO, new upgraders, do you sometimes get frustrated that the mark II doesn't have a built in flash?

I know about that there are many many satisfied users of the II out there, but I am hoping to get some honest feedback from those hobbyists/amateurs that recently upgraded from being long time crop users about their true experiences and, if any, frustrations.  Personally I expect that a cheap FF to be closer to a rebel than a xD which should address my 2 main concerns, but waiting is a b*tch

Lenses / Re: Good, inexpensive zoom lens? Beginner here.
« on: July 03, 2012, 07:34:49 PM »
I will not recommend anything specifically other than talk about my experience.
Starting with the 18-55 kit, I got the Canon 18-200 as a do it all walk around lens. I was very new to photography so got it based on salesperson recommendation.  And boy, that lens is horrible in all accounts.
Indoor use - forget it to slow
Telephoto - well it basically stops zooming at 170mm or so and just turns to 200 on the barrel
Portrait - no bokeh and not very sharp

So if you really want that range just go for the Tamron and save a bunch

What I did - as I am on a budget as well:
Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS - helps indoors (with a bit of ISO bump), Useful range for walk around. Use it 90% of the time (crop sensor) and I believe the price vs quality beats the canon hands down
Canon 70-200 F4L (no IS) for $450 used. Gives you the range and awesome colour and sharpness.

When it comes to Canon L lenses, do not hesitate to go used. The lenses are well built, and from experience, people who pays thousands for lenses do take care of it.

I think it is more likely the 7D MkII remains a high frame rate APS sensor sports oriented camera.

I think the 70D will be a full frame upgrade to the 60D, with a polycarb body and an articulating screen.

I think this makes a lot more sense for Canon. With the 1D going full frame many sports pros still want the extra reach of an APS sensor (C or H) and the pro level 7D would fill that.

A full frame 70D modeled after the 60D makes sense. It would allow an entry level full frame camera, without putting to much pricing pressure on the 5D MkIII.

So I see Canon's line up as:
3D a high mega pixel full frame camera to match the D800
7D Mk II high frame rate APS sensor camera
70D poly carb swivel LCD full frame camera (Full Frame Super Rebel)
T4 entry level APS-C camera
?? Mirrorless Camera designed to use STM lenses.

I added my version to your lineup:
3D a high mega pixel full frame camera to match the D800
6D (5DII with new sensor and tech, slightly improved AF)
7D Mk II high frame rate APS sensor camera
70D poly carb swivel LCD full frame camera (Full Frame Super Rebel)
T4 entry level APS-C camera
?? Mirrorless Camera designed to use STM lenses.

From a marketing perspective, a full frame 70D modeled after the 60D makes sense. It would allow an entry level full frame camera, to answer the Nikon D600 without putting to much pricing pressure on the 5D MkIII or the 7D MkII. It could be priced around the 7D without hurting its sales. Just like today most sport shooters would still buy a 1D MkIV over a 5D MkIII, they would by the 7D Mk II over the 70D entry level full frame.

Also an entry level full frame camera is still and entry level camera, not a pro camera, not marketed to pros, it doesn't need pro numbering or a pro body. A poly carb Super Rebel body like the 60D allows lower cost of production to keep the price low. It would work as a back up body for pro full frame shooters, or as an entry level full frame camera for those that want to step up.

The 6D you describe would have too much presure from used 5D MkIIs to make sense. Improve its features to much over the 5D MkII and now you compete with the 5D MkIII. Wrap it in a poly carb body and you don't hurt your 5D Mk III sales, even if its features are better than the 5D MkII.

Lots of reasons why a Full Frame Polycarb 70D makes sense. And it really doesn't go that much in the face of the rumor statements.

I have been saying this from even before the D600 rumours. A 70D FF will really be entry level, so preventing 5D pressure and will be the most probable $1500 - $1700 price point delivery.

Marketing will be easy:
xD = Pro (regardless of sensor size as many birders like the "built-in" TC of a Pro 7D)
xxD,xxxD,xxxxD & mirrorless = Consumer (also regardless of sensor size)

EOS Bodies / Re: Is the 5DIII the New 50D?
« on: June 14, 2012, 04:16:23 PM »
But the D600 is potentially a game changer - a FF camera for not much more than the high-end APS-C which an entry-level APS-C consumer might consider as an upgrade.
Yep, if the spec list for the D600 is even close to accurate (24mp, 39pt AF, 6fps...make 2 of those 3 correct and its crazy), and its priced at or below $2000, Canon will have to respond or lose a huge chunk of users. Because while I'd love full-frame, the 5dII lacks some of the things Id want for the occasional action/nature shooting I do. But, that's where my next body upgrade will be; into a full-frame with better AF, or into the 7dII with great specs...and the same is true for many other xxxD and xxD users. If the only option I have is to go up to a 5dIII, then I'd have to look elsewhere at some point

The D800 v 5dIII argument won't even cost Canon .1% of their market share, since its a relatively small base anyway. Being wrong about consumer (T4i, etc) and prosumer (60D/5dII) level cameras is where they lose percentages.

