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My to least Fav comments are

"You must have a good camera"  Usually followed by a discourse on their camera.


"I've got a picture like that, I took in on my phone" Usually followed by presenting an out of focused badly composed image.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Sorry but I can't resist.
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

No one has ever said "that image would look better with a bit more DR"   :-*

Lenses / Re: Primes for wildlife ...
« on: November 13, 2013, 05:04:49 PM »
I find the 300 2.8 works well with the TC's both the 1.4 and the 2.

it's a light way to carry from 300mm to 600mm. But it takes a while to swap so you have to be ahead of the game.

I have a 100-400 and a 70-200. The 100-400 is good for wild life but not the standard of the 300. The 70-200 is a great lens and works well with the 2xTC. But of course neither of them are primes.

I've not used the 500 or 600, and of course they can be used with TC's for even more range.

If I was going to get any other lens it would be the 200 -400, and I know you didn't ask about primes but I bet its a really useful lens.

Lenses / Re: Primes for wildlife ...
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:55:43 PM »
My wife and I were even closer to the mountain gorillas in Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda…and not inside a Land Rover.  :)

Interesting photo.

Well I never thought you would have a hair style like that  ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: How can I choose between 1DX and 5D MARK III?
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:18:29 PM »
Guys, many thanks for your explanations.

Currently I am doing my landscape shots, because I have owned Zeiss 21 2.8, EF 70-200 f2.8L IS II, EF 24-105, which are good ( I wouldn't say enough :)) for landscape. However, I am also interested in birds and wildlife, and even football shooting, the problem is I do not own 400mm and plus.

Back to my topic, if I buy 1DX, I can not only shoot landscape, but also wildlife in the future. My question is:

1. compared with 5D3, is 1DX better or equivalent to on landscape shooting?

2. Lacking of 4 megapixels, is it the big gap between 1DX and 5D3 on landscape shooting?

1. The 1Dx is more to carry round and cost much more. I doubt that you will notice the differences in your landscape shots from one to the other. If you can take a good landscape you will be able to with either of these cameras.

2. It all depends what you are going to do with them. I don't notice the difference for what I do. I doubt you will either.

I have the 1Dx, and love it. For the wildlife that I  mainly take it is the better camera. Defiantly. But its heavier and more expensive.

For most of my shots the 5D3 is the better camera. It is lighter to carry around and smaller.

Most of my shots are taken with the 5D3. But if I had to have just 1 it would be the 1Dx.

I very much doubt that the pixel peepers and spec readers would be able to tell what camera had taken my images. There is a huge amount of rubbish spoken on here when people try to show how clever they are.

Either camera will take superb shots if you can use it. As will many others.

How productive is it to just keep bashing Canon on a rumors forum?

I wonder how productive is to defend it? Where do I sign up?  :)

Well zlatko, some people seem to just like to do that.

Pi, I generaly find being reasonable is the most productive way to behave. Not many will be very impressed if you flip flop from one extreme to the other. Reality is not often extreme.

EOS Bodies / Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:18:41 PM »
It would be strange to find that your 1Dx varies from front to back focus from shot to shot. If it was me I would be looking at how I was taking the shots.  ;D  If you are really convinced that its the camera not you then it will probably need to go back.

There is fine adjustment avalible and lots of ways to do it. But you camera should be consistent.

At least you should get plenty of web traffic by including links to your FB and web site.  ::)

DXO claimed wonderful High ISO performance for the sensor, but forgot to mention that the DR was rated a ISO 200, and that the 5D MK III has better DR at the very high ISO settings I was using, 12800 and up.

Where did they forget that?

When they base two of their three Subscores solely on performance at base ISO, and use those Biased Subscores (BS) to determine (via an undisclosed weighting) an overall Biased Score (bigger, smellier BS).

That is why you look at the individual plots. There is no way the overall score could possibly be weighted to satisfy everyone or even most people. Look at the individual plots and find out what you want to find out.

It's good that you know that. I know it, too.  A lot of people don't. A lot of other sites (e.g., Snapsort) incorporate DxOMark's BS into their rankings, with no link or reference to the Measurements.  If everyone understood how the BS worked, the title of this thread would have been, "Sony A7R on DXO - Highest full frame ISO 100 IQ ever."  But it's not.

Sorry Nero, I don't normaly try to correct you. But can I suggest that a better title would have been.

"Sony A7R on DXO - Highest full frame ISO 100 IQ ever apart from one of the cameras its being compared to that gets the same score, oh and the other that gets a higer score."

I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a headline writer.  ;D

Every camera in the world has sensor limitations.  Knowing and working with sensor limitations is a part photography, no matter what camera you are using.  Ansel Adams frequently wrote about sensor limitations.

Yes, all true. And so?
We know what they are and shoot around them and have fun doing so.

How does that make the A7R useless for everyone? How does that explain why it's sin to like the idea about having more DR and more shooting options open?

