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Lenses / Re: Canon Price Drops on L Lenses
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:50:08 AM »
I have to agree that the age of DSLRs is coming to a close. Canon knows it and I suspect the recent price cut is to clear their in-house stock.

Look at the latest CIPA numbers:

Ratio of DSLR to MILC shipped between Jan and July 2014:
Worlwide = 3.23:1
Japan =1.52:1
America (North and South) = 5.5:1 (WOW, WOW, WOW...)
Europe = 4.6:1 (WOW, WOW, WOW...)

Compare that ratio to Jan - Dec 2013:
Worlwide = 4.18:1
Japan =1.63:1
America (North and South) = 8.9:1 (drastic drop in 2014.. WOW)
Europe = 7.1:1

In the MILC arena, Sony is the current leader... Olympus, Panasonic and the rest are left in the dust. Nikon, of course, made a huge blunder with their tiny 1-series camera sensors but there is still time for Canon to change their course....

Lenses / Re: Canon Price Drops on L Lenses
« on: August 31, 2014, 10:33:54 AM »
Hehehe. They price it to high. We don't buy enough. They are forced to lower their prices.
Free market at work.
Will still not buy as long as canon does not bring mirrorless FF.

That is a non sequitur. One will STILL not buy an EF 24-70 f/4 IS even if one has a mirrorless FF. The EF lens is too large and heavy for mirrorless mount. Compare to CZ 24-70 f/4 OSS. (On the other hand, the Sony 70-200 f/4 OSS lens is much heavier than the EF version... go figure...)

I am wondering if Canon is dumping their storehouse stock before they move into mirrorless....

Lenses / Re: New Lens Information for Photokina
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:03:43 PM »
I am most curious about the 1" sensor camera from Canon. The Sony RX100 has an awesome sensor. Now we'll know if Canon has the capability to produce a camera with the same performance.

Lenses / Re: New Lens Information for Photokina
« on: August 29, 2014, 11:10:30 AM »
Why release an EF 24-105 lens with the 7D2? Makes little sense to me.

Personally, I am keen on a lightweight EF 28-300 lens like the Tamron version.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 7D Mark II & Photokina
« on: August 28, 2014, 09:20:40 PM »
The ISO range is reportedly the same as on the 70D, which doesn't bode well.
I really hope that I'm wrong, though :(.

100% in agreement.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:40:10 AM »
all you people see is that it supposedly has 20MP.

People are disappointed if it's the same 20 MP sensor from 70D.

If it's a 20 MP sensor based on EXMOR or better technology, I am sure you won't find so many pages of rant.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:54:57 AM »
The CR guy is laughing all the way to the bank  ;)

The CR forum page on my monitor does not have any advertisement.  :P

Otherwise, yes, 48 pages of comments for the 7D2 rumor is quite something. Is this perhaps the most discussed rumor on CR forum ever? :) Shows many folks have high hopes on the new (rumored) sensor technology....

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:02:10 PM »
Yeah Canon may eventually add 4k. That just shows Canon is no longer an innovator, just a follower.

Canon is not always the first to introduce new technology in cameras, e.g., video (that went to Nikon D90) or autofocus (Polaroid/Pentax/Minolta) in DSLRs. Although they are sometimes late to the game, they always succeed even if they play catch-up later. Being the technology leader is no guarantee that the company will succeed, look what's happened to Polaroid, Pentax and Minolta.

So far, it's clear that Canon does not have the latest sensor technology (goes to Sony) or fastest live-view AF (goes to Olympus/Panasonic/Sony). Now, we'll see when and if they can catch up with the competition. Dual pixel AF is promising but it's not there yet.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:50:34 AM »
When i first got my D600 I was lifting shadows right, left and center (and more :P). It was like an obsession. I was intentionally looking for scenes that would need shadow lifting. After some time it wasn't fun anymore. Soon though, couple of things occurred to me. a) I wasn't doing photography anymore, I wad doing experiments only. b) In my kind of photography I very rarely needed extreme shadow lifting that Canon couldn't handle. After the realization fun in photography has returned and more than 90% of the time they are done with Canon gears.
So, I would say if someone's work involves lot's of shadow lifting and if someone is not willing to do other techniques (filter, exposure blending etc), then Exmor will do a much better job than Canon. But don't expect miracles. Better doesn't mean perfect.

100% in agreement

Also, I find that for flower photos, the best ones usually are side-lit or front lit in order to make the colors pop. Sunflowers tend to face the east, so sunrise photos make most sense. Sunset photos of sunflowers are typically dull because the colors are washed out. Unless there's some compelling background, I don't see any benefit to shoot into the sun for sunflower shots; such is the case for the posted photos.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 25, 2014, 10:32:58 AM »
Very disappointing specs after so long a wait. IMO, minor evolutionary improvements.
There's no reason to think that this sensor can do any better at high iso than the 7D and that was the most important thing I wanted to see.

I'll wait and see. In a previous CR2 rumor (

"We’re told to definitely expect new sensor technology to be introduced in the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. This tech will be used in all forthcoming Canon DSLRs."

If the above CR2 rumor is true, then the technology is probably something major. Hopefully, it's not some improved dual pixel AF with servo capability. DPAF without touch screen is useless to me.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 25, 2014, 07:02:58 AM »
EDIT: Forgot to add that for some time Nikon is selling better than Canon in Japan. An interesting reversal compared to previously. That Japanese consumers are very prone to switch to have the "newest" and "brightest" electronics has certainly contributed to this.

Not according to BCNRanking for the first half of 2014.

I am also curious about your source of info. Granted BCNRanking does not cover small dealers. So, I am wondering if there is anything better than BCNRanking.

Certainly when it comes to worldwide sales, Canon has been leading the pack for interchangeable cameras in the past few years.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:34:58 AM »
Canon knows for sure about its DR limitations, they dont need any proof. If anyway, then, Sonys A7R sales are the proof.

To be fair, I don't think the Sony A7 sales is that great. Certainly not according to BCNRanking and Amazon bestseller lists. Mind you, Sony is selling lots of NEX and A6000 cameras though.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:27:29 AM »
... given the patents they've been granted recently, they seem to have technology that would solve the problem (and have had it for years, most of the filing dates were at least a couple years ago)...they just aren't using it.

Can this be related to the new plants Canon set up in Japan and Taiwan? It's possible they have run into production problems.

On a side note, Canon has indicated their plans to automate most of their production process. Some people have taken this as a sign that they will switch to mirrorless cameras once the plants are ready...

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:23:30 AM »
All this endless debate about dynamic range and camera sensors remind me of a similar situation nearly a decade ago. Back then, Canon CMOS sensors clearly ruled the high ISO arena. Yet, you'll run into countless arguments by Nikon/Olympus/Pentax/Minolta users:

(i) who needs sensors with high ISO performance when there is always the flash, and Canon's flash system is deemed inferior

(ii) Canon images in comparison to those produced by Sony sensors are 'too waxy, buttery and smooth'

(iii) careful NR is all one needs

Ten years later, we are back with our places switched.  ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 24, 2014, 10:04:11 PM »
The 7D Mark 2 rumored specs seem interesting (those 65 cross AF points sounds attractive to me).

What I'll like to see:
(a) weight not greater than 70D... Canon execs talk about reduced weight across all imaging products... let's see how real this one is...
(b) improved sensor quality (whether it's at high or low ISO... we are stuck in this same old 18-20 MP APS-C sensor rut for too long now...)
(c) touchscreen... this pairs up very well with DPAF... allows fast selection of AF point... don't care for DPAF if there is no touchscreen... for me...

Doubt my wishes will come true...

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