Yip, I agree.  I know it is not statistically accurate to base a market need on my need alone, but as a Crop user, I want in on the FF goodness, but as a hobbyist I cannot shell out $3,500.  If I only had EF-S lenses (which most corp users have) I would have jumped on the D600 if the current rumours are true.  As moving from crop to FF (especially with Canon with no crop mode) is a bit like swithcing systems.  I believe many people are in this boat.  And no, the 5DII is not Canon's entry level contender for the average tech hungry hobbyist.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: So Nikon D600 is real after all
« on: June 14, 2012, 12:29:07 PM »
If it's true... why not just call it 6D?

It's puzzling to turn a top APS-C into an entry-level FF while retaining the name. They're so different cameras.

because it is better to fix an error then repeat it. :)

they could just drop the 7D and call the new FF 6D, sure, but i was talking about this specific rumor.

as is wrote... for me it was an error from the beginning to call the camera 7D.

sure it could be a bit confusing first for those who know the original 7D was an APS-C camera....  but in the end the lineup would be straight and clear.

APS-C = xxxxD, xxxD xxD
Fullframe= xD

I do not know - I believe the 7D serves a purpose if you read these blogs regularyly.  I will rather argue xD = Pro and morethanoneXD = consumer.

An even more Pro 7D II crop will have a large following under the briders and wildife guys (think no F8 focussing). Add a 24 mpix that can later trickle down

That leaves me wondering, with the 650D getting the 60D focus and framrate, why not make the 70D the FF entry level.  Smaller body, pop-up flash etc is what I think is needed in entry level and to distinguish from 5D as they will most likely use the same sensor.  The no-metal body will also translate better into a $1500 range. That will still leave 4 crops (pending mirrorless included) 3 consumer 1 Pro

In all honesty, since fewer people actual swap brands than imagined, the D600 (if true as spec'd) will eat mostly into other Nikon sales, especially D800 and D3X.  I know Nikon shooters who do not want 36 MP and are waiting for a lower MP full frame body.

I do not know about this.  I have seen many polls on many photo websites where most people indicate that they have between 1 & 2 lenses.  With an entry level FF conceivably targeted at the Crop upgrader, these 1-2 lenses are most likely EFS in any case.  So an upgrade to FF means new lenses to most people, so there isn't really "swapping systems" and a cheap Nikon might just steal a lot of Canonites as well

5DII in not mutch more expensive, quite similar spec. And you don't have to wait to get it.
I think 5DII will shortly be less expensive, becoming entry level FF for a few month, till a new cheaper body will be relased.

Why, since the 5DIII, do so many people see a 3-4 year old camera to be Canon's answer to the entry level FF market.  And really, it is in no way similarly specced to the rumoured Nikon

I for one would appreciate a rebel FF. Only Canon I would upgrade to new - the rest is kijiji for me

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Specs [CR2.5]
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:08:45 PM »
This is exactly what I was hoping Canon would do.

I want them to keep the same the mp count at 18 whether it be the old sensor or the new one I don't really care. Pair that 18mp sensor with a Digic 5 to show off how much better the Digic 5 is compared to the 4.

I also wanted them to put the XXD AF system into the rebel bodies. If these rumors are true then they are going that route.

Hopefully that would also mean that they are restoring the XXD line back to its rightful place as a semi-pro body rather than a rebel on steroids. Put the 7D's AF system into the 70D. Basically merge the 7D and the 70D together into one body.

As for the 7D2, I'd rather they do away with that lineup entirely. Or make the 7D the new aps-H series to keep all the bird watchers and sports shooters who need that extra reach that the 1DX does not offer. A croppeed 1DX if you will. And put it at a price point that separates it enough from the 70D so buyers won't be kicking themselves if they buy one and not the other.