Did he say the A7R was "useless for everyone?" He said "no matter what camera you are using."

Who said it was a sin to like more DR?


What makes ME feel the need?  Why don't you ask the people who I was responding to who were trashing the A7R here? I only responded because they were questioning the need and questioning how the A7R could be useful for anyone. So I told them why it could be.

Thanks for the long explanation. I still can't understand how you end up feeling as you do it all seems illogical to me. But of course I fully respect your feelings.

You asked why I wasn't asking my question of those "slagging" the Sony. Its quite simple. Not many of them have used the Sony. So I'm not all that interested in their comments.

I asked you because you seem so intense about you feelings about Canon. If I felt as you appear to I think I would not be using Canon equipment.

I'm interested in how you get to "were you are" because so many people on here seem so intense and I don't understand why they have such intense views.


Anyway, at least for stuff where you can do liveview manual focusing we in the Canon world can now escape Canon's tiresome milking of decade old sensor tech and just nab a Sony and an adapter.

If you really feel like that, and I'm sure you do, why don't you do just that? What is it that makes you feel the need to make such comments?

Your comments are so obviously heart felt and it seems to matter so much to you. You seem to believe that Canon are such a poor company to buy from I just can't get my head around why it matters so much to you.


I then switched off the AF microadjustements, and everything worked flawlessly again. By the way, the new Dual pixel AF works quite nicely with that combo, allowing AF at 800mm/F11 (sometimes it can hunt a bit, but it is fast enough to take pics of a perched bird)! Too bad you can't microadjust...


If you're using Dual pixel AF is there any point in setting AFMA? Won't it be like live view in that it works on the actual focus on the sensor not the separate focus system.

Lenses / Re: Results with the 100-400 with a 1.4x TC?
« on: October 25, 2013, 02:03:20 PM »
I played with the 1.4x TC on my 100-400L on the 5DIII in February before the 5DIII could AF.  My conclusion was that photos cropped in post had as much or more detail.  I was not impressed with this combination and sent the 1.4 TC back.  I've been using the 5DIII and the 100-400L together however, and they are a great pair.

BTW....I am another one looking at the 300 f/2.8....almost pulled the trigger last night...

I'm keeping the 1.4x TC. for now, I'll probably be using it with the 70-200 II and, in a pinch, with the 135L.

Anyhow, the TCs will be essential once I get the 300f/2.8 II ... So no point returning it, I might get the 2x in the meantime  ;)

I have 878 images taken with the 100/400 + 1.4TC, so it gets some use but its not my top lens. Its quite capable but wont take the best images.

Now turning to the 300 f2.8  :) :) :) It works fine with the TC both 1.4 and 2. These will take the best images and are my top lenses.  :) :) :)


Yes, it's only taken them like 10 years to dribble out working ISO. Every other maker has had it working even in Rebel-level lines. Why does Canon marketing need to make this some astonishing 1DX-level only feature? Nobody will actually buy the 1DX just for that so all it does is make Canon marketing look obnoxious and it antagonizes and already jumpy user base.

And why are the AF fixes not also coming out in an updated 5D3 firmware?? If 5D3 is supposed to have the same AF (other than the RGB metering assist stuff) why should it not get updated? While it does one shot AF very well, there are odd times that it does fail for AI Servo when you really think it maybe should not.

(granted it would be hard to install a new 5D3 firmware until ML got RAW video hooked into the new firmware though)

Well we got to the third response before someone took a negative point of view.

Lenses / Re: Canon 300mm f2.8 IS II
« on: October 19, 2013, 05:26:29 PM »
Can someone talk me out from NOT buying 300mm IS f2.8 II !!!PLEASE!!!

Yes I admit, I have "Red Ring Acquisition Syndrome"

Please show me your BAD photos taken with this lens ;D ;D ;D

Cant help you. Sorry. If you want my advice just get one as soon as you can. It is by far my favorite lens on the 1Dx, often with a converter. What ever they say if you don't say if the converter was on or not they can't tell from looking at the images. Its almost as good on the 5D3 but a bit slower to focus, but its still blimming fast.

According to lightroom about 60 to 70% of my shots with the 1Dx are through this lens. GET ONE NOW, you know you should.  ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: 1DX Battery Drain?
« on: October 19, 2013, 05:17:25 PM »
So are you using Live view to focus? Are you doing macro? I will try it on mine some time. I wanted to lock it up for star shots. I just find it a pain with my remote control timer if the mirror is sometimes up and sometimes down due to time lapse. So I use mirror lockup for macro but not remote timed shots.

My 1Dx is subject to the recall. I haven't sent it back as yet, but I've been meaning to for a while. My lens needs to go back for a software update as well. I never want to part with them but I should get them both done. BTW I'm not seeing any "dirt" on the sensor to talk of. The odd bit I see is usually when I've been swapping lenses in a hurry in the field.

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