I say keep the 7D Mark II as your mini 1DX and make the 70D the FF Rebel. Now there is giving meaning back to the XXD line

EOS Bodies / Re: A cheaper FF body - anytime soon?
« on: May 14, 2012, 01:34:37 PM »
Why do people think a Mark II fills the gap of an entry level FF.  Its OLD.  I think it is far easier to market a new camera at the main desk at Best Buy even if it is crippled than a clearly older camera - Mark II comes before Mark III - even if everyone here argues that the Mark II is still very good, uneducated cosnumers will not. But I guess such a camera would dent the Mark II's second hand price now would it?

What I do not understand is why everyone here thinks FF = Pro.  Leave the xD's for th Pro line whether FF or APSC.  These would be magensium alloy, wheather sealed, AF monstors.

Then give the hobbyist that does not have $3,500 for a FF an option sub $2,000.  I still think a 70D will be great for this.  With the inevatible mirrorless, there would conceivably be 5 APSCs if the 70D remains crop.  Making the 70D a rebel FF will give it some meaning again.

And recycling the current Mark III sensor won't eat up 5D sales, just as the the 600D/60D/7D all co-existed nicely.  Canon knows how to cripple stuff just enough.

What did Steve Jobs say about canibalising your own products.  I think a D600 from Nikon (if it pans out at $1,500) can be far more disrubting than the D800.  Just remember Canon's success when the Rebel dipped under a $1,000.

Here is my wish with a conceptual link to current model names.

Mirrorless > xxxxD (as a 600D rebrand with Digic V update) > 650D with new sensor and 9/11 point AF all cross point (essentially replacing 60D) > 7D II meeting all Pro requirments (same sensor as 650D)

70D (entroduce as entry level FF: plastic body, elementry AF, maybe current 7D's, 18mp 1DX sensor, 4/5FPS) > 5D > 1D

Thus the single didgets remain pro
The xxD regain purpose and status
Mirrorless becomes entry level

I can see myself getting the FF entryblevel, especially if they add EF-S compatibility. $2,000 while I can continue using that lenses will be managable money wise. I just cannot justify a mark III and I will be honest a mark II is to old for comfort.

Lenses / Re: 70-200 f/4 L IS USM
« on: April 20, 2012, 12:37:46 PM »
I have a 500D and the non-IS was my first L lens. (And as many will confess, not my last)

I was also debating IS vs. non-IS.  I am purely a hobbyist so price was a factor.

Here was my thought process. 
- On a crop body, 70-200 will be an unlikely choice for indoor use (where the IS makes up a bit for the F4).
- I wanted the zoom for oudoor use, specifically child sport - where high shutterspeeds are called for in any case
- Being Canon's cheapest L lens, there are many options on Kijiji/Craigslit/e-Bay.

So I decided to get the non-IS as I a managed a deal on Kijiji for a very good copy for $400.  That plus my $800 100 F2.8L macro set me back less than what the IS version is - even used in Canada. You will be surprised what people will take even if they are "firm" on their prices.

Software & Accessories / Re: geotagging DSLR with iPhone
« on: March 30, 2012, 10:15:30 AM »
I use GPS4cam. Simple enough app that works well. Yes it drains battery power but all gps type devices will. It has several acuracy settings and works out of country. Also a quite cheap solution

I like this rumor. Drop a full frame sensor in a 70D body (assuming the 70D will be the usual evolutionary upgrade from the 60D, i.e. Digic 5 etc) and I will buy it in an instant.  Do not really care whether its the 1Dx or 5DIII sensor.

Smaller body, built in flash, similar quality AF and weather sealing. Price $2,500 with usual kit lens. Thus $1,700 body only - heck do not even sell it body only, and get those Rebel users to upgrade.  I see only minor need to rework the sizing of the view finder (doesn't even need to be 100%) and AF point spread.

Who said full frame must be pro or semi pro lumps of metal with the submersive abilities of a submarine.  I use a Rebel, would love to gain the advantages of a full frame sensor, but as a pure amature and hobbyist, blazing frame rates, perfect AF tracking etc. isn't really necessary if it means I can save a bunch

I will not mind a price point engineered full framer.  Canon did that with the Rebel, why not shake up the full frame market.

I cannot afford/justify a 5DIII, nor do I like the idea of a brand spanking new 3.5 year old product. In any case the 5DII & 5DIII is too big and lack a pop up flash for my uses.

The "extra" functionality from Rebel to 60D or 7D is not enough to warrant an upgrade for me.  I know the 7D is fundamently different, but that is just it, I have no need for that which sets it apart.  Now a REBEL FULL FRAME - that will be something I can upgrade to.

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